Lothrop Stoddard’s Rising Tide of Color Now Available

AR Staff, American Renaissance, February 7, 2012

Beginning today, the American Renaissance store will feature a classic work by one of the 20th century’s finest racial thinkers:

First published in 1921, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy contains racial predictions that still ring true nearly 100 years later: Lothrop Stoddard, one of America’s greatest early 20th century racial thinkers, accurately predicted World War II, the rise of Japanese nationalism, the future of white colonies in Asia, Africa and South America—and warned presciently about the influence of mass Third-World immigration into Europe, North America and Australia.

More remarkably still, Lothrop Stoddard was one of the few to recognize the growing threat of militant Islam, and warned in this book that it would become a major world force. This prediction has come true with deadly force in the early 21st century.

Unashamedly pro-white, this book carries lessons that are eternally true, and which, if ignored, will lead to the destruction of Western Civilization.

Contrary to its title, this book does not promote “white supremacy,” but points out that the 18th and 19th century view of Europeans ruling other nations was coming to an end. Lothrop Stoddard was not interested in whites ruling other races, but rather in the preservation of white heartlands.

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  • Two great books. Glad to see them here. I’ll be ordering one soon. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    On Stoddard’s The French Revolution in San Domingo:

    “It is noteworthy that the French Revolution had pronounced egalitarian, anti-aristocratic trends, often couched in the language of moral ingroups and outgroups in opposition to aristocracy.  For example, the moral condemnation of social hierarchy by the Jacobin radicals during the French Revolution is a major theme of Lothrop Stoddard’s The French Revolution in San Domingo.  Thus Stoddard notes the hatred toward the white slave-owning colonists.  During the height of the Reign of Terror, colonists sent home to France were greeted, in the words of one such unfortunate, with ‘a furious hatrid . . . a hatred so intense that our most terrible misfortunes did not excite the slightest commiseration.’ At the same time mulatto and Black delegates from San Domingo were greeted with delirious applause.”

    “Such sentiments recall the moral fervor of the Puritan-descended Yankee abolitionists in the period prior to the American Civil War.  For example, for Orestes Brownson . . . writing in 1840 . . . claimed that we should ‘realize in our social arrangements and in the actual conditions of all men that equality of man and man’ that God had established but which had been destroyed by capitalism . . . Christians had to:

    ‘bring down the high, and bring up the low; to break the fetters of the bound and set the captive free; to destroy all oppression, establish the reign of justice, which is the reign of equality, between man and man; to introduce new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, wherein all shall be brothers, loving one another, and no one possessing what another lacketh.'”  (Kevin MacDonald, in a review of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization by Ricardo Duchesne, Occidental Quarterly, Vol. 11, No. 3, Fall, 2011, pp 71-72)

  • Anonymous

    The offspring would probably be intelligent but miscegenation normally favors Asian features.

  • Rocky Mountain

    About a year ago I obtained Stoddard’s book on Islam originally published by the Chautauqua Institute’s home reading program in 1920 or so.  When I started reading it I was astounded because everything he said then is not only true now but is analyzed in such a way as to make me see that the problem with Islam didn’t start with Osama being upset about the infidel being in Saudi or anything like that.  Stoddard easily traces the anger and alienation at and from the West to much, much further back than that.  It is an excellent book and he is very well informed and states things in a way that would be mostly impermissable now.

  • I just finished reading Stoddard’s “The French Revolution in San Domingo”  and was surprised at how similar the Jacobin ideologues and idealists  in Paris were to white liberal Americans.   Over and over they passed resolutions that directly resulted in the torture, rape and murder of white French people in Haiti by black savages.    Colonists who were able to escape the chaos of Haiti often with nothing much but their lives and the tattered clothes on their backs were treated like criminals in Paris.  They were spat upon and reviled by the mob whose leaders had destroyed civilization in Haiti.

    Even after white civilization had been wiped from Haiti the Jacobin’s never admitted any responsibility for the inevitable results of their ideology, propaganda and legislation.  Over and over I was struck by how much these people are exactly like the PC commissars of our own day.

    The destruction of Haiti by radical liberalism has been mirrored in my own lifetime by the destruction of white civilization in South Africa, Rhodesia and increasingly in the once great cities of my homeland, the United States.

  •  No.
    Because it’d be the end of Western civilization and the European race.