Developers of Islamic School at Camden Retreat as Real Estate Agents Put Site Up for Sale Again

Vikki Campion, Daily Telegraph (Sydney), March 12, 2012

What was to be a school for 1200 Islamic students is now being advertised as a “renovator’s dream”.

The developers behind the ill-fated Islamic school at Camden appear to be retreating from the suburb after thousands of residents mounted a campaign against it.

Bringelly real estate agents are spruiking the site as a “superb 15 acres” with a Victorian cottage featuring large veranda, three big bedrooms, two bathrooms, three fireplaces and high ceilings.

It has been listed for $1.69 million after a fruitless three-year campaign for an Islamic school—a battle lost in council and the courts.

Opponents waged a text message campaign, decapitated pigs’ heads were erected at the site and extremist protest websites appeared accusing Islam of propagating “horrific warlike child abusing values”.

The Quranic Society Dar Tahfez El-Quran bought the block for $1.38 million in 2005 and lodged a development application for a combined primary and high school. Camden Council refused it in 2008. The society went to the Land and Environment Court where, in 2009, Commissioner Graham Brown refused it.

Mr Brown found it was not suitable for the “rural character of the locality” and that the proposal “detracts from the (area’s) rural character”.

During the case, residents from the town, calling themselves “Camdenites”, pleaded with the court to take their fears seriously.

In a submission, Camden’s local heads of Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian and the Evangelical Sisters of Mary churches said: “‘Islam is not simply a private religion. It is driven by a powerful political agenda, it is an ideology with a plan for world domination.”

The Land and Environment Court rejected the claims against religion being made in the “public interest” and said they were “given no weight in the consideration of the development application as they are irrelevant considerations”.

At the time, Quranic Society spokesman Jeremy Bingham said it was disappointed with the result.

“The commissioner found against the school on one very specific and limited ground which was that the school was urban in character and therefore not in keeping with the existing rural character of the area,” he said.

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  • anarchyst

    Islam is a political system masquerading as a “religion”.  The word “islam” means “submission”, NOT “peace”.

    • Sonya610

      Yes true. Islam means submission to God.

  • Sonya610

    These articles have an obvious political agenda and I dare say it isn’t about saving Europe from the “evil” Muslims. The agenda serves those outside of Europe.

    Anyone that takes an interest in God would realize this is political propaganda.

    • Of course.  Muslims don’t ever do anything wrong, they’re perfect angels.  It’s all the fault of the…

      …Five, six, even, eight…


      If “The Joooooooos” are all provoking us to hate Muslims, then why do most organized Jewish groups and a majority of Jewish politicians and quasi-politicians (at least in the United States) support Shari’ah Law?  Why are the ADL and SPLC on the anti-“Islamophobia” high horse?

      Spare me.

      • razorrare

        Exactly…why did the jews support(muslim) Obama’s presidency in 2008, and will again support him in 2012 even though he has proven to be a good freind of the ‘muslim Bruthahood'(Egypt-Libya)…its not a jewish problem we have to deal with,its not even a racial problem..its an IDEOLOGY problem.Elite Globalists seeking One World Govt by any means necessary to achieve their ends,including the use of multi-culturalism to achieve it,by telling us all that all cultures are equal,through the operandi of  msm media. 

  • razorrare

    On a side note–other “jewish” orgs like the JDL have in the past been very active (violently)in resisting the spread of Islam..

  • Mel

    It is good news.

    Today on my daily lunch time walk I picked up a flyer for a real estate agency called “Ethnic Real Estate” with the picture of a muslim woman wearing a hijab.  The flyer was calling for sellers and stated ‘Discounted Commission Applies’.

    The web address is

    There are a number of things about this flyer that intrigued me.  One was the hypocrisy – imagine if someone opened up a real estate walled WASP Real Estate or Anglo Real Estate.  

    Also, I wondered if this was a move to make the area I live in a muslim area, it is mainly white. The area I’m living in is getting increasingly multicultural.  I am nervous. On other sites I’ve heard how home owners get visits from people pressuring them to sell, and when they don’t the harassment starts. 

    The mainstream media doesn’t report on this but I’ve heard accounts from Australia, Europe etc., so people can’t be lying about this across the world. The stories are all similar, just the level of viciousness is different. 

  • JackKrak

    I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the good people of Sydney come to regret their decision when the see the wonderful diversity and cultural enrichment they missed out on!!!

  • Anan7

    What people should really do is look at Muslim immigration policies.  We Whites are much more tolerant of them than they are of us.

    I think mass deportation of Muslims would be a great solution, it would be much milder than what they would do to us.  If they get angry about it, point to the immigration policies of countries like Mexico or Bahrain.

    The September 11th hijackers (supposedly anyway, very few really know what happened that day) were very angry about the presence of Whitey in Saudi Arabia after the 1991 Gulf War.

    • Mel

      In our society tolerance has been raised to this level where it is holy.  I have noticed as well how intolerant a lot of ethnic groups are towards whites.  They blame their hostility on white racism but I’ve been feeling more and more that they are intolerant and bigoted themselves, knowing it is wrong they point the finger at us as the cause.

      Also, I feel that we are almost forced to be naive.  Right from being young children if you question the intentions of people you are smacked down and fed some politically correct hyper tolerant explanation.  

  • Dirk_Pitt

    Not seen this reported in uk press