Women Attack Camera Crew Filming at Todd River

Allyson Horn, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, February 9, 2012

The camera crew, from Sydney production company Cordell Jigsaw, was filming part of a documentary for ABC2.

With them was Sydney Daily Telegraph columnist and documentary host Joe Hildebrand.

Hildebrand says the crew was filming a segment for the documentary, to be titled Dumb, Drunk and Racist, near the Todd Riverwhen they were accosted by two Aboriginal women.

Police say the crew was filming near the dry river bed about 6.30pm when the women became abusive and started throwing rocks at them.

The crew fled to a nearby hotel and took refuge in a baggage storage room.

Police say the women followed them into the hotel.

Hotel staff say the women tried to break in to the baggage room using planks of wood.

Hildebrand says he did not know they were followed and that another scuffle broke out in the hotel lobby.

“We had no idea, we were blissfully unaware that anything was happening,” he said.

“We didn’t realise that we’d been followed to the hotel – we just got out of there.”

Tripod leg ‘torn off’

Hildebrand says a leg from a camera tripod was torn off.

Hotel staff allege a female receptionist was hit over the head with the tripod leg before the women turned their attention to the reception area.

They say computers, a printer, an EFTPOS machine and other equipment were damaged in the attack.

Police say the women also stole some beer from the hotel fridge and ran away.

Women alleged to have attacked film camera crew

Two aboriginal women wrecking the hotel lobby.

Hotel manager Ron Tynne says he believes the film crew took footage of the Aboriginal people without their permission.

He says the camera crew should not have been filming people in the Todd River bed, a notorious local drinking area.

The hotel manager says two receptionists were attacked and one was taken to Alice Springs Hospital with head injuries.

The film crew left Alice Springs for Sydney this afternoon.

Cordell Jigsaw executive producer Nick Murray says it is unlikely the camera crew filmed the attackers.

“I am not even sure we have got these people on film, so if there is some suggestion we were filming these people and that’s why they got upset, that is a surprise to me,” he said.

“Our guys were filming the actual five of our participants (in the documentary) walking along the street.

“We were not filming the people in the Todd River.”

Mr Murray says the ferocity of the attack was surprising and some gear had been lost.

“I am trying to get a report on what’s missing and what we’ve been able to recover from the street,” he said.

“But one of our tripods was broken, one of the legs was broken off.

“It is a very strong piece of equipment.

“It was surprising that it could have been broken like that.”

Hotel staff will receive trauma counselling.

[Editor’s Note: Needless to say, “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” is supposed to be a film about whites, not aborigines.]


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  • Anonymous

    I bet they would’ve been quietly relieved to have seen a white Australian racist coming to help them. A big, ‘dumb’ so-called Aussie redneck between them and the women. 

  • Anonymous

    The irony of this is just too funny. Perhaps a re-naming of the documentary is in order. 

    “Dumb, Black and Violent” should be more appropriate here.

    I wonder if they will mention their little run-in with these woman in their documentary…?  HA! Somehow I think… not.

    • Anonymous

      “Dumb, Black and Violent” would be more appropriate here.

      They could also avoid repeating themselves and just call it “Black.”

  • SStephens

    “Dumb, Drunk and Racist”?  You mean theyre actually making a documentary about black on white racism?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Probably an anti-white film about Aussies oppressing the peaceful, nonviolent abos.

      Which means the filmmakers will learn absolutely nothing from this experience.

  • Anonymous

    When you think of Australia you normally think of rugged masculine individualists but unfortunately Australia has very similar hysterical left wing politics that Great Britain enjoys.

  • Anonymous

    Typical that self-loathing white filmmakers looking for any excuse to put their mark on the dragging of their race through the mud would run like hell from a bunch of women.  Two displays of cowardice in one day!

    Good thing the British Army wasn’t made up of filmmakers. What a bunch of yellowbellies.  I would have hit these two winners with a rolled up newspaper and had a hell of a good laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I feel for you. We in the States aren’t quite as bad as the UK but we’re well on our way. It seems the only thing slowing the takeover of leftist authoritarianism is our Constitution and Bill of Rights. One more leftist judge on the supreme court would take care of that. Unfortunately, it looks increasingly like Obama will be re-elected since our Republican candidates are pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      The United States is worse, not better. The USA will be the first white country outside Africa that’s destroyed. The USA’s free speech right is worthless because of the USA’s ideology that corporations can do whatever they want. Which means no pressure on the media to tell the truth, and thus very little actual free speech in practice.

  • Anonymous

    Australian aborigines are the least intelligent humans on earth. Sub-Saharan Africans have higher IQs. My anthropologist friend lived in Australia for some time and was just blown away by their bizarre thought processes and backwards culture. He even told me that among the anthropologists he studied with, it was widely accepted that abos are inherently inferior. They lack brain capacity and ability. They are the most blatant example that the races are not equal.

