Student Jailed Over Fabrice Muamba Tweet

Telegraph (London), March 27, 2012

Liam Stacey, a student who mocked footballer Fabrice Muamba on Twitter after he collapsed during a match, was jailed today for inciting racial hatred.

Stacey, 21, provoked revulsion with comments made while the Bolton Wanderers star still lay on the pitch.

The 23-year-old midfielder was left fighting for his life after suffering a heart attack during an FA Cup tie on March 17.

Horrified fans watched live on TV as he fell to the ground during the quarter-final clash at Tottenham Hotspur.

Police were inundated with complaints as members of the public reported the student’s comments.

Stacey, a Swansea University biology undergraduate, was quickly tracked down and arrested.

Last week he admitted inciting racial hatred when he appeared briefly at Swansea Magistrates’ Court and today he was jailed for 56 days at the same court.

The first of Stacey’s messages began with “LOL (laugh out loud). **** Muamba. He’s dead!!!”

A number of people took him to task for his views and he responded with a further string of offensive comments aimed at other Twitter users.

Stacey was close to tears during his appearance before magistrates last week.

Muamba’s recovery since suffering a cardiac arrest 10 days ago has been described as “miraculous”.

He remains in intensive care in hospital where his condition is described as serious but stable.

Stacey broke down as he was taken away in handcuffs to a holding cell beneath Swansea Magistrates’ Court.

He was led past the public gallery, where he was briefly embraced by friends and his parents as he shook with emotion.

Moments earlier, District Judge John Charles told him: “In my view there is no alternative to an immediate prison sentence.”

He said that when Muamba collapsed, “it was not the football world who was praying for him . . .  everybody was praying for his life”.

He added that abusive remarks made to Stacey “via a social networking site were instigated as a result of vile and abhorrent comments made as a result of a young man who was fighting for his life”.

Fabrice Muamba and Liam Stacey

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  • There was an article on Taki Theodoracopulous’s website about Muamba.  It did not mention Liam Stacey, but after I read it, I realized one of the unspoken reasons why Stacey is being punished:  Because soccer is religion in England, and Muamba is therefore a god.  And Stacey was being blasphemous.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    This from the land that invented the modern concept of Free Speech.
    OK, Liam Staceys’ comments were perhaps not exactly Shakespeare. A bit chavish, maybe.
    But prison?!.
    There are offenders in the UK who get away with a lot less for a lot more; commit multiple burgalries and you get ‘community service’; say a few blunt words and you get sent to prison.
    For more

  • So Labour enacts policies which results in the flooding of England with millions of third world poor, uneducated and angry anti-whites that rape, murder and steal with impunity.  Little Liam Tweets an off hand comment and is sentenced to jail.  Remind me again What exactly were they fighting for in WW2??  Because from where I am sitting WE LOST.

    Also just consider the fact that if Muamba collapsed in his native africa he would be dead right now, only WHITE British medical technology saved his life…..

    • The_Bobster

      And they were worried that they would be occupied by blondes and forced to speak German?

  • IstvanIN

    He wasn’t executed?  Did the UK do away with the death penalty?  At least his life is ruined, although as a white 19 year old male in muslim occupied Britian that isn’t a very long sentence.

  • JackKrak

    Now we know why the UK gives comically short prison sentences for violent crimes – they need to make sure there is always space available for dangerous tweeters…..

  • KenelmDigby

    Americans must understand that there is absolutely no ‘right of free speech’ in Britain – there never has been either.
    I don’t condone what Liam Stacy tweeted – it was nasty and mean-spirited, but significantly it did not contain a single derogatory racial or colour reference whatsoever. In fact, the ‘freedom’ to make horrible and disparaging remarks and wishes about people you don’t particularly care for as long as you don’t incite murder or violence, has been traditionally thought of as a ‘freedom’ since ‘time immemorial’. Comedians hurl personal abuse at selected targets non stop, as do cartoonists. If Margaret Thatcher died publically of a heart attack, twitter would be glowing red-hot with lefties extolling their joy and wishing Thatcher a speedy descent into Hell – rest assured none of those (who will be counted in millions), would be arrested and incarcerated.
     Just how wise and prescient was that great author George Orwell.

  • blindsticks

     Compare  the Lian Stacey  travesty to this:

      The judge in this  case  (though not  reported here) said it would not be in the public’s  interest to jail these women. 

      Abuse At Care Home But No Jail

    Two women employed at Dormers Wells Lodge Care home in Southall have been found guilty of abusing elderly residents but have escaped jail sentences.
    Pargash Sahota, 57, and Sonika Limbu, 26, were convicted at the same court at an earlier hearing. Kulwinder Ahir, 34, was acquitted of two counts with a third to remain on file.
    The court heard that Dormers Wells Lodge is a privately owned 45 bed care home for the elderly, where the residents have varying levels of physical capability and/or a degree of dementia, from early stage to severe.

    Police launched an investigation after another care worker at the home, Slawomira Kowalkowska, attended Southall police station in September to report abuse of residents by fellow care workers at the home. She worked at the home between May and September 2010.
    Her responsibilities included personal care (washing, dressing & toileting) feeding and assisting with meals, and assisting residents get about the home if they struggled with mobility. When she started working at DWL she found the staff friendly and kind, but once she had settledin she noticed that the treatment of the residents by some carers was rough and at times actually constituted an assault. She also noticed neglect and psychological abuse.
    She provided police with approx. 60 video clips of the abuse which she had recorded on a hidden camera. She also provided commentary on each clip and provided details of incidents she had witnessed off camera.

    The defendants were arrested in November 2010 for Ill-Treatment/Neglect of a Person Lacking Capacity at Southall Police Station and interviewed.
    All three denied the allegations against them and were bailed pending further enquiries.
    They were subsequently charged on Thursday, 7 July 2011 with a total of 10 offences.
    Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Ryan, Metropolitan Police Ealing Borough, officer in charge of the investigation said: “The actions of these women was despicable. Vulnerable, elderly patients who were incapable of defending themselves were subjected to appalling abuse whenthey should have been treated with care and compassion.
    “I would like to commend the actions of Miss Kowalkowska for bringing this abuse to our attention. The MPS is committed to using our expertise and professionalism to bring cases such as this to court.
    “I hope that these convictions and sentences will bring a degree of justice to the victims and their families.”Pargash Sahota, 57 (10/6/54) of Darwin Drive, Southall was charged with five offences under Section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. She was convicted of four counts. She was sentenced a 12-month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work.
    Sonika Limbu, 26 (24/12/85) of Webbs Road, Hayes, was charged with three offences under Section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act. She was convicted of three counts. She was sentenced a 12-month community order with 150 hours of unpaid work.
    Ahir Kulwinder, 34 (3/01/78) of Twickenham was charged with three offences under Section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act. She was acquitted of two counts with the third to remain on file.
    9th March 2012