Police: 3 Charged with Hate Crime After Video Shows Bullying of Autistic Teen

WFTV, February 14, 2012

Three suspects are charged with a hate crime after police in Palm Bay said they bullied an autistic teen and recorded it on camera.

In the video, the suspects taunted, used racial slurs, and chased the victim, 15-year-old Jacob Appel, for more than six minutes at a school bus stop. 


Now, Joelson Abel, Tyjuan English and Deon Glipsy are facing charges of aggravated stalking and hate crimes after English allegedly recorded the bus stop altercation and then a tussle on the bus.

Appel has Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of autism.

The video captures him running into traffic more than once to get away from the other teens. Appel came close to getting hit by a motorcycle and a second car after he ran out into this street and then through an intersection.

“He could have gotten hit by a car and lost his life, and these boys they don’t understand this,” said Appel’s mother, Teresa Appel.

Jacob Appel said he’s been bullied for weeks but it was the cellphone video which finally got authorities involved.

The teenagers can also be heard referring to Appel as a “cracker,” which police said made this a hate crime.

Police said Appel was struck by one of the students on the bus. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: The raw video of the incident is available here.]


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  • Sonya610

    I don’t see how they can call this a “hate crime”. I am not even sure it can be classified as a crime! The kid is engaging with them and repeatedly coming back to talk to them. They obviously were not trying to hurt him, in fact the worst threat was “we gonna show this video to everybody on the bus!” to taunt the kid.

    Immature not so nice behavior no doubt, but compared to the real hate crimes going on out there this is ridiculous. The boy’s mother simply needs to keep her son away from bad company.

    • Detroit_WASP

      You must be out of your mind.  Blacks hate whites for their white skin.  This is not as pronounced as adults.  But, I know from growing up with blacks that they are jealous of white skin and act out accordingly as “youths.”  I can remember young blacks constantly blaming all of their problems on whites.   

      Blacks believe their bottom soci-economic statuse is due to racism and every chance they get to administer a little street justice, they think they are getting even.  

      Most black on white crimes are hate crimes because blacks target whites just for being white.   Robbery, murder, assault.  Most are actually hate crimes.  

      • Sonya610

        No dear, I am not out of my mind. I did not see anything criminal in that video and if YOU saw a criminal act please point it out.

        • StivD

          I don’t really care if it was truly criminal or not. Turn-about is fair play, because blacks play with the law and twist things to their side, it’s time whites did the same to them. There is no reason to be too fair with people who are anything but.

        • Detroit_WASP

          Well, I disagree.  I have a feeling that all of your experience with blacks comes from watching re-runs of The Cosby Show on basic cable. 

          The news report said this was just part of an on-going pattern of hate against the white kid.  They were wrong.  This is just part of an on-going pattern of hate against all of white America.

          Flash mobs http://violentflashmobs.com/, black on white crime http://www.newnation.org/NNN-Black-on-White.html, and school yard bullying is all part of a pattern of hate and I am astonished that some people cannot connect the dots.

          • Sonya610

            Actually I am astonished that people feel the need to take minor incidents and magnify them into “hate crimes” when far far more serious incidents go on every day!

            You could not (apparently) answer the question regarding “what crime did you see committed in that video” so you just rant.  Sad.

            What crime was committed? Specifically…what CRIME was committed in that video? Can you answer a specific question?

        • Detroit_WASP

          They are harrassing, terrorizing and intimidating that white kid to the point that he will run out in traffic.  THAT is assault.  Hitting or touching is aggrivated assault if I remember correctly.    So they are guilty of assault… to answer your question.  And apparently the police agree because they arrested the black “youths”

          And again, this is apparently one of many assaults on this kid.  They are not necessarily being charged for what YOU SEE IN THE VIDEO.  There is other evidence, witnesses from other occasions. 

          If you still disagree with me….and the police, you and Al Sharpton should fly down there with your bull-horns and have a love-in for the “youths” who were probably just on their way to choir practice when the autistic white kid assaulted THEM. 

          I have a cure for you.  Move to an all black neighborhood for 1 year, take the bus to work, then you can speak intelligently on this issue.   Right now you are in left field.

          • 1gravity

             If I ran this board, which I don’t, I would strike Detroit WASP’s most recent response as substituting nasty innuendo for reasoned argument.  The assorted lefties who monitor this board must find these kinds of puerile exchanges reassuring.  We’re supposed to be better than that.

