Hempfest 2012 Boston

YouTube, April 22, 2010


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  • Hirschibold

    This right here is a perfect literal illustration for what the Left has always been and always will be. A group who hate and despise whites, but will happily accept into its fold any white man stupid or naive enough to embrace his own destruction. But it also brings up a more practical point:

    On his video interview yesterday, it was clear that Mr. Taylor, while into 60s I believe, is in far better shape than most of the white men my age and younger I see walking around on a daily basis. Since most of you young bucks eschew the equalizer (i.e. conceal & carry) it would behoove you to do a push-up here and there. Stop watching minorities who despise you performing feats of athleticism, and begin working out on your own.

  • 2573366

    “I can feel the love!”

  • Realityisntpretty

    So here’s a liberal equalist hippie who thinks that he is standing up for blacks by accusing someone of racism. He gets knocked out as a result, and while lying unconcious on the ground one of the thugs (at 0:51) kicks him in the head. Then there’s a black who robs him while he can’t move. And last someone squirts sprite on his jeans to make it look like he wet his pants.

    Welcome to the reality that you and your ilk have been advocating for, hippie.

    • ageofknowledge

      When you put it like that… he finally reaped something of what he had been sowing for so long.

    • Dan

      Watching that White idiot get what was coming to him was almost like a sexual experience for me. What a great video!

  • neanderthalDNA

    Hard to understand what’s going on here.  I’m supposing the white hippydude was accusing…the hispanic/mixed looking dude…of…”racism”…

    Huh?  Oh yeah…POTFEST!

    I suppose he wasn’t accusing the guy of anti-white racism…I guess… This doesn’t make sense…

    Perhaps sinsemilla, but not much sense…

    Regardless, hippydude should not have gotten into that guy’s face considering the circumstances.  Foolish.  What was he thinking?  Oh yeah…HEMPFEST!

  • Zapp Branigan

    A conservative is a former liberal that’s been mugged.

    • Anon12

      Not really. I keep hearing this and it is not true. Most White liberals mugged by blacks and worse are still the same when it comes to race. They don’t change their attitudes one bit about racial issues.   Even the White conservative will shout you down  if you dare tell the truth about racial crimes or make any negative (but truthful) remark about “minoroities”.  Especially about the invasion, conveniently called immigration, of nonwhites into our land since 1965.

      • They rarely change their minds.  My friend had a pimp living next door to her in a  renovated hipster neighborhood.  The pimp would beat girls all the time.  My friend helped one of them by buying her a bus ticket back home.  The pimp pushed her to the ground and threatened to kill her.  She still has the same liberal attitude or disease…but now in a majority white suburb.  

        My sister use to be the same way until she had children.  She moved out of the urban environment and realized without that demographic life was much more pleasant.  She still thinks their behavior is due to culture and environment, but at least it’s a start.  

        • Mahound

          At least once they come to that level of understanding they can be introduced to genetic theories in gradual doses.

      • ed91

         I will never know……….. I don’t hang out around liberals……
        if some are near, they are not the people I want to discuss anything with.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Well, being a good strategist would dictate that you know your enemy well so that you could best combat him.  Without some contact and knowledge of your opponent’s ideas, intentions, etc., you leave yourself opened to being blindsided.  Without an intellectual engagement you are left to your imagination.  This is why both sides often seem idiotic to the other; neither can make an argument that hits home.  Not only this, but if you only read, listen to, and contemplate on a single limited thought or position, your ideas become inbred and move beyond a realist chance for ever being realized in fact.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Yes, it’s the same phenomena that keeps Christians believing in the face of overwhelming evidence that prayer works as much as any random occurrence of  events, that there is no proof of the mythology of the Bible being fact, that there is as much proof for the existence of God as there is a planet hoping goat god as his supreme being.  No matter how many times predictions fail or hypocrisy and practice might inform him that a change of outlook is needed and an opportunity for intellectual growth is at hand, the believer will praise God for his survival in any sort of catastrophe, forgetting that he must be condemning his dead loved ones and/or others as unworthy of his God’s care.  The stubborn assertion of faith remains, just like the political believer.  At the core of both is the psychology of the True Believer.

