‘Post-Racial’ Lynch Mob

Ann Coulter, World Net Daily, March 29, 2012

Even after the Duke lacrosse case, Texaco executives allegedly using the N-word in private meetings—which turned out to be “St. Nicholas”—the Tawana Brawley case, not to mention virtual hailstorms of racist graffiti and nooses materializing on college campuses, all of which invariably end up having been put there by the alleged victims, the Non-Fox Media (NFM) didn’t even pause before conjuring a racist plot in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida last month.

Like Captain Ahab searching for the Great White Whale, the NFM is constantly on the hunt for proof of America as “Mississippi Burning.”

Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the month after Martin was killed, gangs in Chicago shot 10 people dead, including a 6-year-old girl, Aliyah Shell, who was sitting with her mother on their front porch.

One imagines MSNBC hosts heaving a sign of relief that little Aliyah was not shot by a white man, and was thus spared the horror of being a victim of racism.

As it happens, Trayvon Martin wasn’t shot by a white man either, but by George Zimmerman, a mixed-race Hispanic who lives in a diverse (47 percent white) gated community and tutors black kids.

But Hispanic is close enough for the NFM. They’re chasing the Great White Whale of racist America and don’t have time to check to see if the whale is actually a guppy.

Since the cat leapt out of the bag on Zimmerman being Hispanic, the media have begun calling him a “white Hispanic.”

Not being a race-obsessed liberal, I don’t particularly care, but it’s indisputable that Zimmerman is brown. I saw his face carved on the side of a Mayan temple in the Yucatan. Using his mother’s maiden name, he would be admitted to the University of Michigan law school on a full scholarship.

Apart from that, pretty much all that is known with certainty is that Zimmerman called the police to report a suspicious character in his neighborhood, and shortly thereafter he shot and killed Martin.

On the basis of little else, the media conjured a Hollywood script: A “white” man was “stalking” a little black kid—who could be Obama’s son!—confronted him, beat him senseless as the small black child screamed for help, and finally shot the kid dead, “just because he was black.”

Two weeks of nonstop hysteria later, it turns out that every part of that gripping plot is based on nothing that could be called a reasonable assumption, much less a fact.


First of all, there’s no reason to believe Zimmerman followed Martin after the police told him not to, which is the linchpin of much excited reporting.

Zimmerman told the police, his friends and his lawyer that he walked back to his car after hanging up with the police and was waylaid by Martin. No witnesses have told the press otherwise.


Before the shooting was even a twinkle in the eye of MSNBC, an eyewitness gave a detailed account to the local media, indicating that it was Martin who was on top of Zimmerman, pummeling him, as Zimmerman screamed “Help!”


It’s hard to tell where the NFM’s suppositions are coming from inasmuch as they simply report their version as hard fact. But all their evidence seems to come only from Martin’s family and girlfriend. Can we start trying all criminal defendants based exclusively on the testimony of the victim’s friends and relatives?


CNN ceaselessly reported the allegation that Zimmerman could be heard in the background of one 911 call using an archaic racial epithet. Before playing the tape, correspondent Gary Tuchman first announced what the slur was supposed to be (“f*****g coon”).

There’s nothing like suggesting the answer in advance to improve reliability! Police should try that in lineups.

Then the same network that couldn’t find the Jeremiah Wright tapes for sale in a church lobby brought in “one of the best audio experts in the business” to enhance the tape—take the bass away here, add volume there—and played the 1.6-second loop again and again, just in case you were not suggestible enough the first time.

Still, all that can be heard on the enhanced tape is “cha-chu, cha-chu, cha-chu.”

But Tuchman wrapped up this demonstration by saying, “You know, it sounds like this allegation could be accurate, but I wouldn’t swear to it in court. That’s what it sounds like to me.”

To the small percentage of CNN’s audience with triple-digit IQs, it was comedy gold. {snip}


All this may give you an inkling of why we rely on the criminal justice system to determine guilt in criminal cases and not the fervid imaginations of the race-obsessed media.


