SA Failing to Empower Blacks, Says Mugabe

News 24, March 9, 2012

Cape Town—Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has taken a swipe at the South African government for “failing to empower black nationals through land reform and indigenisation”, Radio VOP reported on Friday.

Addressing Zimbabwean chiefs at a conference in Bulawayo, Mugabe said poverty was rampant among the black population in South Africa, “yet that country is reported rich”.

“People of Soweto are still poor. We do not know when their lives will improve. Poverty in Soweto will never be alleviated through getting jobs. It will only be alleviated through land and empowerment.

“They [blacks] do not have land because their country’s Constitution did not give them the right to land like our constitution. We included the issue of land in our constitution in 1980.”

Fresh elections

Turning to his country, Mugabe said Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed in 2008 was never about writing a new constitution but about holding fresh elections without violence before 2011, Radio VOP reported on Friday.

According to the report, the ageing leader said his party was ready to pull out of the inclusive government and hold fresh elections using an old government charter.

“The GPA was never meant to be more than two years. The GPA was about ending violence and holding fresh elections without violence and not holding new elections with a new constitution.

“It was never about a new constitution. The main issue was about violence and fresh elections without that violence,” Mugabe said.

This comes a few days after South African Foreign Affairs Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane insisted that Zimbabwe could only hold elections after the completion of the constitution- making process.

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  • Every last white should leave S Africa and let the cities return to jungle.

  • South Africa is 90 percent black or mixed race black. They even have blatant education and employment discrimination that is called Black Economic Empowerment and is known as BEE.

    What more empowerment could they possibly need? 

    • Boereseun

      Question to liberals. Why do whites need to empower blacks? Blacks in South Africa have everything they need, given to them by whites who built it all, and still they complain and cannot empower themselves. True empowerment means you have to do it yourself otherwise it is not you who is empowered but the person or people with the power to ’empower’ you.

      You cannot reason with these types, they want the land of whites and they want to see whites poor and downtrodden, that’s it. Mugabe shouldn’t talk anyway, he has not empowered his people and millions of them have walked over border fences to the same South Africa he is complaining about, as they cannot find employment or food in Zimbabwe.

      Mugabe is a tyrant but the West put him in power against the will of whites like Ian Smith who spoke truthfully about Mugabe’s true agenda. The West will never have peace till it admits it was entirely wrong to place Mugabe and Mandela in power.

      • Kurt Plummer

        A slave does not want freedom.  A slave wants mastery.  Those being the only two conditions he has ever known.

        That said, the intelligence of the person -being- enslaved has little to do with whether he achieves it.  As South Africa now proves where highly educated Boers are the backroom technicians while the front room blacks are paid twice as much to ‘supervise’ as doing essentially nothing.  Throughout the middle class jobs environment.

        This is where the rubber will meet the road because while we may all have been trained to hate the iconoclastically inflicted stereotype of the ‘white male manager’ as career bureacrat, the fact is that they are the ones who make the wheels turn.

        Because they have the functional organizational power to -hold onto- the power that they have been given.

        What we need to remember is that Rome enslaved Greece.  Whose native peoples trained the Romans’ children to brilliance.  But were still slaves.  Never think that intelligence as it is commonly applied to problem solving and conceptualization of advanced ideas is a safety net against the horrors of barbarism.  The Romans were taken by the barbarous Goths.

  • Black Empowerment=Gibsmuhdat.

    Gibs muh dat farm, honkey. Gibs muh dat business, cracker.

    South Africa is firing, starving, raping and killing the only productive segment of its population. I’ll give it 10 years before it is Zimbabwe. 10 years tops.

  • Oil Can Harry

    You mean to tell me that Robert Mugabe- the man who converted the wealthiest African nation ever, one that was exporting food around the globe, into a starving, wretched hellhole- is lecturing the South Africans on how to run their country?

    That’s like the Chicago Cubs holding a seminar on how to create a World Series dynasty. 

  • JackKrak

    Mr. Mugabe, if SA is a horrible/unfair etc. place then why have so many of your own people left to go there? The shantytowns of Soweto are full of Zimbabwean refugees – apparently they prefer a horrible SA existence to something closer to home. Why is that?

    Isn’t it because you have somehow managed to outdo even SA in the race for the bottom?

  • anarchyst

    “Apartheid” was instituted in order to prevent the normally warring black “tribes” from slaughtering each other and to provide social stability in what was once the most prosperous country in Africa.  Despite “apartheid”, there was an influx of blacks INTO South Africa because of the stable economic system, bountiful, plentiful food, and JOBS.  Apartheid was a way to insure “peace” between the races and was quite successful in promoting a civilized society in that part of the world.   South Africa was the “breadbasket” for the whole of Africa
    Render what “equality” has done for South Africa. . . White farmers being murdered, illegal land “acquisition” by government fiat, giving (stolen) land to blacks who have no idea of what farming is.  From being the “breadbasket” of Africa, South Africa has become a “basket case” . . .

  • anarchyst

    “One man, one vote, one time”.  Blacks prefer a “strong man” form of dictatorial “government” in which “privilege” and “power” is rewarded to “friends” and where “enemies” are punished by official edict coming from one man. . .
    Liberals are too taken with dictators like castro, mandela, mugabe and others although they would be the first to be “liquidated” under such political systems.

  • Blacks are 90 percent of the entire country and nearly 100 percent of the political representatives. There are already laws on the books, hundreds of them, that discriminate against Whites and for blacks in astonishing ways.

    And yet…


    Holy Juju and Gris Gris. What do they expect Whites to do? Give them Philosopher’s Stones and flying cars and spot ’em 40 IQ points?

    Even then it would be more complaining.




    There is never an end to giving into black whining. They are uniquely incapable of expressing gratitude and accomplishing anything on their own. Just as soon as you cave into 500 grandiose demands the blacks will make the 501st demand.

  • chuck_2011

    empower means it is ok to steal someones farm or property in  this case

  • First they will come for your land. But that will not be enough for absolute “empowerment” of the blacks. They will then come for you….

  • Alexandra1973

    I like him.  He refers to Obama as a “long-legged mack daddy.”

  • Detroit_WASP

    Pastor Manning.  Nutty as squirrel turds, but I still agree with much of what he says.  LOL

  • Kurt Plummer

    But they (SA blacks) are smart enough to replace whites with Hindi technicians and the like.
    Which means that if whites don’t fight to abase themselves sufficiently, they will end up with no social role at all in the eyes of the blacks.  And Boers especially should know what happens when, at the end of your happy deal making Voortrek they are told to leave their rifles at the door while the blacks do a happy dance.
    It is a case of the enemy that makes me feel the least downtrodden to the point of worthless and here the Indians have a long history in South Africa and the Chinese are rapidly strip mining the Continent.
    You don’t have to be smart to burn your own hand holding the whites to the fire…

  • Kurt Plummer

    Then and now…  Then and now…
    NPI Population Indices show that Africa will have 2.7 billion people living in it by 2060.  They are furthermore the ONLY racial group which is predicted to have a continued growth curve, through the 21st century.
    This while Whites, now 16% of the world population will be about 9 in 2060 and less than 4% by 2100.
    And guess who will be lining up to sell us out to the coming waves of mass immigration, and the economic spoils of consumerism that goes with, when these places turn hellish with their lack of infrastructure and total inability to supply such simple things as clean water with which to turn savannah into bearing farmland?
    That’s right, the people we have to look out for are our fellow whites.