Amazing Video of Topless Hero Confronting Armed Thug Who Tried to Steal Moped Belonging to 70-Year-Old

Phil Vinter, Daily Mail (London), April 13, 2012

When faced with a gun pointing at their face, most people would run a mile, but not this courageous store owner.

Brave Timothy Gramza has been captured on camera standing up to an armed robber outside his store in the city of South Bend Indiana, U.S.

In the video, which lasts for just under two minutes Mr Gramza is seen chatting to friends in a small yard next to his shop just before 11.30am on April 1.

A man dressed in a grey hoodie appears on the screen from the left hand side and continues to walk down the street, passing a moped and pick up truck parked on the road.

A few seconds later, the suspect returns to the scene, climbs aboard the moped and tries unsuccessfully to start the vehicle.

A topless Mr Gramza then confronts the suspect, who pulls out a long-barreled revolver and points it at him. He then begins struggling with the robber, who eventually hits him on top of the head with the gun

Moments later the storekeeper can be seen falling to the floor as the bungling robber attempts to shoot him in the leg.

According to the South Bend Tribune Mr Gramza said he initially thought he had been shot and he later found a welt on his leg which could have been caused by a bullet ricocheting off or a rock that had bounced up.

After the shock of being fired at the 56-year-old, who lives in 900 block, Harrison Street, clambers back to his feet and continues to confront the armed suspect, both verbally and physically.

The robber has his gun pointed at Mr Gramza for much of the video.

Unknown to the robber Gramza had his own gun in his back pocket throughout the incident. He later said he was unable to pull it because he believed he would have been shot.

The video shows the have-a-go-hero reaching behind his pocket on several occasions.

At the end of the video, the assailant appears to charge the other men in the garage in his desperate search for the keys to the moped.

As the suspect finally leaves the scene without the moped, Mr Gramza is seen firing six shots at him.

The shopkeeper said his adrenaline was flowing during the incident and he didn’t think twice about confronting the man — even though it could have meant his life.

South Bend Det. Sgt Gene Eyster said: ‘It’s possible that one of the six shots Gramza fired at the suspect could have struck or grazed him.

‘He was saying, ‘I’m taking this bike,’ Gramza said. ‘I said, ‘No, you’re not taking it. It’s my buddy’s bike.’

‘He fired that first round, and I thought, ‘It’s on now.’

The suspect is described as a black man, in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall and weighing 150 pounds.

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  • Wearing a hoodie?  I thought only budding nuclear physicists named Trayvon did that.

    • Oil Can Harry

      You beat me to it.

      I also was going to point out that this last month we heard endless commentators excoriating George Zimmerman, saying ‘HOW DARE he assume a young black man in a hoodie is up to no good’.

    • redshirts

      According to photos on FoxNews, Trayvon also rode horses, just like English Lords and Virginia Aristocrats, and he snow skied, just like White privilege elites do. 

      He’s one of us, and there is only One Race, the Human Race, so the dirty White Mexican who shot him must be a racist.

      •  I saw the photo of him in ski gear.  What are they trying to make us think, that he and his business partners maintained a timeshare in Steamboat Springs?

    • Detroit_WASP

      You beat me too.   But I will try anyway.

      Maybe it was the ghost of Trayvon?

      A relative perhaps?

      A budding Trayvon impersonator?

      A future mayor of Washington DC or Detroit?

      A future diversity instructor at a left leaning community college?

      A future boyfriend of Kim Kardashian?

      Okay, that’s I have. 

  • Looks like it could be Obama’s “son”, I wonder if he will claim him?

  • Kent Wilson

    The embedded video player in this article has an ABC News logo on it. Did ABC News put this video up on its website? I looked but didn’t see it.

  • redshirts

    Moderator, please correct the tagged topic from Minority-on-White Crime to Diversity-on-White Crime.

    We are duty bound to tell the truth in terms that college student can understand.

  • No

    The negro must have REALLY wanted that moped.  Takes a lot of moxie to steal something with people standing right there.

    He was probably late for work.

    •  Work? That’s  the best laugh I’ve had all week! Thanks….

    • NM156

      Where’s this moped? It’s a damn scooter!

  • ncpride

    I was thinking the same thing.  Disgraceful. I wonder if he could have lived with himself if his buddy had been murdered while he did nothing to help?

    • He was inside calling 911 probably.  I don’t know if Indiana is a Stand Your Ground state, but one guy runs and one guy fights.  The libs and blacks want to repeal SYG laws so everybody has to run and blacks get away with the goodies.

  • Shooting someone who is no longer  putting your life in peril (e.g., a fleeing felon) is a great way to get charged w/attempted murder or manslaughter.