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  • She should also criticize the Fox Media.  Their two highest rated personalities, O’Reilly and Hannity, are mostly on the side of Sir Skittles.

    • How sadly true. I’ve been deeply disappointed with Fox for jumping on the “Trayvon was murdered by a nasty White racist” bandwagon in this thing. Fox News usually shows much more independence than this. But, I guess they’re afraid of being labeled “racist.”

      How sad. How cowardly. Fox, we expected more of you.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Hannity’s been better than O’Reilly.  What is really annoying is seeing two black guests comment on the issue anytime its discussed.  Why don’t whites get a say?  After all, most of the protesting has been on the side of racist blacks who use slurs like “Pussy Ass Cracker.”

    • tickyul

      O’Reilly is the worst Phonycon in my book…..pander, pander, pander….sucks up to Urban Americans all the time. Hannity in my book is actually a lot better than most of the other Phonycons.

       Want to hear a so-called conservative who is the biggest suck-up to Urban Americans…..listen to Michael Medved.

  • You go, girl! No one makes the Left and the race hustlers look more ridiculous than Ann Coulter can.

    Well, except maybe, themselves.

  • AJ Sims

    For those of us who have cable or satellite TV, the news channel that has lavished the most attention on this farce is  CNN.  This morning I  decided to  randomly see what was on each of the three networks; Fox was talking about Obamacare, MSNBC  was talking about  the presidential election, And sure enough.. on CNN it was St. Trevon.
    Just look at this graph below…

    •  The peak of the media feeding frenzy just happens to be during the three days of oral arguments at SCOTUS about ObamaCare.  Coincidence?  Probably.  But there is a part of me which thinks the timing is way too convenient.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    will the internet get shut down when blacks start looting burning and rioting on april 10?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Even MSNBC has restrained itself and found other issues (Obamacare, the economy, Afghanistan, the Repub. primaries, etc.) to talk about.  CNN has been absurd.  It can only backfire, particularly when more and more people realize Zimmerman isn’t the carictature he was portrayed to be.

  • B

    CNN is the liberal race dogma control tower of the world. I saw some of Anderson Cooper the other night and every guest was biased against Zimmerman. Cooper would ask a badly worded question to the guest and the guest would give the proper slanted answer. Then Cooper would say about every five minutes “lets not forget, we should not rush to judgment here” and then proceed to ask his guests another slanted question and get another anti Zimmerman answer. It was truly pathetic. I honestly think CNN is trying to start a race war in Miami just so then can go report on it and get people glued to their CNN live 24 hour coverage of it.

  • This was some kind of Catholic-Conservative thing. Besides, Dinesh is a honorary Aryan (technically, he might be classified as such).

  • Kurt Plummer

    In Argentina and the like there are -still- German expats who have integrated fully with the Hispanic/Indian societies therein and yet _live apart_, safe within enclaves of enormous size and linked ethnicity.  As wealth.
    We need to realize that being polarized on opposed sides of an _induced_ racial conflict is simply distraction.  Like bread and circuses.
    Instead, focus on techniques that remove us from that level of interaction with failed ethnies and not-our-business ‘tragedies’ of brown-on-brown homicide.  Find a white (neighbor, business colleague, sportsbar comrade, athletic club conversant) you can trust and FORGE A BOND.
    Invest in -something-, together.  So that your money and money earning capacity is doubled.  Share the load, as family investment in things like renovating a house to act as a rental property.  So that you can pay of mortgages faster, together.
    This is how the Jews do it.  This is how the guilds rose to mastery.  This is how ANYONE who wants to be SOMEONE gets ahead.  And now is a great time to do it.  Because, with interest rates low, paying down debt is a good thing.  When they begin to skyrocket as the world changes currency in 4-6 years (RMB or Euro will replace the USD, depending on who controls post-peak Saudi production in places like Iran and Iraq), it will be too late.
    Do not be a Roman plebe.  Give them back their bread.  Walk past the Colliseum.  Find a White and be grateful in what you see of him or her that ‘good and bad, they are like me.’
    And collectively we are so -very- far above this…

  •  That Fox is overall better than CNN and MSNBC?  That goes without saying.

