Salvadorans Hope Dedication of Square Spurs More Recognition

Sam Quinones, Los Angeles Times, April 22, 2012

Under cloudless skies and a radiant sun, a couple of hundred Salvadorans dressed in white gathered early Saturday to name an intersection near downtown Los Angeles in honor of Msgr. Oscar A. Romero, a Catholic archbishop who was slain in 1980 during El Salvador’s civil war and whom many consider a martyr.

{snip} Speakers recounted Romero’s struggle on behalf of the poor and his assassination. His words—“If they kill me, I will be reborn in the Salvadoran people”—were invoked throughout the morning.

But Saturday’s ceremony and the naming of the square where Pico Boulevard and Vermont Avenue meet has more to do with Salvadorans’ place in Los Angeles than anything that happened in their home country years ago.

“Most ethnic groups have their representations—Chinatown, Little Armenia, Little Tokyo,” said Raul Contreras, a truck driver. “We don’t.”

As one of the largest Latino groups in the county, “we deserve a spot to show our culture and what we’re capable of,” Oscar Dominguez, a financial advisor who organized the naming of the square, told the crowd.

Dominguez and others hope the square will lead to the naming of an El Salvador Community Corridor along Vermont from 11th Street to Adams Boulevard, home to many Salvadoran-owned businesses. They hope such a corridor will, in turn, awaken Salvadorans to the need for more civic engagement in an area that has largely been dominated by the economically powerful Korean community.

The move to name the intersection after Romero began two years ago, when Salvadoran leaders learned that Korean activists wanted to designate an “official” Koreatown boundary that included areas Central Americans, especially Salvadorans, considered theirs: south to Pico Boulevard and east to Hoover Street.


The official Koreatown boundaries were shrunk to encompass about half of what was initially proposed: Olympic Boulevard to the south, 3rd Street to the north, Vermont to the east and Western Avenue to the west.


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  • IstvanIN

    And why isn’t this square in El Slobador????

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “we deserve a spot to show our culture and what we’re capable of”

    I agree you do, but BACK IN EL SALVADOR!! Not America.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Show your culture? You mean the garish walking tattoos in the MS-13 gang weren’t an accurate enough representation? I beg to differ. I saw them when I was in California and they showed me all I needed to know about what Salvadorans “have to offer.” Basically, disease, ugliness and pathology.

    Did you see what that article said? Chinatown, Little Tokyo. The weak-willed, thoroughly bamboozled and deracinated Whites in this country tolerate that filth, our splintered nation with completely incompatible people recreating wholly alien miniature nations within our nation.

    Little Tijuana, Little Tokyo, Little Beijing, Little El Salvador. Eh, whats the difference?

    • Chinatown and Little Tokyo are tourist attractions. I personally doubt that  the El Salvadorans can become one. I personally do not think that tourists will go into a Hispanic neighborhood. They would probably end up being robbed by the street gangs.

    • No

      Well, I can think of one huge  difference:  How they treat dogs.

      In Little TJ, they eat them with hot sauce  . . . in Little Tokyo they eat them with seaweed . . . in Little Beijing they eat them with soy sauce and in Little El Savador they fry them and eat them with rice and beans.

      There’s all sorts of diversity filling our cities.

  • Notice this:
    “They hope such a corridor will, in turn, awaken Salvadorans to the need for more civic engagement in an area that has largely been dominated by the economically powerful Korean community.”

    It is all about ethnic networking these days.  In the ethnic competition cauldron, the Salvadoreans just want to join the fray.

    “Diversity” leads to segmentation.     That is because people are more “diverse”, i.e. they have less common interests.   People look out for themselves first, and second their tribe.  

    I always tell people that if the population is “diverse”, I have a smaller diversity of friends.  
    That is because it is more likely to be friends with people like yourself.  
    When the population is diverse, you have a smaller variety of friends to choose from, so I have a less diverse group of friends.
    (PC pillar KO!)

    When the population is “diverse” (i.e. filled with magical brown superhumans), business politics will become more tribal and divisive. Especially in the small business field.

    Diversity leads to division!

    • I W


      United We Stand, Diverse We Fall.

      But also take note how this is a tool, a foil being used to
        ‘awaken Salvadorans to the need for more civic engagement in an area that has largely been dominated by the economically powerful Korean community.
      The move to name the intersection after Romero began two years ago, when Salvadoran leaders learned that Korean activists wanted to designate an “official” Koreatown boundary that included areas Central Americans, especially Salvadorans, considered theirs:’

      So, as usual, being from the third world trumps being oriental in the racial spoils system being setup on the still breathing carcass of Western Civilization.

      For now…

      Also take note of how A) parts or OUR country are “theirs” according to the media.
      and B) how Whites are NEVER allowed to consider anything or anyplace “OURS”, even in nations that We built, or in nations in Europe that should never have even seen the curse of ‘diversity’ thrust onto their verdant fields.

      We shall see.

