Number of Biracial Babies Soars over Past Decade

Carol Morello, Washington Post, April 26, 2012

The number of mixed-race babies has soared over the past decade, new census data show, a result of more interracial couples and a cultural shift in how many parents identify their children in a multiracial society.

More than 7 percent of the 3.5 million children born in the year before the 2010 Census were of two or more races, up from barely 5 percent a decade earlier. The number of children born to black and white couples and to Asian and white couples almost doubled.

“I think people are more comfortable in identifying themselves, and their children, as mixed race,” said William H. Frey, a Brookings Institution demographer who analyzed detailed census data on mixed-race infants. {snip}


Frey said the census statistics on children with black and white parents in particular show a country that is advancing toward the day when race loses its power to be a hot-button issue.


Young people, typically younger than 15, are much more likely to be identified as mixed race. Among infants younger than 1, there are 17 mixed-race children for every 100 infants whose parents said they are black alone. A decade ago, there were nine.

“One out of six kids who used to be thought of as just black will now grow up thinking of themselves as white and black,” Frey said. “This is a huge leap. This is a ray of hope that we’re finally moving into an era where this very sharp black-white divide is breaking apart.”


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  • Hirschibold

    This ‘ray of hope’ has already been qualified as another racial nightmare waiting a few decades down the line. Most interracial offspring fall into one of two categories: 1) the children of high IQ, financially-secure, college-educated white men and Asian women, or 2) the offspring of poor, poorly educated black men and white women. Do you really think that a group of Eurasians who are well-off and sharing a continent with poor Mulattoes is going to usher in some kind of utopian paradise?

    • mikejones91

      **Correction–You mean ” low educated, drug addicted (most likely) white women. Lets be real here haha. 9 times out of 10, when we see a white women with a black man, she looks trashy. Hoop earrings, some type of high top basketball sneakers, (if its winter) Rocca Wear brand jacket with fur hood, just a “look” that these women have. The kind of look that just says “white trash”. The kind of woman who if she grew up in a 99% white area, would be going out with the local Klan Leader. I am actually going to make a “documentary” on this. I am going to walk around my town and look for “these” women. If they are without a man, I will walk up and ask them “do you have a boyfriend, (they always do) and is he black”? I can scope these women out with 99.9 accuracy. I am also going to film at the King of Prussia Mall. The Biggest Mall in America. To show people (mostly black men) that the majority of white women PREFER white men. Even more so with the attractive/classy/”preppy” ones. The “ones” these black men DREAM of being with. But settle for a heroin addicted purple haired German chick. I doubt I will see to many of the “white women who go for black men” types at the mall so I will use this location to scope out classy/attractive white women and approach them. I will ask “do you have a boyfriend, what race is he”? If she does not have a BF, I will simply ask what was the race of your last BF. What do you think. 

  • StivD

    They made mention of black and white offspring more than any others. It always comes down to black and white for these people. They’ll never stop trying to uplift blacks and drag whites down to their level.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      In some ways, though, aren’t white girls who marry black marrying up? 

      *Her children get an affirmative action edge when competing for college admissions against the children of white women who married white; 
      *Her children may not be singled out for physical attacks if sent to many urban public school unless the child has notably Caucasoid features*; 
      *Her children will not have their race run down by the Hollywood multicultural machine;
      *Mom gets to think of herself as a ‘good,’ and ‘progressive’ person.

      Of course, the father may catch hell from some black women. 

      *I may be wrong on this; any insights into how blacks treat mulatto children? 

      •  But she would lose respect from white men. How many white men would want a woman that has had children with blacks?

        • Rocky Bass

           Yeah there is some credence to the old beloved “once you go black”, more realistically “once you go black, your not welcome back”

        • radical7

          Not all people would be upset by this.

          • The__Bobster

            You wouldn’t mind? Then why does your kind engage in “nest cleaning” so often?


          •  That story that Bobster posts here is so important.

            Ever watch those TV shows about lions?

            The first things a male does after he takes over a pride of females from another male are:  1.  Kill the very young infant cubs sired by the previous male pride leader, because a female taking care of another male’s cubs isn’t given to mating with the new pride leader, and 2.  Drive away adolescent males in the pride, to clear away any future competition to his pride leadership.

            Whenever you read news about a very young human infant murdered, it is almost always at the hands of the mother’s new boyfriend who is not the baby’s father.

            Also, homeless teenage boys are almost always a result of his mother’s new live-in boyfriend pressuring her to throw him out of the house.

            These are both behaviors commonly found among a certain demographic, that curiously dark-hued one.

          • ed91

             some people like to stick their head in the toilet………

            many do not…………

  • WmarkW

    Is the AmRen headline deliberate, or a Freudian slip?

    • The__Bobster

      Number of Biracial Babies Sours over Past Decade

      The typo gave me hope. Damn!!

      • Spartan24708

        Me too- unfortunately it must be a typo.

  • You know, there is another way to look at this. Interracial unions aren’t new – they have happened since black slaves were first brought to North America – white men with black slave women; sometimes rape, but often not.

    When slavery was abolished, the number of  interracial matings actually went down, and didn’t start to rise until legal barriers were removed in the late 1960’s.

    I’ve seen some of the data represented in the posted article. It shows that 1 in 10 whites don’t marry other whites, and that of that group (which represents 10% of all whites), only 1 in 10 marries a black.

    My point? A half century after it’s been legal for blacks and whites to marry, almost 99% of whites STILL prefer NOT to marry blacks. Take away the legal barriers (and the moral barriers that were removed after the sexual revolution) and sure, you’ll see a more open display of what used to be common, but not spoken of in polite company.

    HOWEVER, the vast majority of whites want nothing to do with blacks, at least in terms of marriage. Why? Most (though not all) parents want children that look like them. And they prefer being around there own kind. These are two very natural impulses.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      “Social improvement” is when an increasing number of White women chose to not make White babies, through either slutting themselves during their best potential mother years and then being too used up and old to get married, or abortion, or worse, miscegenation with the hideously degrading race of n’gro Diversity.

    • The__Bobster

      Which is why countless White suburban women are adopting Congoids?

      •  Explain one thing to me. Whites do not adopt AA children but they will go to Haiti or Africa to adopt one from there. What is the difference?

        • Rocky Bass

           None whatsoever. Comes back to the age old question, how many “o’s” in stupid?

        • StivD

          They think they are the most desperately needy and make themselves feel especially kind and moral when they adopt one.

        • Anonymous

          Why not adopt a white Russian kid?  Is there a way to say, “I want to adopt a white kid” without facing a discrimination suit?

        • Detroit_WASP

          Because that’s what Madonna and Angelina Jolie did. Native blacks have no cachet to high-brow liberal whites. These are also the people that buy their coffee at Starbucks instead of McDonalds. They drive a Ranger Rover instead of a Chevrolet Youkon.