    Now, I have noticed that both Hannity and O’Reilly, while still kinda on the side of Sir Skittles, have shifted their bias to almost neutrality.  Maybe what’s going on is that they’re both crazy like a fox:  Saying their for Sir Skittles, but broadcasting imagery engineered to make people draw the opposite conclusion.

    Remember, images are always more powerful than the spoken word, from a PR perspective.  This is why the Sir Skittles apologists have used his 12- and 13-year old photos, and photos of Zimmerman in jail house orange.

  •  “As it happens, Trayvon Martin wasn’t shot by a white man either, but
    by George Zimmerman, a mixed-race Hispanic who lives in a diverse (47
    percent white) gated community and tutors black kids. But Hispanic is close enough for the NFM. They’re chasing the Great
    White Whale of racist America and don’t have time to check to see if the
    whale is actually a guppy.
    Since the cat leapt out of the bag on Zimmerman being Hispanic, the media have begun calling him a “white Hispanic.” 

    Misbegotten. Ann Coulter leaves out that perennially the US government (state, local etc) has allowed Zimmerman to be white, or Hispanic or both if he chooses-NOT the NFM media. There was no “cat let out of the bag” because legally he IS a “white Hispanic” if he chooses to be.  Why BOTH Anti-racists and a conservatives are not seeing that the media and/or white people en masse  are not historically responsible for this is baffling. From a historian and legal expert on the US color line:

    “According to the Census Bureau, “Hispanic” is not a “race” and anyone
    who claims it as a “race” commits a federal crime, no matter what any
    other federal agency might rule. On the other hand, according to the
    Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, Hispanics are definitely a
    distinct “race” and anyone who denies it commits a federal crime, no
    matter what any other federal agency might rule.  There are at least three contradictory but legally enforced ways of
    determining an American’s “race”: (1) self-identity (what you call
    yourself), (2) ascribed by local politicians (what they say when you
    apply for entitlements) and (3) what a government bureaucrat says you
    are (usually based on appearance). On top of that, each federal, state,
    and local agency makes up its own criteria and disregards those of other

    A second example, right here in the Palm Coast school district. One
    school says that, by law, a child is of the mother’s “race” and that the
    father’s “race” is irrelevant. Another school, not ten miles away, says
    that, by law, a child is of the father’s “race” and that the mother’s
    “race” is irrelevant.”  – Historian Frank W. Sweet

    • I’ve said- to the chagrin of some people here- that this whole Hispanic classification stuff is bogus. Use common sense & your eyes.

      Evidently, there are Spanish- and Portuguese Latin Americans who are visually White Europeans.

      Then, there are Blacks or Mulattoes who speak those languages as mother tongues.

      The broadest category are those who, evidently, are a mix of Whites and “Red” Indians. They are either very “Indian”, or “almost” White with some exotic Indian features.

      And Indians (Native Americans) are not the same: some are tall & facially closer to Whites, while others are short, round and look like a bloated Mongol.

  • Zorro

    We will continue to get silence unless one of these Talking Heads, or a member of their family, falls victims to these same people that the rest of the Whites across the country have been prey to.  Of course, then, they will DEMAND JUSTICE.

    Oh, the Hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    • Periapsis

      That will be our opportunity to pounce on their hypocrisy. Pointing out many of us have been raped, murdered and maimed when they looked the other way or worked to black out all news of these violent attacks will expose them for all to see as the hypocrites and enemies of whites they are. Oh wait, the death of that reporter Anne Pressley was such an opportunity, but no sooner than the story broke locally it was buried. No outrage over a white woman attacked, raped, sodomized and beaten to death in her home by a black intruder.

  • Zorro

    Anything happen to Tim Wiseguy regarding his threats? No? Why am I not surprised?

  •  Piers Morgan?

