47 Alleged Paedophiles, All Muslim Men, in Liverpool Crown Court

Mike Whitby, British National Party, February 8, 2012

The rally in Liverpool on Monday was hugely successful and a big thank you goes out to all those who took the time and expense to be there. People came from far and wide to express their anger at the establishment imposed media blackout on this massive issue.

Strangely, these alleged paedophiles were shipped in from other parts of the country. The real reason for this is unclear but it is rather bizarre, considering some of the offences were committed as far afield as Rochdale, Burnley and Bolton.

This is the first time in British history that forty seven (47) alleged paedophiles have been in court together. This is THE biggest news story in Britain since the Yorkshire Ripper. And yet, for months the news and front pages have been dominated by a ridiculous argument about what names two overpaid footballers allegedly said to each other on a football pitch.

But, the REAL NEWS that innocent little children are being repeatedly raped by gangs of evil paedophiles, especially in the North of England, goes unreported.

So why hasn’t it been front page news for twelve months? Where are all the investigative journalists?

The answer to this conundrum is that ALL of the defendants (the accused) are Muslim males, and ALL of the victims were little white girls, under the age of sixteen, and very often as young as 10, 11, 12 and 13 years of age.

Do you think the media would have kept this quiet, if these 47 alleged paedophiles had been white?

Of course not.

The media was there yesterday, and their mantra was “It wouldn’t be right to report on this yet, as nobody has been convicted. These 47 Muslims are only alleged to be guilty.” My answer to this was “Neither has John Terry been convicted of any charge, but you people have hung drawn and quartered him already and forced him out of his job. Why treat Muslims or other foreigners better than English people?”

If the establishment let this particular cat out of the bag, their lies about a so-called “multi-cultural dream” would be well and truly dead.

The questions that need to be asked are;

Q: How would I feel if MY daughter had been molested, drugged and raped by paedophiles?
Q: How would I feel if MY grand-daughter had been repeatedly raped by gangs of men?
Q: How would I feel if my niece had been coerced, threatened and blackmailed into sex acts with adults?

Every last one of us should read these words and IMAGINE that it is OUR DAUGHTER, OUR GRAND-DAUGHTER, OR OUR NIECE, and think about it carefully.

Your child may have had her life destroyed by these evil perverts; she may be hooked on drugs; she may be so traumatised that she has gone from being a happy-go-lucky innocent child, into a cowed, drugged, defiled and terrified young woman. Worse still, your child may have gone to an early grave, as 14 year old Charlene Downes did. Your whole family may spend the rest of their lives traumatised by these shocking experiences. How would YOU feel about this?

I have no doubt that the media will say that those of us that were there to draw attention to this case, are ‘extremists’ and ‘trouble makers’. But, the truth is getting out and soon every British person will be aware of what is happening to our children.

Around 150 demonstrators in total gathered in the area to show their sheer disgust at the entire situation. Whilst some were present at the demonstration others were out and about in Liverpool City Centre handing out leaflets to members of the public who were blissfully unaware that there were Muslim ‘men’ accused of gang rape on trial in their City, due to a media blackout.

This was a joint patriotic issue, and it involved people from several patriotic groups, including the British National Party, North West Infidels, Combined Ex Forces and the English Defence League.

Our Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP was almost incarcerated for warning about the issue of Muslim grooming gangs. If only the authorities had listened to him, the Muslims in Liverpool may not be on trial as they would have been aware that this behaviour is not in line with our culture, traditions and values.

The media chooses to accuse us patriots of being the bad guys, but those people who are ‘awake’ know that this demonisation of British patriots, by the anti-white, anti-British media, is a pack of lies.

We in the British National Party understand that not all Muslims are paedophiles and we realise that this type of behaviour is present in all races and religions but what concerns us is that the men on trial in the Crown Court are following the example of their prophet Mohammed.

The Koran teaches that the Infidels (us) are not worthy of respect and that we must be conquered at all costs. Unfortunately for some of our children this cost is the suffering they experience at the hands of gang rapists who believe that it is totally acceptable to groom, drug and rape at will.

