Giants Linebacker Greg Jones Proposes to Girlfriend on Field Moments After Super Bowl Victory

Rachel Quigley, Daily Mail (London), February 7, 2012

One celebration obviously wasn’t enough for New York Giants linebacker Greg Jones on Sunday night.

During the on-field celebrations right after his team won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, he got down on bended knee and proposed to his girlfriend Amanda Piechowski amid the confetti and the rapturous screaming and cheering from fans.

His girlfriend, who he refers to as Mandy, said yes and immediately started crying.

Speaking to the New jersey Star-Ledger, he said: ’She was bawling. I was like, “I don’t know how long she’s going to keep crying”.

‘She definitely knows how I feel. A speech wasn’t even needed.

‘Just everything we’ve been through together. She’s been here since day one and she knew me long before everything else.’

He said if his team had lost, he would have proposed another time.

The pair met three years ago at Michigan State but only started dating a year ago.

Miss Piechowski is a former Spartans basketball player and model.

The joyous moment—captured on camera—was reminiscent of Boise State’s Ian Johnson getting engaged after the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago.

Jones, a sixth-round pick, began the season as a starter on defense and has been a contributor on special teams.


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  • Anonymous

    *sigh* I just hope she knows what she is getting in to, especially if there are children in her future which I’m sure there will be.

    I can remember walking into my son’s orientation last fall to meet his new teacher. I had both my kids with me, and when the teacher turned around to introduce herself, one of the first comments she made after introducing my kids to her was how much we all looked alike. In other words, anyone could tell those were MY children. Not so will it be with Mandy here should she choose to have children with this guy. I wonder if girls like her ever think about that? If anyone can post me a picture of a bi racial child that looks like the White parent, I’d like to see it because I never have. Ever.

    • Anonymous

      Funny point you make. Considering all the effort a woman puts in to having a child (pregnancy, nursing, diapers, potty training and on and on) why in heavens name would you want to condemn yourself to having a child that in all likely hood will never look at all like you or in all probability will never be as smart as you. Makes no sense. Rather like building a house with termite infested lumber.

      • Anonymous

         Not only will the child not look anything like you or be as smart as you they also won’t identify with you at all and might even *hate* you. How many half-breeds identify with their white parents? Why would they?

        Notice how the first black president (nobody ever mentions that he’s not 100% black, this would be incorrect according to Mendelian genetics anyway) wrote an entire book about the father who abandoned him. What has he ever done for his mother or her family?

        • Anonymous

          “Notice how the first black president”He is not a black President.
          As you say he is 50/50 white/black
          Therefore he is a Mulatto President

        • Anonymous

          Besides throwing them under the bus for being “typical White people”?

    • Anonymous

      I believe this is one of the BEST arguments we can present to modern women against miscegeneation! Most unenlightened folks are just not going to really appreciate the genetic angle these days. But this image – of children who just look nothing like you, simply has to give at least some women pause. Look at several high-profile types like Kate Goslin or more recently, Heidi Klum. These women are both saddled with a brood that look nothing like themselves – indeed, they look completely alien from them and their own families. How can this NOT bother most people?

      • To Heinrich and Everybody else:
         There’s something i want to know, why can’t they have the freedom to be with each other? It’s there private life and none of our concern. You talk about freedom of association, well let them have their liberty.  The final thing i’m going to say on this topic, if you don’t like race mixing then don’t participate. Thanks!!

        • Anonymous

          Well of course they have the freedom to be with each other, and no one here suggested otherwise. If Mandy wants to marry this guy and produce children that will not look a thing like her, that is certainly HER prerogative. I just genuinely wondered if  people like her think about the consequences of such a union. 

          *I* don’t approve of race mixing and never would, and I have also been very up front with my own children on how I feel about it, explaining the problems and consequences, and what’s at stake…. and that is MY prerogative.

        • Anonymous

           Simply said.  But the issue isn’t so simple.  If race mixing had remained a private thing and not promoted for the past 50 years with unrelenting pressure on white women to accept black men as replacements to the horrid, hated, white male, it might not be a public issue.  But it is.  And the final thing I will say to you is that IF they wanted a private life, he should have proposed in private.

          If you think you are living in a free country, you have another thing coming.  If we can have laws on the books to assist destroying the white race, than we could (and once did) have laws forbidding interracial marriages.  It’s a matter of critical mass.  Once we allowed too many non-whites to have power, those states with anti-miscegenation laws came under pressure.  Now whites are struggling for survival in those same states, less than half a century later!

          I know that it has been declared that racists are low IQ whites, but I see you cannot spell or use grammar properly.

          • To Whiteplight:
            You say i can’t spell or use grammar properly. Well, tell me ” great
            linguist”, where was my misuse of grammar in my last post? I’m
            very interested in your expertise. Thanks!!

        • Anonymous


    • Actually your President Barak Hussein Obama – looks quite like his mother Ann Dunham. Infact when I saw a pretty photo of Dunham when she was young, the face, the eyes, jawline and especially chin ( except the skin complexion and hair texture) bore a close resemblance to Pres. Obama. Obama’s father ( BHO Sr.) on the contrary looks quite different.

