Rise of Far Right in Greece Worries Mainstream

Elena Becatoros, AP, April 30, 2012

Reeling from a vicious financial crisis that has cost them pensions and jobs, Greeks have been turning away in droves from the mainstream politicians they feel have let them down. Another political force is trying to tap the void, with blunt promises to “clean up” the country.

It’s one that could see Europe’s most extreme far right deputies take up seats in Greece’s Parliament in crucial May 6 elections.

Black-clad Golden Dawn members have been storming across the campaign trail across Greece, stopping to chat at cafes and shops, handing out fliers promising security in crime-ridden neighborhoods—and vowing to kick out immigrants.

Greece’s borders, they say, must be sealed with land mines to stop illegal crossing into a country that became the entry point for 90 percent of the European Union’s illegal migrants. Authorities estimate there are about 1 million migrants living in this country of 11 million.

Appealing to populist sentiment, Golden Dawn has been gathering donations of food and clothing to deliver to the needy while pledging to make politicians accountable for the crisis. {snip}


Firmly on the fringe of the right since it first appeared 20 years ago, Golden Dawn garnered a meager 0.23 percent in the 2009 elections. Now, it looks set to easily win more than the 3 percent threshold needed to enter Parliament, with recent opinion polls showing support at about 5 percent.


With parts of central Athens turning into ghetto-like neighborhoods where drug users inject openly and muggings and burglaries are regular events, many have lost confidence in the police.

Giorgos Vardzis, who lives in the small seaside town of Artemida, has taken down the numbers of Golden Dawn members in case of emergencies.

“Who else should I call, the police? . . . When you ask for help from the police because you’re being killed, you have to be killed first, and then the police will come,” he said.


Led by Nikolas Mihaloliakos, who won a seat on the Athens city council in 2010 local elections and shocked Greeks by delivering a fascist salute in his first appearance there, Golden Dawn rejects the neo-Nazi label, pointing out that many of their fathers fought the Germans during the Nazi occupation of Greece.

“We are Greek nationalists. Nothing more and nothing less than that,” said Kasidiaris.


With none of its more than 220 candidates, bar its leader, a recognized politician, the party also plays to voters disillusioned with the political elite.


So the mainstream has been scrambling to win back the right-wing vote, putting immigration at the top of the agenda. Public Order Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis has pledged to build detention centers for 30,000 illegal immigrants by 2014, with the first one to open within days. Police have raided migrant apartments, and legislation now allows authorities to force migrants to have health checks and medical treatment.


For their part, Golden Dawn seem confident of taking up parliamentary seats after May 6—even if it is on a protest vote.

“That is why the whole system is fighting us,” said [party candidate Epaminondas] Anyfantis. “Because they are afraid that when we get into Parliament, the Greek people will understand that we are neither a gang, nor Nazis, nor children of Hitler. . . .   We are just Greek patriots, we love our country. We are prepared even to sacrifice ourselves for our beliefs, for the country, for its people.”

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  • So the mainstream has been scrambling to win back the right-wing vote,
    putting immigration at the top of the agenda. Public Order Minister
    Michalis Chrysohoidis has pledged to build detention centers for 30,000
    illegal immigrants by 2014, with the first one to open within days.
    Police have raided migrant apartments, and legislation now allows
    authorities to force migrants to have health checks and medical

    This is called winning without actually winning.  I think this is how we’re going to win most of our battles, at the hands of lamestream generic plastic banana politicians with dumb names like “Willard” doing what they have to do to pander to us and therefore stay in office.

    • The__Bobster

      No, they revert back once they win the election.

  • Eradicate ALL liberalism
    BY ANY MEANS necessary

    • Rocky Bass

       Yeah! and let me take the liberty of translating to American English “Most EXTREME”, would roughly translate to “Slightly logical and sensible”

      • I’ve got a pic on my blog that states [I’m paraphrasing]

        Washington didn’t use his Free Speech rights to defeat the Redcoats

        HE SHOT THEM

  • ageofknowledge

    I think when the “camel’s back” finally breaks here in the U.S. and people began to scuttle our politicians, political parties, and ideologies things are going to get somewhat radical. Though some will disagree with me, I would rather simply see reform implemented to get desirable results before it comes to the population going in that direction but what shall be will be… whatever it is.

