Muslim Gang Jailed for Kidnapping and Raping Two Girls as Part of Their Eid Celebrations

Katherine Faulkner, Daily Mail (London), April 20, 2012

A group of Muslim men who abducted and raped two teenage girls as part of their Eid celebrations laughed in court yesterday as they were jailed for a total of 38 years.

The girls, aged 15 and 16, were lured miles from their home to a dingy hostel.

In a horrifying weekend-long ordeal, they were plied with alcohol and repeatedly raped by two men, Shamrez Rashid and Amar Hussain, before being offered to a number of others who also ‘used them for sex’.

The 16-year old was forced to have sex six times with four different men.

The younger victim was raped by one man and then sexually assaulted by another.

One defendant, Rashid, 20, was said to have claimed the girls had enjoyed the sex, which he said had taken place as they celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid.

‘It was Eid,’ he said. ‘We treated them as our guests. OK, so they gave us [sex] but we were buying them food and drink.

‘They could have anything they wanted. They enjoyed it.’

His accomplice Amar Hussain, 22, claimed the girls were ‘slags’.

But Judge Melbourne Inman QC said the girls had still been children at the time of the offences.

He said it was quite obvious they had been frightened of the men, but this had had ‘no effect at all’ on their attackers’ behaviour.

‘They were still children and still living with their families,’ Judge Inman said. ‘In a civilised society, such people should be helped. You all abused them.

‘They were extremely vulnerable and you took advantage of that.’

The five defendants laughed and smirked as the horrifying details of their offences were described in court yesterday.

Rashid – who had already been found guilty of two rapes, an attempted rape, child abduction and an attempted sexual assault – grinned, laughed and made gun gestures in the dock.

His supporters in the public gallery hurled abuse at the judge as he passed sentence later.

The court heard how Rashid and Hussain drove the girls from their home in Telford in Shropshire to a Birmingham probation hostel on the evening of Saturday November 28 2009.

They took them to an unfamiliar environment so they ‘would be disorientated and reliant on them,’ prosecutors said.

After raping the girls, they ‘in effect offered them up to their friends, introducing a string of young men into the house’.

Over the following 36 hours, the girls were subjected to almost constant abuse, despite begging their attackers to stop.

The 16-year-old was left with bruising all over her face and neck after she was forced to perform a sex act on Hussain.

She was then forced to have sex with Rashid and a third man, Adil Saleem, while others watched.

The court heard how she held on to a doorframe to try to stop her attacker dragging her into a bedroom, but was pushed inside and the door locked behind her.

She was warned that her attackers were in a gang known as the B9 Crew, and that ‘when someone pressed charges against them, they went to their mother’s house, put a gun to her face and broke her jaw’.

The girls eventually ran from the hostel and called the emergency services from a payphone.

The trial at Birmingham Crown Court was the latest of several cases in which groups of men have been accused of sexually exploiting vulnerable girls.

Hussain was found guilty of child abduction and three rapes and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Rashid received ten years for child abduction, two rapes, an attempted rape and attempted sexual assault.

Adil Saleem, 20, was given eight years for one count of rape. Jahbar Rafiq, 28, was handed eight years for rape and sexual assault and Amer Islam Choudhrey, 20, was given 15 months for child abduction and sexual assault.

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  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    When will we start seeing these stories here? Perhaps they are happening in every state, but the DAs are too afraid of the Council of Islamic America Relations to prosecute. CAIR bullied the FBI into modifying its training to appease Muslim “vulnerabilities to religious bigotry and racial hatred.”

    Negro Muslims Imams sometimes preach, “We didn’t come here voluntarily, but Allah sent us here to take over everything.”

    The Arabs Muslims come here on Islamo fascist conquest, and destroying White girls is the fastest way to destroy White Humanity.

    Doesn’t it bother you that the Arabs laugh when sentenced. What do they know that we don’t know? They must have some assurance that they won’t be in jail for long. Very troubling. They must know that England’s rule of law is about to crumble and Arabs will rule.

    • I thought the same, that the muslims know that GB is weak and wavering towards complete insanity.  As bad as we have the white guilt and communist democrat party here in the states, they have it far worse:  much less land area for whites to escape the beastial hordes, communists that have long ago controlled every aspect of English life and culture, a muslim population that is now the largest minority in GB, and no rights for citizens to self defense, let alone private ownership of firearms.  Lastly, a people that have been beaten down for seventy years, robbed of their heritage, and brainwashed to enjoy the suffering.

