Interview with Jared Taylor

CIReport, April 23, 2012

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  • We have to stop buying into the negro version of reality. We do it all the time,  we know that 1+1=2, but for some reason negroes are able to convince us that 1+1=elephant, and we go along with them because we don’t have the guts to correct them,  and it always ends up with white taxpayers handing negroes cash. Yesterday’s story of the DoJ suing a Florida city over the firefighter exam is a good example. negroes fail these tests over and over, so they convince us that the tests are racist, and we spend millions of dollars creating “race neutral” tests, and the results are exactly the same, but the negroes are still able to convince us that it’s the tests, not them, and we continue to go along with their version, and we end up hiring stupid fireman and crossing our fingers. 

    ps when i say “we” i am speaking to the white race in general, and white guilt liberals in particular, who are the biggest victims of the great negro scam. I know the readers here only deal in reality and don’t buy what the negro is selling

    • ed91

      Part of that comes from so many do-gooders trying to do anything to incorporate blacks into our society……  they think that blacks must be given these jobs even if they are not qualified so they will ‘fit in’ and be a valid part of society.   It doesn’t seem to work out very well and I have few solutions that are this side of segregation.

    • MikeofAges

       I’ve thought about the issue of why there is so much difficulty recruiting on-white  firefighters. Well, the test is not so hard really, so I’ve heard. But what may be the case is that those non-whites who could pass the test and might be interested in that type of job simply are choosing other careers, such law enforcement or the military. How about, instead of attempting to dumb down the test, try finding the people who can qualify and then convincing them to sign up?

  • ed91

    yes, it is baffling why we have such a group of white self-destructive people.   I can’t for the life of me figure it out.  Are they trust-fund people that despise themselves for not being self sufficient?

    I understand that many white women feel overwhelmed with helping the underdogs or misfits of society, but to the point of putting themselves and their family at risk I do not understand. 

    I suppose another aspect are the con-men type of snakes like axelrod or that horrible priest in chicago phlegler (sp)– they must do it just as a survival tool or something to make themselves unique.  I truly do not understand any of that kind of thinking. 

  • holyflower

    Jared Taylor: “The short-term solution in all of the Western countries is
    to stop immigration right now . . .”


    At the 2011 American Renaissance Conference in Charlotte, NC, Jared Taylor
    spoke to the immigration challenge in persuasive detail. Here is an excerpt —
    containing verifiable sources — that you might find useful in
    persuading legislators to as the depth of the crisis immigration has created for
    the United States:

    All along in the United States, we’ve had a minority population — namely
    blacks — that have had difficulties of all kinds. Just one example, and this is
    the one that people who are wanting to eliminate gaps are so obsessed with — and
    rightly so. It’s a fact that the average black 12th grader does math and does
    English at the average level of the average white 8th grader, four years
    difference. But you see, because of immigration policies, we have imported yet
    another population, Hispanics, for whom the gap is almost as great.

    So now we have two populations that are performing at this level. I’m not
    the only one that has noticed this difference and is concerned about the
    consequences. The Educational Testing Service — these are the people who come
    up with standardized tests — looked into the question, and a senior researcher
    at ETS named Irwin Kirsch . . . said that because of this increasing non-white
    and immigrant workforce, the productivity of the American people is going to
    decline, perhaps catastrophically . . . “We have the possibility of transforming
    the American dream into the American tragedy” . . . The result could be “a
    threat to our democracy.”

    Andrew Sum of Northeastern University in Boston . . . helped ETS in a study
    of what these demographic trends mean, and he puts it this way, “There is no
    time that I can tell you in the last 100 years when literacy and numeracy have
    declined.” He goes on to say, “But if you don’t change outcomes for a wide
    variety of groups, this is the future we face.”

    [Source Irwin Kirsch and Andrew Sum quotes: “Coming US challenge: a less
    literate workforce,” The Christian Science Monitor, by staff writer Amanda
    Paulson, February 6, 2007: ]

    In other words, the average productivity — the ability to read, the ability
    to do math, all of these things that are so vital to populations that compete in
    the modern world, these things are going down in America. They used to go up.

    California will be especially hard hit because of its huge Hispanic
    population. During 2009-2010 school year, 50.4 percent of the state’s public
    school students were Hispanic. Only 27 percent were white . . . Remember this
    is the group that is performing only at the 8th grade level when they are
    seniors in high school. This is the group that drops out of high school more
    often than any group — including blacks. This is the group that goes to college
    in smaller percentages than any other group, including blacks. Even after
    Hispanics have been in the United States for three generations, they are less
    likely than blacks to go to college.

    We are used to things improving, but things are going to turn around and
    get worse. One of the problems, of course, is literacy. In the state of
    California, no fewer than 23 percent of adults are illiterate. Often not just
    in English, but in their own language. Astonishingly, 53 percent of the working
    age residents in Los Angeles have trouble reading street signs.

