Posted on March 22, 2012

FAU Student Interviewed About Trayvon Martin Before Meltdown

CBS 12, March 21, 2012

We now know that 24-year-old Jonatha Carr was fired up about the case of Trayvon Martin when she had her violent outburst during an evolution class at Florida Atlantic University.

Martin is the young central Florida teen who was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. That volunteer has not been charged in the teen’s death and Carr calls that an extreme injustice. While we can’t say that’s what caused her outburst at FAU Tuesday, we do know she was interviewed about the case the night before.

Carr was completely out of control in her evolution class Tuesday morning, cursing at her professor, hitting fellow students, and being hauled out of the class against her will.

But the night before she seemed totally in control. She was interviewed by a Miami TV station about the bus trip she was organizing to the rally for Trayvon Martin.

“He was killed in a such a way that struck a nerve with my family and I,” Carr said during the interview.

Carr said that when she was growing up her brothers were often questioned in their Broward County community even though they were doing nothing wrong, just like Trayvon Martin.


Fast forward 16 hours later and Carr is placed in the back of an FAU patrol car. According to the police report Carr “suddenly began yelling at her instructor and class saying things like, ‘white people suck, Jewish people who think the world is theirs which it is not, I will kill you’ . . . .Carr kept going on about killing people.”

Carr struck a fellow student across his head before she was taken out of the room by FAU employees. Refusing to calm down and attacking the officers, she was handcuffed. But according to the police report, “she aggressively resisted being placed in the police car by lying on the ground and stiffening her body.”

Eventually authorities had to use a stun gun to get her inside the car and bring her to the South County Mental Health Center for mental evaluation. {snip}