    • Anonymous

      Traditional Aborigines can’t count up to 7. The only reason they can count up to 4 is by saying “two two” (that means addition, they’re nowhere near smart enough to understand multiplication). 5 is “three two” and 6 is “three three”. After that, they get stuck.

      The only exception are the Kaurna people of Adelaide. They could count all the way up to ten, but only for counting the babies they were popping out. To their credit, the (mostly white) descendents of the Kaurna people have since invented a Kaurna counting system all the way up to infinity (but only for integers greater than zero). The Kaurna were the least technologically sophisticated Aborigines though. I don’t think they ever worked out how to carve wood.

      Aboriginal languages lack other basic concepts. For example there is no word for “or”.

      Their stupidity isn’t entirely genetic though. Research shows that Aboriginal contact with white people can make a large difference to their intelligence level. Unfortunately, the environments they create for themselves (even when they live amongst white people) keep their IQs way down. Many of them have serious brain damage from “drugs” such as petrol, glue, paint, and of course alcohol.

      Aborigines don’t hold the record for the lowest counting ability though. There is a tribe of South American indians who can’t count up to 1. The highest number they have a word for is zero (well, I’m guessing they have a word for none, I haven’t verified that they do though). They don’t have words for any colours either. I forgot the name of the tribe though. Which reminds me, central australian Aborigines didn’t have a word for blue (because nothing in central Australia was blue, except the sky).

      • AnalogMan

         I had to laugh at ” they’re nowhere near smart enough to understand multiplication”; because they literally aren’t.  When first discovered by White men, they still hadn’t figured out the connection between sex and pregnancy.

  • Anonymous

    “Trauma counseling”?  Did they just spend a year in Afghanistan? 

    Sissies.  Cowards. 

  • Anonymous

    I disagree that the Aboriginal remnant can speak English and use western medicine. Many of them can’t and won’t. Even the ones that can’t speak their own languages often can’t speak English either, even when they’re sober.

  • Anonymous

    You’re wrong.

    Firstly, neanderthalDNA, Aborigines have Neandertal DNA. And Denisovan
    DNA too. Enough to be recognisable just by looking at them (unfortunately, all the figures are behind a paywall, does anyone have access the the Aboriginal DNA study?). They also
    have different hair, different legs, and other obvious differences.

    There are big differences in personality. Aborigines are not cheerful or
    talkative. They are quiet and reserved (but no less violent).
    Aborigines get depressed. Aborigines commit suicide.

    And Aborigines are not as smart.

    Different races ARE different. And Aborigines should not be lumped in with African Negros, when they are the two genetically most different races in the world. The similarities come from similar environments, and the fact that intelligence isn’t really the evolutionary advantage we think it is, except in places with harsh winters.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry about the line spacing. Something went wrong with cutting and pasting that comment after it failed to submit the first time.

  • Anonymous

    I love the irony so much! It is so ironic that I was beginning to wonder whether the documentary really was about Aborigines. Aborigines are the dumbest, the drunkest, and the most racist people in the world. And not just racist against white people, they hate everyone, and will happily say so, and kill people, out of racism.

    I hope the makers of this “documentary” continue to face this kind of incident until they wake up and change their tune.

    Unfortunately, dumbness and racism (not the anti-white kind) are strongly associated in the minds of Australians due to the unfortunate set of politicians who spoke (a little bit) openly about race. Pauline Hanson, for example, was a stupid fool who contantly embarasses herself. Australia really needs a Jared Taylor.

  • Hunter Morrow

    My guess is that this was going to be something bashing Whites. You know, the White Australians who went from debt slavery and exile on a barren wasteland and had it a top 10 developed nation in under 200 years. Yeah, those Dumb, Drunk Racists. It was going to be a little bit of Bash Whitey for the state controlled media until the true Dumb, Drunk Racists, Aborigines, showed up and started to bash literally!

    The mean score, right at 50/50, for an Aborigine is in the low 60s. THE 60s!  Accepting some idea of evolution, an Aborigine is human intellectually, but only just barely. A White with an IQ in the 60s would not be classified as merely dumb. That person would correctly be classified as severely mentally handicapped.

  • Anonymous

    Poetic Justice-Priceless

  • I met with some Aboriginals near Alice Springs.  Follow this link for a couple of photos:


    That, or been the first to call the cops on the rescuer for a hate crime.

  • I thought all the Nazi’s went to Argentina but there’s clearly a lively network in Oz.

    • kc

      The only Nazis who went to Argentina were those who didn’t know how to use apostrophes.