A registered nurse has been arrested for fatally shooting a new mother and snatching her three-day-old son outside a doctor’s office as she took the baby for a check-up.

Verna Deann McClain, a 30-year-old mother of three who had told relatives she was about to adopt a baby, will face capital murder charges, the district attorney for Montgomery County, Texas said.

Verna McClain

In dramatic scenes in the quiet Houston suburb of Spring on Tuesday afternoon, McClain allegedly gunned down 28-year-old Kayla Marie Golden, firing up to seven shots at close range.

Witnesses said a man then threw the baby in a light blue Lexus, which struck Golden as it made its escape. Golden screamed out ‘My baby! My baby!’ as it drove away and died soon after.

Keith Schuchardt and Kala Golden

Police were led to the Fawndale Apartments in Houston, where a car matching the description of the getaway vehicle was found, ABC News reported.

McClain approached police at the apartment but would not say where the child was—until police received an anonymous tip revealing his whereabouts and McClain confessed.

Deputies found the unharmed baby boy, Keegan Schuchardt, with McClain’s sister, Corina Jackson, at an address in Harris County.

Speaking on Good Morning America, district attorney Brett Ligon admitted it was ‘unusual’ to find the child and suspect so quickly after a murder, and credited the county’s authorities.

Once seized, McClain admitted to shooting the young mother and taking the baby to her home in Harris County, ABC reported. She had picked Golden at random and did not know her.

An affidavit from the Montgomery County police adds that the suspect’s sister, Corina Jackson, said McClain, whose children are 16, 10 and six, had said she was about to adopt a baby.

After the shooting, McClain told her sister she had the baby.

Ligon said authorities ‘believe this was an intentional act on her part, not that Ms. Golden was targeted specifically, but that this was part of a plan to kidnap a child’.

He added: ’She’s given a full statement to the detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. We did charge her in the early hours of this morning with capital murder.’

The suspect’s estranged husband, Theo McClain from San Diego, California, said: ’I don’t understand that, her taking a child. That doesn’t make sense.’

The couple had two children and raised another from a previous relationship of his. He added: ‘We have three kids. And then to shoot somebody? I’ve never known her to hurt anybody.’

McClain has no previous criminal record and has been a licensed vocational nurse registered in California since 2008. She is being held in the Montgomery County Jail without bond.

Montgomery County police said another person of interest is being questioned.

Ms Golden was walking to her pick-up truck after a check-up with little Keegan, when a woman in a Lexus parked in the adjacent spot starting fighting with her, police said.

Sheriff’s Lt Dan Norris said the woman pulled out a pistol and repeatedly shot Ms Golden at close range. Witnesses reported hearing up to seven shots.

A witness said a man in the car then picked up the infant and put him in the Lexus. Ms Golden tried to reach into the car and take him back as the car sped away, but the driver ran her down.

The shooting happened just after 2pm outside the Northwoods Pediatric Centre in Spring, 20 miles north of Houston, Texas. Keegan was wearing a green-and-white outfit reading ‘handsome’.

Joshua Jesson said he was in the clinic with his girlfriend when he heard gunshots.

He said he saw the Lexus next to the pick-up truck, then later looked back and saw the car was gone and a woman lying in the spot where the Lexus had been parked.

‘I thought she just passed out. Then somebody ran in here and said, “Somebody got shot,”‘ he said.

Police surrounded the parking lot with crime-scene tape. The clinic is in an area thick with strip malls. Golden’s red truck sat next to yellow markers where spent ammunition cartridges were found.

It was not immediately clear how authorities had been led to the apartment block in Houston, where officers were seen wielding guns and riot shields.

Ms Golden’s husband, Keith Schuchardt, took to Facebook on Saturday to report the birth of his son: ‘baby keegan is here. born 4/14/12 6 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches long.’ he wrote. ’Looks like me lol.’

He arrived with Keegan’s grandmother Linda Golden and other family members at Conroe Police Department last night to be reunited with the infant.

But the Houston Chronicle reports that police want to carry out a series of investigations on family members before he is released.

Linda Golden said: ‘My daughter was brutally murdered protecting her baby. I think the baby should be given back to us. We’ve had enough today. We would just like our baby back.’

She added of her daughter: ‘She died trying to save her baby.’

Friends and relatives have expressed their shock at the senseless crime. Friend Jennifer Hartis told KPRC: ‘She never did anything wrong. She’s just a mom doing her best to take care of her kids.

‘Keegan is only three days old. He’s needs to know his mom and he can’t do that now.’

Henry Schuchardt, Keegan’s paternal father, told the affiliate he was searching for answers. ‘I wished I knew, I wished I knew,’ he said. ‘I don’t know how they could do this?’

The baby’s father Keith Schuchardt added to KHOU on Tuesday: ’She was sweet, lovable. I loved her, and she loved me. Everything was going fine until today.’