        • The__Bobster

          It’s cheaper and easier to purchase a foreign fashion accessory, especially for lesbians and gays. And the sprog is”‘more authentic” and gives them a bigger warm and fuzzy feeling.

      • Yes. There is a White family I know in my home town; the (unmarried) daughter went out of her way to adopt a black baby, from Chicago. Now, 12 or 14 years later,  he’s taller than his grandmother, and is probably already chasing White girls. Why do White women do things like this? I cannot understand it at all; are there no needy White babies they can adopt?

        • Anonymous

          Because most whites today aren’t like they were in the old days.  The thing is you can’t avoid these whites who do this.  Even ‘white republicans’ are sounding like deranged liberals when it comes to race.  Makes me ill.

  • MightyBoom

    What a stupid SOB Frey is. 

  • SStephens

    They say medicare will be over by 2025, and social security by 2033.  But what about welfare?  Why isnt THIS the government program thats done away with?  A worthless program for worthless people (black OR white) that costs many billions per year.  No, instead many hardworking people will get the shaft when they should be enjoying their remaining years.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    He makes a moral judgment: we move ahead when there is
    less Whiteness.



    To what purely non White country would he look for the
    liberty and opportunities, albeit shrinking here, that he hopes we are moving


    The one, fast, hardest rule of libraldom: whatever makes
    Whites less White is the greatest good, because Whiteness is the greatest evil.


    White Humanity must know how to identify these people and
    trace back any support to White money and choke it off.  We must boycott everything that is

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      “Long overdue social improvement” is when an increasing number of White women chose to not make White babies, through either slutting themselves during their best potential mother years and then being too used up and old to get married, or abortion, or worse, miscegenation with the hideously degrading race of n’gro Diversity.

    • It would be a great idea. But how do you get Whites engaged enough to see the crisis we’re facing, and persuade them that “racist” should be a badge of honor when yelled at us by a liberal or a militant black?

      You know the mainstream media won’t tell us the whole truth about these racial incidents. Look how many times there are no comments accepted on mainstream websites when the story is about black villainy, or black attacks on Whites.

      And how many White people who aren’t savvy enough about race to be skeptical, and look for the media “at the margins” who do keep us informed, are going to even show any interest? Anyone on here have any answers? (I hope they do; I’m mildly stumped about it.)

  • Hirschibold

     I know some people have antipathy on here for the Half-White Half-Asians like John  Derbyshire’s kids. I think, however, that as Derb himself noted, once those kids begin to comprehend how their being perceived as white could put them in danger at the hands of blacks, they are with us at that point or they are toast (a la the delusional Tim Wise-esque Hippy at the Hemp Festival.

    • The__Bobster
      • Hirschibold

         Your link was about Taiwanese Nationals spying on a nation. If and when the nation collapses, exactly how does that come to bear on the offspring of an Anglo-man and his Asian wife, who has imparted race realism to the aforementioned issue.

        Pop Quiz. You are the mayor of a small band in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. There stand two men seeking entry: Derbyshire’s son and Michael Moore. Moore is technically (in the genetic sense) the whiter of the two.

        I know it is a hypothetical and I am not the head of the Asian-White coalition, but for me there is nuance and gradation. If not for you, fine.

        • The__Bobster

          If this nation collapses, who do you think will be invading us? Given this situation, why would I befriend someone who is half Asian? They have their own racial loyalties, as shown by my link.

          As Tonto once said, “What do you mean “we”, Paleface?”

          BTW, my choice is “neither”, but I would order the fat, smelly one shot.

      • Rocky Bass

         Your a harsh one Bob.

    •  Kids who are mixed race  Asians are claiming to be white because it would be easier to get into competitive colleges than claiming that they are Asian.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    He makes an unjustified moral judgment: we move ahead when there is less Whiteness.
    To what purely non White country would he look for the liberty and opportunities, albeit shrinking here, that he hopes we are moving toward?

    The one, fast, hardest rule of libraldom: whatever makes Whites less White is the greatest good, because Whiteness is the greatest evil.

    White Humanity must know how to identify these people and trace back any support to White money and choke it off.  We must boycott everything that is anti-White.

  • libertarian1234

    “This is a huge leap. This is a ray of hope that we’re finally moving into an era where this very sharp black-white divide is breaking apart.”

    Never has the black/white  divide been greater, and it shows every promise of getting far worse, as black on white attacks increase and as the Zimmerman incident has shown us.

    There is a hard core hatred of whites throughout the black communities across the country, egged on by anti-white hate rhetoric that starts from the top and works its way within every community, and encompases the entertainment industry, academia and the leftist media, all of them seemingly unaware that their constant manipulations and exaggerations of white oppression, racism and bias, are encouraging the black masses to hate whitey even more.  Hating whitey is a way of life, and it has gotten worse these last fewyears.

    Determining that black/white race relations are getting better simply because more white women are coupling with blacks is a kind of a naive assumption that this fad translates to overall relations between the two groups.

    It does not, and if the starting gun ever signals the start of civil hostilities, we will see the inanity of what people like the above author claims to be a growing trend.  It will come to a screeching halt, as people retreat into their homogeneous enclaves.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      Considering crime patterns, particularly rape, what makes you think civil hostilities haven’t already begun? 

      • libertarian1234

        The kind I referred to is armed conflict. Better known as civil war or euphemistically as civil hostilities.

    • The__Bobster

      As I recall, one of the Carr brothers was rutting with a white woman. How did that work out for race relations?

    • I think you’re right, that our racial chasm has never been wider.  I’ve never had any problems with the black people in my hometown, but when I’ve visited the big cities, there is often an undertone of hate you can feel coming off some of these ghetto characters.  If I go to a city, I’m packing heat, just to be on the safe side.

  • “The sharp black-white divide is breaking apart.” His stupidity is breathtaking.Truly astonishing.In a related story I heard that inter-marriage is way up,especially in the (ahem) west and southwest. I think hordes of white men who cant find white women,or who find white women who are fat,trashy,sleazy,psycho-c*nts or feminists,are turning to hispanic women. Well,maybe they’ll find some happiness,but I dont know what that portends for the USA besides a drop in IQ and a growing  class of peopel who are alienated from the mainstream. Probably not so great,ya think?

  • No

    I do see a ray of hope.  “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”  As the country hurtles towards lower IQs, criminality, poverty, single-parenting and the other wonders of liberalism, the whites who maintain racial pride and cultural homogeneity will continue to prosper.

    Today, young whites are conned into thinking race mixing is an acceptable life choice.  But a little hunger, a little poverty and a few rapes and muggings will eventually cure that.

    Angry at having been lied to, sick to death of adopted cultures they don’t understand, tired of being poor and tired of being abused . . . they will once again turn towards “whiteness” as the solution and curse their parents for letting them go astray in the first place.

