Posted on March 19, 2012

Controversial ‘White Advocates’ Group Holds Conference in Middle Tennessee

WSMV (Nashville), March 16, 2012

A Middle Tennessee state park is hosting a conference this weekend that’s sure to pique interest and may inflame some tempers.

It’s called the “American Renaissance” conference, connected to the magazine of the same name. Those taking part call themselves, “white advocates,” others say they’re downright racist.

The group calls it an academic conference where professors, activists, and writers will discuss controversial topics like race and intelligence even racial brain shape.

We talked with the editor of American Renaissance on Friday at the first day of his conference in Dickson County. He says their message is misunderstood.


Regardless of how you feel about their message, they will be talking about it loud and clear this weekend to about 150 supporters from around the country who have paid to be a part of this weekend long conference right here in Middle Tennessee.


[Editor’s Note: Be sure to watch the video of this report here.]