ABC’s ‘Bachelor’ Slammed as Racist

Breitbart, April 18, 2012

ABC’s reality dating game show series, which includes “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” is expected to face a class-action lawsuit this week for racial discrimination due to its failure of featuring minority contestants on the show . . . the show’s lack of diversity over the course of 23 seasons has raised a few questions in recent years as to why there has never been a non-white bachelor. Last year show creator, Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly that he and his production team are always looking to cast for ethnic diversity, “it’s just that for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would.”

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  • Boereseun

    I’m sure ‘racist’ white America is just drooling to watch their daughters fawning all over a ghetto black with tattoos, bling, pants around his ankles and his constant ‘mah d**k’ jokes.

    They do this and they know their ratings will plummet to ground zero. 

    Or perhaps they just can’t find enough white women who would stoop to that level yet. Don’t worry, they will and that will probably be the final season.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      There are many evils that we must fight: racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. We’ve come far, but we have much more work to do. Blacks, women, underclass blacks and immigrants, and the LGTBQ community have all struggled and been rewarded with some access and success.

      But still, there remains one evil, perhaps the greatest evil of all, that we must attack with all our vigor and might: some Whites still prefer the company of other Whites and fail to include a Diversity in their groups.

      Failure to include Diversity is a license to bigotry. We must have Whites monitored at all times for latent and implicit racism, especially those who say, “Diversity is our greatest strength” when campus controversies erupt.

      Everyone knows that we’ve ruined the family, we’ve ruined religion, we’ve ruined the schools and colleges, and we’ve ruined the government. But we haven’t yet ruined White preferences for Whites Only privacy and solitude.

      We must make the consequences of Whites’ exercising their last social freedom to free themselves from vibrant and enriching Diversity to be so high, so unbearable, so expensive, that we wipe the very concept of Whiteness out of their thinking.

      We can correct their behaviour. We only need more will. We have the tools and weapons we need, now let’s use what Obama and Holder and Treyvon have given us without mercy…

      “Diversity is a vile hate crime against God’s kingdom plan for our sacred White privilege and violates White Humanity’s ordained destiny. Anti-racism is codeword for anti-White. Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why they hate you,” 1998

  • WmarkW

    Perhaps they need a segment about a black bachelor and his harem-aspirants.

    But there’s no way they could racially mix the contestant pool  without some absolutely painful TV resulting.  (I don’t just mean painful to WN’s; no one is going to want to watch trying to tell the black contestant that breaking up with her isn’t about race.)

    • The__Bobster

      Jennie McCarthy had a show like that on MTV. Truly disgusting.

  • JackKrak

    The show would find it difficult to find a black guy who is

    -attractive to women of all races
    -intelligent with solid career prospects
    -well spoken with a modest manner
    -familiar with the concept of “getting married”

    Both American black guys like that are probably already taken.

    • WmarkW

       And wants a black mate.
      That would be the thoughie.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      The only reason they don’t have race mixing on these shows it because the advertisers don’t want the backlash that will come when Kunta kisses Chrissy.

      But in their meetings, the producers and ad reps all agree that America is still deeply racist, but not for much longer, because Whites are replacing themselves with Diversity.

      The time will come when nobody will even notice when blacks are kissing Whites on all TV shows, other than to say, “It’s a good thing, but it took too long.”

      If you are disgusted by what you see on TV now, just imagine how sickened and horrified you will be when today’s college graduates are making TV production and casting decisions in the near future. These are the same kids who have been saturated with Diversity since kindergarten, and they’ve taken on the mission of ridding the world of White privilege, but only to the point that they get to keep theirs.

      • Seen the latest slick, almost subliminal clip in the recent ad for Major League 2012, I think it’s called? You know, waste of time video game. Cubs win the Series, Chicago goes wild, old man cuts his beard, whoops, bloated black usher plants a big sloppy one on a white woman in the aisle. Blink and you miss it. Managed to slide in the mental defectives from The Weiners Circle, too. Don’t get me started on that one.