    • Wasnt there just some sommoli child rapist the other month.
      Somali sex trafficking trial underway in Nashville
      Posted by acorcoran on April 18, 2012

  • This shows how much respect Muslims have for women. To them, women are just good for sex, nothing more, nothing less. It would be nice if these Muslims be deported back to the hellhole they came from after they complete their sentences.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Public execution needs to make a return.


  • Boereseun

    Nothing like celebrating the end of your fast by getting some white girls drunk and then raping them and passing them around like a bag of chips. I’m sure these girls’ families are celebrating what the Labour party has bestowed upon them. This is what diversity brings folks, nothing but heartache and regrets.

  • Impertinent

    “The five defendants laughed and smirked as the horrifying details of their offences were described in court yesterday.”

    One can only hope that they have real tight rectums….that make their Mudslime brethern happy.

  • Impertinent

    “they would still be in for very uncomfortable times.”

    Like I said…..One can only hope that they have real tight rectums for their fellow mudslimes.

  • “Not one mention that the race of these girls but because the term “slag” was used, likely they were White native born Britons.”

    Yes, that is the english translation of what they call a native born English girl of almost any age but particularly the age useful for rape, eg. seven years to early twenties.  They have other terms for older English women. Now these girls are not necessarily whores, but all English white girls who are whores and mix with the Pakis are slags. They call innocent girls, particularly the ones that they rape, slags, as a means to demean them and in their primitive, evil minds, construe this to be Allah’s wish.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I guess the qualifier is that these perves prey upon these young women, who usually don’t have much emotional support, are subject to early educations that teach them to see them as just guys, Brits with tans, and the guys are older, manipulate them with gifts, flattery, etc., grooming them for the abuse to come.  It has to be remembered that teens are not adults, in fact, the human brain does not stop developing until 24 years of age.  That is why they must be protected, even young women over 18, because they don’t magically become wise and balanced when they tick 18.  And that is also why these “Asians” must be made to pay a very high price for their crimes.  Years in jail wouldn’t be enough according to their own law, it should not and I hope will not in the coming future revival of British indigenous rule.

  • No

    I don’t doubt for a second that there’s more to this story and these “young girls” weren’t exactly picked at random.  I suspect they came from broken homes, probably knew their attackers and may well have been slags.

    But so what?  Subjecting them to the indignity of being pawed and raped by animals . . . young women being used as sexual objects by savages who have no place in white lands . . . and having this filth (and their supporters) make a mockery of the justice system . . . 

    Words fail.  

    I’m beginning to understand how the germanic tribesmen felt as he stood chained to his brothers, watching Roman legionaries rape his wife, murder his children and burn his village.  There are no words, only a blinding fury.

    Our gods have truly abandoned us.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       So get busy and invent some more, maybe based on  a white war god like Odin.

  • KenelmDigby

    Pakistanis seem to be a race of congenital sex perverts.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I get so angry when reading about these things, not just angry at the asian paedo/rapists, but angry at the almost complete silence from the MSM and polical establishment.
    It’s pointless to even play the “What if”? game, ie “What if 5 white males lured and raped 2 young asian girls…”?, because we all know what the reaction from the media and politicians would be. The rank hypocricy of it all stinks.

    I’m actually so angry these days, I can only say this:  If any White person, yes WHITE person, gets in my way during the ‘cleansing’ of the coming revolutionary war, I will, without compunction or guilt, send said white person to the same stinking hell as the invaders.
    If we want to cleanse our countries, really cleanse them, it’s not just the colonisers we need to be rid of, but their supporters too.
    (anyway, I’m going to try to calm down a bit now by drinking a bottle of wine)  

  • Kurt Plummer

    White girls, especially in the NE of Britain are living the remnants of a Proud British lower middle class life (which is to say just above the poverty line) where one or both parents are on the lifelong dole because there literally hasn’t been industrial work in -years- and the influx of aliens has, far from bringing in new economic prosperity, only managed to cut the pie slices narrower and narrower.

    These girls get together to go to shopping/strip malls and are routinely ‘groomed’ by young Pak males, still teenagers and thus safe from the law as they approach them doing the mall crawl and do what socially awkward white boys will not/cannot: plying the young women with small gifts of food, jewelry and -endess- teasing praise (i.e. ‘Game’).

    All of which is supplied (as ready cash) by a wealthy patron waiting outside.

    The endgame is to get the girls out of the malls and into the cars where they trade what they assume is a romantic evening for promises of more presents to come.

    It usually ends up with the girls humiliated and dumped, back where they started, first by one man with minimal reward on a ‘date’ basis and then by many.

    This process started in the mid to late 90s and Constables could literally -pick out- the (rich BMW or Lexus town cars) that were ‘likely suspects’ as the boys cell phoned and the girls walked out, _of their own accord_ to get in and drive away.