    • Are you serious? I wish he had blown him away with those six shots. It would have served the jerk right.

  •  As a fellow resident of Indiana, I think Mr. Gramza should receive the Hoosier Hero Award (if there was one) for standing up to the kind of street trash that all too many White people nowadays cower before. Good for him for giving the punk a suitable send-off as he fled, too.

    It did appear that there were a couple of other middle-aged White guys inside the yard with Gramza; why didn’t they go help him confront this piece of garbage? He would have fled even more quickly, when confronted by three guys who refused to be intimidated, instead of one.

    • Rocky Bass

       I am a Texan, and live on hair triggered edge where blacks are concerned (many personal experiences have caused this). This hoodie clad character would not have faired well had I been in Mr. Skin’s shoes.

    • Rocky Bass

       They did kind of leave him on his own didn’t they? I will give the benefit of the doubt and hope they were just staying clear of the impending shootout.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       What I wonder is where was his gun when he was being threatened with one by the black thug?  Technically, you cannot shot at someone after the fact, only during the threat.  I am not defending that black scum, but this is what a state trooper friend told me about concealed carry and self defense issues.

  • tickyul

    Looked jesss likes the Skittles Bandit.

  • South Bend Det. Sgt Gene Eyster said: ‘It’s possible that one of the six shots Gramza fired at the suspect could have struck or grazed him.”

    Let us hope for small miracles…..

  • IstvanIN

    If he knew who his dad was he would look just like Obama!

    LOL.  so true!

  • IstvanIN

    Tried to steal a moped?  They usually prefer Lexis.  In these parts they call it being in “Lextasy”. 

  • JackKrak

    Example # 343,573,255 of how we are justfied in our suspicion of hooded black males.

    Unfortunately, it’s also example # 574,778,314,569,643,563 of a film clip of black criminality that will never get played on CNN or the big networks and lives on only in certain corners of the internet.  

  • ageofknowledge

    The suspect is described as a black man…

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     True, but be fair: the saintly young person-of-color can only buy what his dealer has managed to steal in a given week.

    • ageofknowledge

      Interesting point you make Grouse. They like to sit outside gun stores in the parking lots and follow people home and case the new gun owner’s home. Then when they leave to go somewhere, they break in and steal the guns. These “niccas” are bold to be sure.

  • Jamal Jackson

    White people are fed up with the blatant overt racism of blacks and the media is a complicit accomplice in covering up all of the Black on White crime and attacks. Black fatigue has set in and the backlash when the sleeping giant wakes will not be pretty. White people have guns and we don’t hold them sideways.

  • Impertinent

    Do you write for the LSM part time? Or the bantus and zulus of the NBPP?

    This could be a speech by the “rev” Fal Al too.

  • Impertinent

    I’d rather have a jury of cat fish than any blacks at all.

    At least I know ones a fish and the others are scum sucking bottom feeders!

  • Impertinent

    One could only hope it’s “Air Rhodesia”. And Fat Al is onboard.

  • Black people obviously think it’s open season on whitey. Start defending yourselves against these savages. Don’t become a victim to what you see happening EVERY hour in this country.

  • It’s awesome to see a black savage being put in his place.  These robbing, rapping savages need to see that whitey isn’t going to take it anymore.  The moron pussy liberals you prey on are not the same as the real white people you will find outside the cities boys.  So be prepared, I can assure you that we are. 

  • gemjunior

    I thought the same thing.  That useless ass could have done a number of things to help even by throwing hard pieces of wood, which there was plenty of, and metal.  I’m sure there were tools like axes and stuff which he could have at least tried to throw from safety or whatever. 

  • ageofknowledge

    Preparing a why the perp was justified in simply taking his forty acres and a mule (gun play ommitted of course) speech I suppose.

  • Thiram-95902

    Interesting…I looked for incidents of whites perpetrating crimes on your website and couldn’t find any.  Seems your Thomas Jefferson quote is a joke.  You are not seeking truth.  You are creating a falsehood that masquerades as truth for your own devious (untruthful) ends.  Namely…the slandering of other races to gain and maintain economic and politcal privelege not based on some ethic of hard work but simply because of your skin color.  White Nationalism is simply a culture of privilege. 

  • XIXth

    The individual correctly reasoned that pulling his firearm might result in being shot. However, knowing he had his own firearm, he should have positioned himself to make the first shot. Secondly, there are a number of points in the process where he could have made a hand to hand physical attack and force the robber to the ground and into submission or to deflect the robbers firearm for his own quick firing response. Study this video and meditate on how the vulerable points of both opponents and when the white man could gained the upper hand on the black man and what kind of mindset does one need to successfuly care that out.