Students in Trayvon Martin Walkout Damage Drugstore

Christina Veiga, The Miami Herald, March 28, 2012

About 100 students who walked out of class at North Miami Beach Senior High School in honor of Trayvon Martin, the Miami Gardens teenager who was shot to death last month in Sanford, ended up ransacking a Walgreens drugstore, breaking displays and merchandise, North Miami Beach police said.]


Walgreens surveillance cameras rolled as the students flooded the store and ran through the aisles. At one point, the school’s assistant principal entered the store to try to get the students to leave. They soon begin streaming out of the store and back into the street.

Police and store officials this week were not sure whether anything was stolen because the ransacking was not caught by the cameras, according to police. The students caused about $150 worth of damage in broken shelving and merchandise, officials said.


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  • The looting has begun.

    This is mission accomplished, for certain people.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    This is just a preview of things to come, if Blacks don’t get “justice.” The Central  Florida riots are going to make the Rodney King riots look like a family cookout.

    • Lets hope central FL riots make the korean shopkeepers from the crack addict king riots look like disingenuous liberals.

      •  Not to worry. Florida is not the People’s Republic of Californicate. We take the 2nd Amendment very seriously down here. Our post-hurricane motto “If you loot, we shoot” can easily be applied to any other situation if necessary.

    • There are definite hotspots that folks who are not aware of will fall into a trap of vicious racial attack.  Well known to most residents and visitors are the greater Miami area ghettoes but how many are aware of the areas that are not ghetto that are just as dangerous?  All through Florida’s urban areas one will be subject to racial attack if you are white or look white.  Now it may be added that hispanics will be targeted as well.  Having lived through the various riots of the 1980s in South Florida, I wish I could warn all who are here or will come here, the pot is on high and boiling away.  The vicious murders that took young and old innocent whites in the black riots of the 1980s were absolutely medieval in nature.  All of my friends and family in Florida are well aware of this and will take precautions to either avoid or defend if necessary against any attack.  Remember, the South Central LA riots, they almost broke out of their area to hit better and white neighborhoods.  The difference in Florida is the hispanics will not be docile as whites are.  There will be high numbers of casualties when blacks and hispanics interact in a riot situation.  However, the further one goes up the state, whites have more backbone and will not tolerate the type of urban-wide wilding that occured in S Fl.  Especially the northern and northwestern cities/urban areas that still think of S. Fl. as a foreign country.  Now do you want to find you and your family in the middle of this?  Maybe nothing will happen, maybe no one will be hurt, we certainly hope so.  Good comment to keep this danger alive in folk’s minds.

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         the hispanics might join forces with blacks.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Let’s hope they have enough sense to burn their own neighborhoods.   Things won’t work out very well for them if they stray into white areas and start burning.  

  • bubo

    Police and store officials this week were not sure whether anything was stolen because the ransacking was not caught by the cameras

    What?  I’ve seen the video.   It’s all over the internet.   And yes, this is just the start.  The special prosecutor, Angela Corey, isn’t going to be bullied into pressing charges that she can’t prove.   Zimmerman will not be indicted.  The riots will start.  People in Florida are very well armed.  This will get interesting.  

  • B

    Let the fools reinforce their sterotype. It just makes it even easier to justify racial profiling.

  • Southern__Hoosier

     If Florida doesn’t arrest, prosecute, and convict Zimmerman, the Federal government will.
    Remember in the Rodney King beating trial how the state found the
    policemen innocent and how the federal government found them guilty?  Same thing will happen to Zimmerman

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I begin to wonder, because it doesn’t look like he could ever get a fair trial.  Where would they find an unbiased jury? 

    • Detroit_WASP

      Hopefully the fallout will cost Obama the election. 

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       under florida law he broke no law. two at  least two that is witnesses observed his head being smashed on the sidewalk and he asked witness john to help him which shows he tried to resolve the problem without force first by yelling for help.  there has to be REASONABLE doubt  that he feared for his life. the fire dept will testify to his injuries which are in the police report. he can sue for false arrest if they arrest him. unless the witnesses disappear but their statements have about 5 million views on yt already where john states he was getting beaten and asked john to help and call 911.

  • 1proactive2

    And then blacks will complain about not having businesses in their cities as well as no jobs.  Another employer probably driven out of town.  Now where will they buy their fried pork skins and orange sodas? 

    • Same place Martin bought his Skittles.

      • 1proactive2

        And then that business leaves.  Be patient.  It won’t take long. 

    • They just cannot connect the dots between their violent, unstable behavior and the fact that no one else wants anything to do with them….

    • This actually happens even in upper class Black areas. When I lived in Atlanta, Dekalb County Georgia had the second highest black income only after Prince Georges County, Maryland. They complained that there were no nice restaurants or stores for them to patronize. I wonder why.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Leave it to the opressed to use this situation to liberate a bag of Doritos and orange pop from “THE MAN”  lol

    Trayvon would be proud.

  • Just as I predicted. The youf will use their martyr as an excuse to go on looting sprees and to commit general mayhem. The uncivilized behavior is so predictable….