    In fact from 1970 to 2008, the California workforce went from the 7th best
    educated of all the states to least educated, least — almost entirely because of
    immigration, because of the warms of people who have not come with an education
    and not received one once they got here. Harvard University Press recently
    published a book. They’ve put their the conclusion in pretty stark terms:

    “With no evidence of an imminent turnaround in the rate at which Latino
    students are either graduating from high school or obtaining college degrees, it
    appears that both a regional and national catastrophe are at hand.” (The
    Latino Education Crisis by Patricia Gandara and Francis Contreras, Harvard
    University Press, 2009, pp 16-17)

    A “regional and national catastrophe.” Now, we talked before about these
    535 people who pass our laws. If you throw in Supreme Court justices, media
    moguls, the people who really call the shots in the country, we’ve got maybe 700
    people . They’re the people that makes things happen here or keep things from
    happening. Now when we have the possibility of a regional and national
    catastrophe — and this is Harvard University Press, this is the ETS, Educational
    Testing Service . . . They’re telling us a catastrophe is at hand. Why is it
    not one of these six or seven hundred people who make things happen or not
    happen in this country, why has not one of them pointed out the obvious, that
    bringing in Hispanics is a mistake? They should stay home. It’s a problem.
    Why are they incapable of saying this?


    Nutshell Summary: Hispanic immigration means ever-declining literacy and
    educational attainment. Yet, no one among the seven hundred or so people who
    call the shots in America will say that bringing in millions of Hispanics is a

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    Jared should have quoted Robertson, and then said, “If the voodoo Congo were flooded with White Christian Danes, would the Danes succeed at sustaining Congo culture, a culture they neither created or understand?”

    THE DISPOSSED MAJORITY, by Wilmot Robertson, 4th Revised Edition, 1996:

    The most truly disadvantaged are those who are hated for their virtues not their vices, who insist on playing the game of life with opponents who have long ago abandoned the rules, who stubbornly go on believing that a set of highly sophisticated institutions developed by and for a particular people at a particular point in time and space is operational for all peoples under all circumstances.

    Jonathan Bowden comes close to answering Jared’s question about Why. Essentially, it pays well to hate White self-assertion:

    Many White people feel bereft because the leadership that we look to, the upper Bourgeois tier — the most educated part of our own society — seem to have left the majority. The elite has gone global and sees itself as part of a global elite, and the traditional brokers of power from the university lecturer to your senior businessman, to your senior lawyer and so on, always seem to be on the side of giving the line away. And that’s because in the present day it suffices and works for you to be on the side that gives away what the past has bequeathed to you.

  •  Ever wonder why libs grind so much about tobacco cigarettes?  (Doobies?  They’re okay)

    Your brother’s contempt for “rednecks” is why.

    In 2001, the city of Seattle was pondering a dime per cup tax on enhanced coffee style beverages (but not straight coffee) to fund early childhood education programs.  The voters turned it down, but in the run-up toward the vote, NPR (?) interviewed some locals.  One woman said this, and I won’t ever forget these words, even if I live to be a thousand years old:

    Why should we have to pay more in taxes for our stuff?  Let them filthy rednecks down South in trailer parks pay more in cigarette taxes for our children.

    • Excuse me?

      The first thing I would tell that “woman” is:  First, they’re not “our” children and second, you don’t get to use “filthy Redneck’s” money for anything for if they’re “filthy”, so is their money.  Pay for your own kind you pathetic excuse for a human being is what I’d tell her for third.

      I’m a Redneck.  I Will Not Back Down, I Will Not Submit and I Will Not Compromise.

      God Bless Robert E. Lee and May The South Rise Again.

      • Lou

        I need to find a woman like you , Stephanie…  There aren’t too many around.

  • holyflower


    The underclass problem created by Hispanic immigration is something “policy wonk” data illustrates with iron-clad logic.  Those with only a minimal understanding of the diversity/immigration catastrophe — such as legislators — can understand the logic of Taylor’s remarks.

    I’ve already used the information to good effect in direct conversation with a GOP congressional candidate.  Also remember that the vast bulk of illegal aliens and legal immigrants are Hispanic, not Asian.  

    I agree with you, however, that the displacement problem created by Asian immigration is just as real.  But it’s of a different nature.  It’s a separate problem that requires and separate response.   (For the present, it is also of a different order of magnitude.) 

    Bottom line: I don’t see why solving one problem — Hispanic immigration — precludes a solution to the very different problem of Asian immigration.

    Half a loaf is better than none when one is starving.  That logic, as well, applies the idea of an immigration moratorium.

  • JohnEngelman

    Tell your brother he is fortunate to live in a town with such a low crime rate. 

  • I could barely hear the tape (my computer’s fault probably) but I thought I heard something about Breeding Out Disadvantages.  I hope I heard ya right and if I did, I agree.

    Why would anyone want to promote Idiocy (breeding) unless your plan is to make everyone Idiots?  I don’t know how else to say this except, two irresponsible people generally breed irresponsibility.

    “We” are Our own Enemy – Oh Yes Sir!  While I’ve had my bad experiences with non-whites, they have never denied me Right to be White and Proud.  I give them that much.  I believe it’s due to their own Natural Ethnic Identity that they’ve never denied me mine.  Only White People have I ever got any flack from.