  • When I read the headline I thought,”God,please dont let this be a white girl,God,please! Please dont shame and insult us again with some dopey white female crying for her knuckle-headed black prince. But…it was. How that sickens me. She picked an ugly specimen,with that grotesque hair a lot of them have now. Its just so horrible and ugly,and,no doubt,her parents are going along with this. They wpuldnt dare NOT. The only saving grace in this situation is that the girl appears to be large and a bit on the high-T side,a bit masculine.  If I was attracted to her–she seems to have a killer body–I would be a bit put off by her raw-boned appearance. One of their children–unless they decide NOT to have kids,you never know,they MAY– ill prob be one of those mullato athletes who will credit his dear,and proud! mom who helped him so much,as dear old daddy wasnt around much. (But he’ll forgive him! And dad will be so proud  too…)

  • Lets hope for a season ending injury in next years training camp. Or maybe a run-in with Ray Lewis!!

  • Hope…what? She doesnt shed any more tears? After that spitting-in-the-white-mans-face she just gave out(Imagine her politics!!)-I have no concern for her well-being. Leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been done before:

    I wonder how the BCL is doing today.

  • no white children.. that’s a big issue.  That’s why race mattes.

    Sorry, that’s truth.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, if you pay close attention, more and more women – White women – have joined men as sports fanatics. I don’t know exectly when this got started, but now, many White women are just as nuts about sports as any man!  Just another bizarre outgrowth of the modern age.  

    • That’s because fewer white women are into raising a family. 

      “Spectator sports” (an oxymoron IMO), on TV used to be dad’s (and perhaps some of his friends’), momentarily abandoning paternal responsibilities and moms covered for them for those few hours once in a blue moon. 

      Nowadays, watching sports, playing video games, and watching movies about fictional comic book characters are the “marks of a man.” 

      Too many white guys are too metrosexual to actually get out and play a sport, buy a gun and entering a IDPA match, or take up a martial art — but they LOVE to spend hundreds or thousands of hours a year doing those in video games….

      • Anonymous

        “Metrosexuals” are usually more fit than average and typically play some kind of sport. They do not usually get into guns though. Whites in general appear sedentary in their middle and older ages. Whenever I go places where I see the white working class, I see alot of obesity. I know other races have this condition, but I am only interested in the welfare of whites. Pour your cases of cheap wine and beer down the toilet. We can’t take our countries back if we are couch potatoes. 

  • I already noticed this story several days ago right after the super bowl and I’ve been talking about it in chat rooms.  When I first read the headline I knew it was a Black guy with a White girlfriend.  Sure enough, when I clicked on it I saw an ugly Gorilla with a pretty White girl with Aryan facial features and it made me sick.  The Black is ugly.  He does not look human.  He looks like a Gorilla.  This is a mentally ill young White woman dating an Ape.  And she thinks it’s normal, and the media is acting like it is normal.  This is sick!  It is an outrage!   Blacks are physically massive and are able to play sports like football.  Just like an Ape that is stronger than a human, the owners of football teams have acquired these Apes to play their ball games.   White men watch these ball games and act as if it is normal.  We are led to believe it is normal to have these animals in our society, and we are supposed to pretend these are human beings. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, LaKeisha, Oneeta, et al, it looks like you’ve been put down once again, only this time it’s on national t.v. 


    Well, here’s another black man selecting a white over a black.  Black females lost out again. Unmarried black women are so numerous now they are reaching crisis proportions.

    Is it because black women are so unattractive or is it because they have such offensive, overbearing personalities?

    Probably it’s because most all of them have both.

    Blacks complain incessantly and usually always erroneously about being put down by whites, but nobody puts blacks down as bad as other blacks.

    I wonder if she’ll cry before her divorce when she serves him the papers for infidelity and wife-beating, like the vast majority of other black/white pairings.

    • “Is it because black women are so unattractive….”

      The other day I was thinking about how many white guys are attracted to Asian gals because of their “exotic” looks. Even white guys who wouldn’t marry an Asian and white gals will admit that some of them are very attractive because of their “exotic” looks — different, yet somehow highly attractive. 

      Then I realized something: I’ve NEVER heard anyone ever say black gals were attractive because of their “exotic” looks. The only thing I’ve ever heard said about attractive black gals is they look like attractive white gals, but darker. 

      So, it seems that some Asian gals can be highly attractive to most whites w/o having to look like whites, but black gals are only attractive to most whites if they look a lot like whites.

      Just an interesting observation of mine. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hope it is the last tears she sheds.  She will be an example. Or more acurately another example.

  • Think about it, the MSM HAD to be in on this.  Apparently this was filmed LIVE right after the game ended in a sea of chaos.  So in a sea of confetti and screaming people the cameras just happened to be in PERFECT position to record this?? COME ON.  It’s not like hundreds of millions of people watch the superbowl anyway right?  Think of all the impressionable white women watching that spectacle and thinking, “oh my what a fantasy proposal”……….