  • Now there is one white guy I don’t mind seeing getting a nice beat down. I hope when he regains consciouseness he takes a look at this video and sees how much “love” he got in return from his black and brown “brothers” for his “stand against racism.”

  • RJS

    As a pro-White I hate to say this, but that White hippie was a fool to get up in someone’s face like that.  He was just asking for trouble and I have no sympathy for him.

    He had his hands in his pocket and leans forward with his chin while screaming at the non-white…what an absolute fool.

    Sadly, the other Whites did nothing.

    I hate to say this also, but reverse the races.  If a White guy sucker punched a non-white guy that his White friend was arguing with at an event populated predominately by non-whites, the White guy who threw the punch would have been swarmed on and attacked.   

    • Dan

       I imagine this hippy fool has gotten comfortable acting this way toward racially aware Whites during protests and most likely under police scrutiny. It looks as though reality has literally smacked him in the face.

    • On the one hand, it is foolish.  But look at it this way:

      This is a solidarity-oriented event.  One member of the group was getting out of hand and violating the mores of that event (apparently the mores pertaining to abusing someone because of their race, ironically).  A senior member of the group (the old white guy) was trying to get him back in line.In the good old days, this would not have been unusual.  The beyond whippersnapper would have obeyed the old guy and said, “Sorry, Sir!”

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    You can’t make any sense out of this other than Diveristy + drugs = life lesson mayhem for Whitey.

  • Spartan24708

    Confusing video. I wish there was some back story about why this guy got beamed and if there were any charges filed.

  • Zorro

    The Hippie looked like he had a glass jaw.

    • Mutant_Swarm

       Damn straight! That was the flabbiest punch I’ve seen in a while.

      But then again, I remember a fight that  George Foreman was in, where he got the stuffing pounded out of him for seven or eight rounds. Then he threw a puch just like that one. Boom! out go the lights…

      • ed91

         not sure about that…….  sounds like the rope-a-dope fight in africa where muhamud ali took the beating for 7-8 rounds, and then when g. foreman was arm weary,  ali knocked him out

      •  You are talking about the George Foreman Michael Moore fight in the late 90’s. I remember watching that fight on TV Live. Moore thoroughly outboxed the aging Foreman for around ten rounds or so. Then BAM!!!!!! Out of nowhere Foreman landed fluch and turned out the lights. I agree with you in the sense that the punch did not looked devestating.

        That being said, there is a old saying in boxing. It goes “it is the punch you don’t see that puts ya to sleep”.

        I , myself did abit of amateur boxing. Having sparred many rounds I can attest to that. If you see the punch coming, you can brace your neck in such a way that you can handle a pretty good whack. However when one catches blindly………..they are a real S.O.B.

        In closing, I will say that in my opinion, I would classify a sucker punch as a class A felony. When someone is in no  way ready to get hit flush on the chin they can be killed. I know it may sound laughable, but if a guy that knows how to throw a proper punch lays into a chin of a unsuspecting person (sucker punch) the result can be fatal.

    • ageofknowledge

      [email protected] Those smelly hippies. He’s lucky they didn’t get hold of his hair and start swinging him around but then they didn’t need to.

  • NYB

    The blustering anti-racist yells: “Get out of my (expletive) town.”

    What was he thinking?  It appears from his confident throwing down of the gauntlet that he believed no harm could come to him.    The reason for his misguided belief is revealed: most tellingly, he purposely raises his voice so that all within earshot will know that he is acting on behalf of  ‘anti-racism’.   

    As one man alone, he couldn’t enforce his command.   In his deluded mind, he thought the blacks standing around would instantly become his allies.

    This reminded me of a chapter from The Camp of the Saints:  the fate of the whites who went on-board the flotilla.

    • Yeah, I am sure once he opened his mouth and stuck his chest out and loudly proclaimed his views on “racism” and that he was prepared to do battle in the name of “multiculturalism”, I am sure he thought the blacks would rally around him and say “right on brother, you’re one of the good ones and we got your back”…. well he found out differently.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I don’t agree.  I think he was mixed up.  He was wanting to proudly, aggressive state his righteousness to the people he thought he was either condescending to or wanting to cow with his superior virtue.  Alcohol brought out his nasty drunk white man persona and messed up the delivery.  His mouth said “I’m a liberal, anti-racist good non-white a s$ kisser,” but his body language and audio tone said that he was a “white supremacist.”

