More Than 40 Teachers at Under-Achieving School Strike over ‘Dangerous’ Pupils

Andy Dolan, Daily Mail (London), March 8, 2012

Teachers at an under-achieving school walked out on strike yesterday in a row over ‘out-of-control’ pupils.

The staff claim the headmaster and board of governors have failed to support them in tackling dangerous behaviour by unruly children.

Incidents highlighted include a firework being let off in a corridor and a knife being brought into class.

Teachers have also reported pupils regularly fighting during lessons and verbally abusing staff.

Castle Vale Performing Arts College in Birmingham is rated ‘satisfactory’ by Ofsted—the third of four possible rankings awarded by the inspectorate.

But last year just 29 per cent of students gained five A*-C grades, including maths and English, in their GCSEs—compared with a national average of 58.2 per cent.

Headmaster Clive Owen yesterday said he was ‘disappointed and disturbed’ by the decision of some 40 staff to strike. But the NASUWT teaching union claimed its members had been left with no option but to walk out and called for an investigation into management at the school.

Union representative Ben Ball, who has taught at the school for 32 years, said behaviour was so bad at times that the school resembled a ‘battlefield’.

‘The behaviour of the pupils has got to a stage where action must be taken,’ he said. ‘There is a core group whose behaviour is completely unacceptable, and downright dangerous, who prevent us from teaching the rest of the children.’

He said the school’s behaviour policy was not followed through by senior management, with the result that ‘the kids know that nothing will happen to them if they continue to behave the way they are doing.’ Yesterday morning, most of those on strike manned a picket line outside the school in the city’s 1960s Castle Vale housing estate.

NASUWT has pencilled in March 20 and 21 for two more days of strike action, but said it would suspend these in the event of  an approach from the school for further talks.

A teacher on the picket line, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘The children are out of control, they are bringing blades into school, smoking openly and even bully some teachers. But kids will get sent home by the management for not having a pencil case and then when a teacher’s been sworn at by a pupil nothing’s happened.’

The strike meant the school, which has around 800 pupils and 75 teachers, was closed to all but Year 11 students, who are set to take GCSE exams in the summer. Parents had mixed reactions to the action. Some condemned the teachers for walking out, but others had sympathy for their situation.

One said the school was ‘like a zoo’ where children ‘run riot’.

Mr Owen said: ‘A number of meetings with the union have been held to avoid this.’ A spokesman for Birmingham Council said it would  convene a meeting with all parties in an effort to head off the two further planned strikes.

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  • loyalwhitebriton

    Castlevale school is predominantly white British:

    Just goes to show, even a minority of ethnics can have a negative effect on the majority.
    Ethnic’s are a cancer.
    Cancer’s need to be treated:
    First, there is chemotherapy:,, and others.
    If chemo fails, then surgery is necessary: Lawful Rebellion.

    (BTW Amren Editor, we are not “Brits”, we are Britons. “Brit” not only sounds lazy, it sounds like you are spitting out the word with contempt; like when British leftist’s refer to Americans as “Yanks”, it’s not meant as a compliment.)

    • JohnEngelman

      Castle Vale Performing Arts College is a broadly average size comprehensive school situated on the 1960’s Castle Vale Housing Estate on the east side of Birmingham. The school recruits around 70% of its intake from the primary schools on the estate and the remainder from the surrounding area. The student population is predominantly White British, although other ethnic groups are represented.      
      Blaming the bad behavior of whites on blacks is like blaming the bad behavior of blacks on white racism.     
      It is possible that non whites were causing nearly all of the trouble. The reporter who wrote this story should have explained whether or not this is true. 

      • loyalwhitebriton

        I agree that the reporter could have reported this story better – ie, been more specific as to who was causing most of the trouble.
        I dont’ agree that blaming the bad behaviour of whites on blacks is like blaming the bad behaviour of blacks on white racism. Blacks have had decades of preferential treatment in the form of various AA programmes, and yet it is still the case that blacks commit a greater proportion of crime compared to their percentage of the population. It appears that blacks have a greater propensity toward criminality. Therefore, you can have a situation whereby a minority of blacks can have an unwholesome effect on the majority. 

    • loyalwhitebriton

      To Mod: You’ve over-reacted. On this site I have seen human beings being referred to as scum, parasites, etc – and they aint talking about white folks. By the way, ‘Deportment’ is about how one ‘carries’ oneself; Victorian ladies used to have lessons in deportment – for example, learning how to walk with the poise expected of a Lady, by balancing books on their head and walking in a straight line.
      Anyway, you’re the boss.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        So ban the words scum and parasites from appering in any Amren readers comment.
        Also, in one of his articles, Jared Taylor referred to Pakistani’s as “Pakis”.
        Pakis?. ‘Pakis’ is the derogatory term for Pakistanis. Not polite language.  

