National Guard Withdrawing 900 Troops from U.S.-Mexico Border

Brian Bennett, Boston Herald, April 19, 2012

The Pentagon began flying military helicopters and surveillance planes over the U.S. border with Mexico last month as part of an effort to withdraw all but 300 of the National Guard ground troops who have helped patrol the rugged border since mid-2010.

The 19-month deployment of 1,200 National Guard troops on the southwest border has hurt recruiting efforts and threatened to strain diplomatic relations with Mexico, Brian J. Lepore, a director at the U.S. Government and Accountability Office, told a House homeland security subcommittee hearing Tuesday.

About 12 Blackhawk helicopters and several fixed-wing manned surveillance planes began flying regular patrols over the Rio Grande in Texas for a mission called “Operation River Watch II” in March. The 300 troops will fly the aircraft, or analyze intelligence about smuggling routes in command centers miles from the border.

The Obama administration deployed the National Guard to build access roads for border patrols and to help spot smugglers. The extra manpower was intended to bridge the gap while U.S. Customs and Border Patrol hired an additional 1,200 agents.


National Guard troops could man watchtowers and stare at closed-circuit television screens of the fence line but were prohibited from making arrests, and officials said morale suffered. {snip}

Further use of National Guard troops “could create a perception of a militarized U.S. border with Mexico,” State Department officials told the GAO. {snip}


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  • Militarized border? Only in my most elated fantasies!

    There are likely 15 million illegal, felon, double digit IQ, English-As-A-Fourth Language, tuberculosis-carrying gang member Mexicans in America right now. This is entirely apart from all their repellant children who get entirely undeserved default American citizenship.

    Probably a thousand a day or more from Mexico alone stream over the border. East Berlin it ain’t.

    If only it were militarized!

    • The__Bobster

      30-38 million of the ugly brown squat monster invaders, actually.

  • SintiriNikos

    Pretty soon the Mexicans will militarize their border to keep the criminals they release into the US from coming back.

  • redshirts

    Why did we have all those troops there in the first place? Shouldn’t we be doing more to send the message of inclusion instead of exclusion?

    We are fast approaching a critical November election, and we need more potential voters from Mexico here to neutralize those racist Tea Partiers. Even though the undocumented immigrant workers aren’t technically supposed to vote, human rights and global dignity demand that they SHOULD vote. We must dismantle systemic bias and institutional racism BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and open voting is a good start.

    Borders are barriers, and you can’t separate members of the human family with barriers and still have Equality. We are all ONE.

    Viva LaRaza! Our colorful voice of Inclusion will shout down your White hysteria of Exclusion.

  • I live 150 miles from the border and the drug cartels are using the intercoastal waterway to run drugs up into the USA. Lots of armed Americans on this side, but we aren’t winning this war. Legalize marijuana and concentrate on the stuff that kills people. Take away some of the cartels profit. There are still the Texas minutemen. Today is Patriots Day, marking the attempted gun confiscation by the Brits in 1775.

    • Lou

       Let me guess… Ron Paul  ??

  • J.P.

    They are replacing hundreds of “boots on the ground” with a hand full of aircraft. If the government was serious about securing the border they would have given the Guard authority to detain illegals and simply added the aircraft as a means to beef up their surveillance capability.

  • No

    Might as well send them home and save a couple of bucks . . .  they weren’t doing anything anyway.

    The average mestizo peasant fears Mexican soldiers, Guatemalan soldiers and Honduran soldiers.  He knows that he’s liable to get butt-stroked if he looks at one the wrong way . . . at best.  Mess with the military in those places and you wind up covered with flies in the jungle. 

    But American soldiers?  What a laugh.  They run around with their Rules Of Engagement and play tour guides to visiting Congressmen.  Most work logistical support and have no discernible impact on illegals.

    One good rancher’s possee with some pre-cut lengths of hemp rope with a noose at one end has a much greater impact on the border than the National Guard.