        The crowd responded to the body language and audio tone.

    • The__Bobster

      The libtarded media have convinced him that anti-racists are the majority. He’s mistaken. We racists are only quiet becaused we are forced to be.

      • Rocky Bass

        Let there come a true break in social order, let the crushing hand of government slacken in it’s defense of minorities acting like fools.
        Katrina showed us who is nothing but a liability, I really do know that a large scale race conflict will not pan the way the black militants(in particular) think.

        edit add: In fact to want what they claim to want is direct evidence of them NOT thinking.

    • This raises an interesting question.  Can a white crusading against racism who is attacked charge his attackers with a hate crime?

  • Is there anything in the world more cowardly than these brown subhumans?  But, I will say that he deserved whatever he got for mixing with them.  I hope each and every white lib out there gets a taste of that medicine.  Hope he had his jaw broken.

  •  5) Makes a habit of poisoning his brain with a hallucinogenic drug that is proven to cause long term mental psychosis.

    • ATBOTL

      Somehow, heavy marijuana use doesn’t make black or Mexican men weak or unable to fight.  

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I will tell you something about Mexican men.  I treated lots of them in California years ago – women too.  They are soft.  They are weaker than whites in general with a comparable amount of physical work or physical training is applied.  They are naturally so.  They also go soft quicker when the work is removed.  In conflict, they attack in groups and affect viciousness because of these facts.

        Perhaps also interesting is Libby Custer’s book, “Boots and Saddles.”  In it she described the Plains Indian men as typically weak, with thin arms and undeveloped shoulders.  This was because the Indian women did all the work.  Her book as well as her husband’s are considered valuable historical references.

  • No

    Imagine this happened in the 1050s . . .

    You’re a cop and you come on the scene.  You hear that a crowd of feral mongrels attacked a white man.  But then you hear that the white man waded into the non-whites spouting hippie-lefty liberalism.

    You wouldn’t know who to shoot or who to arrest.  You would just shrug and walk away.

    • Your analysis is spot-on perfect

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Well, in the 1050s, I would have called upon William the Duke to offer my complaint.  (My direct ancestor was his guardian when he was a child).

  • Anon12

    I detest every single imbecile in that video.  That white idiot looked like a wimp and a fool. Must of been stoned.  He honestly thought some blacks would defend him?  They all laughed at and mocked him and would never defend any White guy for whatever reason.  He won’t change his attitude either. 

  • Maybe if he was hit in the eye it would be opened to reality.

  • Never think minorities will side with a white person in a physical conflict.  You will most likely end up on the ground with empty pockets.  

    Even in professional conflicts at the work place they will all back each other.

  • And this is why you should not be caught dead at an event that caters to a criminal demographic.  This in no way excuses the assault and robbery of the man of course.  But he never should have been there to begin with.
    Situational awarenes and crime avoidance, folks!

    • This Is True.  Further, you whites that like to go to strip clubs, massage parlors, adult video stores, etc. … Know that you are easy prey because everyone knows you are aware you are not supposed to be to begin with.  It is open season on you.  Plus, it is very difficult to call the cops to come to a massage parlor to say that somebody stole your wallet.  Plus, if you are in a ghetto, and robbed, and you are white, everyone will assume that you were buying drugs or prostitutes.

    •  Yep.  Follow the “4-S Rule” :  Avoid Stupid People.  Avoid Stupid Places.  I can’t remember the other two.

  • Hirschibold

     Of course I noticed her. You can’t have genocide against whites unless you turn the women against the men.

  • Hirschibold

     This man should have had ‘the talk’ with John Derbyshire and saved himself some agony.

  • there was no white woman checking his pockets,  if you notice she is nudging his shoulders as to try to wake him up

  • NYB

     “Boston Police said Sunday that they had not received a report of the
    incident; however, there were police officers on walking beats in the
    Common that day.

    “A police spokeswoman said they would like to see the victim come forward and file a report.”

    This happened five days ago, and the mainstream media has barely reported it.  If the races were reversed, it would be a national sensation, talked about in the same breath as Trayvon Martin.

    If the victim doesn’t come forward soon, the story will go stale and disappear.

