Innocent White Guy Rolled in the Hood

LiveLeak, April 3, 2012


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  • Hopefully his eyes got forced open

  • redshirts

    We haven’t see The Video yet, but we will.

    The good news about Diversity Sons of Obama cultural highlights such as this one are that they go viral through facebook, etc, and fewer and fewer Whites every day escape from the hate myth called  Diversity is our Strength.

    Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet! White Power!

  •  This White guy, whatever his name is, must be dumb on dumb, to have been standing around in “da hood,” all by himself, staring like a turkey watching himself drown in the rain as these thugs moved in on him. What in God’s name was he thinking of, to be there to begin with?

     If you have to go into “the ghetto,” and you’re White, then go in numbers no less than three, and make sure everybody is packing heat. And then keep in mind that if you shoot a “youff” who is trying to kill you, you will be accused of “cold-blooded murder” by the race-baiting establishment and the mainstream media.

     On second thought, just stay out of there altogether.

    • The_Bobster

      And then keep in mind that if you shoot a “youff” who is trying to kill you, you will be accused of “cold-blooded murder” by the race-baiting establishment and the mainstream media.
      Not if you get out of there before the police arrive.

      • Good point. I’ll have to remember that, even at my advanced age, if I’m ever in that situation!

  • Detroit_WASP

    Anthropology 101 – We ain’t all the same.

    I’ll bet that white hipster voted for Obama.  Hard for me to pity him.

    I can just see whitey talking about this video at parties.  “I’m not a racist BUT…..”


  • Yes, I know just what you mean. What would it take to make us White Americans mad enough, collectively, to fight back?

  • this is why i go to the gym all the time. those bruthas wouldn’t have approached me i can tell you that. these cowards never go after anyone who looks like they can defend themselves. not to blame the guy for what’s happening, but he just looks like a victim to begin with. watch his body language – he looks like he’s trying to hide or crawl into a hole. his presence isn’t commanding respect. these ‘youths’ can sense his weakness.

  • BO

    Chin tucked, eyes up, feet 16-18” apart, elbows in, fists affixed to your chin when not striking. Never, ever, look down. If you do, your body will follow your eyes to the deck. And then, in a borderline civilized world, they will take your clothes. In the perhaps near-future world, utilize distance and technology.

    There is a reason they usually close range, and attack in a pack.

  • Greg West

    1. To even put yourself in close proximity to those violent beasts is fool hardy, an act much like climbing into the gorilla or tiger exhibit at a zoo.
    2. Not being armed is fcuking insane.

    I guess about now he is rethinking how equal these things are to humans.

  • Greg West

    I am thinking more along the lines of a Keltec PMR-30 in one hand and a Taurus Judge in the other.

  • This almost looks staged.  This guy can’t be that dumb.  Maybe he is.  Perhaps his sensitivity and diversity training caused him to stand there like a fence post and smile at the diversity around him.  Folks, I’m no expert, but in the event you MUST be in a black area and you are alone or in a small group, walk straight through with a stern look on your face like you know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and don’t “F” with me.  Like dogs, blacks can smell fear and weakness.  If they see you mean business, ususally they won’t bother you.  In full disclosure, I’m 5’10 and 220 lbs and I work out.  I usually wear a scowl on my face anyway, but blacks never bother me.  Neither do mestizos.  But never let them see you as an easy target.  If you even look like someone full of vinegar, they will steer clear.   

  • tacheles

    [To even put yourself in close proximity to those violent beasts is fool hardy]
    The trouble is these beasts can be (and are) everywhere. From what I understand, this happened in downtown Baltimore.

  • I truly believe that the 12% African population would hammer and quite possibly completely destroy the white Euro population of the USA.  If the economy in the USA tanks, I could easily see the Africans wiping out large portions of the European American people.  I hope this is not the case. However I see no fight onesoever in the white American man.  Far too many white American males are really women that have a penis.

  • JohnEngelman

    The feeling I have about this white guy is that he was a white liberal who wanted to prove how tolerant he was, and how wrong it was to associate blacks with crime. I used to think that way myself until those attitudes were quite literally beaten out of me. 

    • haroldcrews

      It is said a neo-con is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.  Perhaps it can also be said that many a race realist started as a liberal or someone with a live and let live attitude who got mugged and awoke to reality.

  • JohnEngelman

    The images one gets from television are of an America in which Martin Luther King’s Dream came true, and President Johnson’s Great Society worked. On advertisements, situation comedies, and other programs one sees happy, prosperous Americans of all the races interacting harmoniously.
    In order to understand what blacks are really like one needs to interact with them on terms of approximate equality in environments where they are in the vast majority. The persistence of de facto segregation means that most whites do not understand. 

  • ncpride

    If you guys read the link below from another poster, you’ll see that this guy was not from the area, and was so intoxicated he doesn’t even remember what happened to him, nor, probably how he got there. He’s lucky he made it out alive from ‘da hood’ with only minor injuries and major humiliation.

  •  So, what’s your opinion ?

  • Is there a consensus about this video ?  Is it “as is” ? Who made it ? Where is and who is the White guy ?
    And- someone suggested, I don’t know- that it might be, at least partially, staged.
    How, with what intentions ?

  • Gandolf

    Has anyone sent this video to Wolf Blitzer for analysis?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The video posted on states Baltimore MD.

  • Webspin

     This needs to be repeated…not that an American white population will ever allow itself to be swayed by cold hard facts; “We could spend another two hundred years and 50 gazillion dollars, no
    amount of money or education can overcome a genetically-coded, socially
    dissonant brain that isn’t hard-wired to function in a free and modern

  • You would never see this from any other group except for a black one. Jesus, wake up people. It’s them vs everyone else. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Well, Youtube emailed me that the previous, more graphic vid stays: Just, it’s not for those under 18.

    • Impertinent

      Even though it appears that most of the animal perps were under 18?

  • ageofknowledge

    Raised on welfare their entire lives they are just used to taking what doesn’t belong to them from other people and react violently when people try to get what was stolen off them back.

  • maxonepercent

    The primary instigator of this incident has been identified by hackers.  His name is Aaron Jacob Parsons, his phone number and contact information is listed in this blog:

    I think we should all give him a call and let him know how we feel about his actions.

    The video was taken and uploaded by another animal named Rashad Pitts.  Perhaps someone could dig up some contact info there as well?