Occupy DC Plans Mayhem for Major Conservative Conference

Lachlan Markay, The Foundry, February 7, 2012

The “Occupy DC” protest group is planning to disrupt the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference using a range of potentially illegal tactics that could even include violence against participants, Scribe has learned.

The planned disruptions at CPAC come only days after U.S. Park Police raided Occupiers’ tent cities at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., confiscating a number of tents, and prohibiting Occupiers from camping out there any longer.

During a Thursday meeting at McPherson Square, until Saturday the epicenter of the protests, Occupiers brainstormed tactics for shutting down or disrupting the conference, according to a source who was present at the meeting.

The protesters suggested pulling fire alarms in the hotel where the conference will take place, screaming “fire” during conference activities, “glitter-bombing” participants, cutting electrical power, and barricading entrances to the hotel, according to the source, who requested anonymity.

“Speakers will be physically assaulted, not just verbally confronted,” the source told Scribe in an email. Two Occupiers, who the source also identified as members of the New Black Panther Party, “said they would be disappointed if they didn’t get arrested and planned to ‘make it count.’”


CPAC is the largest annual gathering of conservatives. {snip}

Occupy DC’s initial follow-up planning session for CPAC fell off the radar after the tent city at McPherson was dismantled on Saturday, but the group agreed on Monday to move ahead with its CPAC “action plan.”



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  • CPAC:  About as useful as a teat on a bull.  It took me one microsecond to reach that conclusion once the ACU told the Council of Conservative Citizens that it was no longer welcome.  Each year, CPAC gets more and more left wing, or at least not conservative, or if it is conservative, it’s “conservative” in a way I don’t find pleasing.

    I was able to watch a little bit today, and I landed on a panel discussion about foreign policy.  Someone on the panel said that if Iran gets a nuke, then Turkey will get one, and “we just can’t have that.”  I mean, what the freak?  Weren’t some of these same people sucking up to Turkey just a few years ago and demanding that the EU admit Turkey?

    Occutards vs the PCPAC — I don’t have a dog in the race.

    • Isn’t Peter Brimelow of V-DARE fame supposed to give a speech at CPAC this year??  I would say that is a step in the RIGHT direction……

      • He has, and Al Sharpton is fuming for it.  News One for Black AmeriKa is also upset.  Ironic, because Brimelow and V-Dare have taken the party line that we can and should pander to blacks to get them as allies on the immigration issue.

        • And then they took Paul Kersey on as a contributor…. showed how serious they were about that whole bit.

      • Anonymous


        Peter Brimelow And ProEnglish At CPAC Today at 12:30–“The Failure Of Multiculturalism: How The Pursuit Of Diversity Is Weakening The American Identity”
        By James Fulford on February 9, 2012 at 11:34am

        Peter Brimelow is going to be one of the speakers at a Pro-English Breakout session. He’ll speak on the Canadian experience of bilingualism.

        • A fairly safe topic… but the man himself is so marked, it scarcely matters. They might as well have had David Duke (or even Tom Metzger) speak.  That such a thing is real boggles my mind quite seriously.

    • Anonymous

      You have a strange obsession with foreign policy.  I too detest poorly-run wars run by leaders who’ve never seen combat, sending overly-represented young white men to die for some corrupt muslim leader.  But CPAC’s problems comes from its underreliance on issues that matter most to the conservation of the republic and American culture–namely immigration, language, and social issues.  That, and the nonsensical egalitarianism which believes kids from Harlem would turn into Einsteins if it weren’t for the teacher’s unions.

      • I just fail to see what that dialogue I watched had to do with modern day doctrinaire conservatism.  And the case could be made that CPAC’s obsession with foreign policy and its, as you put it, “underreliance on issues that matter most to the conservation of the republic” are linked.  Why would the “conservative” archons of a global “democracy project” care about preserving the American republic or the features of the people that founded it and made it a superpower?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I’m not for the wars we engage in but this is LESS IMPORTANT to the issues more close to home–immigration and the loss of culture.  At the very least, CPAC is like us–conservative and white with traditional American Judeo-Christian morality.  I just wish AmRen style conservatives could make more of a dent with mainstream cons. 

        • Well, I would say foreign policy is the only area where conservatives are “traditional”. I mean that in the sense of maintaining the policies that have been in place for a long while,  based on the responsabilities America took on during the Cold War. In the eyes of the Founders, we should have shifted our policies in line with changing trends: in the eyes of modern “conservatives”, we must “stay the course” no matter how irrelevant it has become (or, in the case of places like Korea, always was).