        • white_privilege_stigmata

          Doe you ever flip through the channels and watch the news stories about the race problems (Diversity in general), government corruption, and scandal, and then, flip to the sports channel and watch genuinely macho White men arguing about what White billionaire traded negro for another negro?

          If White sportscasters would apply some of their vigor and masculinity to the problems that really affect us, we might see a movement surge that could gain enough traction to take us somewhere good.

          Somebody should make a movie about a sportscaster whose fed up with everything and has a meltdown on live TV. “Why are we talking about Michael Vick when is cousin Obama is destroying the White community. This is sick, and I’m not participating in it anymore. I quit.”

          Boom. That would be glorious!

      • anon

        Yes, what a sick and dying society we now have.  That Lifetime cable channel for women is getting sick in that way also. They even had two lesbians kissing and making out in one of their movies!  I was flipping through the channels over the weekend and saw that scene and thought, what the heck, I don’t subscribe to any of those kinds of stations, like HBO etc.  Then I saw it was Lifetime and that did it for me. I won’t watch their station any longer. I will stick with Hallmark.

        • white_privilege_stigmata

          Were the lesbos hot?

          In a recent It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode, two homeless homos were banging under the bridge.  Pants down, butts showing, humping.

          To what level of Hell to we descend from here?

        • Varina

          I used to like House Hunters. When I first started watching it, all the young couples looking for a house were White. The first episode I remember that was mixed race involved this beautiful, tall, redheaded girl who was married to a Black man who looked like he had just arrrived from the Congo. It’s been down hill from there. I rarely watch it anymore and only if the couple is White.  

          This how they hook us. It starts out all White and then it starts to change, but many people will continue to watch if they like the show.

          • Anonymous

            I can’t watch any show or go to any event today that isn’t ‘diverse.’  Can’t we keep just one thing white?  Will even pro-white groups have to buckle under pressure and become diverse?

          • Anon12

             You are so right!  I used to watch that a few years back also and I noticed the mixed race pairings started to “show up”.  In fact the only show on TV that didn’t have the blacks mixing with Whites was the Bachelor!   The Survivor, DWTS, American Idol, and all the rest just have to have their “quota” of blacks. One would think that blacks are 50% of the population as to how they are represented in most TV programs, movies, etc.

          • The__Bobster

            Check out the last seasons of “Friends” and “That 70’s Show”.  These sitcoms became successful by being pinkheel-free. Once their producers knew that these shows were going to end, they rubbed our faces in bestiality.

        • gemjunior

          Well, they also have it on Teen-Nick, which is watched by pre-teens as well.  The show “Degrassi” which is about high school, or junior high or whatever shows two young teenage girls about to make out on a commerical for the show, and boys on the show have already been shown necking.  Fucking totally disgusting how thy are introducing this crap more earlier and earlier.

        • The__Bobster

          Hallmark, the company that had the young teenage girl sucking face with a spoonie in their Valentine’s Day commercial last year?

        •  What’s wrong with lesbians kissing in a movie? We need love too.

          • The__Bobster


      • Anonymous

        That’s why it’s every white person’s duty to cancel their cable and any major MSM publications.  Stop feeding these beasts.  Support gun rights groups or pro-white groups like Jared’s instead.

        •  What is wrong with white gay and lesbian people? Not everyone is meant to be heterosexual.

      • The__Bobster

        Did you see “Grimm” last week?

  • Do you think that ABC would  want a black athlete with no class, has 5 baby mamas and dresses ghetto fabulous to be the next bachelor? I think that some of the bachelorettes will go running in the opposite direction.

    •  Speaking of, NFLer Antonio Rogers-Cromartie just welcomed his tenth by eight different women (and his second by his wife) on his 28th birthday.  Prediction:  Broke by 40.

      • ed91

         not only will he be broke……..  the taxpayers will be supporting his kids.