    No screams.  No abduction.  Voluntary.  Because they are that poor.

    And once they are ‘in’ (imprinted to early sexual activity) the trade seems to become easier and easer to make for these young women, especially if they let themselves become hooked on drugs, often extending to getting -their- friends involved.

    Going to their lower class (we would call them trailer trash) white parents buys them nothing but scorn and condemnation.  Going to the authorities only works if they are willing to buy into public trial with iffy results that begin with: “Yeah, I knew what the score was, me.”  Because there will be video of them happy and having fun and then having sex to counter every one of their accusations.  These ‘Southwest Asians’ being anything but stupid.

    I am sorry to say it but the reality is probably closer to what the defendents said than anything else:  They are players.  The girls are willing meat.  They are getting more (literally) than what wanted but not what they volunteered for.  And certainly not something they didn’t know was coming because it’s -so- widespread that it’s common knowledge.

    Again, these are not your typical fools, they are criminals and ‘traders’ who have made a great deal of money in the highly corrupt government and business black markets of Pakistan and the like so they are -very- wealthy.  They only expose their intermediate cutouts, never themselves and so are largely insulated by the class demarcator in the British legal system which takes one look at these girls and knows that they were trolling their own bait. 

    Call it a Cinderella complex if you like but modern society has given these women a ‘Princess Diaries’ belief in their own venality and the concept that they have a gift that can only be given once to someone who wants it to belong to a marriage as a racial heritage seems alien to them, until it’s gone forever and ‘slag’ is the only thing left to accurately name them.

  • Its happening here as well with somoli muslums. Somali sex trafficking trial underway in Nashville
    Posted by acorcoran on April 18, 2012 

  • The way they treat their women is pretty bad, at least they could keep it in their community.

  • It would be racist to judge muslums as bad, just for the actions of 99% of them.

  • If they even talk out about muslims they can be thrown in jail like the Tram woman.

  • Muslum parents know what muslum men are really like not religion of peace believers.

  • .

    The five defendants laughed and smirked as the horrifying details of their offences were described in court yesterday.

    His supporters in the public gallery hurled abuse at the judge as he passed sentence later.

    These two excerpts from the article say it all. You can’t reason with people like that. You can only destroy them before they destroy you.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    How completely unchivalrous and low!  Blame the politicians who brought these people in to begin with.  Anytime this happens anywhere, the weakest and most vulnerable pay the most immediate and direct price.  The job of the government is to protect its citizens, and the most vulnerable, the most.  It is they, Tony Blair and his ilk who ought to pay, right along with the actual perps.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     No.  You are wrong and it is because you assume that females and males have similar biological and cultural roles.  White men need to make as many white babies as possible and white women need to birth and care for them reliably.  That is the basis of racial/cultural survival.  It is deviation from that which is responsible for the mess we are in today.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Especially since they declared that mission for themselves.

  • Boereseun

    Read up on the ‘Apex Fallacy’ as to why this isn’t true. Learn why 80 % of women are only interested in the top 20 % of men and that the other 80 % of men have extreme difficulty obtaining sex and therefore cannot be said to be ‘promiscuous’. Then also learn that women are the driving force behind the double standard of the word ‘slut,’ not men. Men are attracted to chaste women whilst women are attracted to more dominant men who often use that dominance to obtain more sex. The more sex the man gets, the more obvious it becomes to women around him, that he is in high demand thus a natural Alpha.  Women want a masculine man and men want a feminine woman. Not so hard to understand really.

    Both sexes have to be restricted with regards to sexual inhibitions but in different ways. If men are released sexually they develop into alphas who have harems of women or betas who get none. If womens’ sexual inhibitions are released, you get what you have today. Their hypergamic instincts, in complete and utter overdrive, shifting from one relationship to the next, in constant search for the better man. A search that never ends, think Eat, Pray, Love, the idea of the constant courtship throughout their lives which drives them to divorce frivolously and destroy families. 

    It’s so abysmally clear but because women and men must be equal in everyway, which is biologically impossible, a blind eye must be turned. Civilization came into being, not by releasing sexual inhibitions but by restricting them. By restriction men and women to one life partner each, the labour of Beta men, as they now had a means to spread their seed too, could be focused and thus society began to flourish. 

    By releasing the sexual liberation of women, society has effectively given the finger to Beta men who will, over time, largely opt out of working long hours, with their elbows to the grind for nothing more than a measly pay cheque, to a more leisurely life because they never actually had the chance of having a proper long-term family to provide for.