    No wonder he thinks that.  Because he approves of non-whites committing violent crimes against whites.

    • The_Bobster


      More On English Historian David Starkey, And The Dangers Of Telling The Truth About The Riots
      By Steve Sailer on August 14, 2011 at 2:32am

      Not surprisingly, more rage has been directed this week by the British media at an English historian for what he said than at all the rioters for what they have done.From the Daily Mail:

      Historian David Starkey remained defiant last night after provoking a race storm by claiming the recent riots happened because too many young white people had ‘now become black’.

      The broadcaster was branded a racist yesterday after an appearance on Friday night’s Newsnight programme, when he blamed the riots on a ‘violent, destructive and nihilistic’ gang culture, which he said was being embraced by many white and black people.

      He stunned his fellow guests on the BBC2 show, writer Owen Jones and black author and broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell, by placing the blame for the riots squarely with a form of black male culture that he said ‘mitigated against education’. …

      Fellow broadcasters, politicians and members of the public criticised his remarks on Twitter and other social networking sites yesterday, and some even predicted that his television career was now ruined.

      Piers Morgan, the chat-show host and Mail on Sunday columnist [a judge on America’s Got Talent on this side of the pond, and author of three volumes of his own memoirs], tweeted: ‘RIP David Starkey’s TV career. And good riddance. Racist idiot.’ …

  • Periapsis

    Exactly, and the elites who murdered at least sixty million Slavs were hostile religious and ethnic aliens who literally regarded them as beasts, animals and sub-humans. All The vast majority of European whites who died at their hands were Russians, Ukrainians and Poles. Both Poles and Ukrainians mounted armed resistance against the Bolsheviks, which was in the end futile because the Western nations did nothing to help them, especially during the Holodomor and WW-II. That was why Poles, Ukrainains and Slavs from every nation in Eastern Europe, even Russians joined the Nazi SS, Luftwaffe and Wermacht to overthrow the Soviets. The fact was, they had no love for Germany but their hatred towards the Soviets Union knew no bounds.

  • I said: honorary. Anyway- he’s a tanned version of Rowan Atkinson.

  • Really, you lack either a sense of humor or historical knowledge: Japanese were honorary Whites for Nazis, and in South Africa, too.

    Absolute racial exclusiveness has brought segments of the White race near to the extinction.

  •  Too restrictive. Argentinians, Uruguayans, many other Latinos are white. Raquel Welch’s mother was Bolivian or something (one can check). Do you claim Raquel is not White ?

    • Bardon and Zorro: Welch, whom I happen to be a huge fan of self identifies as both white (Mayflower) AND Hispanic (Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo). She has numerous times complained during the 70s that her Hispanic aspect was kept in the closet by her PR. Lynda Carter has stated that her mother is full Mexican, not Spanish, but full Mexican and Carly Simon  is 1/4 Black American. All three woman are  unequivocally White Pop culture icons to 99% of public.  One CAN put media power behind how they are perceived as white.

      •  I don’t know about these two other women, but I suspect that Raquel’s “insistence” on “Hispanicness” is purely commercial. Hispanic women are supposed to be hot, and Mayflower women…well, they’re hot only when they have flue, fever or something similar. Completely asexual beings.

        Hispanic “identity” of Raquel Welch is a joke. I don’t buy it, it’s just a Hollywood invention. And there is a religion thing: no self- respecting Hispanic can be a Presbyterian. Catholics by default plus some more sexy Protestant denominations like Pentecostals or 7th Day adventists. But, Presbyterians (Calvinism, absolute depravity, denial of free will,..)- no, this is as un-Hispanic as Wittgenstein’s linguistic philosophy.

  • brew730

     I like Ann, read many of her books, like her commentary, but I think she’s giving FOX too much credit.   The NFM still is totally biased, but I couldn’t even watch Hannity the week after this came out with all the blubbering about how guilty Zimmerman was and the “this was obviously a hate crime” dictates.  O’Reilly was the same way.  I turned them off in disgust.