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of professional athletes, might I turn your attention to Jeremy Lin? He is the first NBA player to graduate from Harvard in several decades. He holds a degree in Economics, and despite his success, he lives modestly; he is so frugal in fact that he has admitted he sleeps on a family member’s couch. As his star is rising his digs will no doubt improve, but he remains level headed. Now guess whether he is,

    A) African-American or
    B) Chinese American

    Just to give you a hint, he made it into college on his grades (he received no scholarship money). If you still don’t know the answer, here’s the link:

    • His 2011-2 salary?  $762k.  Second lowest on the team.  Meanwhile, the Knicks are paying a player $10.7 million this year who isn’t even on the Knicks, and in fact, isn’t even playing for his current team because he sustained a season-ending injury a week or so ago.

    • Anonymous

      But he’s here in the U.S.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but let’s call it the (much) lesser of two evils right now.

    • Update:  Their highest and second highest paid players, $32 million of salary this year between them, both black, of course, are hurt.  They were a losing team with $32m worth of player, a winning team with $762k.

      • Anonymous

        Another update. He just spanked the rapist Kobe in their engagement on the court last night.

  • When I was in high school I worked in a factory over one summer. I’ll never forget what a middle aged black guy told me one day. “White women are so stupid they actually believe what you tell them.” In the many years since then I’ve learned how true his statement was (for at least 2/3rds of white women). They “see what they believe”, not the other way around (“believe what they see”).

    Similarly, about the same time a buddy’s mom told both of us that women are fools until they’ve gotten married and had kids. Only then do see the way the world really works. 

    Put those two together “(single, childless + white) women” and you can see the necessity of good fathers in protect their daughters from their own foolishness and why a man used to have to get permission from the father before courting the daughter and before proposing. 

    Instead, nowadays, we happily send single daughters hundreds or thousands of miles away to college to fend for themselves (“be their own man”). Then we wonder why so many of them come back “damaged goods” and/or with the “chip” on their shoulders that Fred on Everything describes.

  • Anonymous

    Well, he does have pretty hair. Perfect for hunting humans in south american jungles.

    I think that it’s beautiful, tho.  After years of being held down by the institutional racism of white society, this man, this African American man, can find  for himself  a white princess and have beautiful bi-racial children.  This is the American dream.

    I am sure that they will live happily ever after, too. He will never beat her, or cheat on her, or torture the family dog, a pitbull named Attacka. The children won’t have identity issues.  Little Deshawn, Moniqua, and Bob will be perfectly well adjusted children.  They won’t despise father’s day like other blacks. And I am sure that they will fit in with the other kids, white or black. No internal struggle will go on inside of them.  After all, we are in post racial America.

    • Anonymous

      HUH???????…. “institutional racism”

      Your delusional…  you try to make up things that a blatantly false to pander to an audience….

  • I agree with you in the fact that people over estimate race mixing but as for white men with black girls…yes its just where you live. That’s very rare and in reality doesn’t effect our race as much as a white women with a black.

  • White men aren’t to blame for this at all. The media, the schools, the girls parenting or lack of, etc… but white men no way. Do you really think the only race mixing is between wealthy black sports players and white girls? This is the systems deliberate plan of multiculturalism.

    • Anonymous

      No, white men aren’t to blame.  

      White men are actually the intended targets of this behavior.  Most of these dippy white women do this to show white men  “they won’t be controlled!” They probably begin doing this to defy their fathers at first, then it applies to all men. Somehow they’re’ showing us all’. This is more about really sick radical feminist thought.

    • Anonymous

       Feminism and white women ARE largely to blame.  Obama’s mother is a good example of the type of feminist who consciously decided to refuse to birth a white child.  Feminism was preaching this in the 80s and 90s.  Young women now just accept that it’s cool to have non-whites kids to show everyone how cool and arrogant they are.

  • Piechowski sounds like a Jewish name.

  • Anonymous

    The latest example is Terrell Owens.  Says he can’t afford the four kids he has with four different women.  I think he had been ordered to give three of the women $20,000 a month.

  • Anonymous

    He got a ring,  she got one too.

    • She’ll get another two around her eyes soon enough

  • Anonymous

    My wife is constantly approached by black men when I am not around.  Her impossible to miss engagement ring and wedding ring do not deter them at all.  They tend to be easily deterred once rebuffed, though – preferring to play the numbers game and seek easier prey than to go through the effort of wooing or force.

    • Anonymous

       Her impossible to miss engagement ring and wedding ring  are probably what is attracting them, they are trying to figure out a way to steal it or where she lives so they can break in and steal it.

    • Anonymous

       The sad truth is that they have come to expect white women to be flattered when hit on, and the date an easy close, because they are usually being pursued by groups of white women when they go to “the club.”