    You can lie to some of the people all of the time . . . you can lie to all of them some of the time . . . but when you lie to all of them all of the time, the con eventually falls apart.

  • Berkeley Redneck

    Asian girls like to assert there is an ‘Asian fetish,’ among white boys. 

    Growing up in California, however, I found that to be a bit of projection, on their part. 

    South and east asian girls could be very aggressive in their pursuit of white boys, at least in my experience. 

    • Anon12

      That is so true. Happened to my son about 20 years ago.  She kept pursuing him and finally he told her he would never date outside his race.  He wasn’t attracted to her at all and said he and his friends saw alot of asian girls being very aggressive towards White boys.  They were put off by their pushiness.  They had a reputation of “putting out” to the White boys. 

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    We can all look forward to the future into which we are leaping when pictures like this will be in the dusty history books shelved in the Shameful Racism section.

    These pilots’ mom were obviously racists, as must be they, per they aren’t reflecting the values of who we are as a people.

    • Rocky Bass

       Come on you just throw any 8 random Congolese folks into flight suits and givem FA18’s, and they would put on a VERY IMPRESSIVE SHOW i bet!

      • The__Bobster

        Like the human torch, very impressive but it can only be performed once.

        • Rocky Bass

           I doubt it would even still be an “aerial show”, best steer clear of that tarmac on show day.

  • libertarian1234

    Yes,  we could be headed toward a kind of Time Machine scenario where we’ll be divided up into Eloi and Morlocks. 

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       Nice Time Machine reference!  I often use the term “Eloi  Liberalism” to describe Swedes or Portland hipster SWiPL-sorts.  Passive, weak, always making validations/excuses for the monsters.

      In your scenario, I wonder what would happen to Asians.  They are not very aggressive unless led to war (possible).  Oh wait, I forgot-they don’t let low IQ Third Worlders in to begin with!

  • It sours on soaring, does it?

    • I noticed that error, too. Wish the White American people really WERE souring on the whole idea!

      •  I live in a very mixed family neighborhood. Black/White, Black/Puertorican,  Asian/White, mostly.  Some mixed race families seem to do well, but I noticed that the Black hispanics tended to fare worse…among Blacks. The most viciously racist people are the Black dysfunctional fatherless families. The mixed race families, most of them traditional two-parent families with fathers, seem to get the special hatred of the single-parent (mother) Black families.

  • Mahound

    Since when do demographers need to have an opinion on whether it’s good or not, shouldn’t they just be measuring reality?

  • Ray of hope for blacks maybe, a little humanity added to the Asian psyche too, but where’s the benefit for us Caucasians?
    I don’t see it, all I see is a loss of identity, which would only be a benefit to those who hate Whites. Hate us, sure knock yourself out, but don’t cry when we hate you back.

    Ironically though for any progressive, SPLC types out there, after years of reading various White nationalist blogs and news sites I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘true believer Whites’ biggest enemies, are other Whites!!!

    I guess that makes me a self hating White, yet paradoxically I am full of ‘White pride’, granted more so for past accomplishments than for much that happens these days.

    But I do hate the way that we’re so collectively stupid, for instances in the region I’m in now, we’re debating the ethical dilemma of selling our farms (food producers) to the Chinese, with all this hand wringing about being ‘fair and equal’, when we can’t buy over there and they’ll end up selling us our own food at their inflated prices (after we teach them how to actually do the producing).
    Why do we Whites care about the moral and ethical implications of such a deal?
    When they don’t care a bit when the tables ar turned, our moral ego means that we’re giving ourselves away for nothing, and they’re laughing at us for it?
    Do our high morals make us better when we’ll eventually starve for them?  
    We’re dancing around trying to prove that we’re equal with blacks and browns, while the yellows are buying up our backyards with a 1000 year plan in mind.
    Does this make us stupid? 
    There is a suicidal cancer in our collective racial body that hates itself and wants to die. 
    Which would be fine if left in isolation, but the ego of this sub group thinks of itself as such an grandiose authority as to push for us all to practise self extinction.

    Politically there’s a divide and conquer strategy at play here, where the polarity of power has been reversed, where yesteryear’s losers are now the winners, the ugliest are now the beautiful, the weak are now the strong. 
    So that the once large homogeneous racial bloc that once operated America is now being divided and corralled into various victim subgroups, so that the previous ‘one political voice’ that every racial majority group has, has now been splintered into 10,000 voices of various fringe groups, where now the majority ‘weakest’ group rules. 

    So why breed up? When you can breed down and be congratulated for it, why your kid could even wind up being the POTUS.

    On atual ‘race mixing'(sorry to wanderoff subject), every race of child bearing woman on earth is capable of creating a black (African) baby, only a White Caucasian woman is capable of creating a White baby.
    Why then as the men of our racial tribe would we not want to prevent or protect against this loss or gain?  
    Perhaps it’s the polarity change and the splintering mentioned above.

    We have to stop being so damn selfish and realize that life is damn short, if you get 80 yrs on this rock you’ve done well, but how many of us even get that?
    Soon we’ll be gone and all that’ll be left, our legacy if you will, is our bloodlines, that is the key to our immortality (sorry I haven’t included scientific of cultural contributions, if you’re genes aren’t here I see just don’t see the point, as I see ‘your brilliance’ as still just a dead footnote in history ). 
    Woman, you have between about ages 18-35, or roughly 17 years (assuming that we’re following ‘the mean’ local consensual laws and ignoring expensive medical scientific treatments). 
    Men, you have between the ages 18-45, or roughly 27 years ( another sign of natures inequality, and these ages are assuming that we want you to actually be in your childs life, to at least once they’ve left home).  
    No kids, go gay, race mix or adopt and raise someone else’s genes, then sorry you’re out of the game.
    Sad, but true.

    • ed91

       I agree with all of what you said, and I think you said it well

    • gemjunior

      “Ironically though for any progressive, SPLC types out there, after years of reading various White nationalist blogs and news sites I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘true believer Whites’ biggest enemies, are other Whites!!!”
      This is so true.  It has caused me to beat my head against the wall because I have to wonder what can come of this?  How does a person combat this abnormality in a whole group or race?  Especially the one race that is so bashful of self-praise and so modest that they have learned to love their own abasement to the point of learning to do it themselves THE BEST! The majority of whites love their white guilt – they water it, nourish it, and snuggle against it although it will be their ultimate doom.  All this accomplished in so short a time too!  What, anyone?, what do we do?  Will a savior appear who is NOT the antichrist?

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        You’ve first of all got to recognize that Christianity is the main cause of this self-abasing hatred.  Next, you’ve got to support the reverence of ancestors and the pre-Christian spirituality that supported it.  Whites will never be free of this self-destructive, self-sacrificing mode of addiction to virtue until they recognize its source; Christianity and excise that deadly psychosis from their minds forever.

        Jesus didn’t die for your sins, he only provided a template.