Things would be very different were the British National Party in power. If these men were found guilty of gang raping our children under our government they would face the death penalty.

This video below, an interview between Adam Walker and Nick Griffin MEP was filmed on the day:

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  • Anonymous

    This shows the true nature and intent of the culture wars. The parade of Anti-Catholic hysteria that morphed into general Anti-Christian hysteria was driven by a media machine that was mum when the Mesiriyah scandal broke in Brooklyn, and many Rabbis were not only charged with child molestation, but Israeli citizens began issuing death threats against parents bringing up charges on behalf of their children.

    And now this. But what do you expect? Google “Paedophilia in the Koran” and you will see that the religion’s primary avatar, Mohammed, had a six-year old bride. Mr Griffin wins +1 internets from me today.

    • Anonymous

       …..”Israeli citizens began issuing death threats against parents bringing up charges on behalf of their children.”

      You must prove this ridiculous accusation.  I remember the Jewish scandal in Brooklyn.  It was in the news.  The perps were arrested and I assume tried.  Meanwhile, the widespread abuse of children by Priests was covered up for years and has been ongoing for decades, and in multiple nations.  In addition, the Catholics ran a school in Ireland for “wayward” girls that was little more than a slave camp for young women, where they were abused in many ways, by nuns and other parties.  The problems of the Catholic Church and the tendencies of sexual problems among protestant Christians, ministers and evangelists are numerous, continuous and so widespread that I have had the opportunity to witness them in person myself as a doctor that practiced 25 years in various locations.

      • Anonymous

        First off, the Mesiriyah scandal was in NYC, so whether or not it was quantatatively as large as the Catholic scandal (it wasn’t) it did in fact happen in New York, which means that the New York Times had to go out of their way to avoid in depth reporting on the scandal (they did).

        If you look up the “Agudath Israeli” organization which has a headquarters in New York, you will see that Jews are prohibited from going to civilian authorities without having first the express approval of Orthodox rabbis.


        Dr. Kevin Macdonald has also written a piece that mentions the intimidation aspect which you doubted, if you will only go to theoccidentalobserver.net and /or contact Dr. Macdonald for the details.

      • .


        A quick Google produces many results including those from Jewish sources making it quite clear that orthodox jews are operating a parallel justice system and often use threats, intimidation and discrimination to prevent members from reporting crimes to secular authorities. http://goo.gl/pfVhK

        I saw no mention of Israeli citizens threatening Brooklyn parents but
        rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg claims he received death threats for operating a child molestation hotline to report abusive rabbis. http://goo.gl/ellNS

        You’re right, however, that such things tend to happen in other groups as well. But it usually only happens to this extent in closed and/or heirarchical communities such as orthodox jews, fundamentalist mormons or priests where the members are isolated and the leaders have a lot of power over them. In such cases, what you see is leaders abusing members of their own groups. That’s very different from what we’re seeing with the moslems who target members of other groups.

      • Thanks Formerly…, I’ve been studying up on the subject of “religious” abuse of children under the charge of so-called church leaders.  I was raised a Catholic and refused to be an altar boy and the nuns were so pissed.  I quit the so-called church and went on my own search at 13.  I’m Christian but refuse to join any so-called denomination as they are for the most part ignorant of anything Biblical and most are interested in their own welfare and or their sex organs.
        There are a few good Christian Churches out there but they get little or no recognition. 

  • Anonymous

    Ah, the evils of Islam. You know, we non-Islamic kafirs (infidels) are sub-human to muslims. According to sharia law, we can be killed at will and muslims suffer no penalty under sharia law. Our women and children can be raped and the muslims suffer no penalty under sharia law. Somehow the liberal elite want the citizenry to live under the rules. I suppose they somehow see themselves not subject to sharia. The news for them is, they will be the first to go and will be heard from nevermore. People, it is up to us to save ourselves from a fate worth than death. Surely, we do not want to live as slaves, subservient to the muslim hordes.