  • Tim

    “In other words anyone could tell those were my children”… Reminds me of the time my `Ol Man wheeled himself out of sight on his weekly foray from the nursing home.  I stood in the middle of the store trying to eyeball as many lanes as possible. Two men walked up laughing and blurted out,  “He just passed the Pepto-Bismal and is headed toward the Rol-Aids…”

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else find it ironic that Robert Kardashian helped a black pro-athlete get off on a murder of a white woman….and now two of Robert’s daughters are mixed up with black pro-athletes???


    • Anonymous

      The joke’s on him. The beefy one isn’t his…..still likes spoonies though.

    • Anonymous

       I have the feeling that he thinks it’s just great.

      • Anonymous

         He doesn’t think anything. Not anything earthly anyway. Robert Kardashian died Sept. 30, 2003 at the age of 59.

  • R P

    If she played D-1 womens b-ball, I am willing to bet she has also “dated” black women.

    They’re both getting real “treats”.

  • ….disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    If this is the way it ends:

    “When vice prevails, the women of the family become unchaste; the corruption of the women leads to mixture of the varnas! Bhagavad-Gita 1:41When justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, then I come. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born in age after age. Bhagavad-Gita 4.7-8″If this is the way it ends..”  – Ode to a Dying PeopleSwedish Nationalist singer Saga

  • Frankly, I have a hard time trying to understand such a behavior. I get gold-digging; I get a sort of perverse sex; I get stupidity…. But, I can’t connect, in my mind, Blacks with romance & tears. I just can’t. Even something like OKCupid pointed to romance distorting emotional-mental lens of young white females:

    As for the interests of white women, you have romance novels, some
    country music, and a broad selection of Good Housekeeping type stuff.
    It’s also amazing the extent to which their list shows a pastoral or
    rural self-mythology: bonfires, boating, horseback riding, thunderstorms.
    I remind you that OkCupid’s user base is almost all in large cities,
    where to one degree or another, if you find yourself doing much of any
    of these things, civilization has come to an end.

    If I had to choose over-arching themes for white people’s lists, for men, I’d go with “frat house” and for women, “escapism.”

    What this all has to do with Mr. Jones- not a Byronic hero, nor a “hero” of a Victorian romance- this is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    At the risk of appearing “sexist” here goes . . .
    There were many reasons women were not allowed to vote, own property or sign contracts on their own.  Most of the reasons were invalid, unreasonable and just plain wrong. 
    However, when it comes to miscegenation, the restrictions on it were right.  
    How many times has a white woman been approached by a black man and made to feel guilty– “you won’t date me because I’m black” is a standard phrase used to evoke a “guilt complex” in (white) women.   This sometimes results in the (white) woman accepting a “date”.
    A woman’s nurturing and caring nature (which is a good thing) gets hijacked on the altar of “racism”.  One thing leads to another, the woman thinks” he’s not a bad guy” and miscenegation occurs.  The trials and tribulation of a black/white “relationship” quite often end up with the woman being beaten, abused, looked down upon by black relatives, and otherwise a miserable existence. 
    There are strong-willed (white) women out there that could take a lead in “educating” their peers.
    In my book, to women–“once you go black, we don’t want you back . . .”
    Women, what say you?

    • Anonymous

       “once you go black, we don’t want you back . . .”

      But many do come back.  I knew a number of them from the 70s on.  They were women who had naively been taken in and wanted back into a normal life with a normal white guy.  I recently saw that Chelsea woman on  some late night show, Leno I think.  One of the black band members were teasing her about dating black guys – as in “You know you do it, (and like it), and “Once you go black,….”  Known for not being very subtle she looked at him and said, “I did.  I ran back.  Who wants to deal with all that – junk!”

  •  I enjoy the  Fred Reed column very much. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is one of my favorite sites to skim through. Him marrying a Mexican woman in no way detracts from the truth he speaks. I do not agree with everything he says. However for the most part, Fred has a very clear picture as to the nature of modern society.

    I myself am married to a Middle Eastern (Lebansese/Egyptian Christian) woman. That does mean that I am not proud of my Euro-American roots. It also does not disqualify me from elaborating as to how I was treated by the African while attending high school on the south side of Chicago.

    We all have differnet experiences in life that play into our decision making process. I chose to marry a middle eastern woman based off of many things that I have experienced and witnessed in my own life.

    The truth is, there are a great deal of white woman in urban metropolitan areas that display outright hatred for the white male. That is not my opinion. That is a fact of life for anyone that has lived in your various Chicago’s, or your Cleveland’s, or your Philidelphia’s across the nation. As Euro-American men, our status goes up exponentially once we leave the western world. Our options are many. In fact I would venture to say, that on a global scale, we have far more options when it comes to choosing a mate than even the Euro-American  female has.  For the common white male who attends inner city city urban night clubs in New York, this may sound like a absurd statement.  It is not.

