‘Flash Mob’ Actions Worry Minneapolis Police

Matt McKinney, Officer, March 28, 2012

A sudden, random attack on three bicyclists last Friday on Nicollet Mall kicked off a melee that had Minneapolis police pursuing 15 to 20 youths who assaulted the bikers and ran through an outdoor restaurant patio as they fled, according to court documents.

The event unfolded in front of police officers patrolling the pedestrian and transit thoroughfare after “numerous, recent ‘flash mobs’ of individuals engaging in criminal conduct,” according to a criminal complaint.

Since early February, attacks on or near Nicollet Mall have involved groups of young men targeting other young men. The attacks put one victim in intensive care, and left another man with a broken jaw.

“It’s a big concern for us,” said Minneapolis Police Inspector Kris Arneson, who oversees downtown enforcement. The department has stepped up its patrols, made arrests for curfew and truancy violations and is working with schools and the county attorney’s office on chronic offenders, she said. In two extreme cases, the police have stripped the rights of two juveniles to come downtown, placing them under “geographic trespassing” restrictions that mean immediate arrest if they’re seen in the area.

As for the recent string of attacks, Arneson said social media often play a part in bringing the youths downtown. Once there, a member of the group will pick a target and jump someone. Everyone else then joins in the attack, she said. “They call it ‘click mobbing,” she said. “It’s the mentality that they all know they are going to do it.”

One of the cyclists who was attacked Friday evening said he and two friends had just pulled up to the intersection of 5th Street and Nicollet Mall when they were jumped.


Suddenly “some kid” ran up to the man’s friend and punched him in the face, breaking his jaw. Another eight to 10 youths surrounded the cyclists, yelling and trying to provoke a fight.


As the officers gave chase, the group fled with one victim’s bike. They ran through the seating area at Oceanaire’s patio, picking objects off the tables to throw at one of the bicyclists running after them.

Officers caught Antonio D. Jones, 20, of Brooklyn Park. He was charged Monday with felony fifth-degree drug possession, third-degree riot and fifth-degree assault. Officers also arrested three juveniles.

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  • Just like a little bit of Mogadishu right here in the heartland. All we can do is  hope these bikers were left wing sunshine, rainbows, and diversity types who steadfastly support immigration. 

    • Who brought them here?  What do they think now?

      • tickyul

        Liberals like Deddy-Teddy unleashed the 3rd-6th world immigration swarm. And yes, they think it is a GOOD thing for the United States of Ameritard. What makes libs even happier is the fact that Whitey gets to suffer due to their actions.

  • Recently, Minnesota’s governon vetoed “Castle Doctrine” legislation thaty would have expanded gunowners rights, saying it wasn’t needed.

    Oh, the irony!


    Thank a clergyman the next time you see him. Thank him for crack stacks, Murderrapeolis, “click mobbing” and “The Knockout Game.”

    • The_Bobster

      These “men of the cloth” should be sentenced to spend a day alone and unarmed with the filth they import.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Besides the historic and logical record of it, this is one of main reasons that I am against Christianity in any form.  It is a poor rallying point for white exclusivity and isn’t really European, but Middle Eastern in origin.  What we need is a war god religion with gods like Odin and Thor.

      • Wrong. Wotan/Odin & Thor were Northern deities- actually boring & dumb. Anyone who has studied Norse mythology has come to the conclusion- no vivid stories, no accepted corpus of sacred literature, no …  These were yokel gods, as it were.

        Much more serious European religion was Greco-Roman, as recorded in Homer’s “The Iliad”, works of Hesiod (Theogony) & initiatory cults we know almost nothing about. As for Christianity, it is, as a religion – a compromise. It assimilated various Mediterranean (hence Hamitic and European) cults of Tammuzi, Osiris, Dionysus,..

        Actually, the most characteristic traits of Christianity are not Judaic but Zoroastrian, hence “Aryan”- resurrection, the figure of world Savior, Heaven and Hell, Satan as the cosmic force & figure, progressive view of history, angelology, the Millennium, .. Post-exilic Jews just assimilated, half-heartedly & with caution, in their religion.

    • Hunter,

      I am in Minneapolis.  I would like to actually talk to the people who did this, to see what they think now that they see the consequences of their actions.

      Who are the specific organizations and people who did this?

      • Basically, church groups get federal money from the Department of Immigration.
        These groups form voluntary agencies which are called VOLAGS. These VOLAGS get paid to bring in all the lovely Somali refugees, for starters.

        Churches and synagogues have flooded this country with Lateeeeenos and African crooks.

        Here are the 10 VOLAGS.

        Church World Service
        Episcopal Migration Ministries
        Ethiopian Community Development Council
        Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
        International Rescue Committee
        Kurdish Human Rights Watch
        Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
        State of Iowa, Bureau of Refugee Services
        U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
        United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
        World Relief

        It is all a big scam. They get money and supplies and skim a little off the top.


    • The sad thing is Martin Luther was one of the most jew wise men in history, documenting their patterns of corruption, fraud,and tricks. Whatever is left of him must be spinning in his grave.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     And a little white girl with a target bow is the heroine.

  • IstvanIN

    29 in NJ.

  •  The local black radical talk radio hostess once referred to young black men facing or convicted of criminal charges “babies.”  Her personal record was 37 years old, calling him a “baby.”

  • JackKrak

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for the good people of MN. They’ve been so ridiculously liberal for so long – let them have a taste of what the rest of us have had to deal with for so long.