    • KenelmDigby

      The fact is that in the modern western world White women tell White men what to do.
         This power dynamic absolutely doesn’t apply to any race except the White race.

  • “One out of six kids who used to be thought of as just black will now grow up thinking of themselves as white and black,” Frey said. “This is a huge leap. This is a ray of hope that we’re finally moving into an era where this very sharp black-white divide is breaking apart.”

    Thus spoke a genocidal lunatic…..or at least an enabler of genocide.

    I’d post the “matra” at this point, but oddly enough AmRen is not keen on that….and I’m all about following the rules.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      How many moderators are there, and how does one qualify and get annointed? 

    • Fair enough, Mod.
      I’m with you about not spamming it on race realist friendly site like this, were most will have already heard (not to mention agree) with it.

  • Typical of the mainstream media, this article practically licks its chops with glee at the thought that the White race in this country will someday disappear into a brownish-yellowish stew. The sooner Caucasians become extinct as a race, the happier the liberal left will be. Our very existence seems to be a monstrous affront to them, doesn’t it?

  • The__Bobster

    The anchor negress on CBS’s morning show thought this news was “wonderful”, too. Yes, wonderful for her race, not ours.

    • Rocky Bass

       Yes, in the genetic mix up the with whites and blacks, the white is getting the short end of the deal for SURE.

    • silviosilver

      The funny thing is it’s not wonderful for blacks.  Blacks, particularly the truly black variety, will themselves progressively be bred out of existence.  (This, I have to believe is the true source of Frey’s elation, not that he’d ever say it out loud.)  As blacks dilute, the rising number of mulattoes will see less and less need to identify with their blacker brethren and attempt to form a racial class of their own.  This, in fact, is already occurring, and causes no end of alarm among blacks who can see the writing on the wall.  (This is one reason why blacks are today the most enthusiastic adherents of the one-drop rule.)  As is the case with immigration, blacks are allowing their boundless hatred of whites to blind them to factors that negatively impact them in the long-run.  

  • What they don’t mention is that the rate of whites marrying out has remained roughly the same over the last few years, while the out marriage rates of asians and hispanics has either dropped or remained the same.  The white out marriage rate will probably drop as well as asians and mestizos get more available spouses from their own race.

    As far as “mixed race” infants go, we’re talking about a 2% increase over a decade.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this increase was due to the lowered white fertility rate (which doesn’t tend to effect the lower stratas of whites who marry blacks nearly as much) combined with other ethnicities marrying out.  It isn’t necessarily reflective of white race mixing.

    Ironically most of the “hispanic” / white couples I see tend to be white/hispanic-that-could-pass-as-white.  Whereas nearly all the black/white couples I see tend to be at the local ghetto walmart.

    Keep in mind people, that despite what the pollsters are telling you(that only 6% of whites have a problem with interracial marriage), nearly 9 out of 10 whites won’t have anything to do with non-whites.  This is backed up by actual non-biased statistics from online dating websites, where people can select their ethnic preferences without advertising them to everyone else.  Read between the lines, folks. 

    0.4% Of all white marriages are to blacks, and most of them fall apart (or end in darwin awards).  Hardly a pressing issue, in fact I’d say it’s no issue at all compared to our abysmal fertility rate.

    • mikejones91

      Does it actually say that only 6% of whites have a problem in the poll? I’m guessing whites were the only ones questioned right? Did they have a black poll for that as well? Nope. 

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    Have you noticed that hip comedians like Tosh.O are making fun of “racism”? His show is grotesque and homo propaganda, but it is inoculating the youth to the horror of the word “racist”.

    Now the pushback-

  • NorthernWind

    These leftists may believe that we are headed towards a uniformly brown country but I say that they are mistaken. Leftists are notorious for becoming detached from reality. They dream of a post-racial, post-class, post-gender, post-religious, post-White society but none of it will ever come to pass. In the pursuit of their utopian fantasy they are destroying all that is good and which  creates coherent society and replacing it with an unstable and internally divided system.

    Just look at blacks on the question of homosexual rights. Blacks strongly oppose homosexual rights yet both homosexuals and blacks are both a leftists “cause”. Hispanics are also a leftist “cause” yet look at how poorly Hispanics and blacks get along. What about Muslims and “liberal values”? How can you reconcile all of these differences and make these groups work together? You cannot.

     When you oppose the natural tendencies of humans you are fighting a losing battle and failure is inevitable. Liberal ideology is self-defeating and it cannot be any other way.

    • Very good points. Another thing to keep in mind, as to survival of the White race in this country, is that the Caucasian sub-groups which DO tend to have large families nowadays, are nearly always conservative in values, and in religious faith, such as the Mormons, the Amish, and the Orthodox Jews. Throw in the Quiverfull Movement, which is heavily White and mostly Evangelical, and you’ll see a steady movement to the right by White Americans as a whole. There may not be as many of us as before, but we’ll be from more stable, work-oriented families.

      • Kurt Plummer

        Why do I want my future to be inherited by the kinds of idiots who made England a hanging spot for catholics and puritans?  Or France a burning place for protestants?

        Evangelicalism isn’t the answer to our ills.  Christianity is a _death cult_ that promises life /after/ expiration in turn for ‘loving all as thyself’.  An atheist who did not fear g-o-d could look at the current situation from just the statistics alone and see what was going to happen.

        And lacking any belief in a g-o-d or devil or heaven or hell _act_, without fear of eternal damnation for ‘not being a nice person’.

    • Anonymous

      Kyle Bristow mentioned this in his new novel Conscience of a Right Winger, which everyone should buy a copy from to help out this young man.  He was saying that white liberals affinity, basically, for blacks and other people who hate whites is like a sheep having a love for wolves.  Kyle also said it’s odd how the liberal gene has survived in whites since in the old days, liberals wouldn’t have survived.  They wouldn’t have produced any white children (or enough) and they wouldn’t have had the stamina to endure hard day to day life.  Can you picture the pioneers or the peasants during the Middle Ages or people living in Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece being whining, complacent bleeding hearts? 

      • Kurt Plummer

        They wouldn’t have produced any white children (or enough) and they wouldn’t have had the stamina to endure hard day to day life.

        Who says?  A bleeding heart, once wedded, bedded and with child in a situation where they are not allowed to make any greater social participative choices, may make a fine lover and mother or even father to many children.

        Of course the stupid-gene that they carry will carry onwards in their kids.

        Can you picture the pioneers or the peasants during the Middle Ages

        Easily.  The pioneers were slaves to the railroad and would natively rally in small groups to complain about prices, rent and other issues relevant to the ‘progress’ of a society that didn’t seem to respect the lives they were trying to live, free and unencumbered by social norms.

        Yet complain too loudly/effectively and the Pinkertons would come and there would be an ‘accident’.

        Ditto the manorial system of the middle ages where the peasant laborers were as much biped farm implements as living souls ‘with an opinion as a mind of their own’.  Yet having this independent bent of will anyway did not make their rational cognition any better.

