Walmart, Big-Box Stores Linked with Hate Groups in Study

Kate Shellnutt, Chron, April 12, 2012

The number of big-box retailers in a community can have social and economic effects that lead to the formation of hate groups, a recent study found.

Researchers found a stronger correlation between the number of Walmart stores in a county and local hate group activity than other factors such as unemployment, crime and low education.

“Walmart has clearly done good things in these communities, especially in terms of lowering prices, but there may be indirect costs that are not as obvious as other effects,” said Stephan Goetz, Penn State professor and the study’s lead author.

Goetz’s team speculated that because big-box stores drive away small businesses, they also contribute to the erosion of community values, civil engagement and social bonds, allowing for hate group activity to rise.

{snip} Their findings were published a recent edition of Social Science Quarterly.



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  • On the other hand, black activists are always whining about how their “communities” don’t have any big box retailers.  Hand them a copy of this, and hope they believe it, so they’ll quit whining about that.  They’ll think that the big box stores will like a magnet attract the Klan.

    • hmastercylinder

      Because the Big Box retailers don’t have the military capabilities to keep a store open and safe in your usual black community.One must either double prices to absorb the losses or hire Blackwater, and double your prices to pay them.

    • gemjunior

      Or as soon as they get one, they will send there kids to play on top of the building and throw shopping carts off to hit the pedestrians walking hundreds of feet below.  Hopefully they won’t hit anyone normal, but they did hit a big libby DWL lady a short time ago.

  • WmarkW

    I know my opinion of minorities never sinks lower than when I’m shopping at WalMart.
    (To be fair, it doesn’t do much for my opinion of whites, either.)

  • DelmarJackson

    Goetz’s team speculated that because big-box stores drive away small businesses, they also contribute to the erosion of community values, civil engagement and social bonds, allowing for hate group activity to rise.
     Gee, I thought Robert Putnams book said it was massive immigration and multiculturalism that was destrying the social cohesion of our communities, now we know it was walmart with their parking lot full of illegal aliens that cause hate groups.
     This sounds like  one of those wet sidewalks cause rain studies.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Thank you! Putnam’s study showed that diversity, not department stores, causes a rise in friction, distrust and racial tension. 

      As a result Putnam tried to suppress his own study, initially refusing to publish it.

    • Hirschibold

      The only Goetz I trust is Bernard.

  • redshirts

    Goetz’s team speculated that because big-box stores drive away small businesses, they also contribute to the erosion of community values, civil engagement and social bonds, allowing for hate group activity to rise.We all know that’s true.  When I got into Walmart, I see and hear black community values, disgusting and repulsive civil engagement, and voodoo Diversity social bonds, which definitely fosters my personal hate group activity.
    RACISM REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AFTER SOMETHING UGLIER SHOWS UP FIRST. “Before I went into Walmart, I wasn’t a racist.”

  • Xanthippe2

    how Walmart is always being attacked, while other “Big Retail” companies aren’t.  Could it be because most of the other
    companies are controlled by ethnic compatriots of Stephan Goetz, while Walmart
    is controlled by more WASPy Whites?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Leftwing activists and trial lawyers have been waging a jihad against Walmart for one simple reason: they’re the world’s most successful company.

      Trial lawyers actually hold seminars on how to file shakedown suits against the company while the ACORN types hate them because they’re successful.

      Still, it’s nothing personal; as soon as another company supplants Walmart at #1 these idiots will then declare the new company to be the devil incarnate.  

    • Clydejames

      Actually   the Chinese government owns a good chunk of Walmart along with the Rockefellers.

      That Sam Walton rags to riches story provides a great cover  as a “front”.

  • No

    QUOTE:  The researchers used data collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center . . .

    Oh, OK, well they never lie so it must be true.

    Seriously, if you go to the SS Quarterly, you’ll read the Conclusion, which states: 

    “Both social capital stocks and religious affiliation exert an independent and
    statistically significant influence on the number of hate groups, as does the
    presence of Wal-Mart stores, holding other factors constant.”

    Let me translate this gobbledygook. 

    When you see the term “social capital stocks” what they’re talking about is the amount of BENEFIT that people expect to get from trusting and cooperating with one another in a social network.  In white neighborhoods and groups, the social capital is usually pretty high.  That’s what we’re good at.  In black or brown neighborhoods?  Social capital doesn’t exist.

    So, in other words, , they used Southern Poverty Law Center data to identify white (and only white) “hate groups.”  They found that where there are white hate groups, you find that people cooperate and trust each other . . . and they go to church.  Oh, and there are also a lot of Walmarts.

    Another way to say it:  You find lots of Walmarts in healthy white communities where white people trust each other, cooperate with each other and attend church.  It’s not surprising that these communities are full of racially aware whites.

    You have to give the thugs at the SPLC credit for persistence . . . they never stop trying to screw the white man, do they?