  • Rational_Liberal

    Why are you all so worked up about the Mexicans? I don’t get that. They are not our problem. Nor are the Jews. Or the Asians. Or Indians. Or Africans.

    Our problem is lazy good-for-nothing black folks whom we have coddled for too long. They have no sense of family, work, or citizenship. 

    Mexicans are hard-working and family-oriented. You should straighten out your priorities.

    • Uninformed Liberal – just where do you get the idea that Mexicans are hardworking? Is that the stereotype you buy into? Ever heard of the grinning, whistling Mexican? Have you worked in the fields with these people? I can tell you that they only work hard when the boss is watching. They are especially fond of standing around talking.

      I suggest you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey if you want to know who is really the hardest working in this country. I’ll give you two hints – they are white and not female.

    • Lou

       You ARE joking , right ? .. I am laughing , so I hope so.

      • Rational_Liberal

        No, I’m not joking. You all get rabid and the irrational about the wrong things. For example, it’s stupid to hate black people because they are black. You should hate them because they are thugs.

  • Obama is ensuring free and easy access to the voting booth.

  • June39

    A militarized border is exactly what we need. That might be the only thing Mexicans understand. They certainly don’t understand a country’s sovereignity any more than they understand that when you do break into another country, give a fake name, false documents or stolen ID, that it…is…against…the…law. Guess the school drop out rate doesn’t catch them fast enough to learn those things or even the fact that this is not their country. This criminal mindset encourages the sense of entitlement they have. This may stem from their leaders who have never taken responsibility for anything. They head up third world countries with the spoils going to the government, the elite and the drug dealers. I’ve often wondered why, instead of blaming Americans for everything, they don’t turn this jealousy into a constructive force to help their own nations? Mexico is about the 14th wealthiest country in the world, yet it never progresses. If the US didn’t exist, they would still be the third world that they are with crime running rampant and always blaming someone else for their problems.

  • June39

    Hey, J.P. I have yet to hear anyone ask for MY vote. It’s the “Latino” vote that is so treasured by our present day politicians. We no longer exist except to keep paying the bills for those who want to continue to belly up to the publicc trough in Washinton. They don’t care about the “Latinos” anymore than they care about us. They will sell their very souls to rule our little part of the world, yet they are fast giving it away, piece by piece to anyone who can sneak in.

  • Lou

    “could create a perception of a militarized U.S. border with Mexico,”

    That is EXACTLY what is needed , a militarized U.S. border ..What’s the matter , don’t want to hurt anyones feelings, like say, that anti American congressman, Luis Gutiérrez ?

    • Impertinent

      It’s all about…OIL….the brownies…supply us with about 20% of our imports….the Canadians…51% and venezuela 10%…the sand scum…around 17%.

      Can’t piss off the Mexicans? To hell with them. Drill where they do …in the Gulf.

  • Obamao WANTS, NEEDS these Illegal Mexicans IN AMERICA before the election.

    They VOTE FOR HIM and will tip the election in his favor. Obama WILL WIN RE-Election.

  • The__Bobster

    I’ll send him the Vdare article when the site reopens.

  • ageofknowledge

    Don’t worry my fellow Americans. They are posting signs warning American citizens to stay off American land that is deemed dangerous due to the illegals occupying it so everything is OK.

  • I’m in Phoenix, this Sunday it looks like it’s going to hit a hundred, the “killer” heat in the desert is early, so will the body count of illegals trying to cross in it.  Now is the time to go out with shot guns and blast holes in the water stations.  Big blue barrels with marker flags, give the water to the desert, and not to the invaders

  • Impertinent

    “they do cause a lot of problems, at least the uneducated, lower class ones.”

    Well…it sure as hell isn’t the productive, educated, professionals with good jobs and income crawling across the border or the Rio Grande…is it? Mexico is content with flushing their sewage our way…they remit about 25 billion back to them each year.