  • Anonymous

    This case in Liverpool is only the tip of the iceberg. Muslim grooming of young White girls has been reported in the more reputable papers for years. The TV MSM has been largely silent on this issue.

    In my home city, which is not far from Liverpool, there has been cases of Asian resturaunt owners, taxi drivers, grooming white girls for sex. Everybody in this city knows it.

    White girls are seen as more decadent and promiscuous than Asian girls. White girls are not Muslim, and are therefore ‘Infidel Dhimmi’ to these Islamic predators. White girls are also perceived as more beautiful – a perception shared by most non-White males (and I agree – White girls ARE more beautiful).

    I wish that I was rich, like Rupert Murdoch. I could buy, or set up, a media company – then I would bloody well make sure that EVERYBODY in Britain knew about the widespread rape and abuse of our women and girls. I’m not rich, though.

    So, here is my poor-man’s-wishful-thinking solution to the widespread rape and abuse of young British White women and girls at the hands of these brown skinned ‘EXPLETIVE’:


    To any feminists viewers of Amren: I would make White-on-White rape and sexual mollestation  a chemical-castration plus prison term offence. Some sexual offences are more serious than others, and that includes these mohammedans sexually abusing our girls.

    I want a revolution. I want these sand-people out of my Country. Damn them. 

    • Anonymous

      No word of a lie, loyalwhitebriton, but believe-you-me, the political class that runs Britain would much rather run me or you out of the country, or even kill us, whilst keeping and protecting the Pakistanis.

    • Aspar

      …I am not rich…

      There is always the Net, where you can publish for a minimal fee…

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you can publish on the internet for a minimal fee. But unless you had considerable funds to advertise what you write, you will never reach the same kind of mass audience that the MSM can reach every day.

    • Anonymous

      They are not Asians.

      • Anonymous

        In the US, the term Asian refers to East Asians – Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese etc.
        In the UK, the term Asian refers to South Asians – Pakstani, Indians, Bangladeshi etc.

        See Amren post Feb 7th “I Don’t Know Why They Chose Me..”, with the comments beneath.

  • Space4jan

    Media cover-up like that of the current “greatest murder trial in British history” [!] of a huge gang of black youths who got off their bikes and chased their victim in public view into London’s Victoria Station where he was stabbed to death with knives allegedly bought that day for the occasion.  See if you can track the proceedings anywhere in the UK press.

    Other snippets:
    (1) “A deaf girl of 10 was trafficked into the UK, repeatedly raped, kept in a cellar and treated as a virtual slave for almost a decade, a court heard today.  The orphaned youngster from Pakistan, who is profoundly deaf and has no speech, was brought into the UK…past the UK Border Agency…. She was however taught to write her signature – so her name could be used to claim benefits, it is alleged.” -PA/Huffington Post, Feb 9.
    (2) “Comments posted below a YouTube video of an Alawite tank commander captured by the Free Syrian Army [!] proposed that he should be sodomised before being ritually slaughtered as an ‘infidel animal’.” – The Economist, Feb 11.
    (3) “A gang of al-Qa’ida inspired terrorists who plotted attacks in the UK, including a bomb at the London Stock Exchange, received jail sentences totalling almost a century yesterday at Woolwich Crown Court.” – The Independent, Feb 10.

    Just like us?

    • Anonymous

      I remember that case.
      The victim was a young north African arab.Apparently he was stabbed to death with knives from a kitchen knife block, specially purchased from the Argos* catalogue only hours before, apparently it was one knife apiece!
      Probably the first case of murder by Argos catalogue in history.

      Mass market, British general goods dealer, sells by means of a catalogue (kept in every British home), with goods being kept at distribution centers all over the country.

  • Anonymous

    This is just terrible and should not be happening. But I have to ask the question…. Where are the parents of these young girls? Maybe I’m just one of those over protective, nosy mothers but I know where my 16 year old daughter is at all times, I know who her friends are and their parents, and keep in touch with her constantly via cell phone if she is away from home for any length of time. I stick my nose in to every aspect of her life, because it’s my job to protect and guide her. I guess I’m just having a hard time understanding how this can go on at such massive levels and the parents not know or intervene. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, there has been a total media black-out of this case in the UK.
    If you don’t read nationalist websites, then you’d never never know about it.

