Arrests Made in MSU Bias Case

Carolyn Maynard-Parisi, Baristanet, February 14, 2012

Two Montclair State University students who had claimed to be the targets of threatening racist graffiti written on a doom room door last week were arrested and charged with making false reports to law enforcement.

The University issued the following press release this evening:

On February 7, 2012, the Montclair State University Police Department received a complaint that racist graffiti containing threats of violence was placed upon the door of two African American female students residing on campus.  The report was investigated by University Police as a bias incident and, with the cooperation and assistance of the University community, the University’s law enforcement officials determined there was sufficient probable cause to arrest these two female students who were the source of the complaint as responsible for the graffiti.

Accordingly, Olivia McCrae, 19 years old of Newark, and Tanasia Linton, also 19 years old of Newark, were arrested today, Tuesday, February 14, 2012, by University Police and charged with Disorderly Conduct, False Reports to Law Enforcement, and Criminal Mischief. The charges will be prosecuted in the Superior Court of New Jersey by the Passaic County Prosecutor.


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  • These should be charged as hate crimes.

    • Anonymous

      I have been arguing that point since these laws were first enacted.

      Since the reason for ‘hate crime’ law was supposed to be because they targeted an entire group, a hate crime hoax which does the same thing,  should receive the same punishment.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Throw the book at them!! Set presidance so other race hustlers get nervous and don’t try this scheme too. This is a hate crime!

  • Anonymous

    This whining complaint had “hoax” written all over it.
    How many have there been so far now in just the last few months?
    Why do they do it?
    Because they love the feeling of being a victim, and they have someone to blame as a scapegoat for their failures.
    Blacks love to say they can’t get ahead, because of white racism and oppression when there’s been almost none of that in many years now.
    Dirt poor immigrants come to this country, and some can’t even speak the language, but they outperform blacks academically in every subject. In fact every group in the country outperforms blacks. To save face, blacks claim they can’t succeed or achieve due to white oppression and racism.
    The fact of the matter is that blacks have the lowest average group I.Q. of any group in the US today. That’s why they can’t achieve, so they blame their failures on racism.
    If there is no racism, they’ll create some through hoaxes.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it’s an urban legend among the Blacks that if you are the victim of a “hate crime” you’ll get all As for the year, like the one about your roommate committing suicide.

      Wouldn’t surprise me.  After all, they believe the CIA created HIV to kill them off.

  • Anonymous

    “Naturally the school [Cornell] caved…”


    “Naturally” is the  word.  Cornell caved naturally, easily, smoothly:

    “You don’t have to intimidate us,” said the famous [Cornell] professor of philosophy in April 1969, to ten thousand triumphant students supporting a group of black students who had just persuaded “us,” the faculty of Cornell University, to their will by threatening the use of firearms as well as threatening the lives of individual professors . . . The professors, the repositories of our best traditions and highest intellectual aspirations, were fawning over what was nothing better than a rabble; publicly confessing their guilt and apologizing for not having understood the most important moral issues, the proper response to which they were learning from the mob, expressing their willingness to change the university’s goals and the content of what they taught.” (Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students, a 1987 best-seller, p313)

  • Anonymous

    The ONE good thing about ‘hate crime’ laws is that since they’re now fully investigated, we see how many are actually hoaxes.

    We can only wonder how many previous ‘hate crime’ hoaxes were committed by blacks to force an issue in their favor.

    Just like the Black Doll Study and school integration, policies are based on falsehoods and lies.

  • Anonymous

    The ONE good thing about ‘hate crime’ laws is that since they’re now fully investigated, we see how many are actually hoaxes.

    We can only wonder how many previous ‘hate crime’ hoaxes were committed by blacks to force an issue in their favor.

    Just like the Black Doll Study and school integration, policies are based on falsehoods and lies.

  • R P

    Check out the stats on the school where she was a dis-Honors student.

    No one could make this stuff up:

    School highlights:
    Academic contests; Band; Basketball; Gifted and talented; Special education program
    “We’re known for our Dental and Engineering Academy.” Scale: Grade 11% at or above proficient: Math 20%

  • Anonymous

    This is interesitng. I have spoken with many Black and Jewish women of this generation who seemed to have very good relationships with one another.

    • MAJ

      Oh, so that settles it, huh?

      Respectfully, you have no idea what you are talking about.

      And, “seemed” is a rather equivocal way to put it.

      After graduation and into the real world the relationships (if they exist) are superficial. Many young Jewish women, I have seen, have trouble reconciling the notion that black women have average IQs of 85 and live in a different world but being 18 or 19 and residing in a dorm does not help one to think as an adult. The same is true for White non-Jews.

      By 10 years removed from college most Jewish women want nothing to do with black women. Seriously, what do they have in common? Nothing.

      While I have trouble figuring out why some Jews (the old liberals) pander to black nonsense (while dismissing them as incompetent dopes behind their backs) is beyond me.

      I believe most Jews now (in part due to high intermarriage rates with Catholics and Protestants) have a far different outlook and a rather stern view of black pathology.

  • rockman

    While in college the black students beat up gays. intimidated and robbed small asian girls. and established areas on campus where white students were not allowed period.  They also threated the financial aids office with armed assault of the office.  Mean while the hispanics attacked and beat up incoming registering freshmen putting some girls in the hospital after hitting them with pipes.  What happened to stop all this nothing at all.