      • libertarian4339


        Truer words were never spoken.


        Let guess:  You’re on here to just to agitate the evil white supremacists, right?

        I mean,  nobody could be that lacking in wisdom.

    • Ashley

      I don’t think the race is the big problem here. This kid is autistic. If you knew anything about people with autism they are nice to everyone because they view everyone as innocent. So regardless of race, this is a hate crime. These three young boys knew what they were doing, yet you are trying to stand up for them.

  • Florida law defines a hate crime as an intentional act against a person
    or their property based on personal characteristics, including race,
    religion, sexual orientation, age and mental or physical disability.

    From the original article.  The “hate” rider might be on grounds of physical disability, not race.  The article doesn’t stipulate.  That’s how they’ll squirm out of telling the truth about race, by playing up the “autism” and the physical disability angle, when race was the real enmity, IMHO.

    • Sonya610

      The police spokesperson says it is about the racial overtones, I only heard one use of word “cracker” in the original video amongst much other jabbering by all parties involved. The way I see it they were picking on him a bit because he was obviously trying to fit in and talking a bit of smack himself; it was not very nice of the 3 boys but it wasn’t vicious or an attempt to actually hurt him.

      They were joking around with him because he said he wanted to fight in order to be initiated into the “Crips”, which apparently due to their many bus chats he believed they were a part of.

      • StivD

        They were at least taking advantage of him because they know he is odd and has a harder time defending himself. Autistic kids often don’t know exactly how to read people or react to them. They were just waiting for a chance to get him into a truly vulnerable situation and escalate from taunting to really hurting him. 

        • Sonya610

          He has Aspergers not autism. Yes, Aspergers does cause serious problems reading social signals.  Regardless he wanted to engage with them and they DID NOT HURT HIM.  Does anyone acknowledge the fact that they didn’t hurt him? NO.

          I am as racist as all get out but I do not need to, nor will not make things up to justify my positions. This was NOT a crime. It was NOT a hate crime.

          Now if it comes out that they had physically abused him in the past I will change my opinion. In the meantime he is LUCKY they were not being hurtful, and his MOTHER should see to it he doesn’t take the bus with questionable individuals anymore.

          This had been going on “for a while” and it wasn’t a problem UNTIL they carried out their threat and posted the video online. 

          • Sonya610

            MadameX I do not know the boy personally but I do know how to read an article.

            Appel has Asperger’s syndrome.

            Why would you ask such a question if you had read the article? Did you read the article? Was it confusing?

          • StivD

            The only difference between Aspergers and other forms of autism is by degree.

  • 1gravity

    These guys are your typical low life juvenile bullies, finding someone vulnerable and inflicting pain and discomfort for the fun of it.  One of them alludes to already being on probation.  I am as repelled by the black underclass as anyone on this board, but I don’t see this as racially motivated.  If it were racially motivated, they would have done a lot more than taunting; think kicking in the head while down, SOP for our disenfranchised “youts.”  My questions are: Why did it take posting the video to get help, and why are the police needed, at least at this stage?

  • So it’s a hate crime because he is White AND has a disability; that’s what I think. We know just being “only” a White victim is never enough.

  • It was a hate crime. I hae no idea what Sonya610 is talking about. It seems that it is never a hate crime when blacks make racial slurs to whites, but let whites do that, oh my goodness. A white doesn’t even have to make a racial comment and he can be charged with a hate crime. However, who commits the majority of crime?? Blacks and hispanics. White women get into trouble if they defend themselves from black sex criminals, and about 98% of the sex crimes are committed by blacks. This just goes to sow you that blacks are nothing but animals, and should be put out of their missoury.

  • ViktorNN

    A hate crime against a white committed by blacks!

    Waiting for the SPLC to report it…….


    Oh never mind.

  • The_Bobster

    How old are these “teenagers”?

    • Yes they look like fully grown males. They rae sooooo ugly! I cant ftahom the ugliness of these creatures. Stupid,cruel,ugly,they got it all! Every dumb fat white womans dream!!

  • “Why is a fight between teenagers called a ‘hate crime’?”

    Why do apologists call a three on one cowardly beating a “fight”?  It’s not a fight you lying scum.  It’s aggravated assault!!!

  • Anan7

    “Hate crimes” should not exist because punish thought.