        Soft witted fools are not unable to complain.  They are simply prevented, by the punitive consequences of rebellion and the literal martial strength of the ruling classes  from staging (1960s style) cultural revolutions that endorse weakening of societal norms for the sake of accomodating an out-group’s sense of bewildered alienation.

        Class is emminently heritable.  People generally think of this as meaning that brains + looks in a single generation = long term success in buying and selling itself similar quality ever after.

        And this is largely true.

        But it applies equally to carrying generation after generation of the softwits who automatically think that recognizing -another- self-willed victim’s entitlement complex of others somehow gives their own weight.  As more and more cheap = stupid labor is added to the underclasses until quantity does indeed become a quality of it’s own.

        And so we have today an era where the louder the screaming ‘individualists’ demands for more for their dedicated, allied, victim group, the more their mob-will psychopathology is pandered to.  Lest the elites face millions of unhappy (they are not that smart) fools who decide to take offense at their ne’er do well losses.

        …or people living in Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece being whining, complacent bleeding hearts?

        Bread and Circuses.  How, oh how, do you keep Johnny down on the farm once he’s been to see the gladiators in the Colliseum?

        The reality of Rome being that they went from an agriculturally self sufficient society with enough reproductive excess to commit every man who wanted to be someone to a the cursus honorum of service in the Legions as a -privilege-.  To one utterly dependent on foreign food stuffs (wheat from Egypt) and manufactured goods (pottery and iron from Spain) to sustain itself as more and more left the desperately over taxed outlier farms to come to the capital itself where all lived a lifestyle of welfare and free entertainment.

        While ‘lead in the pipes’ (as self-destructive, competitive, pursuit of social mobility rather than generational advancement) caused the entire Roman upper class to breed at subreplacement levels.

        Just like we are doing here today.

        Don’t think that this hasn’t happened before.  Simply be aware that the quality of the barbarians who will take over when we are gone has also been drastically reduced.

        Arminius was of an ‘ethno group’ who would later go on to nearly conquer the world, twice, from a state the size of Texas while advancing the state of the art across the board as the savages became the Herrenvolk.

        Blacks and Hispanics think the Pyramid is an efficient structural design and have a historical habit of cutting out the organs of their enemies and designated victims, just to make the rains come.  Or to get some juju.

    • Kurt Plummer

      When you oppose the natural tendencies of humans you are fighting a losing battle and failure is inevitable. Liberal ideology is self-defeating and it cannot be any other way.

      You don’t know much about thermodynamics do you?

      ThermoGDdynamics 101:
      1.  Never more workproduct out than energy in.
      2.  Never more efficiency in converting E to WP than the total number of process steps (causes) involved in getting from in to out.
      3.  **All systems are natively entropic**.  Malthus first discovered this as a function of excess reproduction consuming all there was to be had of a given food resource until ‘more labor was dedicated to tilling more land’.

      Point Being:  You don’t have to have a winning scenario for the scenario to play out.  Destructive entropy ends up taking out advanced culture if not the species as a whole, just as fast.

      As a quick and dirty illustration: when there are no more bullet factories, oil refineries or tire plants to distribute ammunition, matters will be decided locally by those who have the will to kill, with ‘other means’.
      And when the smart whites and asians leave the 103 nuclear powerplants unmanned because nobody is paying them anything that will buy food, the result will eventually be nation wide meltdown, corruption of the water tables and massive clouds of downwind, radioactive, steam.

      Do not think that the system will cleanse itself of the ‘bad elements’.  The system will cleanse it self of the beauty and diversity of WHITE civilization.  If not Homo Sapiens altogether.

  • Ignacio

    But even there, in Brazil, those at the top tend to be of European origin and/or descent and not mulattoes or dark-skinned Africans”. Not only in Brazil, but all Latin America without exception. This is even recognized by leftists, and well everybody who has an eye, although they usually say it is because of colonial times, discrimination and bla bla bla, instead of accepting the differences in race.

    • Also, in Brazil, the population is about half of undiluted European descent (mostly Portuguese, Italian and German, I believe), and half of black, Indian, or mixed race. But people who assume that the Brazilians of various colors live all mixed up, cheek-by-jowl, are misinformed. The White population tends to be concentrated in the south and southeast of the country; the blacks, in the northeast.

      • silviosilver

        Nevertheless, while there are certainly concentrations, the country’s easily mixed enough that there is plenty of cheek-by-jowl going on.  

        If there’s one thing to be said in Brazil’s favor racially it’s that at least the place isn’t anti-white.  (Not yet, anyway. Tomorrow?  With today’s craziness sweeping the planet there’s no telling what might happen.)

  •  The number of bi-racial babies is a red-herring to a degree.  It would
    be completely irrelevant if WHITE WOMEN were having more (if any) WHITE

    But white women spend their most attractive and fertile years focusing on their careers and/or their endless PhDs.

    All the while, there a tons of good white guys in their twenties who
    would give anything to find a decent white wife and form a family.

    But our liberated white woman is “serially monogamous” hopping from the
    beds of various “Big Men on Campus” or non-whites who would *never* in a
    million years commit to her (but they might knock her up).

    Then our white woman reaches her 30s and can’t  attract the loudmouths
    she finds so sexy.  So she settles on an honest “loser” white guy and
    maybe pumps out a kid when she’s 38.  She hates her honest and
    hardworking hubby and proceeds to rape him in a no fault divorce case.

    Problem is, nowadays a lot of “loser” white guys are wise to this act
    and figure that if kitten don’t want them than they don’t want the cat. 
    These guys don’t work as hard (what for?) and figure the angles to try
    to get some casual sex of their own from the used up slags and/or the 20
    something girls who are looking to “just have fun”.

    As a result of this and other economic factors, the middle class family
    is becoming a luxury only affordable to the upper middle class and

    But the problem all started with the POISONING of the relationship of
    the sexes with each other.  White man, know that white woman is doing 
    more damage to you than the marxists an non-whites.  SHE IS NOT HAVING
    YOUR KIDS!  No kids, no future.

  • Rocky Bass

     Or you could just inform the would be suitor of your desire to complete the lint removal from your naval on the evening inquired about.

  • radical7

    This is good news in that it demonstrates that rigid racial barriers are eradicating.

    • StivD

      .Rigid. racial barriers have been in the process of eroding for decades. They’ll be replaced by new and different ones. It’s in the nature of the beast to perceive all sorts of differences and act accordingly. I have no idea why that fact is disturbing to some people.

      • KenelmDigby

        Why is it a good thing?
        Don’t you think that ‘god’ or whatever created the races to be different for a reason?

        • StivD

          Err, were you replying to me or Radical 7?

          I think racial differences and boundaries(better way of putting it)are fine and necessary.