    It’s a very common trend and pattern across the UK in areas heavily colonised by Pakistanis, particularly Yorkshire and Lancashire.
     Due to the precepts of their religion and their customs (first cousin marriages are the norm), Pakistani men in Britain, in order to obtain sexual satisfaction, have adopted a widespread strategy of cultivating young English women and girls as prostitutes by various blandishments such as paying cash, distributing drugs etc, whilst all the while keping their own women pure, virginal and untouched.
     General family and societal breakdown in the UK hasn’t helped.Due to the rise of feminism, ‘women’s rights’, no-fault divorce etc an enormous number of English children are raised by families headed by women.The fathers, who in a different age would have enforced discipline and protected the girls are simply absent.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I read about the BNP in the Guardian, or similar UK left wing screed. That hate war against the BNP in your media is baffling. The hateful, slanderous articles against the BNP are so obvious, they don’t even try to tone their language down. Any comments supporting the BNP are promptly removed, to create the illusion that everyone hates the BNP. The UK media hysterically attacks their own kind, and ferverntly protects foreign, racist criminals. That is so shameful and disgusting. I can understand disagreement, but I cannot understand  protecting black on white child rape. That amazes me. The US media is similar, but I believe the UK media is much worse. On rare occasion, in the US, Fox news or local news will air a black on white crime. Also, we’re still allowed to comment in some places. The UK media has completely fallen to the enemy…and they viciously hate whites. Good luck to the BNP, God bless them.

    • Anonymous

      Your assessment of our media is correct, especially the TV media – It’s ALL Liberal. You mention that Fox occasionally mentions Black-on-White crime – we don’t even get that. We have no equivalent of Fox – unfortunately. A few years back, Rupert Murdoch spoke about turning SKY News (as broadcast in the UK) into a sort of UK equivalent to FOX; however, he was rebuked by our OFCOM – Britain’s communications regulator. OFCOM said that such a move would breach OFCOM’s “Fairness and Impartiality” Doctrine. Though SKY is probably the most conservative UK Broadcaster – or at least as much as they can get away with it. Which is why I watch SKY.

      OFCOM, by the way, NEVER rebukes the BLATANT LEFT WING BIAS of the BBC!, or any of the other Liberal Broadcasters. EVER!. If you believe the BBC’s own propoganda, you would think it the “Most Respected Broadcaster In The World”. I don’t know what your American perspective is on the BBC, but let me tell you that the BBC is the most blatantly Left-Wing, Liberal, pro-Europe, pro-Muslim, pro-Immigration, Anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Conservative organisation on God’s sweet Earth. And we have to pay for the BBC out of a compulsory Lisence fee. Disgraceful. 

      • Anonymous

        I rarely read nor listen to BBC news, but they seem identical to CNN, MSNBC, and the other left wing media outlets. I don’t believe Foxnews is conservative, quite the opposite actually. Their anchor team and writers are full of liberals. They mildy criticise Obama, occasionally. I believe that’s why your OFCOM hysterically shouts down Fox as nazis. You’re not even allowed to question the liberal media. 

        I speak and read German fairly well. I occasionally read old East German news articles or watch old news clips on youtube. You would be horrified to see that these old communist newscasts mirror the liberal media in the West. There is almost no difference between communist propaganda and our “free” liberal media.

  • Anonymous

    Our Monarchy is Constitutionally prevented from criticising, at least in public, Government policies. Besides, Prince Charles is too busy promoting “Global Warming”, and talking to his plants!.  

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing you mean opposing global warming. You are the one promoting it. And it’s got nothing to do with the constitution, and everything to do with the Monarchy being ideologically indoctrinated, corrupt, and self-centered (much like the reasons why you try your best to destroy your own planet’s climate), rather than doing their job and representing their people.

