White-Dominated California Boards Face Legal Threats over Racial Makeup

Will Evans, Sacramento Bee, March 11, 2012

Compton City Councilwoman Janna Zurita owes her Hispanic last name to a grandmother from Spain, whom she never met. Zurita considers her mother black and said her father “wants to be black” even though he “looks Latino.”


While Zurita takes a sometimes-playful approach to her racial identity, it became the serious subject of a recent lawsuit under the California Voting Rights Act. In January, a judge ruled that a trial would be necessary to figure out whether Zurita could be considered Latina and whether that means Latinos have a voice on the council. The city settled the suit late last month.

The legal gymnastics in Compton illustrate California’s far-reaching law, which bars local governments from diluting the voting strength of minorities. The law has become the foundation of a burgeoning onslaught of legal threats that could upend the racial makeup of elected bodies throughout the state.

Armed with 2010 census data, a network of attorneys is increasingly targeting local governments, from cities and school boards to hospital and community college districts, for not reflecting the demographics of their constituents.


Particularly striking against this backdrop are the 14 cities in California where all-white councils preside over communities where either Latinos or Asians make up the majority of residents. Several are clustered in the Los Angeles area, like Whittier and Arcadia, but they range from Tulelake, on the Oregon border, to Holtville, near the Mexican border.

Another 20 cities have Latino majorities and only one minority on the city council.


California Watch was able to identify the 34 cities with data from Redistricting Partners and another consulting group, GrassrootsLab. But the cities represent one end of a spectrum. Numerous other communities, with smaller minority populations or more diversity on the city council, also could be subject to a suit under the California Voting Rights Act, which was signed by Gov. Gray Davis in 2002.

The law prohibits local governments from holding at-large elections—in which the entire community votes for a slate of candidates—if that system weakens the ability of minorities to elect candidates of their choice.

An elected board can be found in violation if voting statistics show the community polarized along racial lines. That happens, for example, when Latinos vote more than their white neighbors for Latino candidates.

Cities, school districts and other elected boards that violate the act can be forced to divide their communities with district elections, in which different areas elect their own representatives. That way, districts with a high concentration of minorities could more easily elect one of their own.

California’s law is grounded in the idea that minorities sometimes vote differently from the rest of the population and that at-large elections, where the majority rules, can unfairly dilute their influence. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld that underlying notion in cases interpreting the federal Voting Rights Act.

Indeed, in many parts of the state, including throughout Los Angeles County, Californians do tend to vote for candidates of their same race, according to research by Matt Barreto, who served as an independent expert to the state redistricting commission. {snip}

The act was drafted by Joaquin Avila, a Seattle-based voting rights attorney, and Robert Rubin, who until recently was legal director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area. The duo have gone on to sue school districts and cities, racking up millions of dollars and sparking accusations that they were in it for the money.


A series of court victories and settlements has created a ripple effect in which many school districts are switching to district elections voluntarily rather than face expensive lawsuits. Since 2009, nearly 70 school boards applied with the state Board of Education to make the switch, the majority of them just this year.


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  • Welcome to the logical conclusion of leftwing insanity, they would love to do away with elections altogether and have people appointed based simply on the color of their skin and make no mistake about it, whitey isn’t included even if the area is majority white. Under the guise of “diversity” they would still deny white people any position of power.

    The reconquista is almost complete in California. Once hispanics are a majority in this state, Whites will no longer be able to hold elected office; hence charges of not “reflecting the demographics of their constituents.”
    Whites gave California away and the La Razas are here to make sure they take all of it.

  • libertarian4339

    ” The law has become the foundation of a burgeoning onslaught of legal threats that could upend the racial makeup of elected bodies throughout the state.”

    A natural consequence of loose immigration laws in order to get peon labor, and a failure to guard the borders and ports and not checking visa status. 

    The people losing out over this were warned time and again they would be a minority in their own community and country if they didn’t quit importing cheap labor and guard the border better to keep the illegals from getting in.

    I don’t think it would do any good to tell them, “I told you so,” because they would probably do the same thing if they had it to do over again, and those who we need to warn now aren’t going to listen, so the illegal juggernaut will continue.

    That is…if the economy doesn’t drop so far down there won’t be any jobs for them.  I hate to say so, but a total collapse would send a huge portion of them home and would do more to change demographics in this country than all the immigration laws combined.

    • Kungfoochimp

       Imagine if you will, the USA completely debt-free today.  Now, consider the immense strain the baby boomers would put on this hypothetical fiscally-healthy system….all of the future SSI and Medicare costs on an increasingly smaller worker pool.  It would require significant sacrifice from current workers, and difficult, politically unpopular decisions from elected officials to avoid fiscal crisis.