    • Of course the incident will never be officially reported to the police.  Criminals do not generally report crimes, even when they are the victim.  And yes, everyone involved in this was by definition a criminal……they were at a marijuana convention after all.

  • ed91

    I saw this about a week ago……the guy that got knocked out was stupid for putting his face in the other guys face like he did several times………..   he obviously could not back it up………..
    next time he should refrain from the ‘in the face’ taunting……. it didn’t work for him very well.

    • Rocky Bass

       Hell, I wanted to smack him!

    • Rocky Bass

       Come on, YOU wanted to hit the guy too, I know I did.

  • ed91

     naive to the point of being dangerous

  • Detroit_WASP

    Dude, they took his hash pipe of of his pocket.  That is bogus man! 

    The name of this vid should be, Dances With Stoners, A White Man’s Lesson In Diversity.

    The white guy’s Indian name should be, Falls Like Rock.  

  • Rocky Bass

     Ed is right, there is the “concept” of going anywhere anytime, then there is the world as we find it. In that world thing are as they are, and one does well to stay out of harms logical path.

  • Energizer2112

    Duh, the “not powerful” knockout blow is what’s known in boxing as…a knockout! http://www.cpamma.com/general/the-anatomy-of-a-knockout-a-technical-explanation/

    • Mutant_Swarm

       That link was MOST instructive. Thanks.

      • Yes, very.  thx

  • StivD

    Where have all the white women with common sense and loyalty gone? There is no reason to be manly gentlemen when there are few ladies about.

  • Djinn42

    I’m willing to bet that he still didn’t learn anything from this.

  • Mutant_Swarm

     He could have stayed there and kept his mouth shut, and he probably would have been safe (at least as as safe as all the others that didn’t get up in somebody’s face).


    Just your typical stupid white man.

  • newsflash – this was a White Anti-White liberal,  which is a male/female hybrid,  not exactly a hermaphrodite,  but very close

  • This guy is stuck back in the 70s and/or he  watched one too many afterschool specials… the episode where introducing yourself out of nowhere as the “super non racist” white guy might have earned you some “he’s a great guy” points.

    These days if ANY white person comes at me with the “I’m super non racist” diatribe, I immediately mark them off as a pretentious fraud or a completely unaware airhead.

    • >>This guy is stuck back in the 70s and/or he  watched one too many afterschool >>specials… the episode where introducing yourself out of nowhere as the “super non >>racist” white guy might have earned you some “he’s a great guy” points.

      BELLY LAUGHS GALORE, HERE.  You are a genius.  That is so ABC After-School Special. This is the best website on the World Wide Web.

  • ageofknowledge

    Honestly, I saw that coming a mile away. Hate whitey always surfaces when whitey is in the minority. You have to pick your battles. Facing down a crowd of non-whites by yourself leads to undesirable results such as this.

  • ageofknowledge

    He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The list of “shouldn’t ofs” is a long one leading up to his opportunity to change what he is doing to get better results.

  • ageofknowledge

    I’m old and arthritic now but there was no internet, video games, maternal culture, nor law enforcement authoritarianism when I grew up.

    We played football in the street without any equipment, rode anything on two wheels without a helmet, didn’t use seatbelts, fought periodically on the street or at school in fist fights with those that challenged us (there was still a dueling mentality in those days where you could get a one on one fight without firearms for those of you old enough to remember), etc…

    We joined the military and served then went to college and the military was not full of bossy black females and homosexuals ordering us about. It was primarily a man’s affair.

    Reverse that equation and you have what we observe around us today. 

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I was there with you.  What we have today is NOT the same place.,  not he same country, not the same culture, even the white one.

  • KenelmDigby

    Couldn’t understand a word of what was going on or happening – a crowd of rather scruffy, ill-dressed, ill-bred individuals making fools of themselves in public.
    The only interesting feature was the theft – a classic, text-book example of the natural ‘thief-insinct’ of blacks that lurks perpetually just beneath the surface.

  • The victim in this video, obviously had no clue as to how the real world works. It was pure stupidity on his part, and frankly I have little sympathy for him. No doubt, an ardent Obama supporter in 2008, who will likely vote for him again. The video is instructive as to how a sucker punch can be thrown even by an attacker standing behind the person in front of you. Never allow a potential threat to get closer than a distance of two arm lengths. The attackers appear to be either Hispanic or Middle Eastern, with blacks jumping in after the knockout for the robbery and sheer glee of stomping on a white. 