      •  I agree with you. Look at Terrell Owens. He owes 45k in child support every month. Two of his homes in Dallas are in foreclosure. He tried to get the courts to reduce his child  support obligations because of the NFL lockout last year but the court refused.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      The only Diversity that they can find who doesn’t have a criminal record will look, dress, act, and talk like Jonathan Capehart.  Women won’t go for him, and he won’t go for them, if you know whu um say’n.

      • IstvanIN

        A quick google indicates Capehart has a white boyfriend.

  • “it’s just that for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would.”

    The “whatever reason” is that they don’t want to be married.

  • Too many whites or Too many “white men”?  I bet black males would be happy as a pig in mud with all those white women, they are all too eager to abandon black females for a white woman.  Sad as it is that society put so much pressure on white women to give in to the black male advances.

    • The__Bobster

      How would a White female recruited for the show feel once she found out the bachelor was black? It might be hard stirring up much enthusiasm. After all, most of our women aren’t Lardassians.

      •  These appear to be smarter women. They would head for the hills if they found out the bachelor  was black.

        • Taryn

          Or head to the nearest NBA/NFL party. Lol everyone knows in a white woman’s eyes nothing tops a black athlete. The proof is in the pudding. Just turn on the tv.

  • haroldcrews

    Presumably it is because it would be deleterious to advertising revenue.  If they go with an entirely black cast then that will limit viewership.  Few whites will watch the show.  A substantial number of whites simply aren’t interested in watching shows having a predominately black cast.  The reverse is the case with many blacks.  Many do not care to watch shows with primarily black casts.  Which isn’t good for advertising.  If the cast goes inter-racial then that brings controversy which many advertisers do not care for as it alienates customers.  An alternative would be to have two or three groups with one being an all minority group.

  • The__Bobster

    Right now the media elites sneak bestiality on us during their sitcoms.

    In the case of this show, we would know in advance that it’s coming and avoid the show entirely.

  • Here’s the problem for ABC:

    If they give in to this lawsuit, and feature either a black bachelor(ette) and/or more black prospective spouses, then it will have no ratings.  At that point, they could get sued for impersonating NBC.

  • Blacks don’t want equality, they want to subjugate white women and kill white men so we become extinct.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Revenge is ALL they want.

    • Memphomaniac

      That has been tried many times in history and they have all failed. Because I am my father’s son and he was his father’s son, they will continue to fail and we will continue to prevail, but it will not be without effort. Survival has always been a struggle against enemies.

  • Heinrich24

    Is there some type of law that demands a certain amount of Blacks be on a given television show? How can a program legally be “too White?”  

  • Mahound

    There’s a fair amount of blacks on ‘Cops’. 

    • Impertinent

      And a fair amount of maimed and mauled blacks by other blacks on “48”.

  •  There was a similar show on TV One, which is a black owned network, featuring a black  plus size model that had been on America’s Next Top Model, and an interracial group of single men. I do not know how successful the show was.

  • As an aside, I notice that nobody uses the word “bachelor” any more other than referring to this show.

    It used to be that the expected normal state of being for a white American adult was being married to someone of the opposite sex, and staying married to that person for life.  Language was a societal weapon used to enforce those cultural norms.  “Bachelor” was a mild pejorative referring to young unmarried adult men, “Bachelorette” was never used because young adult women rarely lived on their own before getting married for very long if at all.  A woman who never got married was a “spinster” or and “old maid,” and that was a stronger pejorative.  Strangely, “confirmed bachelor,” the equivalent for men, wasn’t quite the slur that was “old maid.”  “Divorce(e)” was really a pejorative.  The only endearing terms for a non-married adult was “widow(er),” and that was a compliment to someone who finished their expected obligations.

    Now, we have “single” as a catch-all term for any adult who isn’t married at the moment.