    Now, some detractors of the Euro-American male (Namely black men, and white women who hate white men) will say “they only want you for your citizenship”, or  “they just want you for your money”. To this I say bullsh*t. The only people who would make those aforementioned statements are those themselves who see no value in the Euro-American man  other than as a money machine etc.  I have many well educated white male friends who have wives of  different ethnic backrounds. One of My closest friends out here in Sydney Australia is a guy from Scotland who has a Iranian wife. His wife’s family is very wealthy. In fact I would estimate that in over 90% of the cases, the female comes from families of comparable wealth. You do get the occassional female from Malaysia or the Philippines etc that comes  from a family of far less material wealth than her Australian husband. However in my experiences, that is the minority of cases.

    Why do I say all this? Well, in a nutshell. I think that it is good thing that the Euro-American, Euro-Australian male is broadening his horizons for potential mates. It is a big world out there. Neither Fred Reed’s, nor any other male of European origin should be lambasted for dating, or marrying outside our race. Our men have been through enough the last 40 years. We beat up in Academia, portrayed as nothings in what should be our own media, and ridiculed, dehumanized, mocked, and shamed by “our own” woman. To confine our choice of potential mates to one race of women. A race of women mind you that have largely  been unmasked in the last 40 years. A  excercise in futility. 

    • Why was my post altered by a moderator to sound less cohesive. Words were taken out. And a word was added in.  I know this because I save  my postings and read them before I post. The two glaring examples in this posting are 1) I said ” We get ( the word get was removed by your moderator) beat up in Academia, portrayed as nothings in what should be our own
      media, (the word and was added by your moderator)  ridiculed, dehumanized, mocked, and shamed by our own”
      woman”. To confine our choice of potential mates to one race of women.

      your moderator took the second word out which was “get”. Therfor making that part of my statement sound similar to ebonics. 

      Then, you added the word “and ” where it should not have been.  The word “and”  was not, and should be before the word ridiculed.

      You may not like what I posted. However if you moderate, it is unethical to alter ones posting to make it appear as though it is unintelligible.

    • Anonymous

       Regardless of your argument, this site and our concern is saving the white race, not explaining how we have given up and joined in on our races’ extinction.  Nothing to celebrate there, mate.

      • It was just the principle of the thing. My statement was not moderated. The posting I posted, and the posting I saved were identical. The only difference between the two statements was two altered words. Nothing else was changed from my original posting.  That tells me that who ever moderated the post done so to simply make the statement appear less cohesive. By taking out the word “get” the sentence now reads “We beat up in academia”. That is not the  way I speak, nor write. Nor is that what my saved post in Microsoft word says. “We get beat up in Academia”. Not that big of a deal really. However it shows dishonesty on the parts of the moderators to intentionally distort a statement that they do not like. It would be better for them to just delete the post that they do not like as oppossed to altering them.

    • Anonymous

      Neither Fred Reed’s, nor any other male of European origin should be lambasted for dating, or marrying outside our race.


      There’s a name for such men: Losers. Too ugly, stupid or lazy to earn the respect of a White woman. So they settle for something less and give away their genetics forever.

  • Anonymous

     The woman who said that on Amren is Sonia.  I had a big argument with her because she was saying, more than once, that white guys only want to play commuter games.  I have seen enough to know that white guys are so marginalized in so many ways that they end up retreating to that virtual world where they can have some freedom.

    What young guy today can see any gain in marrying one of these post feminist (third wave feminist) products that want everything handed to them because they are women, but also want a man to take care of them – and will sue the s$!^ out of you if you don’t deliver.  Young men today have little incentive to get involved with society.  Sonia and others complaining about this refuse to self examine and examine the fruits of their hypocritical feminist views, unable to realize that young men just want to stay away from them.

  • Anonymous

    Not in my far-left state. But you’re wrong about “normally resorts to force.” Sure the black male crime rate is astronomical compared to other groups, but if resorting to force were the NORM she’d already have been attacked long ago.

  • Anonymous

    I will take bets that in about 5 years, she will sue for divorce after finding out that he has another girlfriend (or two) on the side.  Of course, by then she will have a couple of his kids to raise and another white has been taken out of the gene pool.

  • Anonymous

     Dumb?  She just scored.  She’s marrying a man who makes millions.  I wonder how many white women would refuse that in exchange for sleeping with a black guy?  The fact is that most people, especially women, are for sale.  What we saw on that video was a deal being closed.

    If single, white, childless women were capable of taking care of themselves, there would not be so many single mothers out there, or rape victims.

  • Anonymous

     I agree.  I won’t give American professional sports one minute of my time.  I find it disgusting to see the news reports which I usually switch off, where bleachers filled with whites are going nuts cheering for blacks bouncing a ball around and hanging from hoops like monkeys, or doing a victory dance after a touchdown, doesn’t matter; these are just sports, and too much money is involved with it.  Teams don’t mean anything anymore and haven’t for a long time.  They used to represent an area’s real population.  I have never been able to figure why anyone can be proud of a team when the players are assembled, bought, from everywhere but their own town?

    The main issue is that I will not and never have supported these sports because they made heroes out of blacks for whites people to worship.  I will not take part.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding?? 

    The women that seem the most susceptible are the oh so civilized, open-minded white hipster and educated idiot upper middle class girl. 