    One point I disagree with is:  “Decades”  No Sir, “We” do not have Decades.  “We” have but a few years if that.  Could be, “We” don’t even have a Day left.  I believe you know this.

  • Like you, I’d never spend one dime or give one inch of time teaching to or giving to those spawn.  For me, it’s been Proven.

    If anyone can show me any Good that non-whites have given to The White Peoples, I’ll listen but so far, all I see is bad.

    • Rocky Bass

       Bad in SPADES, my dear.

  • JackKrak

    I strongly urge AR/JT to start and maintain an attractive presence on Youtube with frequent updates, however short. In today’s world of declining readership and increasing viewership, it will make it much easier to attract a new audience that maybe wouldn’t invest the time to become familiar with race realism by reading through AR. Nothing wrong with branching out & updating things. The new website design a few months back was a great start, but don’t lose momentum by sitting still for too long.

    BTW – no video needs a 30 second introduction before getting to the point. Sorry for the tough love, but I’m just sayin’….

  • JohnEngelman

    “Three generations of imbeciles is enough.”        
    – Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

  • JohnEngelman

    In  “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” University of Utah professors  Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending argue that the longer a racial population has practiced agriculture and urban living the lower its crime rate and the higher its average intelligence is likely to be. This is because agriculture and civilization exerts different population pressures than a hunter gatherer existence         
    Evidence for this assertion can be found nationally,
    and internationally.

  •  The moral struggle is between whites, and the primary cause is liberalism.

    And that IS why Liberalism must be eradicated – instead of talked badly about.

    • JohnEngelman

      How do you propose to eradicate liberalism? 

      • 1. Um..In every way it’s been eradicated before.
        2. By not asking armchair rhetorician Questions.
        3. Got it?

        • JohnEngelman

          No, I don’t get it. Before, liberalism was eradicated in authoritarian and totalitarian dictatorships by putting liberals in prison and executing them. Eradicating liberalism is like “smashing racism.” Liberals have as much right to express their opinions as you do. 
          I believe in regulating the economic marketplace, but not the marketplace of ideas. I believe that eventually the best ideas win out. 

          • After the damage Liberals have done to America during their fifty year rule – they have lost all their rights.

            If you want cuddle in liberal opinion, watch MSNBC.

            Putting liberals in prison and executing them? Why, what a terrible idea…

  • MissBonnie123

    I don’t think that the problem is that “most white people are not too bright.” I think many, if not most, truly want to be fair, to be seen as nice, kind, and just towards nonwhites.

    The problem is that when we are too nice nonwhites take notice and use our kindness against us. They know that they would never be generous towards us in their own countries as we are towards them in our country. Because they have different definitions of fairness and justice than we do, they see our kindness as a sign of weakness.

  • I don’t see any restrictions on posting a web link so I’m posting this for you.  What Jared says is true regarding genetics.  If you study our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, you come to the conclusion that God was forming a people for Himself.  All the problems we face today, the fact that we have lost our identity etc. are all explained in the prophets and it is our job to search this information out and realize our destiny. 
    The website explains this via articles and books you can order.

    If you want a rallying point this is it and it is true and you can follow the articles and prove it for yourselves.  I’m attempting to do this in my area of the CA Mother Lode.  It isn’t easy because this info is considered wrong by the mainstream church but this is also explained and is what we as the People of Israel are to face.

    If you want to do something do this as a starting point.  You will be called crazy and insane, but so what.  We have a fight on our hands and this info will give us something which will bond us together as brothers.

    I don’t want my little granddaughters to have to face these beasts in their lives so I’m willing to do something about it.  We have words and truth to hold onto.

    Go to this website and check it out.   Mr. Jennings is based in Oklahoma and is not preaching war but only truth.


  • JewOnAmren

    Yeah, I’ll say what you’re not saying: a lot of Jews are liberal and are promoting multi-culturalism, both here and in Europe.  In fact liberalism and Reform Judaism are deeply linked, and both are connected to socialism.

    But Jewish conspiracy talk is nonsense.  A lot of Jews who are most liberal are the same Jews who have had the least exposure to dealing with blacks and Somalis and so on.  Just like whites in Oregon and Vermont are the most liberal because they’ve had the least exposure to racial realities, while whites in Georgia are all very very realistic about things because reality is inescapable.  Jews have adopted all these evil beliefs (socialism, liberalism) not because they have some conspiracy to dominate the world, but because they are ignorant and lost in academic and theoretical thinking, and want to make the world a better place.  Unfortunately we’re not all equal and trying to force us to be equal results in great harm.

    There are Jews, like me, who are just as angry as you are, believe me.

  • It’s why I’m always defending ‘those days’.

    I don’t know how else to say except, not everyone was meant to have Freedom.  I think this has been proven time and time again but that’s not the worse part, it’s been proven with Innocent White Lives.

    I’d much rather be racist than dead.  What can I say?

  • divideandrule

    I don’t believe we face a challenge.   Five million whites controlled 40 million blacks in South Africa.  When the proverbial hits the fan we will prevail.  We may be the only individualist race, but when we unite, and we will when we have to, the earth shakes under our feet.