Immigrant Firefighters Hired ‘To Stop Attacks’

The Local, February 20, 2012

The Swedish fire service is looking to hire more personnel with a foreign background in order to increase safety for fire fighters in big city areas, according to a report by Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT).

“At one point some kids were throwing rocks at us. I caught hold of a guy and spoke to him in his own language,” said Ilhan Demir of the South Stockholm fire service to SVT.

The diversity project is meant to widen recruitment, according to SVT, not in the least when it comes to attracting staff with a different background than the traditional Swedish.

It is hoped that it will overcome language barriers and increase security for fire personnel in the big city areas.

The project will cost 7.5 million kronor ($1.1 million) and will be funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). Part of the money will go to the South Stockholm (Södertörn) fire service.

“We’re about 300 on active call-out duty, of which only 18 are of a different background than Swedish. There needs to be more,” said Christer Flodfält, union representative for the fire service to SVT.

According to the broadcaster it has become more frequent that fire personnel are attacked with stones and other objects and it is hoped that the new initiative may bridge the gap between the fire fighters and the gangs of unruly kids.

“This is a very important project,” said fire fighter Nadia Jelili to SVT.

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  • Sonya610

    Instead of curing the disease they focus on alleviating symptoms.

  • anonymous_amren

    This is a HUGE mistake.

    Firstly, the kids throwing rocks do so BECAUSE people keep speaking to them in their own language, instead of assimilating them (or better yet, deporting them).

    But more importantly… who do you think lights the fires? Probably pyromaniacs with a foreign background, exactly the kind of people they’d be recruiting and turning into stronger pyromaniacs.

    Firefighters are dangerous even when they are the same race as the community. They light themselves a significant fraction of the fires they put out. Foreign firefighters are a recipe for disaster.

    • Sonya610

      But more importantly… who do you think lights the fires? Probably pyromaniacs with a foreign background…

      Actually it depends on the country of origin. In some cases they are importing third worlders that are so ignorant they don’t know how to flush a toilet, or they lock the apartment door and can’t figure out how to unlock it for days while staying trapped inside. They also do things like use mini-outdoor bbq’s indoors for heat/food prep and light the place on fire.

      Now the firefighter pyromania comment…yeah I have heard that before….years ago I met a firefighter that confessed he was into pyromania; he chose to be close to fires by fighting them instead of starting them.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Even if they spoke the same language it would not matter. The blacks are notorious for throwing rocks at emergency service vehicles and they speak English…sort of.

    • Oil Can Harry

      During the ’60s armed cops had to follow firetrucks through Watts and other “diverse” cities because blacks were shooting at the firemen. 

  • Sounds a lot like trying to cure cancer by injecting more cancer cells.  The real solution would be to have armed Swedes follow the fire dept. and arrest anybody throwing rocks etc.  Then deport the culprit and his entire family.  It wouldn’t take long for parents and siblings to make sure they kept their “troubled youth” in line.

  • I had to share this comment from the original article:

    “So if they start throwing stones at politicians… should we only elect immigrants next?”

  • MartelC

    the left’s cure for the problems they create is always more of the same problem. The only thing that changes with each cycle is the amount of centralized, authoritarian power they seem to end up with. 

  • KenelmDigby

    When one reads about the history of the Swedes, it is impossible to believe that this cowardice and stupidity is in the Swedish national character.
      I have a feeling that in the future the Swedes will awaken, throw off the political trash that misgoverns them and deal with their unwelcome and unwanted invaders (whom the political trash foisted upon them), in the way they deserve to be treated.

  • .

    At just what point will they admit that “diversity” just doesn’t work?

  • Christopher_Nelson

    There shouldn’t be “language barriers”.

    Yes,  that wonderful multiculturalism and diversity. What a strength.

    Similar to Spanish in America. 

    Or even French in Canada.

    A nation must speak one language. Otherwise you have chaos.

    Also, train the firefighters to fight back.  Maybe  have a special squad trained to follow them and  protect them.  Give this squad the authority to arrest.

  • JackKrak

    We need these fire fighters because the people who benefitted from our generous immigration policy and who surive thanks to our generous welfare system cluster in our cities and turn them into no-go zones for our native citizens. This makes it difficult for us to do our jobs when they need emergency services because of the fires they start and the shootouts they have in the streets. They throw rocks at us when we are trying to save their lives and homes because we have not taken sufficient steps to diversify our workforce to reflect the communities that we serve.

    Your mocking criticism of our efforts only confirms your racist attitudes & serves to remind us how much work there is left to be done.

  • sbuffalonative

    Let these ‘big city areas’ burn. Eventually they’ll clear out.

  • JackKrak

    Wow, you people need some work on your sarcasm sensors….