Controversial ‘White Advocates’ Group Holds Conference in Middle Tennessee

WSMV (Nashville), March 16, 2012

A Middle Tennessee state park is hosting a conference this weekend that’s sure to pique interest and may inflame some tempers.

It’s called the “American Renaissance” conference, connected to the magazine of the same name. Those taking part call themselves, “white advocates,” others say they’re downright racist.

The group calls it an academic conference where professors, activists, and writers will discuss controversial topics like race and intelligence even racial brain shape.

We talked with the editor of American Renaissance on Friday at the first day of his conference in Dickson County. He says their message is misunderstood.


Regardless of how you feel about their message, they will be talking about it loud and clear this weekend to about 150 supporters from around the country who have paid to be a part of this weekend long conference right here in Middle Tennessee.


[Editor’s Note: Be sure to watch the video of this report here.]

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  • DelmarJackson

    Any time they get your name right it is simply Good advertising.

    I learned about the existence of Numbersusa and from smears of them in my local paper by the Southern poverty Lie Center.  The people that want to put their foot on your throat for wanting white people to have advocates the way other ethnicities do for their group will still hate you after the news report, those that never haerd of you and think white people should have advocates too may go to AR and start reading you every day. Looks like you won that one.

    • I found this group and others from the SPLC web site. So, you are right.

      • Alexandra1973

        Hey, free advertising!

    • I made the same point about this piece elsewhere. The average white viewer could wonder what the fuss could possibly be, about and perhaps investigate AmRen for themselves.

  • Hirschibold

    The point has to be made, first and foremost, that the conference happened. That is a victory for us. Your average reader will be able to parse through the slander and will investigate for themselves. And our numbers will increase.

  • StivD

    That actually seems to be a evenhanded report compared to most. They just reported without adding little subtle zings.

  • The anti-defamation league has called American Renaissance a white supremacist journal that blames the decline of American society on integrationist social policies.

    That’s from the original piece.

    They forgot to capitalize the “A,” the “D” and the “L,” so look for WSMI to land on the ADL’s “anti-Semitic” hit list.  Otherwise, neither the ADL nor WSMI can do the five seconds of research to figure out that AR no longer publishes dead tree and ink.

    That reminds me that the SPLC had it as “BREAKING NEWS~!” that Sam Francis died.  Three months after he did.

    • If “integrationist social policies ” aren’t to blame, than what is to blame?

  • Ronald Jolly

    ” We talked with the editor of American Renaissance on Friday at the first day of his conference in Dickson County. He says their message is misunderstood.”But, there are plenty of people who aren’t buying it. Critics like the chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party says American Renaissance is nothing more than a racist group.”

    The irony here is that, before the Democrat party turned against the White people, the Democrat  party was every much as pro-White as our Republican party “friends” are today. 


  • Millions of Americans wish them the best for their conference.  I wish I could go.

    • JohnEngelman

      I wish I could have gone. 

  • Minorities and groups representing their racial interests operate with impunity, and in fact are celebrated at every turn. So much so, they are given government money to assist with their “outreach and advocacy efforts.”  A small group of Whites get together to discuss issues affecting our race and it suddenly becomes “controversial.” This characterization confirms the open hostility against Whites and our efforts to advocate on behalf of our racial interests as a group.

    If La Raza or similar group were demonized in the MSM as we have been for simply holding a conference, it would be WWIII!

  • So glad to see that AmRen actually got to hold their conference this year, after leftist racial troublemakers managed to sabotage it twice in the past few years. Let the liberals rant and rave; we finally got our say this time!

  • Alexandra1973

    At least the comments are encouraging so far.

  • Kay

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  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I urge and implore everyone to go to the comment line of the article and let your voice be heard.

    It’s far past time for us not to stand up to bullying and lying by the msm.


  • Shawn_thefemale

     See Wayne Leon Engle’s comment below

  • bluegrass91

    The Alt-Right world needs to grow, and to grow it needs to simplify and cut the fat.  When we’re a substantial force in the nation in the coming decades, it must be a clear and conciliatory message.  Ethnic European whites are no easier a group to consolidate into one force than East Asians are, and so steps must be taken to consolidate power more so than trying to consolidate ideologies. 

    We represent the Ethnic interests of people’s of European descent.  This should be rule number 1, considered first in all actions and policies.  Antisemitism, questions of genetic difference, miscegenation, and other topics prone to white-knight fanatical death spirals take 2nd place, and always 2nd place. 

    So remember this, even when time seems dark and our movement looks like David against Goliath. Remember that the constant mental suppression and propaganda fog the mainstream uses to enshroud Whites of this world has one glaring weakness:  it require whites to run it.  The decadency and ease of western civilization blinding us to our future despairs?  Fear not, for as Whites retreat as the majority, so to will their ability to uphold these enjoyable but sedating apparatuses: well-stocked groceries stores, indoor plumbing, 1000+ banal television stations, and white-guilt University departments.  

    Black and Hispanic America could never uphold these things.  Asians could, but we know they won’t share it with the first two like we so gladly have.

    As the West deteriorates, our message gets stronger.  Our job should be to make that deterioration as minimal as possible in order to elicit changes of thought, accomplished by enlightening whites on what causes that decay in the first place.

  • blight14

    What in the world was ‘controversial’?????? What a massively biased title……alas, no surprises……

  • blight14

     I won’t say what I’d LIKE to say about the ADL………

  • blight14

    Granted, it wasn’t a hard debate…..its like cheering that we noticed the Emperor had no clothes……lol………

  • blight14

     ”Weissberg argued that any movement that is explicitly based on white racial
    identity is “dead on arrival,” and must be repackaged in order to win
    successful recognition”
    Oh really? No thank you!