When asked by reporters what he would tell his wife now, Schuchardt, who had been married to Golden for three years, said: I wish you were here with me to get me through this.’


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  • Stripes919

    Where is the national news media coverage with pictures, street demonstrations demanding “Justice” ?

    • ed91

       doesn’t fit the agenda………….. 

    • Luis

      When I saw this story on Yahoo yesterday, they did not say the mother was Caucasian. Instead, they showed a picture of a smiling, fat black woman, with a misleading caption under it. EVERY commentator thought that was the mother of the kidnapped boy, and why on Earth would a black woman kill another black woman to steal an infant they thought was a mulatto? Not making this up.

      Now, I visit Amren and find out Kayla Golden was Caucasian! Thanks, Amren.

      Where is the Caucasian outrage over this? This is WAY WORSE than the Martin shooting.

      If convicted, she should get the death penalty, or at the least, life in the women’s can with NO parole, whatsoever.

      I think she will claim she’s retarded and insane, and didn’t know what she was doing. Her brains were all fried on dope when she was a teen. Mark my words.   

  • Rocky Bass

    This happened HERE and I didn’t even hear about it?!!? This is freaking ridiculous!

  • Francis Galton

    Am I the only one who’s COMPLETELY SICK of saying/thinking, “if the shooter were White and the victim black, everyone would be crying racism.”  I’m so sick of these double standards!  Sorry to yell, but I’ve had it up to HERE with these criminal blacks destabilizing what is, for the most part, an otherwise peaceful society.  Northern Europe is looking better every day (although I understand they are starting to have problems with DIEversity, too.)  Lord help us all!

    • ELN

      Snow-bound FINLAND, too! 

      Irish Savant reporting HERE.

  • And I’m still not buying the “she wanted to adopt a baby” line as motive.   I can’t say why, other than the interracial aspect of it.

    • Infoeditor

      Exactly, she used that phony explanation to give authorities for the press, but she knew she could get up to $250,000. on the slave market for the kid. This also looks like a targeted hit, an assassination, but for what? Is every black person expected by someone to ‘do’ a white person?

  • WmarkW

    How come these stories always to come to AmRen from the Daily Mail UK.
    Doesn’t our own news cover them?

    BTW she’ s 30, has a 16-yo son, and is an RN?

    Did her son tell her she have to wait few years for a grandkid?

    • The__Bobster

      I sent AmRen the UK version of  the story because the American media were hiding the race of the perp.

      Funny, it was a huge story on the networks this morning. Then the murderer was caught and her race was discovered. Suddenly the story was no longer important and was no longer being covered.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Thank you Bobster, my watered down version on Yahoo news had no sign of race at first and was most likely hoping for a crazy White woman to blame this on. With a name like McClain it almost worked. They finally added the psychos picture once they found a sympathy angle. She suffered a miscarriage and was distraught.

        I was not surprised to see this in the updated version.
        “McClain is a vocational nurse at a local staffing agency, a job that involves providing basic nursing services under the direction of registered nurses and doctors. She does not work at the pediatric center, according to a clinic receptionist, Jackie Longoria.” Another of the High Achieving AA hires finest? Question…..How more of these Ms. McClains are there out there?


    • ed91

       she is not an rn………..  she is some lower form of nurse………..

      • WmarkW

         I didn’t believe it either, but it’s the first three words of the story.

    • IstvanIN

      Years, probably only weeks.

  • SintiriNikos

    why do we need to go to London, UK to read news like this?! Disgusting!

    • Infoeditor

      I put this incident up at Rumormillnews a few days back and was immediately told it wasn’t important now, etc. by someone apparently from The Woodlands area who must be more concerned about their precious real estate markets than this young woman’s life lost.
      There seem to be those who are desperate to raise up Trayvon Martin, a guy with a record who may have been throwing down – ditching – something temporarily and who slammed Zimmerman’s head into the ground telling him he was going to kill him, and on the other hand they desperately try to suppress this young mom’s brutal, savage slaughter by this hideous monster who used a firearm on unarmed mom up to seven times before beating her and running her down.
      The media is directly responsible for creating and supporting a double standard between races. If anyone always gets the nod it is the person of color, just like the USURPER IN CHIEF, OHBOMBYA. who was born in Kenya and whose parents are not both natural born US, therefore he is ineligible.

  • I W

    United We Stand, Diverse We Fall.

    It is only going to get worse ladies and gentlemen. Please take the proper steps to secure yourselves and your families; including telling your loved ones to shy away from ‘DIEversity’ at all costs. Good luck to you all.

    -True Blue

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    I believe it, because this is just an isolated and unfortunate accident. Race had nothing to do with it, because race is just a social construct. We are all one race, the human race. We are all one family. The Diversity nurse didn’t kill a White woman and steal a White baby. She just accidently shot a woman and was taking the baby to help search for Nicole Simpson’s real killers.