    It may go from one extreme on the scale to the other, but socioeconomic status alone is not a great indicator. Wealthy girls and women will do it, if for no other reason, to show how tragically hip and edgy they are. After all, both women and black men have been terribly oppressed. They’re partners in this.

    “One has to be well informed and high minded, darling”

    •  Very well said my friend. When I was attending University after my time in the Marines I was unfortunate to have as a elective “women’s studies”.  I tell you what…………….the anti white male venom spewed from these creatures had to be seen and heard first hand to be believed. I was the lone short haired white male in the classrooom.   The white female who taught the class was probably the worst of the bunch. The things the white females would regularly say about white men irritated me. Not once in my life have I ever heard a white female defend the white man. Not once. Not at Uni, not in the Marines, not in the various workplace environments I have been in while working. Needless to say I dropped the course. I finished the semester off and then went to trade school.

      In a way it was a blessing.  Having a trade under my belt has allowed me to relocate to Sydney Australia where I own and operate my own small business. It has also allowed for me to weather the financial storm to a extent as my trade will  more than likely always be needed in one form or another.  (Unless of course society completely unravels in a madmax scenario lol)  It is a dirty job in many respects, however I don’t mind getting a little dirty to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my wife and children. 

      On the subject of white females with black males. It is not something you see very much of out here in Australia. You do see the the odd Auzzie girl that made a mistake while visiting the UK and returns to Australia with a little bundle of Afroluv. 

      I witnessed a odd dynamic  a few months ago while shopping at my local supermarket.  Some white girl with a African baby apparently tried to cut in line in the line adjacent to me. There was a Asian woman (Probably Vietnamese) that called the white girl out on it. The Asian lady had three White children with her. The kids had blonde hair with Asian facial features. Anyway, the Vietnamese lady then referred to the white girl and her African child as trash.  The white girl looked stunned. I am not sure if she referred to the white female as trash because her and her child looked like hobos, (single mother no father) or if the term  was used against her because they were black. As for myself, I just pretended to not hear anything as I patiently waited in line with  my own groceries.  To me, the whole scenario symbolized something deeper that is occurring in our society.

      Here you had a white female who has given up her right to special treatment in what was once her own society. At the same time, you have the Asian woman filling the void that the white female has vacated. By giving birth to the seed of a white male, she has more claim in  my opinion to our society than the white female who chose to have African offspring. 

  • I was talking about how attractive Asian women have been described in America in the past, oh, say 50 years. In America, over the past 50+ years, attractive Asian gals are a rare minority, just as Asians themselves are a minority.

    The term is “exotic” and the point of my post is that even though black women are “foreigners” to whites (as are Asians), I’ve never heard that appellation applied to their extremely few attractive women.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think capitalization of a single word means anything. It’s a word that’s usually capitalized. That’s called properly using the English language. SMH.

  • 1) I capitalize Asian the same way I capitalize Caucasian, Negroid or African-American. I do NOT capitalize white because I do not capitalize black, yellow, red, or brown. 

    2) Anon wrote: “And NO, ‘most’ Whites do not think asian gals are ‘highly attractive’.”

    I did NOT say most whites find *most* Asian gals highly attractive. 

    I wrote that most whites find *some* Asian gals highly attractive despite their distinctively Asian appearance. (“Even white guys who wouldn’t marry an Asian and white gals will admit that some of them are very attractive because of their “exotic” Asian looks — different, yet somehow still highly attractive.”)

    3) Anon wrote: “BTW, quit calling yourself a ‘WASP’.”

    Sorry, but “WAS” is my ancestry and “P” is my living faith. 

    It is truly sad that AmRen allows “guest” posters. If they allowed posts only by logged in “members” (i.e., from a social media account or from forum members if AmRen started a forum….), we’d quickly discover who should be banned, who should be ignored, and who is worth reading. 

    Instead we either leave attacks unanswered or we have to waste time and effort responding to liars, deceivers as well as the merely mistaken or ignorant. Twice today my statements have been taken out of context in order to set up arguments. Intelligent whites are wise enough not to waste their most valuable asset — their time. If this keeps up, AmRen will lose quality whites who come by their site and make posts and it will retain the intellectually dishonest and those whose time is not valuable. The quality of the posts and thus the reputation of AmRen will suffer, as well as the interests of whites and the hope of advancing them.

    • No, the question is “what is your point” in saying “BTW, quit calling yourself a “WASP””?

      Actually, I understand: there was no point to it. It was just a petty insult. 

      Do you really think that’s a smart thing to do given how few people you have on your side and the lack of success in advancing white’s interests anywhere in the US over the past 40+ years, or even just the past 7 that you’ve been here? 

      In case you don’t know, politics is a numbers game: numbers of members of an org, numbers of activists who will actually call/email/write/show up/whatever, numbers of voters, and last, numbers of dollars you have in your campaign war chest. Until white race realists have more than enough in all those categories to win the political (and legal) fights they need to fight, you might want to help the cause by not insulting allies. 