      Now consider the above, but within the realities of our 15T+ federal debt/1T annual deficits, and untold trillions of state and local debt.  The collapse is coming.  It’s just a matter of how hard of a landing and when. 

      Our unemployment is well over the stated 8% rate.  The numbers are fudged for political expediency.  I bet it’s closer to 20%.  Still below the 30%+ rates of the great depression, but if not for welfare programs of myriad flavors – paid in borrowed Chinese money – you would see bread lines.

      The feds are struggling right now as to how to deal with the coming collapse…ie the amount and flavor and control to assert when it does.  The left has been pushing for this collapse for 50 years.  They plan to make the most of it.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        “….all of the future SSI and Medicare costs on an increasingly smaller worker pool.  It would require significant sacrifice from current workers, and difficult, politically unpopular decisions from elected officials to avoid fiscal crisis.”

        What I’d like to add to your post is this:  an increasingly smaller worker pool that is majority  non-White.

        There will be no significant sacrifice — there will be NO sacrifice — even though many of these non-White hypocrites were raised on entitlement funds redistributed by a hostile government from White taxpayers.

        A White -hating population has NO intention of supporting a large White elderly population.  They will pass legislation to end any/all benefits to White Americans —  the White population WILL BE eliminated.

        These are people who have been raised in government schools that tell them this is THEIR LAND and that we Whites are here illegally and are responsible for all of their poverty and misery.  They are being PRIMED to dispose of us, make NO mistake.


  • MikeofAges

    If the issue is a simple matter of electing representative by district, that is probably a legitimate idea. In the future, however, in some places districts could be drawn so as the eliminate the possibility of the white population electing its own representation based on its share of the population. Something like this as been occurring on an ongoing basis over several decades on the South Side of Chicago, right there in Mr. Obama’s neighborhood. If you want to look this up, we are talking about an area that encompasses everything east of Cottage Grove Ave. between 47th Street and 59th Street.

    Historically, the general boundary between Chicago’s 4th and 5th wards has been 51st Street, named locally Hyde Park Boulevard. Outside of the boundaries described, there is no white population within literal miles. From the 1950s into the 1980s, the 5th Ward, comprising the area south of 51st St, along with an adjacent black neighborhood, generally elected a white, although always ultraliberal, alderman to represent the ward in the Chicago city council. This situation changed in the 1980s

    If the entire area described was put into a single ward, the white population of that ward would be about 13,000, or about 25 percent of the population of a Chicago ward. The problem, from the point of view of the political machine, arises due to a very large percentage of that population being adults of voting age,  adults who also have a very a high rate of electoral participation. So the population ends up divided and the possibility of electing a white alderman from the South Side of Chicago’s middle class West Berlin is eliminated.

    The last time the fifth ward was represented by a white alderman some fairly serious civil disorder was fomented. Around the neighborhood, hate posters were put up and hate flyers distributed by black radicals and white leftists.

    The last white incumbent chose not run for reelection and a black alderman was elected. The ward presently is represented by a black woman named Leslie Hairston. As far as I know she is quite popular and would be reelected regardless of how the ward boundaries were drawn. The white voters in Mr. Obama’s Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood are overwhelmingly liberal and probably not concerned about the issue of the division of their vote, as a bloc vote, between two wards. But that does not  mean that it is not illegal under the voting rights act, if it was done to eliminate the possibility of a racial group electing one their own or even to eliminate that group influence within the electoral process. By the way, Hyde Park-Kenwood residents have never been very happy with the division of the neighborhood between the two wards. But that is for social and cultural reasons, not racial one.

    In a recent  and very contentious remap of the Chicago’s ward boundaries, the lines were radically redrawn. The Asian community centered in and around Chicago’s Chinatown has complained about being divided to the extent that it is not possible for it to elect an Asian to the city council. Hispanics have complained that the remap has deprived them of the opportunity to elect representation proportionate to their population. Meanwhile, every  black-majority ward apparently has a population below the average ward population for the city as a whole, to the extent legally allowed.

    This was done to prevent the loss of black membership in the city council in spite of a small decline in the both the absolute and relative black population of Chicago between 2000 and 2010. There will be lawsuits over the new Chicago map, both with respect to the minority representation and the lack of compact boundaries reasonably corresponding to known communities. What will not happen is this. The white voters of Hyde Park-Kenwood will not be a party to this legal action. You will not hear them complain about having some part of their possible influence within the electoral process taken away from them because of their race and descent.