  • Kent Wilson

    Before I cite this as yet more proof of the insanity / stupidity of people with a Liberal mindset, I have to ask… Is this a joke? Could someone with a brain even come to such a conclusion?

    •  Of course it’s kooky and off-the-wall.  But what else are minds incorrigibly infected with the pathology of racial equality supposed to think?  The reason most American politics, even what laughably passes for “mainstream” American politics, come off as kooky is because just about everyone starts off with the kooky assumption of racial equality. 

  • Oil Can Harry

    You know the white guy and the Injun who were busted for shooting five blacks in Oklahoma last week?

    Their defense lawyer should plead temporary insanity; they both recently shopped in Walmart and it made them turn racist.

  • Natassia

    Who gets to define what a “hate group” is?

    Oh wait– “The researchers used data collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center…”

    Well, that explains it.

  •  Just waiting for the ‘study’ to come out that purports to show that ‘hate groups linked to sexual dysfunction, retardation and idiocy’….. oh wait, maybe I have seen that.

    These attempts to discredit and smear only show how contemptible these people are.

  • ncpride

    I think AmRen gave this too study too much credit to call it science at all. What utter nonsense.

  • Xanthippe2

    The SPLC’s list of “hate groups” is a joke.  Some haven’t existed for 10+ years.  Some are one guy with a blog (or P.O. Box).  If the city they are supposedly in is blank, chances are that the “group” fits both categories.

    And of course worse is better as far as the SPLC is concerned.  The more unappetizing a group
    and the more filled with agents-provocateur, the more likely it is to be listed.

    Some larger groups, like totally non-racial anti-immigration groups, are an exception; sometimes they are listed to put pressure on them and to discourage people from joining. 

    Bottom line: if you are in the market to join a “hate group” do not rely on the SPLC at all.

  • SarahConnor

    Idk…Walmart = = hategroups  Just sayin…

  • Walmart is one of the most successful businesses in the history of capitalism.  Therefore, liberals hate Walmart.  Ergo, Walmart leads to hate groups. 

  • IstvanIN

    Isn’t Walmart filled with nothing but blacks,  Mexicans, and Asian-Indians.  In NJ that is the case.

  • Rocky Bass

    Judging by the tone and seeming sincerity of this article, I am thinking (and it not being 4/1) that this is really supposed to be a news article!
    Who funds this garbage?!?!? Please tell me this was not my tax dollars.

  • JackKrak

    My own study indicates that Penn State is full of hopeless idiot “professors”

    • hmastercylinder

      Who pays for this crap?
      Oh. That’s right!
      YOU DO!

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Just one more leftest attack on Wall-Mart for being anti-union. 

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Just don’t go to Wall-Mart when they have their January White Sale. The place is always full of rednecks, bubbas and good ol’ boys   shopping for bed sheets.

  • brew730

    What a bunch of Bulls***.  Next thing you know the researcher is gonna say that areas with a high density of blacks have a higher crime rate….oh, wait a minute.

  •  The “methodology” of this junk science probably went something like this:

    Just about every town of significance has two things:  1.  At least one Wal-Martinez, and 2.  According to the SPLC, dozens of hate groups.  Add a little correlation without causation, throw in some prose from the post-modernist essay generator, and Voila:  A social science study.

  • Rocky Bass

    I shop at Walmart , therefore I indiscriminately hunt and kill minorities.
    Makes total sense.

  •  Just to be truthful, and to confound the scholars at Junk Science Quarterly, I, the hater that I am, make all of my firearms and ammunition purchases at non-big box retailers.  I wish we could keep the retail end of at least one industry out of the hands of the Wal-Martinez and Mal-Wart operations.

    I wonder if this research is cross-published in the Journal of Hate Studies.  For those of you new here, that is a real publication:

  • On my way to the NRA convention today, I’m going to stop at Hate-Mart, to clear my shopping list:

    *  A hardcover copy of I Hate How You Hate Me, that NYT best seller by Abe Foxman

    *  A case of that thirst-quenching beverage sweeping the nation:  Haterade

    *  A box of incandescent light bulbs

    *  A can of Eroding Community Values spray

    *  Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea

    *  I want to get a $220 pair of Jordans, but I doubt they’ll have any, so I will have no choice but to start a riot.  Not doing so would be a form of racism and…you guessed it…HATE~!

    *  A 40-ounce bottle of something alcoholic:  I’m feeling nostalgic for circa 1990

    *  The automotive department probably doesn’t sell chrome spinners, which also proves why big bog retailers provoke hate, because it’s practically hateful to have static wheels that do not either spin or have a visage of a naked woman.

    Anyone want to join me?