      • Kurt Plummer


        .Rigid. racial barriers have been in the process of eroding for decades. They’ll be replaced by new and different ones. It’s in the nature of the beast to perceive all sorts of differences and act accordingly. I have no idea why that fact is disturbing to some people.

        Because people don’t perceive that the utility of justifying, however arbitrarily, why you should hate someone enough to deny them X amount of goodies really is about.

        Namely a process of acknowledging the entropic effects of sharing all the wealth with all the people, equally (socialism, confused with ‘democracy’) vs. giving the maximum amount of privilege to the fewest, for the purposes of enjoying it more and insodoing, levering up your genes.

        Among wolves, there are alphas who lead the hunt and make the kill and betas who act as chasers and omegas who are more enablers for the other two ‘classes’.  Alphas are in high risk positions with greater chances of injury wherein they can and are killed and eaten by the other pack members to allow the rise of  new aristocracy.  They eat first however and are the only ones who nominally are allowed to breed the genes forward into a new generation.  Betas are second best also rans who get the second best of everything which is still better than the timid Omegas who may live for years because they are non-conflictive and willing to endure the loss of their genetic potential as social altruism, helping take care of the cubs or scouting for game but rarely taking down the prey.  Omegas eat last.

        The problem with comparing men to wolves is that men don’t have control over their pack’s breeding.  And so you tend to see BILLIONS of Omega basement dwellers compared to the few hundred million Betas and Few tens of millions of Alphas.

        When we finally realize the massive flaw in a strategy which seeks to control resource allocations by defining ‘who eats first’ on a racial basis, it will likely be too late to prevent the inundation of our society by the 80% of the planet who do 90% of the breeding.

        And create next to nothing.

    • The__Bobster

      Are the barriers gone in Brazil?

  • Your last paragraph makes a good point. In general, blacks tend to be overly aggressive, to grab for advantages — especially over Whites — in ways we wouldn’t tend to do. I had two bad experiences with blacks while in the Army; I won’t go into detail, except to say that they didn’t involve actually getting into a fight with either one. But both times the black approached me unexpectedly at a vulnerable moment in order to (try to) intimidate and humiliate me, over a couple of perceived slights. I’ve never forgotten either experience, and I’ve never totally trusted a black since then.

    What I’m saying in essence, is that this over-aggressiveness spills over into their relations with the opposite sex, too, as you noted. The best way for any White girl (or boy, for that matter) to conduct themselves if approached by a black with an unwelcome  request for a date, sexual favors, etc., is to simply say, “Sorry, but I don’t date black people.” Just say it, in a civil but firm tone. If they want to play the “race card,” let them. Just repeat what you said, and tell them there’s no use for trying to discuss it.

    • Rocky Bass

      Black males do lash out at rebukes. There is one video on youtube of a black passing a blond in a crowd. He grabs her arm and asked something to which the girl shakes her head no and he punches her in the face. The camera jerks to show another laughing black face (the one filming the attack). To say you don’t date blacks, should be good enough, in a civil society, with civil people. I would recommend against being quite so direct, unless your ready to respond to a jab in the face. These are not men as we think of the word, they are BLACKS and there is a HUGE difference usually.

  • They’re always trying to “get the White chicks.”

    • Rocky Bass

       Uhmm, hell yeah they are, have you seen black women?

  • Anonymous

    Just say you don’t want to date them.  None of their business why.

  • Anonymous

    Me, too.  I encourage my white female friends and acquiantances how dangerous black males are and to learn some self defense moves, to carry mace or get a CCW.  There was a time when that black boy wouldn’t have dared tried that.  I don’t care if that’s mean to say I wish things were like they were in the old days.

    • Rocky Bass

       Like the bad rap lynching got, seriously you think people did this for fun? Lynching looks like a lot of trouble to engage in and European peoples are not big on injustice. The history we are left with is just one of horrible pictures and descriptions of these lynchings, not the deeds that led to them having to be done. I will wager “the good old days” were orders of magnitude more civil, where the wilder minorities are concerned.  

  • Texan1st

    The results of the media’s white male bashing, black male worshipping, and interracial releationship celebrating are beginning to have their desired affects. By the end of the century, the whitest people on earth will be the shade of Barack Obama.

    • StivD

      Not the young children of the family and people I know…and it’s unlikely that the children of their children will be that way either….

  • BO

    Here we observe Omega behavior on the part of one Professor Frey, a well-compensated employee of the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC. Someone should remind Professor Frey that in the Natural world, Omegas eat last.

  • Mutant_Swarm

    Number of Biracial Babies Sours over Past Decade

    “Sours?” Gotta love that spell check program. You know, the one written by somebody who can’t spell? Must be some of Microsoft’s handiwork.

  • Mutant_Swarm

     “Basically, she was being given few ways out, and was at a big disadvantage in this transaction.”

    Why else would they set it up that way? To force her to submit.

  • Rocky Bass

     You were being hit on by a garbage man?

    • robinbishop34

      I think it means her father was in the mob? Waste management, construction, union delegate. They all mean mob.

      • Rocky Bass

         I know, it was an attempt at humor.
        Rodney Dangerfield’s, Mr. Melon character from “Back to School” referring to solid waste disposal said “I don’t know if you are familiar with who runs that business, but I assure you it’s not the Boy Scouts.”

  • Rocky Bass

     That does seem to be the end destination doesn’t it?

  • Rocky Bass

     Take heart, in that, when the different races start gene based bio-weapons projects, your probably on the winning team!

  • KenelmDigby

    Is ‘sours’ rather than ‘soars’ in the headline a typo or not?

  • Which kind of biracials ? Stats ?

  • Actually, when these issues appeared on some Internet sites- hotly debated- some consensus  (more or less) seemed to be:

    + Black-White biracials tend to stick to Blacks & identify with them. Percentage is, say, 80-90%. Biracial males try to hang around White females & biracial females almost invariably end up with “pure” Blacks.

    + White-Hispanic, the most prevalent combination, mostly assimilates to White environment, even in cases when Hispanics are not visually White.

    + White-Asian: well, it depends on looks. Though, the White gravity pull is dominant.

    + all combinations with Blacks tend to stick to Blacks, except in cases of trophy wife syndrome.

    Be as it may, it’s a not big percentage.

  • Anon12

     I wonder why there is never a category for Jewish/black relationships?  It is always listed as just White/black, giving us all a misleading stat. We all know how the census reports shows many people who are not White listed as White, thereby falsely inflating our numbers.Many of the White women in these relationships are Jewish and we all know that, so why are they not listed?  How many are those “Whites” really are of the White race and how many are not?  I believe it was Abe Foxman (not sure) a couple of years back was scolding Jews for their relationships with blacks etc. He wanted Jews to marry Jews only.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Jewish is a religion and an ethnic group sometimes.  But I have known of far more Christian white women with blacks than Jewish ones.