    • Impertinent

      Both metro sexual twits   that care far more about their pay checks then the truth. In O’Really’s case…I figure he’s banked about 450 million in his career. So…he shouldn’t care any more about job security or a paycheck. He should just tell the truth and spit it out like the middle class red neck Irish, shanty laced coward he really is.

      Let it out O’reilly…we know you hate what’s going on.

  • Frank has studied the US colour line gor decades and has published several important books with legal citations. He’s simply quoting Federal, state and local laws, he did not create them.

  •  Anon12- relax. And try some course in logic.

  • Zorro:  I get what the personal opinion is of many white racialists of where Zimmerman falls within the US colorline. My critique of Coulter’s piece  is that the media simply not responsible for this oversight. Historically US whites controlled who, when and why someone was white (especially in the south and especially in border states).  I  believe that the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission decree making Hispanic a race happened around the Great Society period or thereafter so that could not be attributed entirely to white law makers.

  • SLCain

    To all those who express disappointment that FOX is not striking the right tone on this – your chagrin is misplaced.  FOX is not a conservative news network.  FOX is a republican news network.  They are the hired mouthpieces of the Republican party, or rather, both FOX and the Republican party are hired mouthpieces of the same wealthy interests.  Don’t expect them to be on your side.  They are not on your side.

    As to Ms. Coulter (whose writing I have on occasion liked): why did she have a picture of herself with Al Sharpton (both smiling) on her website for so long – probably from its inception to its most recent rennovation.   It was probably taken just after a radio or TV appearance when they were debating each other.  But still, why should she agree to be in a picture with that ridiculous huckster at all.  Ever?  It’s not like Sharpton has only recently started to be an anti-white rabble-rouser.  He has always been one.  His “career” in public life started out as such.  He has always been a race-man.   Why was she a friend of that loathesome little dwarf, Bill Maher?  She can’t spot him for the anti-white, crypto-socialist toad that he is?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Ann?  is that you?

    Trying to kiss up to conservatives now because you need them to buy your books (because no one else will)?   You can try to act “all conservative” as much as you want but we know you are not one, your charades such as “hooray for romneycare” and back slapping with maher prove it.

    Take it back to maher or go to HuffPo, Ann, you jumped the shark a long time ago AFAIC and I don’t care what you have to say.


    • Always caveat emptor when it comes to Ann Coulter.

      She’s the genius who says that we should be celebrating Thurgood Marshall’s birthday instead of Martin Luther King’s birthday because Marshall used legal methods while MLK used Rousseau style mobs.

      Marshall was more dangerous than MLK precisely because he wasn’t violent.  He used our legal system against us.  Better the riot provoking devil you can see (MLK) than the devil you can’t (Marshall).

  • Ann Coulter is a miscegenatress. I’m not a Nosy Parker, but a link someone has provided about her dating (better, f**king history) dispels any doubt. Now- I am, judging by AmRen standards, a rather liberal person re SOME of these relations, but particular types of behavior are off limits.
    Who can trust this kind of woman, whatever she had said or written ?

    As I’ve said on another place on the issue, this is a NO-NO area.

    WW who sleep with Blacks are:

    * mentally instable & having a low self-esteem
    * “experimenting” during college years- this is stupid, no need to elaborate
    * in the heart of hearts, sluts
    * weirdos, since Black race is viscerally repellent to Whites, from
    bodily odor to facial features (as has been said of reaction to rats or
    * desperate middle aged lonely females
    * whorish disoriented young women without developed moral personality, probably abused in childhood or abusing some substances

    In sum- Blacks (Black males) are physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, socially, spiritually,…absolutely “other”- and a repugnant “other”- so that women who enter in physical (romantic relationship with Blacks is an oxymoron) relations with them are either nut cases or, if
    it happened once or twice, has to be swept under the rug as something shameful and judged as
    temporary insanity.

  • Audieleon

    Me thinks u rite. CHAOS IN THE STREETS