      Anon wrote, “As for the rest of your attack dog mentality on people such as myself, (I have been here for 7 years) I guess you would BAN me and anyone else who dared to question your comments?”

      I wrote, “we’d quickly discover who should be banned, who should be ignored, who is worth reading, and who is worth replying to.” I did not say which, if any, should apply to you. The advantage of a forum is that there usually is an option to add people to your “Ignore List” so that you will not see their posts after you log in. That’s what I’d use if, after this initial conversation, we still can’t have a productive conversation. Life is too short to waste time….

      BTW can anyone else sign in on AmRen using “Anon”, or is that reserved for you? I was under the impression that, since you’re not signing in via social media, anyone could make a post using “Anon”, thus I would never know if it was a different person, which makes it difficult to carry on a productive conversation.

      Related: let’s all keep in mind that w/text based conversations tone of voice, facial expression, and all “meta-communication” is lost.  So, disagreements can become quite heated w/o intent and w/o cause. Again, forums have an advantage since they usually offer smilies/emoticons to add a layer of meaning to avoid misunderstandings.

      Last, I already addressed how you misquoted me to make it seem like I said most whites thought all Asian gals were highly attractive. If you are a Protestant, please do not violate the 9th C when claiming to state my position, and, “insofar as it is up to you, be at peace with your fellow man.”

  • Anonymous

    This is indeed a sad situation. I hope the woman survives this encounter with this black man. Larry Auster has posted many stories with very unpleasant endings at These cautionary stories point out why white women should not even be around black men, for their very lives sake.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. Hypocrties!

  • Anonymous

    There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy here. The fact is that many of the loudest opponents of interracial dating or marriage or the ones most likely to privately engage in such behavior. Many of you posters probably qualify. Strom Thurmond or Thomas Jefferson anyone? I can give you much more cureent examples as well. 

  • Mary O

    Excellent and honest answer. I too would not mind one bit were women prevented from voting.

  • Anonymous

    You Sinophiles should marry one of these “docile” Asian women and see what happens. Most of them are nasty, mercenary little bitches who would rip your heart out if given a chance.

  • Anonymous

    The MSM still love showing Derek Jeter’s parents in the stands every chance they get to rub our noses in it. Have you ever seen any other baseball player’s parents shown. Ever?

    But they did like showing the CB Kate Hudson in the stands, cheering on her quadroon boyfriend. 

  • Anonymous

    Could it be that you are in denial.

  • Look. Marrying outside ones race is a personal matter. If someone does not agree with my choice, then that is fine. I have no interest in people I do not know, nor want to know, liking me.  In reality, my wife is caucasian. However her ethnicity is  Middle Eastern. I have always been physically attracted to darker skinned women. I was always attracted to dark hair and dark eyes.  I think some of it probably stems from the fact that I was raised in a primarily Mexican area on the South Side of Chicago. 

    Growing up in a particular area can definitely skew your notion of beauty toward a particular set of traits.  That being said, I have dated white women. I never had any trouble finding white females to hang out with.  I just was not attracted to them as much. That being said, I have absolutely zero attraction for Asian woman, and zero physical attraction for black African women. I have met females from both of those races who are good people.  But on a physical level I have never found Asian, or African features to be attractive.

    We do have children, and God willing we will have several more. Family is very important to me.  You know, the males set the tone for society. Out here in Sydney Australia, the most common interracial pairing by far would have to be WASP Male/ Asian female.  In fact I know streets in my area where 1/3 of all pairings are WASP male/Asian female.  Society does not miss a beat in such situations.

    Some posters here have alluded to white men who marry outside their race being losers. And doing so only because they could not get a white woman.  That is hogwash. Pure and simple hogwash.  I have no doubt that I can have a white woman this afternoon if I desired one. I am a very good looking man,  I keep in tip top physical shape, and have a personality that is upbeat and optimistic. And while I am no multi-millionaire, I do alright for myslef and would be considered financially successful by most peoples estimation. I do not say that to brag or boast. I say that only out of honesty, and as a means to illustrate that if it was one thing I had while in the dating game, it was options.

    At the end of the day, white men have taken a hell of a beating in the western world. As a result, we do not owe anything to anyone. In fact we owe it to ourselves to enjoy our lives. To love those who love us, and to disregard those who mock us.

  • Anonymous

    I do see a trend in California. I am starting to see white women, with mulatto children…and a white husband. I guess that is the end result of a mixed relationship, if the mother and child are lucky.

  • I don’t mind about future of this “couple”, their conjugal bliss or divorce…I simply find it repellent. It’s this gut feeling nothing can erase.
    I recall when I read, a long time ago, in my teens, a superb Faulkner’s novel “Light in August”. A few parts I remember vividly, and one of the most powerful passages is this one: the central character, Joe Christmas, doesn’t know his racial heritage (a complex story). Essentially, Joe is confused about his identity; he’s a drifter and most people think he’s a White – he looks White & is, actually, a White racist of sorts. We- nor anyone else- don’t know whether Joe has any “Black blood” or not.