        • Sonya610

          Actually I suggested that they use language filters too. Posts with very offensive language have remained up for nearly a day in some cases (and no, the words used weren’t as benign as parasite or cancer, but four letter words used to insult and degrade all white women; those terms would have never make it past the most basic language filters).

        • Rocky Mountain

          Why don’t you just calm down and accept what he says and try to write without spewing.

          • loyalwhitebriton

            In the sober light of day, I think I may have over-reacted a little.
            I would like to edit my above comments, but can’t because I’ve been moderated. I still think Briton sounds better than Brit, but there are currently more pressing issues to worry about here in the UK.  

      • GM (Australia)

        I became involved with Amren precisely because the comments do not generally use vulgar language.

        The word Renaissance implies a  coming out of the darkness and and a renewal of all that was once great about our way of life. Vulgar language does not help the credibility of this or any other noble  cause.
        Re the word Brit, it is not considered offensive here in Australia, as far as I know. There is even a tour company called “Britz Down Under”, specialises in hiring out camper vans to English tourists!

        Re the British Resistance website mentioned above, looks interesting, BUT, the British Nationalists need to stop being at war with themselves and unify and then become a major political force in the UK to stop that nation being destroyed by inappropriate immigration.

        Castle Vale sounds like a typical lower social economic area where poor whites and  “immigrants” are all thrown together in public housing, a recipe for BIG trouble, anywhere.

      • anonymous_amren

        “Parasites” is polite enough. It’s also highly accurate, unlike “cancer”. I’d hate to see the word “parasites” banned.

        I also don’t like the way you’re using the term “human beings” as though we are all the same and all equally deserving of respect. That’s how we got mistaken concepts like “human rights”. Humanity isn’t enough. The human race includes some truly depraved, almost mindless and impulse driven, sadistic individuals, worse than most people can imagine. Granted, those people don’t usually end up at British schools like this. But there is more of a continuum between humans and lower life forms than we like to recognise.

    • Insoc

      Oh, tsk tsk!  

      What is this 1984 Newspeak?

       Loyalwhitebriton is correct:  The “human beings” of which he writes ARE a cancer on society, there is no other “polite” way to put it.  Their deportment is beyond deplorable.

      And, while we’re on the subject of cancer, it doesn’t need to be treated, it needs to be eradicated.

  • Under-achieving school=School packed with English-As-A-Fourth Language welfare riding scum.

    Whites should just leave public education. The pupils are nothing but violent, criminal non-White parasitic imbeciles. This means the teachers are little more than wardens at preparatory prisons. I believe that was the intention all along, honestly.

    •  Why is it that plain language is banned by moderators? Why is it that this website has post after post about the dangers and the evils of arabs but any comment about jews, however tame and restrained and slur and curse free, is deleted?

      Derrick Bell, the professor the current president adores, has known association with a jew named Noel Ignatiev. I merely pointed that out and said that blacks are frequently said to be used by jews as biological weapons against whites. That comment lasted all of about 5 hot minutes. No fair playing favorites, AmRen.

      • anarchyst

        I agree . . . it seems that almost any comment that implies jewish support for the “civil rights (for some)” movement or any criticism of jewish behavior is subject to removal.  As I have stated in previous posts, I hold no ill will toward ANY group but reserve the right to speak out in the interests of MY (our) race.
        Best regards.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        I agree. I recently made a humorous reply to John Englelman by referring to him as a ‘Japanese Jew’, I tried this twice, both occasions it was taken down. I am becoming a bit disillusioned with Amren.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Possibly, but, unlike you, I have lived in the UK and seen some very nasty white kids do some very nasty things and, believe or not, to other white people.  The UK does have a problem with thier immigrant and ethnic populations which can be roughly divided into three categories: Afro-Carribean, East Asian (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis), and Europeans (including some groups with very bad reputations).  Schools aside, it would be very easy to get the sh#t kicked out of you on a Friday or Saturday night at any market town in the UK by a drunken white brother.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        You’re right. Britain has a drink problem. Some of our city centres (cities like Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, are regularly in the news for drunken brawling) are dangerous places on a weekend night; you can easily get your head kicked in by some drunken yob – and I’m talking white-on-white violence. Just one more problem on top of the many other problems that we have.

      •  Oh enough with your White People Do It Too garbage. 2 percent of the population in the UK commits half of the knife and gun crime and it ain’t the Whites doing it.