  • Boereseun

    You cannot base your entire world view on what happens in your life. Look at some statistics of divorce in America, look at who files the divorces and why. Think for a minute why women pushed to get a ‘no fault’ divorce system in place. Think for a second why women pushed for the ability to have men locked up in prison for not being able to afford alimony or child support. Bearing in mind that alimony and child support are the only debts a man can be incarcerated for.

    Anyway, I’m more than willing for society to start shaming cads, it already does. I’ll be quietly waiting in the corner though for when society starts to vigorously shame promiscuous women. My guess is that as soon as it does, there will be some more ‘Slut Walks’ and conservative men, such as myself, will be shamed once again for expecting the same moral standards for women as we have for ourselves.

    I have sympathy for women who find themselves in danger, through no fault of their own, but I have little to zero  sympathy for women who have been told time and time again, not to accept stranger’s advances or to get in their cars or to have these dangerous men ply them with alcohol in a dodgy, far away place. These girls should have been with their families but no, they wanted fun. There comes a time when you can no longer excuse the behaviour of someone who keeps putting themselves in danger.

    These girls should not have been raped or hurt but they bear the onus of acting indecently and need to own that. Their parents too, need to own their inability to raise will adjusted women, women looking for marriage to an upstanding man rather than a relationship with a thug.

    This still does not in anyway excuse these bastard muslims of their crime, nor does it excuse in anyway, the Labour Party, for allowing these scum into England in the first place. A curse upon them both.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Yes liberal male lawmakers voted for no fault divorce…to get the votes of women!!!

    Divorce almost entirely favors females. I know too many men who have been sold into slavery in a divorce. It is a horrible situation for white American men. And how about the states that force men to pay child support even when paternity tests prove the wife cheated and the poor husband is not the father? That is a horrific crime against men, yet many if not most states will do nothing to change this law. They claim “the well being of the child” must come first. Yeah, at the expense of the poor guy with the vile, cheating, harpy of a wife.

    The only “fair” way to split up is for each person to go their separate ways with no monetary give up on either side. You go out the way you went in. With your own separate finances and possessions. And if there are kids, then whomever is best financially able gets to keep them. And why not? A man can hire a nanny/au per as easily as a woman.

    Maybe if women did not hold the power of alimony and child support over men, there would be fewer divorces. I believe 80% of no fault divorces are initiated by women.

    • Boereseun

      Couldn’t agree more. Bring back the ‘fault’ divorce system and the spouse who is at fault must pay child support and lose custody of their children at the same time. Let’s see just how kjh64 is for real legal equality between men and women.

  •  kjh64,

    You are totally delusional and in denial.  These girls didn’t go with these Muzzies under the innocent assumption that they were nice guys.

    They went out with them *because* they were brown thugs.  The girls knew damn well that these A-rabs were violent.

    The girls simply didn’t bargain for exactly how violent they really were.  I don’t shed a tear for these girls.

    Women don’t like some men in spite of the fact that they’re a-holes.  They like them *because* they are a-holes.

    Time to embrace the awful truth.

  • Boereseun

    No, you’re baiting here. Men did not want ‘no fault’ divorce like women. The laws were changed because women as usual kept complaining that it was so difficult to get a divorce from that nasty, abusive husband who destroyed them and their self-esteem. And once again, to get the women vote and secure their political careers, politicians and legislators ripped men a new one and changed the laws to fit women.

    A marriage is a life union, if you want to change it to ’till I’m unhappy’ then you better be making a different marriage because the current one is for better or worse, in sickness and in health, to DEATH do us part.

    There is nothing wrong with a ‘fault’ divorce system, it covers abuse and neglect and someone walking out on the marriage. It just doesn’t allow it to be a “1.2.3, well done, you’re divorced!” but instead one that requires proof of abuse and neglect. 

    “Men should be locked up if they walk out the door and don’t support
    their kids. Those that created this punishment were mostly male
    legislators. Women can be jailed for not paying child support too but
    it’s usually men since women usually have custody and/or don’t abandon
    their kids nearly as much. Where I live (Texas) we don’t have alimony,
    just splitting of assets 50/50.”

    Haha, well thank you for proving that you think men are nothing more than walking wallets, and should have their rights discarded for not having enough money to make their harpy shrew ex-wives happy. This new ‘debtors prison’ has got nothing to do with children and everything to do with hurting men. You cannot encourage a man to support his children by sending him to prison to get some sodomy, you’re quite mad if you think it will.

    Male legislators making laws for women is a means to keep their job, they don’t care if they destroy society in the wake. Think RINO, or CINO, or any other in NAME ONLY group, to catch a wake up.