    • the puncher looks black to me

      • I watched the video again. The puncher could be of many different ethnic backgrounds including a mix of black and some other ethnicity. They appear to be immigrants of some type to me although I could be wrong.  At any rate the perps are definitely not white. I think we can agree on that.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I looked at the video again too.  The puncher crouched down behind the passive guy and smirked to someone or ones out of the camera shot.  He steadied himself with a hand on the passive guys back and waited for the white guy to lean forward, and then he popped out from behind him to deliver the punch.

          People here are calling the punch weak, but just because they’re missing the movie “POWEE, BONK” sound doesn’t mean it was weak.  The guy got nailed hard by a planned ambush.

          The white guy was an idiot.  He should be more grown up at his age, too, and not hanging out at a pot fest with a bunch of kids.

          It is ironic that intolerance of racism was the issue, because racial intolerance played out anyway.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    This is the ultimate failure of universalist morality. Group loyalty (Darwinian morality, if you will) will win out over universal platitudes. Edmund Burke said, “To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections.” 

    The white man rides in on his parti colored horse to the rescue of human dignity like Don Quixote tilting at swastika-bladed windmills.

    He stands up for his beliefs against overwhelming odds. That would be called courage except that he did not understand the odds and thought them in his favor. Instead, he’s simply a fool — a fool for what he thinks he knows and a fool for what he does not know.

    Perhaps now he can get a doctor’s perscription for pot to help with his jaw pain.

    I think that most of us understand that this man will recover in everything but his wits (which were gone to begin with). It would have been worth the punch if he’d learned something. But judging by his anti-racist compatriots…er, comrades, liberalism insulates one from experience.

  • MissBonnie123

    I agree with you. And notice how blacks and hispanics NEVER apologize to us after one of our own has been assaulted or killed.

  • Whiteman

    “He shouldn’t have been there in the first place”.
    They were certainly willing to remind him. 

  • Strider73

     Don’t forget, neocons aren’t really “conservative.” They just hijacked the word for their own evil ends, just as homosexuals hijacked the word “gay.” As Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com has often noted, neocons trace their roots back to über-Communist Leon Trotsky. First they sucked the Democrat Party dry, then they moved to their new host, the GOP. If the Ron Paul/Robert Taft Republicans ever manage to regain control of the party, the neocons will happily jump back to the Democrats.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Can’t wait until the white only nation comes into being, then we – you – me can sort out all the whites who don’t really belong.  We’ll likely find that none of us belong, by the others definition.

  • Liberals DO NOT suddenly go through a transformation simply because of colored violence or hate: Don Imus almost lost his millions-a-year gig

    and he NOW is still a liberal suckup.

  • Rocky Bass

     That was in no way my intention.  There was an old saying “Discretion is 9/10ths of valor”. Put another way, in a world where wild animal DO ROAM, sage advice would be to avoid their habitat. No blame intended for the victim.

    An old driver Ed poem comes to mind.

    Here lies the body of Mike Oday,
    He died maintaining his right of way,
    his right was clear,
    his will was strong,
    but he is just as dead as though he had been wrong.

    I don’t know any other way to put it.

  • I hate to say it but GOOD. I think more White liberals need some of this; you know, some reality literally beat into their thick skulls.

    On a side note, what a whiny freakin voice….”Is he a racist? He’s a racist?” 

  • Am I seeing this correctly?  A total sucker punch of a guy with his hands in his pockets, thrown by some guy standing BEHIND the guy he was arguing with?  and then all those things they did to “pile on”?  Animals!  Plus these kids have about 30 years on this guy.  Real tough dudes!

  • A lot of those apologies are just because the poor white has suffered enough and does not want to bring any more abuse down on his head.  True, a race patriot would seize the moment and become a Joan of arc for the cause.  But unless we walk a mile in their shoes, it is wrong for us to judge.

  • StivD

    White men also don’t want women hectoring them about the proper way to be a man. 

    White women have so many different rules and conditions that men these days are confused. 

    I also refuse to give respect unless it’s earned.