  • blight14

     More than once…..

  • Carney3

    At least they let Taylor have his say, and all the opponents had in response was name calling.

  • refocus

    It is only the advocates for the survival and security of The White Race that believe in and espouse the doctrine of Live and Let Live.

    All other races, sects and ethnicities, as well as the White Race traitors do everything in their power to murder whitey.

    These facts demonstrate the moral superiority of The White Race.

  • JohnEngelman

    I also wish I knew Mandarin and Canonize. 

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Google ‘learn Mandarin’, and ‘learn Cantonese’.
      You’re bound to find something.

  • Alan scott

     In 2012 America a White advocacy group is “controversial” but outright racial supremacist groups that preach hatred like La Raza, (the race!) the nation of islam, etc are not. They are “celebrated” and funded by the very people they wish to destroy.

     Thirty years ago this would have been unthinkable. America’s former radicals have become the Establishment they worked so hard to bring down, and they aren’t shy about forcing us to think just like them. (The goal of all commies-and that includes the unwitting commies who comprise the majority on the left.)

    Don’t blame the Establishment media or our Gramscian education institutions. Both were previously all-American, but now they’re just tools. Tools that the “progressives” use to indoctrinate the public. They aren’t really “a force unto themselves.”

     Political correctness and most other leftist doctrines started out as cynical KGB  psy-ops used to manipulate the disaffected members of  American society (hippies, Blacks, etc,) but they have taken on a life of their own. Most people are completely ignorant of the Marxist origins of  political correctness, open borders, multi-culturalism, critical race theory, etc–even the fools who champion those atrocities!

     Ironically, the Soviets never even believed their own nonsense. All they cared about was weakening America from within. The insidious people knew that their empty slogans would be effective but NOBODY could have known how powerful they would become in their own right.

     Our current President was elected on a platform of empty slogans by voters motivated by mindless political correctness and blatant racism. A man who is not only the most unqualified and incompetent President in American history, but the most openly Marxist and racist. Racist  against Whites-despite the fact that the hate filled weakling is more than half White. We live in an age were the our own President is the biggest threat the nation faces, and ordinary citizens are supposed to believe  an American Renaissance conference is a threat?

     Which brings us to the present absurdity of a White advocacy conference and why it’s even necessary. Tell me again who won the Cold War?

  • anarchyst

    Lyndon Johnson once remarked that “if his “Great Society” programs were enacted, he would have the n*****s voting democratic for the next hundred years”.

  • bluegrass91

     I agree that eventual independence is looking like an inevitability.  I doubt the U.S. will exist like something similar to its original form in the future, and I’ve come to realize that such a scenario is not necessarily a bad thing. 

    But that’s very, very far in the future at the moment.  Life is simply too good, the nation is still stable, and our Balkanization hasn’t become apparent to the masses yet.  If we want eventual independence, what will we need in the first place?  Clearly not a group of veteran internet commenters who constantly argue over Judaism’s role, or whether we should enshrine or dispel Nazi sympathizers.
    We need a varied alliance of members (who sometimes hold non-compatible views) but whom all cooperate under an overriding yet somewhat vague interest.  Look at the Republican party: our truly worst enemy.  Demographically, its practically the white-man’s party, full of individuals who should have fallen in with our lot years ago.  Instead, they’re made to run in circles arguing over social issues and such while the non-white people’s flood the nation in increasing numbers.

    “The “right” to deny a black from entering my restaurant?  That’s gone
    too.  The “right” to send my First Grader to a school with no blacks? 
    Not in a public system under the Department of re-Education we can’t. 
    The right to all-white colleges?   Nope.  Lost that one too at bayonet

    Oh no doubt we’ve lost ground, as the forty years since the 60’s has been a venerable operation Barbarossa for multiculturalist expansion.  That doesn’t mean the fight is totally done yet: everyday in things like education, zoning, and affirmative action whites fight for whites implicitly while trying to hold the charade of being racist free.  It is through the eventual legitimization and blank admittance of the racial component of these battles in the future that White consciousness will grow.

  • frederickdixon

    Jews have made themselves an integral part of the white American mainstream, so its only natural that you should align yourselves with the racial interests of your white fellow countrymen. I know that this has not always been so, and that Jews have tended to see themselves as an exotic minority with a duty to act as advocates for other minorities – in their own interests that has to change.  

  • frederickdixon

    But read the comments which did get through, the great majority are strongly supportive of Amren and the remaining two or three gave qualified support. As most of the commenters were probably local Tennesseans rather than Amren regulars it suggests that the ground is beginning to shift.

  • This is why when I heard the news that the SPLC suffered because of the Madoff fraud, I wasn’t sad.  Petard hoisted own, AFAIC.  The SPLC (and the rest of the paranoia-industrial complex) scammed its way into the purses and wallets of elderly well-to-do Jews with all its fantastic notions of Hitler conspiracy theories. 

    As the great philosopher RATT said, what goes around comes around:

  • The Overton Window, i.e. the range of “permissible” opinions.

  • Isn’t it strange how any groups that claim to advocate for whites are immediately labeled as “racist,” while that moniker is never (at least by the left and the media) hung around the neck of a group like the NAACP. it fits, I guess, with the far-left propaganda that only white people can ever be racist…