      But I’ve had enough, and I know how I will carry myself into the dystopic and dysgenic future the Enemy has planned for us. You want ‘whitey’ to pay more? Lead and Brass will be my personal currency; so come get ‘paid’.

      -True Blue

  • What country am I in???? Korean this, Salvador that…….!

  • bluffcreek1967

    Salvadorans are considered even lower status, both economically and education wise, than Mexicans – and that’s pretty low. And now they’re getting their little spot to show their culture and what they’re capable of!? Geez, is this nonsense ever going to end? As a former L.A. resident for over 40 years, I have seen firsthand what the Salvadorans are capable of – namely, living in poverty, on government assistance, illiteracy and a deadly addiction to the gang lifestyle among a large population of their youth. This is exactly one of the many reasons I had to abandon the L.A. basin – and any attempt to reform that city is like polishing brass on a sinking ship!   

    • Jerrybear

      I went to a prestigious Catholic high school near downtown off Pico where Salvadorans and Guatemalans reside. Never have I seen such a dramatic difference between the Jesuit run (mostly white) school and the ghetto slums surrounding it. The minority neighborhoods have packs of wild dogs roaming the streets, trash everywhere, overgrown weeds, feces all over the side walk, and drunk little Indians stumbling around. The high school, which has been there since the 1850s, is a beautiful campus with old brick buildings. The school had armed guards and large fences keeping the surrounding hooligans out. This was about 15 years ago so I can only imagine what it is like now. Fortunately, I fled the overpopulated cesspool to move north and it was the best decision I ever made.

  • 4teepee

    Detroit and Los Angeles represent the future of all large cities in the United States within a generation, as Whites flee and the tax base crumbles. They will be dangerous, impoverished places.

    • Impertinent

      “They will be dangerous, impoverished places…”

      Will be? I can name you over 10 cities in the US that are already 3rd world cesspools.

      All…”run” by blacks or illegals and the “diversity squad” of oft named “Snivel Right’s” crowd.

  • SarahConnor

    I want to know what is the name of the White girl intersection and dang it where is it????

  • No

    Los Angeles is now pretty much Blade Runner central.  I’m sure on my next trip out there I will see a few camels and burros walking down the street . . . along with predatory wolk-packs of sub-white teen “youths” looking for an easy mark . . . .

    Nothing says the demise of America  (read:  “white European America”) than the fact that our cities have been subdivided into little feudal kingdoms.  Really no different than Italy, Gaul and Germania after the fall of the Roman Empire . . .

    Once upon a time, a Salvadoran would want to embrace everything “America” . . . see his daughters marry whites . . . and see his grandchildren become doctors and lawyers and move to Cleveland.

    No more.  Today, with its secularism, liberalism, metrosexuality, diversity and homosexuality, “white Ameirca” no longer offers anything of value to anyone who wants to improve himself.

    Who wants to be “white” when the white man has allowed his land to be stolen from him . . . with barely a whimper?

  • We’ve finally become a squabbling mass of hyphenated disasters all tearing at the ruined carcass of a once great nation.Conquered without so much as a shot fired!  The once unstoppable White man destroyed, not by bullets or bombs or tanks but by a more dangerous and insidious weapon—psychological warfare. Subtle, yet much more effective and deadlier than the greatest nuclear arsenal. When our minds were conquered, our bodies followed. The Camp of the Saints is upon us. Our fleet of invaders came on foot and we resisted not! Now they are too numerous to to forcibly remove. Our leaders are compromised and treasonous. What’s the answer?
    (sorry for the gloom…)

    • bluffcreek1967

      Gloom or no gloom, you’ve hit the nail on the head! White America has lost its soul!

  • JackKrak

    “We deserve to… what we’re capable of.”

    You mean turning your own country into a hole and then exporting about 12% of your people to the U.S. to start doing it again?

  • The sooner we all learn of our roots the sooner we will all know which Tribes we are from.  Read Isaiah 51: 1-2.  We are to understand that we are descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel.  That is our heritage.  It’s easy to look up and read!  Google Truth in History, by Charles A. Jennings.  When we realize that then we have something to grasp onto.
    There is plenty of evidence to prove that we are The Great Nation spoken of by Israel when he blessed his sons Epraim and Manassah who are the Sons of Joseph, who was to inherit the blessings of great wealth and leadership in the world.
    We are also under attack from the nations which hate us and wish our demise.  Read Psalm 2!  “Why do the heathen rage?”

  • We need to understand our roots and which Tribes we are descended from.  Read Isaiah 51: 1-2, we are to understand that we are descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel.  “Look unto Abraham your father…”  Then we will have something to grasp unto and a Leader who is uncontested.
    Pitching names and such is venting your frustration but this will give you something to talk about which foreigners will hate.  The truth!

    Look up Truth in History by Charles A. Jennings.  Lot’s of info there.

    Also read Psalms 2,  “Why to the heathen rage…?”

    We are at war and we will win!  Just looking for a few good men.