    • Saw a pretty good one the other day, in reference to, OMG, Brad and Angie. Explaining that finally, after “dating” for however many years, they were finally, theoretically, possibly going to get married. Really? Dating? DATING? Is that the term for living together, adopting half the 3rd world, having a few of your own progeny, and generally making a spectacle of themselves wherever they go? I don’t think that’s the Webster’s definition. 

    •  Single also means not in a relationship for some people.

  • blacks want get on the show so they can play their race card, “is the reason you don’t choose me because  cause i’m black?” they want to back the poor white girl into a corner and guilt her into picking them.

    • Anon12

      Don’t forget the last THREE still standing, are expected to share a room for (The Bachelor/Fantasy Suite)  the night . What if one of the White women he picks says no?  I can hear it now. Racist White b…h!  ABC will get sued no matter what they do. Just cancel the whole show. That is all that is left for Whites any longer. If blacks aren’t included, Whites have to shut it down.

  • Although I despise  black/white relationships and find them repulsive (as most america does) it would be interesting to see a season where you had a negro male and maybe 8 negro females and 16 White women. the racial dynamics would be explosive. This maybe the reason ABC has never done it.

    • I’d watch that.  I think the percentage should be reversed though. Maybe even drop a few white ladies and replace with Asians, maybe Koreans. Now that would be a game changer.

      •  There would be a fight between the Black women and the Asian women because  they are taking “our men”.

  • radical7

    All of these reality shows are a joke . I cannot see why any self-respecting person of any race would want to participate in any of them.

    •  Wow.  We agree on something?

      Too, “reality show” is an oxymoron.  Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is universal.

  • Here’s something I’ve been wondering about. Why is it that every tv show or movie from Tyler Perry,  is promoted as “Tyler Perry’s this”, or Tyler Perry’s that”, etc. etc. Even directors with real talent, like Huston and Ford, Scorcese, never self aggrandized like  ……ahhhhh.. …. never mind. Asked and answered.

    •  Tyler Perry is a smart businessman. He owns all of the rights to his movies. He also has his own studios. How many directors have their own studios? In fact, all of his movies have made money. Not many directors can say that.


    Also, watch how they handle this with ads for E-Harmony and other dating sites.  They have to be slick when showing pictures of “matches”.

    Imagine how much easier and happier life would be if this country was 100% White.

    I want a white nation. It is that simple. 

    • The__Bobster

      The e-Harmony site has a “can’t stand” section that includes a box for “racist”.  There’s no box for “anti-racist YT-hating libtard”.  

    • Taryn

      Been there, done that and you guys still managed to screw it up. If racist whites didn’t have minorities to hate on they would turn on each other. Your life’s goal is misery… Just look at your history.

  • No

    QUOTE:  why there has never been a non-white bachelor

    Because no one cares about the mating habits of the widebeest or bonobo. People can see that at the zoo and those animals are not only more entertaining . . . but they don’t smell as bad.

    Black courtship and mating all involve physical and verbal abuse.  You’d have to find white females willing to endure rape, beatings, broken arms, fat lips and pullblack eyes.  While I don’t think there’s a shortage of insane white women who would do it, I don’t think the show could get liabilty insurance. 

    You’d have to invest in numerous security cameras and security guards so the blacks didn’t steal everything not nailed down.

    You’d have to have a special handler or two for every black just to get them to show up on time, not get arrested and not go on the low-down with the white males.

    Janitorial costs would sky-rocket cleaning up the mess they leave behind.  You’d have to get special vacuum cleaners to yank the kinky pubes off the carpets.

    There would have to be a team of lawyers on stand-by to deal with the negro(s) who constantly felt “diss-rex-pected.”

    So from a bidness start point?  No way.  You couldn’t turn a profit.

    • Impertinent

      “insane white women who would do it…”

      Usually from a farm in South Bend with a BMI of 60! Must love WalMart too.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The Flavor of Love, quality TV.