    •  Any man who takes female advice on how to be a man has totally lost the plot.  Actually, any man who takes female advice on anything is probably wandering well off the reservation of good sense.

  • StivD

    I wonder, is it at all possible that he is accusing the guy of being racist against.. whites?

  • “Half” like.

  • I think many white men feel so abused by affirmative action for women ( so-called “equal pay for equal work”) that the whole holding the door open, giving up his seat on the bus, etc. thing is a nonstarter for them.

    •  The only place where affirmative action truly benefits white women is in Jesse Jackson’s fertile imagination.  It’s just a piece of easily refutable conventional wisdom that’s used to try to separate white women from white men.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Everywhere I look I see women and mostly white ones, with the best and most cushy jobs.  Didn’t Amren just run a piece about the Dem party becoming a female dominated one?  I can’t count the many times over the recent years when the mention of white women doing the best of all “minorities” as a result of the 60s Civil Rights Movements and the resultant programs.

        What are you talking about?

    • StivD

      Yes, the mood and attitudes aren’t of the 19th century anymore. A man who isn’t a ‘gentleman’ so-called will treat women more equally than one who is. 

      If this is only about holding open doors and other similar things.. lol……

  • Yes.  Judging from the number of comments to this story, this is a very popular subject. American Renaissance editors, take note.

  • That is so true.  These boneheads you see at the fitness club are disrespectful to older whites, are all tattooed up, and trying to look and act like blacks.

  • It is a marijuana festival.  In my experience, Whites seem to use marijuana differently than blacks or Hispanics do.  Not sure how to describe it.  But I would say that whites tend to get introspective.  For blacks and Hispanics, it is about,” getting their party on”.

  • What do these comments mean:  “did he just slick that N—a?” and “get your hand out of his pockets!” (who has got his hands in whose pockets?).

    • Hirschibold

      For many blacks and Hispanics, the n-word is used interchangeably as a substitute for ‘person’ or ‘man.’ As an example:

      Black Youth 1: Did you peep dat new Jackie Chan movie, n****a?

      Black Youth 2: Yeah, son, that Chinese n**** Jackie be hittin’ people with that Kung-Fu, ya feel me? He be bodyin’ suckaz.


      African American Youth 1: Did you see the new Jackie Chan movie, comrade?

      Africa American Youth 2: Indubitably. I was in awe of Mr. Chan’s martial prowess. Don’t you concur? He managed to kill several bad guys in the course of the movie.

      • Lou

        A better way to describe it as meaning the word ” Dude ”  i.e  ‘ dat niG9a is crazy ”  That dude is crazy,  and the person they are griping about could even be white..

  • YouTube has age restricted the video presumably so that whites under 18 will not learn to hate minorities by watching this video.  Always on the job!

  • People who attend “Hempfests” tend to be very liberal in their politics. It is possible that the victim may not be, but not very likely.

  • “Tell him, ‘You is too close'”
    “You got bad bref”
     etc, lol

  • Since this is a festival boasting the flagrant use of illegal substances, I would have thought there would be ONE or TWO police officers present at the event, and hence seen in this video.  At least by the time they were stripping and humiliating the corpse.   But no such luck.  

    After all, we do not need Stand Your Ground laws since the police are everywhere at all times to protect us. (sarcasm)

    In my experience, the Boston police is rife with patronage.

  • This idiocratic guy who got punched has the same IQ/low reasoning index of the race of man he is protecting.  Notice how the blacks are picking his pockets after he is down/ they are also taunting him when he is KOed, instead of helping him.  Typical. 

  • Greg West

    Maybe this Jabroni will have two revelations when he awakes,
    1. Keeps your mouth shut
    2. Maybe Blacks and Hispanics are not his friends.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I only hold the door for woman only if they are old or have children. I’ve lost count how many times I held the door for some reality tv star wannabe. With out even getting a nod from her as she prances through the door way like a runway model.

    •  Take it as a teachable moment.  E.g., “manners, b!#%*!”

  • Lou

     Yes, all you have to do is go to Breitbart or The Blaze and on one of the many pro Cain of West stories , there you find ALL of them so called conservatives bunched up into one.. Shouting out ( figuratively ) West for president or Cain is the man and even go so far as to put down the poster that sheds light on the many failures of blacks in this country, calling HIM a racist and telling HIM to go back to huff po.. I’ve had all I can take from these so called ” conservatives and no longer go to those sites for my news.. Pathetic to say the least.. They think that are conservatives but in reality the are scared little liberals, that vote for their own demise..