    Book them for assault, battery, stalking, or whatever nonsense these miscreants were up to.  “Hate crimes” were MEANT to be anti-White.

    An ethnically separated society would have NONE of these problems!  We need to work on solving this problem rather than complaining about it!

    The first step is education.

  • Hirschibold

    This reminds me of that terrible racist incident in Jena Lousiana, where a racist white teen had the audacity to be beaten unconscious by his black victims.  Now, the racism continues, with this autistic white youth using the lure of his handicap to make harassing him irresistible to these poor impressionable black teens.

  • libertarian4339

    Note that the newsman raises the questions as to why they were charged with a hate crime, because the incident was a “fight.”   Three on one is a fight to the liberal press, but only if it involves 3 blacks and a white.  The other way around would be denounced by them as a hate mob attack without any further explanation.

    Note also that they had to give a definitive explanation of why they charged these blacks with a hate crime even though they used racial slurs during the attack as if that wasn’t enough for hate crime charges.

    Like a lot of people, I’m surprised they regarded this as a hate crime.  Usually if the victim is white they refuse to press hate crime charges.

    • Sonya610

      Three on one?  It wasn’t even “one on one”. What video did you watch?

      • sbuffalonative

        Three suspects are charged with a hate crime after police in Palm Bay said they bullied an autistic teen and recorded it on camera.

        In the video, the suspects taunted, used racial slurs, and chased the victim, 15-year-old Jacob Appel, for more than six minutes at a school bus stop. 

        Frankly, I don’t understand your position.

        Do you consider what these boys did as being normal and friendly?

      • Djinn42

        “Now, Joelson Abel, Tyjuan English and Deon Glipsy are facing charges of
        aggravated stalking and hate crimes after English allegedly recorded the
        bus stop altercation and then a tussle on the bus.”


        Apparently there is a second video on a bus that there is no link to where he was assaulted.

  • JackKrak

    Damn. There goes their shot at an Ivy League scholarship & judge clerkship

  • William_JD

    What crime was committed? Specifically…what CRIME was committed in that video? Can you answer a specific question?

    Assault, presumably.  One of the Black kids told the other to hit him.  But I agree that it’s a stretch. 

    The victim’s name suggests that he may be part of a group with a lot of political pull, and that may be why there’s a hate-crime charge here.

  • Commenter

    “He could have gotten hit by a car and lost his life, and these boys
    they don’t understand this,” said Appel’s mother, Teresa Appel.

    Of course they understood it woman. For goodness’ sake don’t you understand anything? It would have transported them with primitive joy to kill your son. Wake up.

    Does she think she could explain the seriousness of the situation to these animals and they would be ashamed and contrite? Really?

  • It has been a while, but
    as I recall, the legal definition of
    assault is creating in the mind of another that a harmful or offensive touching
    is imminent. Actually touching or “physically harming” someone is not required
    to meet the legal burden of assault. Creating fear or apprehension that a
    harmful touching is about to occur will suffice. The fact that the racial slur
    “cracker” was used during the commission of the assault triggers the
    hate crime enhancement.

    In this case, even a first
    year law student could make compelling argument that the legal definition of
    assault was satisfied, evidenced by the fact the kid ran into the street to
    escape what he must have believed was an imminent, harmful touching. Most
    people would not endanger themselves by running into traffic unless they
    reasonably believed a harmful or offensive touching was imminent.

     I have no doubt that if the situation were
    reversed and we had three White kids assaulting a black kid with Aspergers,
    they would also be charged with a hate crime.

  • Commenter

     You are awake. Good. Stay that way. And teach your children well. Best wishes.

  • Blacks racially attack whites not just cause of their different race but because of the legacy of slavery.  Also there is a jealous factor; the negro race is a inferior race (except sports). 

  • i forgot to mention;  always their personal failures/neglects  is “whiteys fault.”  Ill share you a true story.  their was one at work who, having bought a used ;lemon’ minvan’ w 130k miles from a white guy, blamed the VAN as rayciss!  Why, this van broke down every 3-500 miles, or something major repair was needed!

  • .

    From what I saw on the tape it looks like this is being blown out of proportion. But the police spokeswoman said there had been more incidents including punching him in the face. So I’ll with hold judgement until all the facts are in.

  • It’s just another example of blacks acting like blacks. I’m sick of them. If I could push a button to make this disappear, I would push it twice.