      • Anonymous

        CO2 is heavier than Oxygen, thus it sinks to the ground. That’s good for us, because that’s where the plants are – which converts CO2 into Oxygen. That’s also why Earths atmosphere isn’t a dense fog of CO2, because it’s converted.

        Why would I try my best to destroy my own planet’s climate?. I have children.

        If you believe in “Global Warming”, there is nothing I can do for you. 

  • Anonymous

    I disagree.
    I doubt this phenomenom would have happened 50 or 60 years ago, if Pakistanis were present en masse on British soil then.
    In those days there was very little divorce or ‘single motherhood’.
    It was unquestioned that the father was ‘paterfamilias’ and had moral control over the wife and children.
     Basically, what’s happened since down is that ‘egalitarians’ have captured the law making establishment and destroyed any authority fathers and men in general ever had.
     The irony is that a pack of male from a different, alien culture saw this gap and swiftly moved in like predators.

  • Anonymous

    Under Article 61 of the Magna Carta (1215 AD)(the founding document of our common law), we have the right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel that we are being governed unjustly. This right has not been repealed; not by the Crown, nor by Parliament.

    This Law of Magna Carta was put in place as a recourse of action if and when the people are faced with a Parliamentary dictatorship, or a Sovereign trying to rule by divine right – which amounts to the same thing, ie, Tyranny.

    Do we not have a Parliamentary Dictatorship?. Do we not live under an Elected Dictatorship?.
    All those rules against free-speech?. ‘Hate-Crime’ legislation?.
    Flooding our Island with aliens whose language, religion, and culture is so different from our own – and this being done against the will of the majority?.
    Giving Police virtually unlimited power in the guise of various ‘Anti Terror’ Legislation?.

    To quote Winston Churchill (A History of The English Speaking Peoples – 1956) “The underlying idea of the soversignty of the law, long existent in feudal custom, was raised by it into a doctrine for the national state. And when in subsequent ages, the state, swollen with it’s own authority, has attempted to ride roughshod over the rights and liberties of the subject, it is to this doctrine (Magna Carta) that appeal has again and again been made, and never as yet, without success”

    What does Magna Carta stand for?. It stands for Freedom.
    Article 61 gives US, the British people, Sovereignty. The right, even moral duty, to act.
    We must realise it. We must USE it.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  • Anonymous

    How come the White British masses have never tried to do on to these corrupt, traitorous British royals what the French masses did to the French royals in the French Revolution? The French monarchy never enabled mass Pakistani rape of poor French girls like the idiot British royals are doing now.

    • Anonymous

      To answer your question and assertion:

      We have had Magna Carta since 1215 ad. This charter ensured, amongst other things: The presumption of innocense (if accused of a crime), The right to trial by a jury of one peers, Heabeous Corpus (protection from unlawful detention), and legally defined property rights.

      Magna Carta was/is unique to Britain. Nowhere else in Europe has anything like it. Even today in France, you are guilty until proven innocent. This is more or less the case across Europe.

      Not just the Magna Carta, there is also the English Bill if Rights 1689 – which affirmed, amongst other things, the right of every Englishman to keep and bear arms.

      We also have the oldest Democratic Institution in Europe, Parliament – which has been meeting regularly for over 700 years.

      My point is that, considering all of the above, and more, British people have always felt Free-er than European people – with more constraints placed upon the power of the monarchy. Therefore, we’ve never felt particularly compelled to do to our Monarchy what the French did to theirs. Besides, our “Idiot” Monarchy are not responsible for the mass influx of aliens into our Country, it’s our IDIOT PARLIAMENT.

      Hope that answers your question.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not arguing with much of the information that you have provided above. But the facts are:
    Prince Charles believes in man-made “Global Warming” (despite all of the evidence against), appears to be an admirer of Islam (He has spoken at Oxford on the ‘Positive’ contributions Islam has apparently made to the world – which are actually non-existent), treated Diana in the most shabby way imaginable, and is a Divorcee (and so is that other Divorcee he’s married to). He is not fit to be King.