  • Oil Can Harry

    The New Black Panther Party should instead “Occupy” a phone booth.

    They could pull it off considering how few members they have. 

  • Steven Bannister

    Good. I hope a bunch of black radicals DO attack the CPAC. Maybe it will wake them up….

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, but egalitarians will find a way to blame it on white liberals instead of black criminals.  Instead of wishing violence on a natural ally, we should recognize this moment as further proof of diversity’s horrors.  Anti-white racists, of which the black panthers and hard-left OWS groups are; cannot stand anything near traditionalism–including mainsteam conservative values.

  • When will conservatives be given protected status, so this sort of aggression could be tried as hate crime? 
    I was only barely able to type that with a straight face.

  • I hope this happens.  

    White Sympathizers should be made to “feel” what they allowed for.  If you can’t admit, Segregation is Key or at the very least, White must Rule at all Times, you should be allowed to have the opportunity to find out what it means to not have those things.

  • SStephens

    If the tables were turned and this were the Klan threatening violence at a Liberal conference it would be the lead story on the CBS evening news.  Not to mention the police forces that would be staffed at said conference.

  • When we’ve been whittled down to the last white man on earth, I imagine he’ll still be held accountable for the unhappiness of everyone else.

    • No, he will still be in charge and ruling everyone else.

      • Marcy Fleming

        That’s right, Yamar and make sure your very stupid people always remember this !

      •  I never said he wouldn’t still be in charge, bozo.

  • When will the liberals learn that their rowdy protests attracts media that, in turn, gives $ millions in free publicity to their ‘victims’?

    Conservative strategists should make it a point to attract protestors, then notify the media that the ‘troublemakers’ will be on hand.

  • Good!! Conservatives have it coming.

  • CPAC note:  Calista Gingrich introduced her husband.  On the one hand, she would be America’s First Harlot.  On the other hand, it’s probably the first time in history that the National Enquirer requested press credentials to CPAC.

  • CPAC Update:  Andrew Breitbart just called Tim Wise a “punk” from the podium.  He’s not my favorite person in the world as of late, and I know a lot of you are suspicious of him for one reason or another, but this deserves a gold star.

  • I murmured something foreseeing this not too long ago to my cousin, when he asked me what I thought “Occupy Wall Street” represented. I told him that the Occupation was the first step towards the mobilizing of political mobs.  The Occupiers are are the reincarnation of the  “popularist” mobs of Publius Clodius Pulcher, a Roman patrician nobleman of the gens ‘Claudia’ who arranged to be adopted by a lower-class family and subsequently changed his name to the more “plebeian-sounding” ‘Clodius’. He commandeered a temple to organize violent street gangs to wage war on the streets of Rome. He eventually fell in combat against the mobs of his arch-rival Milo: for a funeral service, his mob stormed the Roman Senate House and so made the whole building his pyre.

    I predict that this is the type of thing we will eventually see… plebeian mobs (non-whites and leftist whites, lead by liberal White ‘elites’) in the street doing battle with patrician-supporting Optimate mobs (which will be, like the Tea Party, nearly all White). “Optimate” today simply means “White”, especially native-borns: it does not have any suggestion of large wealth and is in fact primarily middle-class. It is those who loved the Republic when it was born, and who desire to still love it as they did.

    Get your clubs and gas-masks ready: our streets will look worse then those of Hellas before long.

    • jeffaral

      “Lead by liberal White elites” ??!!   Surely you mean those “Whites”  like Trotsky, Lenin…….

      • Oh of course Jews will be prominent, but so will there be prominent non-Jews. Men like the younger Hoffa.

  • CPAC has had its good points, and in fact, as I write this, the audience booed some open borders spokesmouth who called for more legal immigrant visas.  That person was followed by Kris Kobach, who did a fair job in rebuking that nonsense.  (Not a perfect job, though, because he didn’t use Jupiter’s trademark phrase “native born white Americans.”)

    And, CPAC has made the right enemies in the Occutard bunch.

    But to show you how CPAC is still a useless endeavor — Someone I follow on Twitter RTed someone else yesterday afternoon who said that hew as at CPAC, and used his metallic Star of David to pop a Ron Paul balloon.  I looked at that person’s timeline and found out that he is (or claims to be) a Christian, not Jewish.

    I replied to that person, saying this:

    “Please, do the world a big favor, and stop breathing.  Now.”

  • jeffaral

    Are not these conservatives the neocons and the Israel firsters?   If so, I am on that with the New Black Panthers!