  • JohnEngelman

    To call a movement “far right” is to condemn it out of hand without considering its arguments. These people do not want to create fascist dictatorships. They do not want to restore laissez faire capitalism. They simply recognize that global capitalism and third world immigration have reduced the quality of life for most white Europeans. 

  • loyalwhitebriton
  • No

    I wonder if anyone actually iterviewed the “mainstream” or if they do what the media does in this country and just make up whatever they want? 

    Forget the Nazis . . . I hope they go Spartan on those immigrants.  Drive them back across the border with just the clothing on their backs – at spearpoint.

    The Greeks invented democracy.  Let them show the world that it only works among your own kind . . . that “democracy” NEVER works in a country invaded by third-world savages looking for  gibbsme.

  • IstvanIN

    The swatsika is bad PR to be sure.

    • KenelmDigby

      Why on Earth can’t they use an authentic ancient Greek symbol? – there are hundreds of authentic Greek emblems to choose from.

  • Church_of_Jed

    It will happen here.  Look for Heidi B. and Mark P. to have daily gigs on MSNBC.

  • Being against third-world squalor invading your country is now deemed “far-right.” They never give up do they…..

  • sbuffalonative

    This article is a distraction.

    Greece is succumbing to the pressures of liberal spending and benefits fueled in part by non-working immigrants.

    This piece is only meant to shift the focus from the real problem to an imaginary problem.

  • KenelmDigby

    The fact is that the mainstrean Greek political class has failed Greece – and failed Greece catastrophically.
     Due to their policies, Greece is now bombed out and destroyed, morally, economically and financially.
    A destroyed nation is simply unable to cope with millions of immigrants – who are of a profoundly alien stock to the Greeks and to whom the Greeks owe nothing. It was the mainstream politicians who let them all in and refused to throw them out.

  • KenelmDigby

    We also must remember that the Greek civilisation was the greatest civilisation in history – bar none.
    For the Greeks to lose their nation would be an appalling tragedy of cataclysmic proportions, the loss of England to aliens is terrible, but the loss of Greece is the worst of all.

  • This is only happening in France, Greece, Netherlands,etc. because they have parliamentary systems.  Without a parliamentary system, we American members of the “extreme right” will never be able to get started, get to critical mass.

  • jeffaral

    The Swastika is an ancient Aryan symbol for prosperity, solidarity among kinsmen and peace.    Nothing wrong there!

  • 2573366

    I wish you all the best in trying to recapture your Nation from the global banking interests. Godspeed.

  • No

    We need to take this lesson and form a party:   I nominate Jared Taylor For President.

  • sbuffalonative

    That’s their problem with you. They now see you as strong.

    Keep your protests peaceful. Have only your best and brightest speak for you. Also, watch out for the provocateurs who are in your group working to make you look bad!

    In the United States there was a group called, “Crash the Tea Party”. They joined the Tea Party to make the Tea Party look like racist fools.



  • jeffaral

    Sorry to say but you’re totally brainwashed by Hollywood.

  • I am proud of you 🙂

  • sbuffalonative

    The Tea Party is a political group made up primarily of white middle class people who protest increasing taxes and increasing government control. Since they are mostly white and they want lower taxes, the Left has portrayed them as “racist” and dangerous. They aren’t. They’re just your neighbors next door.

    The point is that the mainstream media, blacks and other minorities, along with Leftist political leaders have done everything to vilify the Tea Party.

    As I said, there were provocateurs who went to Tea Party rallies with ‘racist’ signs and who gave interviews to the press to make the Tea Party look evil and racist.

    Be careful of these provocateurs. Anyone in your group who does something to make your group look evil or violent is likely a provocateur. 

  • Zorro

    The Afrikaner Resistance Movement uses the triple 7 on a white background, over a red flag. Red is used for a reason. It is easy to see, and invokes feelings in people right away, because the color has been described as a high frequency color, or high energy.

    Notice all the Communist flags are red, with either the Hammer and Sickle of the Soviet Union, or the Five Stars of Red China, in the top left corner?

    Then look at the Nazi flag with its red banner overlayed with a white oval, which contained a black swastika. It does catch your attention, regardless of any political ideology.

    Even the Canadian flag is primarily red, with a white center and red maple leaf, and the Confederate Battle flag is too, with a blue and white St. Andrew’s Cross and Stars over the banner.

    • 43sbgf

      Yes, but we aren’t talking about the colors but symbols. The Greek Flag in this case is blue with white.