  • RonBlack66

    How can there be any minorities if “We are all one race — the human race?” I swear, progressive positions are a jumbled mess of contradictions.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      Not to over overlords.  It may seem insane or crazy to you but they know exactly what they are doing which is the destruction of Whites worldwide through the destruction of White homelands and White Culture.

      They know exactly what they are doing.  They are advocating and implementing White genocide.


  • Rhodeisland22911

    So why cant whites file lawsuits about the racial makeups of minority majority?

  • Mutant_Swarm

    Hmm…”whites in name only.” WINO’s.

    Works for me.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yeah, good luck with that!  You don’t have to worry about White libs– they’re a dying breed and aren’t the problem anyway.  They and the Hispanics (and blacks) are only doing what they’re allowed to get away with by the government, THAT’S where the problem is — that and the government keeping its boot on our White necks and stealing the products of our labor to hand over to welfare recipients so they can spawn large broods.

    Any candidate come out and say that they’re going to “do something” about massive non-White immigration, illegal or legal including H-1b job stealers from Asia taking tech jobs that should go to American children??

    Hispanics, with their “early and often, quantity over quality” birth rate, however, are not a dying breed — encouraged by EBT cards and other entitlements to spawn large welfare families.  I see this every single day in the Los Angeles Schools —  huge numbers of Hispanic welfare families with 10 or more children, all supported fully by a shrinking tax base.

    Hispanics are the ones scattering everywhere in massive numbers — throughout the South, Northeast, Midwest — there was a Canadian on here who said they are starting to show up in Canada in significant numbers.  Anywhere there is a welfare state to support them, that’s where they’re going.  Word travels fast through the entitlement grapevine.

    Demographics is destiny and it’s only a matter of time before you are overwhelmed by the  brown welfare hoards like we were in California — and, they’re ready to call you a racist and bigot if you don’t support them fully in the middle class lifestyle they believe they deserve.  Their advocates will openly tell you to “get off their land” and “go back to Europe.”

    And the government won’t do a damned thing about it.

    Take a look at the local elementary schools around you — that will tell you everything thing you need to know as to what’s coming in your area.  


    Image #1:  An Ode to the Welfare State

  • While I appreciate good sarcasm, I would not count on it. They are on their way to seizing much of the southwest including, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, etc. Arizona has waged a defense against this invasion but has had to endure attacks from the federal government for having the audacity to fight this invasion. The feds would prefer they simply succumb to the invading brown hordes. Efforts to defend against this invasion are immediately denounced as being” racist” against hispanics.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “How can leftists proclaim a post-racial society and then  turn the nation into a system based entirely on race?”Because the government, media and schools have been LYING to us for 50 years!!  We were told to be “tolerant” as our homelands were flooded with hostile, welfare-eating non-Whites.  As M. Taylor himself says, diversity is NOT a strength, it is a weakness.These are LIES that were never meant to help us but to placate us while our White homelands are flooded with non-Whites  — multi-culturalism, tolerance for “others,” and diversity work against us.  Our country is almost 1/2 non-White now with no end is sight.There is no such thing as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society, happy “melting pot” that lives in harmony — THAT is a fantasy that has never existed and never will exist.  The old Soviet bosses tried this in the USSR with disastrous results — 65 million people were murdered, those who didn’t want to go along with the egalitarian,  mult-culti workers paradise.  A multi-cultural state has never existed and never will without a strong-arm, authoritarian, police-state government.When the Kremlin collapsed in upon itself in a bed of egalitarian, multi-culti LIES, 200 wars broke out across the Old Soviet Empire as ethnic/religious groups sought to sort themselves out.  After 10 years, five million were dead.The US  is and will be no different.”By ‘choosing’ leaders of local government based not on ability but skin color will lead to a mediocrity and failure – it’s another version of affirmative action.”Yep.  This has already happened in California as we’re saddled with profoundly stupid politicians and lawmakers who lord over us.  It’s only a matter of time before we Whites have our property usurped for living space for the brown hoards.  Our wealth is already being confiscated through satanic taxation.Bon

  • jeffaral

    I am surprised!   Are there still Whites left in Mexifornia??!!!

  • Why don’t we just give them every council seat as reparation and Affirmative Action? Even then that wouldn’t be enough. It will keep going until the laws will be perverted enough that every White will be legally required to hack off a pound of flesh for blacks and “latinas” and asians.

  • ageofknowledge

    Honestly, it’s the only thing holding Compton together.