    • Taryn

      Wait isn’t there a show called Rock of Love featuring an all white trash contestant pool? Interesting… I’m assuming the women from that show are the same caliber as the Bachelor women? Yeaaaaaa let’s think slowly on that one before using Flavor of Love as scapegoat for why there shouldn’t be a minority bachelor. :-/

  • I’m not a doctor, so I might need a lil help on this. From what I understand, when a woman gets pregnant, there is a time frame in which fertilization could have occured. A window, so to speak. Not sure if it’s 5 days, or less. Can’t be much more. Maybe 7?  So what does that tell you when the female in question has 8 or 9 or 10 males tested and none of them end up owing her child support?

    •  She needs to test more guys. Who knows, she may be a prostitute that sleeps with several men a night.

  • Hard to believe ABC  is behind the lack of negroes on the show, after all, they have no problem with all the negroes on their “Dancing with the stars” show, where the negro men grope, paw at and molest their white dance partners in a disgusting display of TNB.

  • sbuffalonative

    The only thing surprising to me about this story is that it took this long to be made an issue.

    I wonder why The Bachelor isn’t being slammed by gay rights groups demanding the inclusion of homosexual men for the bachelor to choose from.

    I think there should be a black version of The Bachelor. There won’t be cause we and the producers know it would portray blacks as they are and the show would be  condemned as showing blacks as racial stereotypes.

  • Anonymous

    Black is not beautiful.  There is nothing pretty about blacks.  Their culture is immoral, their speaking abilities are worse than a white child’s, their behavior is impulsive, they are irresponsible people as a whole and they are just not attractive people to look at. 

  • Seek

    How many viewers really want to see the mating rituals of the relatively tiny handful of blacks who are good catches for marriages?  It’s not just that blacks are in a minority — it’s that few sane people would ever want to go on a date with them.  

  • I dont know as I  am not gay but from what little I’ve read about gays,the white ones are not too keen on the black ones.

    • Ken

      I’m a gay white man. I support those oppressive standards of white beauty. Bantus, malays, mestizos: a half-step from bestiality—

  • Black males on the bachelor?? I am vomitting at the idea. I’d surely NEVER watch that. However it would be interesting to have the downtrodden,beat-up,attacked,whipping boy WHITE male  as the bachelor,with a multi-cultural cast vying for his affections. Whites,Asians,latinas,yes even…black girls all oohing and ahhing over a white guy. Would build up our ego–and we’re are surely entitled to see ourselves as #1!!!!!!!! And wouldnt it be fun to see the racial dynamics among the women,hee hee hee hee!!! I think I have a winning idea! Uhm…hello,ABC?


    Yes, unplug your TV — Kill the one-eyed Bolshevik!

    We had no cable in our house, and all of our children have graduated from distinguished colleges and have brilliant and creative careers.

    TV is bad for your children.

  •  Black women blame white women for taking their men.

  •  That is why some white men are marrying Filipinas and women from the former Soviet Union who they claim are not as career oriented as white women are and all they want is a husband, family and home.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I think we’re ready for a separate White Miss America Pageant, a White Entertainment Network as well.  We are at the point that if we don’t begin to demand this, there will be nothing to watch on television.  Not that I ever did watch such silly “reality” shows anyway.

  • Impertinent

    Yea…I agree. 50 years of perpetual poverty and helping those damn “poor, po folks”. When the hell are the “poor” going to help themselves or anyone else for that matter?

    Oh…and I’d add Haiti to that list of dung heaps that never seem to be able to build an outhouse successfully, either on their own or with a couple billion of our dollars. Last I checked it’s two years now and they’re still sleeping in “temporary” tents. Wonder what Bush and Clinton have to say about that? Since it was they that started the “charities” to hep them.

  • Taryn

    That’s the issue. Everything is white in a world that ISN’T white. And before you excuse the issue because “blacks have a show on MTV”, remember that ‘whites have the SAME reality show on MTV as well’. How quickly people overlook that for their own bigoted agenda.

  • Taryn

    You obviously haven’t met many blacks so there’s no point arguing with you.