    •  You are living a fantasy. I have dated several Jewish girls in my life. ALL of them were very much against doing anything with or around black males. Saying thay there is somehow a epidemic of Jewish women copulating with black is inflating white/black numbers is laughable. In fact I question the very sanity of someone who would post such a ridiculous thing. I do not mean to ridicule you, however you must understand that saying hwhat you said sounds outright psychotic to some people. Me included.

      To add to that, it has been my own personal observation and experience that the most common white female to grab herself a African has been of a Northern Nordic/Anglo/Irish type. While white women of varying types can be found with Africans, I think the white Northern European female is faaaaaaar more likely to do so than any other.

  • Well, there is some friction between Blacks & Black-White biracials. AFAIK, it’s real, not imagined. I’m not saying that these people’s concerns are anyone’s but theirs- just, they exist:

  • Rocky Bass

     You know the score, any black that has fooled a white women into a relationship, will tell everyone this the second he opens his mouth! A white woman will become his DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC! This woman upon realizing her error will often be killed (8X more likely than a black woman, black men abuse their own at higher than white rates to begin with), trying to end the relationship. Plain to see that a black REALLY feels the loss of a white woman, Earth-shatteringly so!

  • Detroit_WASP

    Because that’s what Madonna and Angelina Jolie did.  Native blacks have no cachet to high-brow liberal whites.  These are also the people that buy their coffee at Starbucks instead of McDonalds.   They drive a Ranger Rover instead of a Chevrolet Youkon.

  • ed91

     having blacks desire something is not a compliment to the desired.

    • ed91

      I wish you would stop doing that moderator!
      that sentence is exactly as I posted it………… 
      why would you include, (Edited by a moderator)?

  • Anon12

    What is your “rationale” on that statement?  I sure would love to hear it. On second thought, no I wouldn’t. There can be NO rational answer. The word, rational, is key here.

  • Yes, the children will know they are mixed but who will they identify with?  What culture will they embrace?  

    “Frey said the census statistics on children with black and white
    parents in particular show a country that is advancing toward the day
    when race loses its power to be a hot-button issue.”

    This leads to no race, no diverse society, only state identity with the castration of self determination. 

    Double think I detect.  Embrace diversity but yet embrace no race. 

    • Rocky Bass

       That’s more accurately “embrace all BUT white”. White=Evil=Racist; no talking.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Yes, and I am amazed at the lack of recognition by the writers of the Orwellian principles they are supporting.

  • MissBonnie123

    This is disturbing for our race. I have noticed that biracial children, no matter what their combination of races and ethnicities, tend to have animosity or outright hatred towards whites. Miscegenation is just one tool used to ethnically cleanse us white people from our homelands.

  • better_times

    Oh please …50% of those folks from “the Protocols” must’ve not gotten the memo because they are marrying & miscegenating themselves right into the enemy camp. 

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    Imagine the difference to our future is White children saw this eye opening video from beginning to end. He proves that blacks aren’t legal citizens, and shows our future when Whites are a minority.  All White children need to know what is happening to them and whom to blame.

  • The__Bobster

    I saw that story, too. Ugly, fat White woman bringing back a bluegum sprog with medical conditions. Ten bucks says she’s a lesbian.

    Oh, and the inconvenienced passengers must’ve been sooo pleased at her humanitarian gesture.

  • Kurt Plummer

    If we are not going to make this improvement toward greater racial health, that is a better use of logic & reason, then there is no use to go on at all.

    It’s called a genetic bottleneck.  And all evidence is that it’s not Darwinian Selection so much as random chance + numeric saturation of a given environment that dictates the attritive outcome.

    And whatever the outcome on a survival basis, the -true diversity- of the white race, the multiplicity of skills and abilities that lies innate to our genes, will be lost.  And we will be a lesser people.  Just as the Jews, while incredibly brilliant in math and verbal and ‘great story tellers’ as empaths, do not generally participate in Athletics or have a high number of Explorers or Artists ranked among them.


    Because the act of ghettoization and restricted participation in the societies which excluded them has left them with narrowly focussed specializations rather than the generalist abilities we attribute to whites -across the board-, as a refusal to be seconded out of something we wish to participate in.

    Even among whites, there will be a loss of the stupid ‘as the first to go’.  Simply because they are the ones you find in the homeless shelters and the housing authority apartments.  But there will equally be a loss of the brilliant, whose specialization is networking and whose individual survival skills don’t add up to squat.  Nobody will support those people in the time of crisis because they will want fighters and workers and and and.

    Anything but specialists.

    And with the death of specialization will come the end of conceptualism as the key skill that whites have over every other race.

    We are literally being conned out of our inheritance.  Which is the ability to achieve what we can envision wanting.  And contempt for the liberals among us is a part of that.

    What we -could do- is adopt the pioneering spirit which says:  “Make your own way and let others be seduced by the example of it’s success…”

    Because liberals may pander to the idiocy of the moment but they -act- on what they observe.  In this we must create and sustain a racially separate environment which can act as a ‘Sanctuary’ space that other whites can come to, like Noah’s Ark.  And it will have to be by war and it will have to be within the bounds of the U.S. because there is no other place to go.  But if we don’t do this.  If we don’t create a separate space, the lies will be made truth in the eyes of history as it’s vae victis writers.

  • The__Bobster

    All foreign women will chase Americans if they come from a poor country and want U.S.citizenship. Once they get it, its “Goodbye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh.”

    • Periapsis

      Which is why I personally feel it’s a mistake for American men to marry women who are from poor countries and non-white. Even marrying Russian women carries with it the very real risk of this scenario you’ve described. To a poor foreign women, a white American man is more often than not a meal ticket, not a husband and father for her children.

  • The__Bobster

    There’s even a name for these sluts: WAGS.

  • The__Bobster

    Afrovoodoos desire my stuff, too. Somehow, I’m not complimented.

  • Rocky Bass

     You would be led to believe wouldn’t you?

  • The__Bobster

    Most people? No, just the subjects of the Protocols say that.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    “One out of six kids who used to be thought of as just black will now grow up thinking of themselves as white and black,”

    So where’s that ‘benefit’ when all half black/half white children grow up hating their white half and all its family members?   What a crock. NO ONE who is half black thinks of themself as ANYTHING but black. The ERA we’re entering into is one of denying Whites’ very existance.

  • Rocky Bass

     African killer bees, hemorrhagic fever, AIDS, Africans,  Jesus, hasn’t anything good ever come off that continent?

  • Non-white races fight against each other all time and breeding out the White Race will only serve to make it just not worse but Third World all the way around too.

    Also, why are White People encouraged to breed themselves out of existence but never nobody else?

    I mean, they only mention racism when speaking of White People and only speak of racism ending with the end of White People.  Why?

    • Periapsis

      We know the answers to that question Stephanie. It’s not politically correct, but if we were face to face, I would tell you without apology. Or you can ask a Ukrainian who fought for the Germans why they joined the Waffen SS during the Second World War.