    We all know that Rosa Parks picked her bus seat at random, St. Voudo MLK-of-Memphis picked the Edmund Pettus Bridge at random, Letalvis and Lemarcus picked Channon and Christopher at random, Curtis picked Anne at random, Demario and Laurence picked Eve at random, Jeremy and Sam picked Krysten at random, Nikolas picked Beverly at random, and Nkosi picked Brittny at random.

    But on the other hand, when we study the face of the Diversity nurse, we see afrovoodoo hate. We suspect that long before the White baby had spotted Nicole’s real killer, it would have succumbed to injuries sustained in a voodoo ceremony to rid it of the evil spirit of unearned White privilege.

    “When the blacks massacred the Whites in Haiti, they took special pleasure and delight in bayoneting White babies and holding them aloft as trophies of Equality. Do you think that won’t happen again when they can get away with it?”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Do you have a black nanny for your White children?,” 1998

  • The Sir Skittles incident will be made into a Lifetime movie, while this tragedy will slowly, or not so slowly,  fade from the minds of the majority of Americans. In 60 days, ask a random stranger, ” Who is Kayla Golden?” Then ask “Who is Trayvon?” and see what response you get.  Truly, we have entered the age of idiocracy.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      They are making a Oscar Grant (BART thug) movie, so you might be on to something.

  • tickyul

    This is either a yawner for left wingers or a great laugh line……..one of the two.

  • Rocky Bass

    Every time I hear about Saint Trayvon©, Cannot help think about the millions of actual victims that go completely hidden from mainstream view. The 38,000 Black on white rapes each year, the million VIOLENT interracial crimes, 90% of which are black on white, and on and on and on. I just feel so powerless and unable to do anything other than comment on the rapidly approaching cliff, off which a dreadful abyss awaits our people. Still many of our own cheer for the day we are hunted down like dogs in our own homelands (this day has really already come to pass).

  • KenelmDigby

    By any measure this is a far, far more heinous crime than the Trayvon killing. There is undoubted pre-meditation to the murder and the whole scenario of the pre-meditation is thoroughly horrific.
      Yet for some reason I doubt it will capture media (or political) attention for very long.

    • Infoeditor

      As I stated above, this appears more like a targeted assassination, a hit, on the slain mother. Some accounts say she was shot up to seven times! That was an attempt to be sure the target was dead. The baby would bring, according to some articles and sources, up to $200,000. on the slave trade market.
      Doesn’t take much to figure where the Sandy Hook children really went, does it? Closed, locked caskets, no bodies visible.

  • exerces

    Another bizarre feature of cases like this, is the way a gaggle of White detectives and other high-ranking police experts then become involved. See the news conference at Yahoo page (nurse-accused-baby-abduction-had-miscarried-194810125.html) . As if it required a lot of expensive sleuthing. If a wild animal attacked a White mother and child, it would be an open and shut case, but these African animals are considered worth investigating, as if the problem weren’t obvious.

  • Zorro

    This is the country that bloodied Stalin’s nose, when the Soviet Union invaded Finland in the winter of 1939.

    If you unleash the Finns, there will be hell to pay.

  • Rocky Bass

     Remember this from last year, here in Houston too.


    Black woman tortured this poor little 12 year old white boy to death with a welding torch, on Christmas day no less.

    • Rocky Bass

      Oh dear, what I would not give to un-wrap her in the privacy of my home one fine Christmas morning…Scenes from “Hell Raiser” and “Saw” come to mind

  • Rocky Bass

     You noticed those too huh? Well I am sure they are just there for better traffic management, nothing any more sinister than that.

  • “Races were reversed”?  Come on, a white person can go down to child and family services any day of the week and make off with any number of black kid/babies that they want to.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    And why did this article have to come from the London Daily Mail?

    White new mother shot in public, killed to kidnap her 3 day old baby   vs   suspicious black shot by neighborhood watchman.   Oh, yeah, it’s totally clear which one should receive overwhelming national attention. AND why the wrong one did.  I’m up to here with this all.

  • WmarkW

     Since the story if from the Daily Mail UK, it’s possible RN means something different there.

  • Infoeditor

    Yeah, the media outfits seem to take the position they’re too afraid of a black uprising and blacks burning down the country, but these media outfits have discounted the possibility that whites aren’t going to act like ladies and gents forever.

  • Infoeditor

    I read a post on the Sandy Hook Shooting that it’s up to $200,000. per child, but I’m thinking maybe $250,000. depending. Those kids are bound to have been kidnapped as they only gave back locked, closed caskets for burial, etc..
    Our country is being ravaged while bitch cops chase us around over an ounce of plant like marijuana and in Texas stick their gloved hands down womens’ pants – strip search RIGHT ON ROADSIDE!!!
    They’re being suspended over that one!