  • Rocky Bass

     Actually, I am in Texas and Walmart caved to liberal anti-gunners long ago here. They still sell ammo though. Get yer guns elsewhere.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Many cynical comments here, but I remember how the arrival of Wall Marts and then Target stores destroyed community after community in California.  First the mom and pop stores, then local chains you had known all your life.  These stores lowered wages, attracted and hired cheap and often (remember) illegal workers, and made contracts with fledgling manufacturers in China that promised cheaper goods and more profits.  The shipping industry made lots of money from it as well.  But quality went down, and eventually our nation began to feel less well off.  I don’t think that this is the entire cause for what the typical race realist is concerned with, it is separate, but when you combine the two, the erosion of our former nation is clear. 

    What they are calling “hate” groups remember, is any group that cares about white people.  If they are talking about fringe KKK and Nazi groups, look it up, there are more black hate groups out there, and they get a pass, whereas, any white empowerment groups is automatically labelled hate, for just wanting to survive!

    •  I think the reverse may sometimes be true. Where I live, Walmart hasn’t put the mom and pop stores out of business, because Walmart tries to be all things to all people. Much of what they sell is crappy and poorly manufactured. The mom and pop stores, especially catering to a large Amish population, sell items to rural people that they trust are well-made, and for the most part are American made. More expensive? Sure, but they also know that the proprietors know the answers to their questions.
      There’s a downside to the big box stores, and quality and knowledge are the first things to go.

  • razorrare

    Take a look at this delightful video..

    Wal-Mart flies the Mexican Flag..

    there went the neighborhood!!..

  • razorrare

    The number of big-box retailers in a community can have social and economic effects that lead to the formation of hate groups….I agree!!

    Diversity leads to the formation of hate doubt about it!!

    Those who promote Diversity are those who profit from it..organizations like the SPLC..Diversity is a means to an end for the ideologically globalist marxist inclined.

    • 20670

      I don’t think diversity necessarily leads to the “formation of hate groups”, as you say.  I think fear and resentment do.

      When a government takes sides against its people based upon *race* (or any number of things), protects and pushes forward by legislation the oppression of another race then one can see resentment eventualy turn to rage as we have all observed.

      It is so unfortunate that our politicians and *the forces of power in power*  have, over time, brought us to this terrible place in history.  It must be because they have been totally corrupt and stupid as well.

  • 20670

    I wonder when the Black Panthers gathered to announce a 10 thousand dollar bounty leading to the  *capture* of (leader called for 5000 black men to act as bounty hunters to search areas where he may have been.) Zimmerman they were in the parking lot of a Walmart? 

    Is it legal for citizens to collect for a bounty on another human being?  I think one can make citizen arrests…? but the call for thousands of men to canvas an area hunting down a person puts me in mind of the old fugitive slave laws during the slavery era America…

    I thought that was determined to be immoral and eventually illegal …damn payback’s hell ain’t it?

    I think it might possibly lead to a true *race war*, after all.  Isn’t that awful.  I personally think that Zimmerman, like so many whites,  are frightened of blacks especially if they are in what they consider to believe *their* non-black neighborhood that they can become beside themselves with fear.  I do not think that Zimmerman is so much guilty of *intent to kill* as much as he was just plain scared…the fear made him aggressive because he had a gun and felt a sense of safety that led him to become bold enough to *get out of his car* and confront the black teen. 

    The black teen was most likely fearful as well and that led him to physically attack Zimmerman…no doubt Zimmerman shot the teen *off* because Zimmerman didn’t want to continue to get beat-down, he pulled the gun and an innocent kid is dead. 

    Zimmerman was the aggressor, sure. 

    It is tragic and apparently more innocent *white* people are going to continue to be targeted by blacks for payback…I wonder how far this will go?…shoot-outs, riots…*battle-fields* and war zones in Walmart parking lots in a town near you?

    The government will continue to protect black racial hate groups (because they too have a great fear of black hate groups, and rightly so) , a fact of history and duly noted), and focus upon the notion that whites are creating hate groups by the minute.  Scared white people are dangerous too and can raise bounties as well…after a certain killing limit has been met. 

    It is not so nice a thing to contemplate.

  • This is True.  Big Box brings Depression and Depression brings Ethnic Divide.

  • We have three Walmarts in our area. 2 super stores with groceries, and one smaller store. One of the super stores is located near the heavily populated black and puertorican sections of town. The store is staffed by mostly black or Puertorican  people. The store is a giant shambles.  The clerks are dishonest as well.  We bought a large screen Sony television, new, out of the box. When we put it together and turned it on, the smell of cigarette smoke….heavy, and we don’t smoke – filled the room.  Upon closer inspection, we could see and smell that this set was returned and repackaged as new.
    We went to the Walmart 20 miles north, a mostly white and Amish enclave, and found a clean, organized store with courteous staff.
    Sure the customers, for the most part all looked like red-necks, but at least they weren’t trashing the place.
    Seems to me the only hate groups where Walmart is concerned are the ones doing these idiotic studies.