      • I still don’t get it.  If there is no grand conspiracy to get rid of The White Peoples then why is all the racism one sided?

        All I ever hear about is how White People invaded, beat and killed the poor innocent non-whites but it seems to me that the non-whites also invaded, beat and murdered White People and other non-whites so why are we the only ones who get constantly bashed for it and especially when none of us are the ones who did it?

        I don’t understand why everybody else gets a pass except us and I especially don’t understand why, with all the non-white on white racism of today, the only thing that’s ever mentioned is a bunch of one-sided “history”.

        As for Germany, seems to me that anyone in any Country is going to fight when they find themselves without.  Hunger has a funny way of doing that to people.

      • StivD

        That could be because they hated and feared Communism under Stalin more than the Nazis. It may not be about Jews per se.

        I would’ve taken any side that I thought would help eliminate Stalin. If I fit the Aryan ideal closely enough I may have taken that chance to have a little power of my own too.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Listen to Periapsis and remember that since your last name is Slavic, you’d have been picked up, taken to a ditch and shot along with the other Slavs and Jews that were similarly dealt with en mass in the Ukraine.

      • WHAT?!?

        My Name is SMITH if you must know.  Are you people really so deft as to not know that someone might be married?

        You might also want to learn a little something about Germans and Germany before you try to tell me what ethnicity Galonska is you idiot.

        My husband is NINE HUNDRED YEARS OF PURE GERMAN BLOOD.  Konigsberg. Now, you want to start making payments for all the money and land you spawn stole from his Family?

        • This has happened more than once.  It would be nice if people could actually get their facts straight before telling me what my ethnicity is.

        • Nine hundred years of pure German blood in East Prussia ? This is a joke.
          German chancellor Adenauer was right: “Prussians are Germans who forgot their Slavic grandfathers’ names.”

          • You are really desperate.  Germans were aplenty in Prussia as well as Russian Servants.

            Galonska is from Frankfurt boy genius and Heidenreich/Soder are from Prussia.  Try to understand, my husband was not born until AFTER the War.  This means, his family was forced out by the russians and mongolians but you, being the “genius” you are, should know this already.I know you love your ‘tell-all’ books but books don’t ‘tell-all’.  Does that horse that now stands in the war musuem in Russia say it was taken from slavs?  NO, it does not.

            Go back and you will find where I posted a picture of the Soder Estate showing the horse that now sits in that museum.

          •  Just for information: surname and toponym Galonski (male version), Galonska (female) is Polish in Roman script; Galonsky, Galonskaya is Ukrainian, White Russian & Russian. Also, many Jews in Russia and Poland share this surname. No one of sane mind would question national or ethnic identity or loyalties of various peoples with this surname (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Austrian, British, American,..).
            But, the surname is central & east Slavic in origin, and nothing on earth can change this.

          • TO the asian lover bard,

            Go to Germany and try to convince them they aren’t German for you are wasting your asian “intelligence” on me.

  • StivD

    I wish they found white women repulsive.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Where have you been?  I was chased many times by women of any number of races.  When I lived in Europe, I was chased by women there.  Go to any night club in America and watch the white girls chase the blacks.  A Chinese woman waiting on me at a Chinese restaurant once came on to me because I mentioned I had seen and like the film, “The Last Emperor,” and she was exceptionally beautiful.  I declined. When I was a student, I was chased by a very beautiful Filipino woman. I was more liberal then.

    •  You are spot on. I had white women in the USA tell me in nightclubs “I don’t dance with white boys”. Then flick their hair in my face and smile at me.  Of course when I am with my beautiful middle Eastern wife in a restaurant with our two beauiful children I have noticed many a white women look on in a envious manner. Some at Amren may say I am  imagining this. I disagree, I understand people well enough to read out certain things.  I think it is a good thing that white males are venturing out a little bit these days.

  • silviosilver

    That leaves Eskimos and Northeast Asians. Sometimes you have to make deals that may not be pleasant but you do it to survive as a race.

    You’re thinking along the right lines.  There are more than just asians available to strike deals with.  

    I argue that every race has an inherent interest in excluding blacks, because no other group will put you through as much hardship as blacks.  That fact alone provides a starting point.  

    Aside from this, the fact of ongoing miscegenation (regardless of what one thinks of it, it’s occurring, and may well ramp up) , is going to create literally millions more “quasi-whites.”  The numbers of such will be simply too large to include as “white” because the result would be a fundamental transformation of what “white” really is, so some other way of getting them on the “pro-race” bandwagon will have to be found.  Some way of encouraging them to adopt a racial identity and to politically pursue separatism through it.  That way they can be useful to WNs because they’ll increase the numbers  of people seeking a separationist solution.

    William Frey is just a typical white liberal weakling who prefers the solution to race problems of trying to breed the black out of negroes.  Destroying your own kind in the name of some hoped-for but somewhat fanciful racial harmony doesn’t sound too enticing to me.  Separation for all is a far superior plan of action.

  • How nice.  As one who’s gone without Food, it’s not my way of getting rid of people.  That’s for psychopaths.  Actually, even if I didn’t know what Hunger was, I still wouldn’t do it that way.  If I wanted to kill people, I’d just shoot them in the back of the head.  Why cause people to suffer?

    Look, all I’ve ever wanted is segregation and that’s only because I’m sick of people who think they have a Right to force their ways upon me.

    If I didn’t have to constantly hear how this group and that group are innocent, better, smarter, oppressed or poor, I’d be more open to listening but because certain groups are automatically and always and forever more, “good/poor, etc.” while the other is always and forever more”evil”, I discard it all.

    As far as I’m concerned, no one is innocent and no one is better.

  • Not all of what’s discussed here is un-pc.  Awhile back I posted two very innocent and very human quotes, one from The Civil War and one from WWII and both were removed.

    One was about “boy, why you fightin’ in this war” and the other was “hunger was the daily companion”.  Nothing evil, no curse words, no racism, no White Pride, no nothing to be found in those quotes but Pure Human Feeling of which neither had anything to do with hate.

  • What happened to my post?  You don’t allow people to respond to your precious bardon now even when it is he who responded to a post first?


    Go to Germany and try to convince them they are not German.  You are wasting your time with me.  I do not read your posts and I’ve certainly never believed any of the posts you’ve posted to me.  Now, for the last time, don’t bother with me as I’m not one of your followers.

  • Well- we now why. In their heart of hearts- they want to be White. Since this is phenotypically impossible, frustration breeds animosity.

  • bobj72

    There was ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT, I’d find an overwhelming outpouring of Hateful, Vile racism on this thread. …….

  • john chambers

    Check the day care centers in any suburban high school. 80% of the babies are mixed race. And mostly fatherless. Many of the “dads” are much older than the mothers. This has become a huge burden on our society.