  • Lou

    Something told me you were a Ron Paul guy within the 12 words of your post.. Hmmm .
    Low and behold there it is, the last five word you wrote.. Know this voting for Ron Paul assures us 4 more years of Obama.. THERE IS NO WAY HE CAN WIN and all you are doing is taking the crucial votes away from Romney.. I’m not a Romney guy but he is sure better than Obama..
    Don’t turn around 11/6/2012 and wonder what happened when Obama sits back down in the Oval office sucking on a cigar ,it will be because of folks like you..Unless of course you don’t mind..

  • Lou

     (white kids could have done the same. I might have done the same the way he was bellowing in that kid’s face)  <<< Thanks Abel I know now who not to invite to my next gathering or even assosiate with… You have the same mentallity of the guy that punch him.. That is a scarry thing.. I know I wouldn't punch ANYONE with their back turned or from a point where the man doesn't see me my fist and it comming towards him.. I think you're a coward..

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     In your first paragraph you talk about trying to be a lady and the second one, you want to cold cock a white man because some Secret Servicemen had sex with prostitutes.  I wasn’t aware that they were all white.

     Black men hold the door because they want you to say “yes” to them.  White men were hammered for decades to not call a woman “baby” or coo at them or treat them as anything but equals, and you want us to hold the door for you to prove that we are …. worthy of your respect?

    I found a web ring a while back full of male (white) posters, most of them young, who discuss why they don’t want to ever get married or have children.  They know that the woman rules and they have no power at all.  They call dropping out of the scene, except for easy sex, “Going Ghost.”  Some even talk about leaving the U.S. altogether.  I think the web blog/ring was called “Spearpoint.”

    We men like to see women showing up here on Amren posts, but you’ve got to realize the damage has been done and be capable of assessing the situation from another point of view than your own.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     You’re only voting for Ron Paul because he wants to make your bad habit easier for you to indulge in.  Smoking pot habitually produces mental health issues.  Smoking pot is not going to help the white race survive.  Why the H are you posting here at all?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Yes, it’s the same phenomena that keeps Christians believing in the face
    of overwhelming evidence that prayer works as much as any random
    occurrence of  events, that there is no proof of the mythology of the
    Bible being fact, that there is as much proof for the existence of God
    as there is a planet hoping goat god as his supreme being.  No matter
    how many times predictions fail or hypocrisy and practice might inform
    him that a change of outlook is needed and an opportunity for
    intellectual growth is at hand, the believer will praise God for his
    survival in any sort of catastrophe, forgetting that he must be
    condemning his dead loved ones and/or others as unworthy of his God’s
    care.  The stubborn assertion of faith remains, just like the political
    believer.  At the core of both is the psychology of the True Believer.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Anyone who gets in my face the way that guy did gets one of two responses;  I would either laugh and walk away or step backwards to normalize the distance. If he kept advancing, I would punch him myself.  Wouldn’t you agree as both an attorney and black belt that this guy’s head advancing forward into the passive party was essentially an attack?  Giving ground and then responding to it provides a clear case for self defense.  (The passive guy was complaining about his booze breath).

    • Eruttencutter

      Yes I do agree that the hippie was aggressively invading the personal space of the guy he was yelling at, and that guy most likely would have been justified in punching him, even though he kept his hands in his pockets. Most prosecutors would be lukewarm at best about bringing charges if that happened. Actually, I have no problem with the way the guy who was yelled at behaved, at least on the video. He did not yell back, and seemed to be trying to avoid escalating the situation. The problem was his loser friend, who could not possibly have been threatened, throwing the sucker punch.
      The hippie was lucky he didn’t land on concrete. An uncontrolled fall with your head hitting pavement can kill you, or result in major brain damage.

  • Rebelcelt

    I understand your position but…..if you scream at a guy and get in his face in a deliberate attempt to intimidate…well..it is not civil discourse.

    OOhh lets drop the intellectual/legal jargoning. He deserved what he got. Society would be more polite if Whites weren’t so indulging.Besides it is funny.