Video Shows 6 Juveniles Assaulting Man Walking Home in City’s West End

WPXI (Pittsburgh), March 9, 2012

Police have released video of a man being assaulted by half a dozen kids while walking home from work in Pittsburgh’s West End.

According to police, the victim, who does not want his name released, was jumped by six kids believed to be between 11 and 14 years old on Wabash Street. The alleged attack happened about two weeks ago.

“The kid came up behind me and put an elbow in the back of my head,” the victim said. “I got up and chased him a little bit, but then another one came up to me.”

The video shows the victim fall into the street and nearly get hit by a van.


According to authorities, one of the suspects videotaped the entire incident. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: Surveillance video of the attack is available here.]


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  • Like dogs, they attack in packs and from behind when they can. That’s true now and it was true decades ago when I was first told that as a kid.

    How I wish AmRen had an online forum so we could post a sticky thread of self-defense advice for newbies who’ve suffered at the hands of NAMs (non-Asian minorities) (“Asians”, as used in America, are even more law-abiding than whites). Instead, suggest you search “Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice” to find a lot of advice I’ve posted online. It is a compilation of information I’ve gathered over the decades with a LOT of worthwhile embedded links. Now, when I train someone in the use of firearms and self-defense, I just tell them to review that material BEFORE we meet. Saves me a lot of time. If you find it worthwhile, share it w/others.

    ETA: here’s the direct link:

    • Sonya610

      Nice link. The “flashbang” holster for women on that page is an interesting idea. Not sure it would be all that concealable for less ample females but it is certainly a good idea and offers a better/more comfortable fit for women than shoulder holsters.

    • JohnEngelman

      Thank you for distinguishing between NAMs and third world minorities. Orientals earn their description as “the ideal minority.” 

      • Up to my neck in CA
        • JohnEngelman

          There was no mention in that article about what the Oriental gangs did, or even if it was illegal. 
          This is what Jared Taylor wrote about Oriental crime in, “The Color of Crime: 
          “Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate… 
          “Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.”

    • White Death

      If you don’t want to carry a gun or knife you might consider buying a telescoping truncheon like an ASP, or a lead filled sap. If you think an ASP is too pricey, cheaper models are available thru catalogs like BUDK.

  • JohnEngelman

    It was not clear what race the attackers were, but we all know. Reporters have an obligation to report on the races of criminals. 

  • CidMartel

    Statistics and historic evidence show that they are prone to senseless and spontaneous violence. If you must go amongst them… Legally arm yourself or face the consequences of being white in a steadily decaying 3rd world America.

  • Lois

    I think if food stamps and welfare were allowed to be garnished to pay civil judgments, this sort of activity would decrease substantially.

  • R P

    Only response to this is a simple game of “Crack the Coconut”.

  • JohnEngelman

    What did I say that is not true? 

    • The_Bobster
      • JohnEngelman

        No one denies that there are Oriental criminals. This what Jared Taylor has to say on the subject, “Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.”  
        Is that not true?      
        The Oriental at the University of Maryland who threatened to go on a murderous rampage harmed no one, and was unarmed when he was arrested. It may have been a foolish prank. Whites are more likely to go on murderous rampages like that than Orientals.

      • Bobster, those *anecdotes* are not persuasive.

        Here are some of the *statistics* Jared Taylor “spewed” in France over the weekend about Asian Americans: (1) in 2008, white illegitimacy rate in the US was 29% whereas the Asian American rate was 17%. (2) Academically, whites and Asians are both equally ahead of blacks and Hispanics at 4th grade and HS graduation. (3) Compared to whites, “Asians are only one third as likely to be in American prisons because they are the group least likely to commit crimes” (

        Thank you for reminding me of some of the reasons I respect Mr. Taylor so much — his intellectual honesty & integrity.

      • JohnEngelman

        Thank you for reminding me of some of the reasons I respect Mr. Taylor so much — his intellectual honesty & integrity.              
        – CA-WASP    
        Yes indeed. 
        Unfortunately, some of the posters on this website seem motivated by a dislike for anyone who is not a white Gentile of European descent.    
        Fortunately, the articles that are posted here do not reflect that attitude. It is not what American Renaissance stands for. 

  • Dirk_Pitt

    I wonder how this would have gone down if teh victim was armed? I don’t have this problem in the UK because I can’t own a pistol but imagine the guy was armed and in self defence shot an 11 year old.

    I wonder how the media would have handled that one.

    • Pepper spray is a good thing to have on you when going amongst the NAMs (non-Asian minorities) (for you in the UK, I’d guess you’d call them NOMs — non-Oriental minorities). Pepper spray is a nice intermediate step between hand-to-hand and deadly force (gun or knife). I’d rather go to trial justifying my use of pepper spray against a 14 y.o. black “kid” (6’2″ and 170 lbs), than for using a gun against him.

  • I’d be careful w/the insect spray. I’ve read that they’re considered poisons and using that on someone is considered *assault w/a deadly weapon* UNLESS you would be justified in using deadly force for self-defense, and if that is the case, why not just shoot them???

    The advantage of pepper spray is that, in CA at least, it is legal to use for self-defense against both deadly and non-deadly force attacks.

  • Alexandra1973

    It’s one thing to compliment Orientals, quite another to say we need more of them over here.

    Don’t they have their own nations?

  • Wise you are.  Why create a tempest in a tea pot?

    I have decided that if I’m in a situation and I have to use either a non-lethal method to stop an attack, or I have to brandish my pistol but not shoot it in order to stop an attack, I’m not going to call the cops.

    That’s because I know the kind of people that tend to initiate these attacks where I live, and that these kinds of people are hooked into a whole network of cracker jack box theology degree “Revvunds,” community activists, and the local lamestream media.  They would be all over me like white on white rice if I call the cops.

    Another problem is that if cop shows up and both you and thug are there at the same time, the thug will say, “he called me the n-word.”