        You are comparing bar fighting with black professional criminality and casual barbarism and Muslim ghettos and Sharia Law No Go Zones. Complete lying, equivocating garbage is all you provide here.

        • anonymous_amren

          Fair point. But there does seem to be a greater problem with underclass white people in Britain joining in with black riots than would be expected in the United States.

      • Insoc

        I have lived in the UK and seen some very nasty white kids do some very nasty things and, believe or not, to other white people.

        You are writing “Whites do it too” to justify Britain’s Third World open border policy and justify Third World disproportionate crime rate as compared to that of Native Born White Britons.  Only White haters are this dumb.

        “Whites do it too” is a phrase used to pacify White Britons and White Americans into feeling it’s right and just to lose their country to massive immigration from the Third World.

        You are pro-White genocide.

  • The_Bobster

    Meanwhile in Philly:

    Teacher Speaks Out About School ViolenceUpdated: Friday, 09 Mar 2012, 6:08 AM ESTPublished : Thursday, 08 Mar 2012, 9:47 PM ESTPHILADELPHIA – Kids going wild, the fighting and bullying, pure classroom chaos. We’ve shown you the video. You’ve heard from students. You’ve heard from parents.A teacher is speaking out about the growing problem of violence in schools.A Philadelphia high school teacher says he’s afraid to go to work everyday. The fear of violence so bad that he’s on medication and suffers from panic attacks and he also says the problem is so bad-someone needs to speak out. Sobering words from a Philadelphia public high school teacher.Fearing for his own job, he didn’t want to be identified or reveal what school he teaches. The does accuse school principals for covering up incidents like this.He wasn’t at all surprised when we showed him videos of fights inside classrooms. Teachers in the middle of brawls and the kind of violence that has forced him to get mental help. He left the military to go into teaching never knowing he would be leaving one dangerous job for another.

  • Alexandra1973

    I have a friend in Birmingham, England.  He says it’s a very diverse city, nuff said.  Oh, and he would fit in on this site.

    • JohnEngelman

      Well, tell him about this site. 

  • Commenter

    I know the Castle Vale area a litle. There is a black presence but I can say on this particular occasion a lot of the local whites are well capable of thug behavious themselves. Parts of Britain’s white working class are in a very dysfunctional condition. Steve Sailer has written well on the subject.

  • Whether this is an ethnic issue or not I don’t know, but it is nice to see teacher’s standing up to excesses of modern liberalism.

    One thing I’m pretty sure about is that some of these trouble-makers should not be in mainstream classrooms. In the UK they mainstream too many kids with learning problems, and these kids disrupt the education of the other kids.

    Those with learning problems should be in special classes, while those who break the law in a serious way should not be in mainstream schools period.

  • bluffcreek1967

    “A battlefield”? – yes, indeed! This is what most inner-city public schools are. This is what Whites have allowed to happen to the schools in their once great cities. Whites became soft and guilt-ridden (via liberalism) and naively thought they could educate and civilize Blacks; that Blacks would be just like them; and that we would all live in perpetual harmony. Sadly, I tend to think very little can be done about it now. We’ve went too far, and Whites simply do not have the will nor the unity to implement any real changes.  

  • Joan Baker

    Looks like it isn’t any different in England than it is here in CA.  I left an entire school district because it was majority black, and the kids, even at the elementary level, were so violent and out of control that I could not believe it.  I’ve never seen anything like it before or since.  I went to a district that was primarily in the Mexican barrio, and the kids were MUCH easier to handle.  In the black district, white teachers were called racist on the slightest provocation, like refusing to ignore the bad behavior of a 6 year old black boy in the classroom, and black parents were allowed to transfer their unruly child to another unfortunate teacher, which left a “black” mark on the original teacher.  We could not take video of out of control black kids no matter how bad their classroom behavior.  Bottom line, if the kid was black, s/he could do anything s/he wanted and get away with it.  I say the little b*****ds should have had their behinds tanned even darker with a belt or paddle; it isn’t PC, but it sure worked wonders when I was in school.

  • Joan Baker

    I don’t want this name.

  • Joan Baker

    How do I get my HANDLE changed?????

    • ed simmons

      Its a very pretty name Joan.

  • Insoc

    I agree.  Give us a list of terms that are offensive and their newspeak replacements.  

    Wouldn’t want to offend anyone would we?

  • Another example of why all schools should have audio and video recording in their class rooms, hallways, and playgrounds.  A parent has the RIGHT to know what happens to their child when at school. They have a RIGHT to see if their child is being intimidated, humiliated, threatened, bullied or physically attacked.

    If the local convenience store can afford it to protect their merchandise and employees, we can afford it to protect our children!