    In his search for identity, Joe tries- temporarily- to assimilate into Black community. And here is the passage: “He was in the north now, in Chicago and then Detroit. He lived with negroes, shunning white people. He ate with them, slept with them, belligerent, unpredictable, uncommunicative. He now lived as man and wife with a woman who resembled an ebony carving. At night he would lie in bed beside her, sleepless, beginning to breathe deep and hard. He would do it deliberately, feeling, even watching, his white chest arch deeper and deeper within his ribcage, trying to breathe into himself the dark odor, the dark and inscrutable thinking and being of negroes, with each suspiration trying to expel from himself the white blood and the white thinking and being. And all the while his nostrils at the odor which he was trying to make his own would whiten and tauten, his whole being writhe and strain with physical outrage and spiritual denial.”

  • I was thinking about getting on the CrossFit bandwagon.  I might still, in spite of this promotional image being used on CF material practically begging me not to.

    • Brent

       Look at the mother. None too pleased.

      She gets it.

      Whites don’t.

      Blacks are smarter about racial matters.

      • Another thing:  What’s with the dreadlocks?  But for the uniform, I would swear up and down that a black woman was asking a white woman to marry her. 

        • Zorro

          True. It looks like it could be an episode of, “How I Met Your Mother, In Jail”.

      • Anon

        Look at that fiancee….she is or was a “model”?  A model for WHAT?

    • Its great if you have a background in weight lifting, specifically, the Olympic lifts. If not, best to learn those first because CF clubs/gyms have you doing those technical lifts to the point of exhaustion right away — not a good thing for a newbie. 

      If you do get into CF, watch out for your shoulders too. 

      Other than that, it’s great! 

      • Do me a favor, e-mail me: at gmail dot com

        I want to continue this conversation on the side, to avoid the TMI syndrome.

        • Email sent.

          You may want to edit your post now to remove your email addy.

  •  Sorry, but this is totally unrealistic picture. No one knows what will have been in next 30 or 50 yrs, but your doom-and-gloom projections are simply not corroborated by facts. Even in Brazil, Whites rule, and the White percentage has not fallen, even in the case of a rather widespread miscegenation.
    US statistics also tell a different story:
    Especially, since it’s easy to follow:

    Race realism is not race capitulation due to overblown fantasy figures.

  • She might end up dead

  • Dirk Nowitzki – but he seems to have a fetish for black women. He nearly married a black stripper once.

  • Anonymous

    Good point.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The wimpy white men whining about this event are those who can’t get laid.

  • Zorro

    I saw an advertisement for the Show, “Hart of Dixie” where a blond woman is kissing a black.  It was sickening.

  • Anonymous

    Though screaming “projection!” or “insecure!” by liberals against any white male who detests miscegenation, I can’t help but feel we lose face when it is always this issue of “black men taking all our women!” that garners the most emotional response amongst Alt-Righters.

    Its a personal choice that I feel I cannot judge on an individual by basis.  In its wider application, it is a trend we can try to both derail while predicting and preaching its consequences, and all without sounding sexually insecure. 

    Any white women who decides to date black men are often just like the rest of the society:  easily indoctrinated, ignorant because its easy, and swayed heavily by popular culture.  If she were to date a black man because she finds him amiable and an acceptable mate, so be it.  Yet do I wonder if her decision was swayed by the constant images and Hollywood storyline of saintly masculine black men getting the white women?  Of course I do.

    Again, it is not necessarily dysgenics for whites to mix within the black gene pool.  High I.Q. blacks, though rarer, would still be inputting higher I.Q..  This is compounded by the fact that elites often intermarry with elites.  However, it is pressure towards dsygenics when the media consistently stresses that it is the most violent, thug, criminal black males that are the sexiest. 

    The most serious relationship I’ve had in my 2o something years of existence was to an “Orea” black women before I had developed a more concrete racial consciousness.  We simply clicked personally, though I could not stay with her for long for the sexual attraction was simply too weak.  After visiting her middle-class black family (who was much more culturally African than herself) I came to realize that this is not genetic line I would desire to mix with my own.

    And precisely why must Asian-White relationships be considered a less than desirable solution?  Whites and Asians are statistically the most wealth producing and stable populations in the world, so why should we consider their offspring as undesirable in comparison to a normal white offspring?  In many ways they would be better vanguards against the rise of the colored populations because those children would have no reason to develop ideologies like white guilt.  A half white half Asian would choose to develop either an Asian or White Identity or some mixed identity based roughly along the lines of “I’m higher caste and neither black nor Hispanic.”  All three identities are acceptable to me.

    Think of the Korean community in L.A. defending itself against the marauding blacks during the Watts riots.  Half-White/Asians would likely be more inclined to behave in that manner than white propensity to merely secede their neighborhoods to any minority willing to riot.

    Comparatively, we all know its all too common for a mulatto child to pull a Barack Obama and choose blackness as the standard of his identity, even when it is more often than not his white mother was the one who raised him.  It is the strongest testament I know to what identity is most worshiped and most beneficial within this society.