  • Just another guest

    I live near that Walgreens and have shopped there many times. The store is near a Walmart which has a very heavy black clientele. The school is on the other side of the Walmart so is a pretty good walk (maybe ten minutes or more) for a group like that; so it was probably more like a “march” to the Walgreens.  This area of North Miami Beach is very very retail. Lot of stores including a rather weak, formerly very active, shopping center. In this area the Walgreens stores do not have armed guards. In areas like Liberty City, Carol City and Opa Locka (“ghetto areas”)  the stores I have seen have guards. I am going to take a look at this store and I would not be surprised if they now have guards. Since the riots of the 1980s all the ghetto areas have had a great deal of commercial/retail development- in a “civil disturbance”, they are a high value target.  Miami is pretty calm right now, but I spoke with a couple of black cops I know who are watching this all pretty closely.

    • saxonsun

      Have you ever noticed that White Castle restaurants are always locked in ghetto areas?

      • Impertinent

        Yea…cause they serve dog food….same as PopEyes…which explains the black phenomenon of BBA.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     ok. it was an isolated incident.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     april 10 unless delayed is his grand jury decision as to whether he gets indicted i listened to al sharpton radio and blacks are getting prepared for that day they were openly calling for violence against white children on yesterdays radio program on 1010 am out of baltimore.

  • I was caught on the edge of the riots along with a friend from the Sheriff’s Office of Broward County (Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale) and another student from a local Catholic University.  We were working on a student project.  We made it out of that area by taking a few rocks thrown at us and got to the safety of the Palmetto Expressway.  Too much additional to relate here but my family left Broward County that eve., armed and packed with provisions and took a road that paralleled Dade County/Miami in the Everglades to skirt around the riots and head down to the Fla Keys where the next county down, Monroe, had deputies stationed at the first major bridge in Key Largo ready to lift the bridge and cut the Fl. Keys off from the mainland.  While we passed Miami on the edge of the Everglades, some ten miles to the East was Miami.  In the dark night of the glades it almost was magnificent to watch flames jumping some 2-300 feet in the air.  Remember that scene from Gone With the Wind?  That is what it looked like.  The reason for this detail is to tell about the three HS students that were shrimping down in the Keys and heading back home.

    The three students went to the same HS in Ft Lauderdale., two boys and one girl.  That Saturday evening that the riots started they were returning from Key Largo and were headed north on I-95.  They did not know there was a riot and unfortunately the radio in the car did not work.  They were running low on gas and exited the expressway at the 62nd street ramp.  What followed next they were into a trap set for anyone exiting to drive into.  I will not give the details here for fear of giving the new generation of savages any tactical knowledge.  All three were pulled from the car that was now disabled and the ever growing black crowd began to literally rip them apart, their screams making no difference to anyone.  At the last second a taxi driver managed to tear away the girl and throw her in his cab and head north.  She was in sort of bad shape but lived.  The two boys on the other hand were not so lucky.  It was as if they were set upon by wild beasts, clothes torn off – the same for their hair and skin.  The lowest of depravity occured next.  A middle-aged black man dressed in a black suit driving a new black caddilac, stopped and got out with a large screwdriver.  He used the tool to dig the eyes out of each boy.  According to the police report the two boys may have been alive when this happened.  Oh, did I mention that the car had a “CLERGY” bumper sticker?  The poor parents of the two boys could not recognize anything remotely resembling their sons.  The Coroner said that in all of his years only one case could come up to the level of savagery, that of a drug-motivated killing where the murderer used a blow torch.

    That evening most of the white people that were to eventually die and get seriously injured; even though the riot spread all across S. Fl from Homestead all the way up to the Palm Beaches for about a week.  Apparently the surprise factor of the first evening caused the most whites to be in trouble.  Preparedness, preparedness always.  This one aspect of the riots has always stayed with me.  Unfortunately at the time I was a trainer of correctional officers and was called up along with the Florida National Guard to stand duty at the county’s fire stations that served as command centers.  The poor Guard were not allowed to carry loaded weapons (per the democratic governor’s order) so those of us that did were paired with the Guard to watch them, but that’s another story.  Please do not take what appears to be relative calm at this moment as everything is ok.  This riot was set off of court finding of not guilty for police officers involved in a traffic stop death.  And it took no time at all for it to erupt.

  • Starting with the obvious, all black ghettoes.  There are no hispanic areas where I would say the same, none.  Beyond the ghettoes are areas that have a significant black presence, either residential or business.  When the announcement comes about the innocence of Zimmerman don’t get caught in those areas either.

    • anarchyst

      Any area that has a Martin Luther King Boulevard or Rosa Parks street . . .

  • redfeathers

    Off-topic, sorry…Shawn Tyson sentenced to life in prison.  He murdered two British tourists in Florida.

  • Let them riot. It will do nothing but make people hate blacks even more. It may even sway some of the fence sitters. Black rioting has lost any effect it may once have had. I think most people have grown quite tiresome of it.
    In other news….lol….another youf shot dead and the family attorney says she knows he “din do nuffin” >

  • saxonsun

     Triple dog.

  • mikejones91

    I slandered as a “racist” for posting on the original story (Miami High School Students walk out). I said “Yeah that will show them! As if leaving school, which they SOOOOO badly need is going to “speed up justice”. I am sure they will loot SOMETHING/ANYTHING.” I told you so? Blacks Americans are THE MOST predictable group of people on THIS PLANET. Because destroying private property/stealing Doritos is going to show “The Man” not to mess with “US”.

  • Impertinent

    Good…let them get their free prescriptions from the many local drug dealers.

  • Impertinent

    Tell me…can you also walk on water?

  • This happened in St.Louis also.

    •  Did you turn on the local news this morning?  There was a big brouhaha in The Loop overnight.  Yep, the You Know Whos.  All I can ask U-City and St. Louis is this:  How’s that curfew working out?