55% Oppose Affirmative Action Policies for College Admissions

Rasmussen Reports, February 26, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court last week agreed to hear a case involving the use of race as a factor in college admissions. Most voters oppose the use of so-called affirmative action policies at colleges and universities and continue to believe those policies have not been successful despite being in place for 50 years.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 24% of Likely U.S. Voters favor applying affirmative action policies to college admissions. Fifty-five percent (55%) oppose the use of such policies to determine who is admitted to colleges and universities. Twenty-one percent (21%) are undecided.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)


[Editor’s Note: According to this poll, when asked whether they favor or oppose affirmative action programs in college admissions, 17 percent of whites said they favor the programs, while 62 percent said they oppose them, and 21 percent were unsure. Meanwhile, 67 percent of blacks favor the programs, 13 percent oppose them, and 20 percent are unsure.]

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  • JohnEngelman

    By the early 1970s it was apparent that ending racial discrimination against blacks would not achieve racial equality. Although ending discrimination against blacks had popular support, and still does, there has never been majority support for discriminating in favor of blacks. From the beginning, affirmative action was forced by liberal judges. It is time for conservative judges to put an end to it. 

  • Hirschibold

    Of the 24% who approve of affirmative action, I wonder what percentage are black? This study just reinforces the demographic time-bomb that is the Hispanic invasion. That 55% who oppose AA will dwindle as current trends are exacerbated. And something tells me that Sotomayor may not be the last of the “wise latinas” to occupy a place on the supreme bench.

    • blight14

       I submit that America faces a threat far worse that Sotomayor. That would be a certain 33.3% of the Supreme Court……

      • Hirschibold

         I have to watch her vote a few times to see if she is worse than the Ruth-Baeder ilk.

  • rentslave

    How can anyone be undecided on such a crucial question?

    • bluffcreek1967

      Many Americans, unfortunately, are undecided or unconcerned about all sorts of crucial questions. They’re frequently preoccupied with TV, movies, social media and a host of modern distractions. Even those who might have an opinion about such matters as affirmative action, often have the wrong opinion!  

  • GB101

    The Supreme Court should not be concerned about siding with the people.  The Supreme Court should decide cases based on the law and the Constitution. 

    So called affirmative action is illegal.  Always has  been.  The Supreme Court ought to stop it.  It should stop it whether or not a majority of Americans like affirmative action. 

    • Jupiter7


      Demography is destiny. You can scream “illegal..unconstitutional” all day long. When Native Born White Americans become an ever dwindling  racial minority within the borders of “America”, a heavily armed and rapidly expanding nonwhite majority will be able to force affirmative action on the White minority,seven days a week,12 months a year…or as long as they want to. The Supreme Court will increasingly reflect the same demographics of the new “America”. This is what happens when one demographically dominant racial group allows itself to be invaded and colonized by another racial demographic group. Unbelievably, the nonwhite conquest of America is taken place without a shot be fired by the invading group…this is unprecedented in human history. Millions of Native Born White Americans-very soon-are going to be in a state of shock  when the big announcement is made. The nonwhite majority will determine the final fate of Native Born White America. Native Born White Americans should have seen it comming…it is the demographic equivalent of a large Earth crossing asteroid hitting the Earth causing a mass extinction.  If the resources and effort had been put into detecting and deflecting an Earth crossing asteroid, the mass extinction could have been avoided.

      There are only two choices for Naive Born White Americans:1)an extremely high level of vigilance against race-replacement..or watch and jibber-jabber about Sports Entertainment hour after hour,seven days a week..year after year.

  • voiceofstl

    ONLY 55%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Truly we are doomed.

  • holyflower

    A crystal clear definition of the euphemism known as “affirmative action” is provided by Steven Farron, author of The Affirmative Action Hoax:

    “Affirmative action is that form of discrimination that discriminates against people because they are members of a more successful racial or ethnic group . . .”

    AFFIRMATIVE ACTION HOAX: STEVEN FARRON [30 minute video]Lecture presented by Steve Farron at the fourth annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society held in May 2009 at the Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkeyhttp://tinyurl.com/7r6v8d6

  • crystal evans

    I would like to see affirmative action end altogether. This would then open up more admission slots for whites and Asian students and Blacks and Hispanics would have to earn their admission by proving that they are as academically qualified as anyone else.

  • When I was living in San Francisco, white humans would whisper in public that they are against racist affirmative action.  They wouldn’t think of suing the University of California system (UCLA, UCSF, UC/Berkeley, etc.).  So one day the Asians did.  They were not getting into Berkeley even though 100% of everything about them was superior to blacks.  They won and the U of C system had to abandon anti-human racism.  The blacks dropped out of Berkeley out of protest.  Then UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) was caught violating the new law.  They were putting animals on the admission list if they had gutter names like Shiqua or Koo Koo Munga.  Don’t know what happened to them.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The People of the State of California stopped preferences in the UC system via 1996’s Prop 209, not Asians.

      Prop 209 amended California’s state constitution to prohibit institutions of public education, such as the UCs,  from considering race, sex or ethnicity in its admissions policy.It was Modeled on the 1964 Civil Rights Act and authored by two California academics, Glynn Custred and Tom Wood. 

      Prop 209 has been the subject of many lawsuits in state courts but has been upheld by the 9th Circus Court and the California State Supreme Court.

      Of course this hasn’t stopped the UCs from twisting themselves into knots to get around the parameters of 209.  

  • I lived all over America and the number of people who are against affirmative action is clearly in the 90% range.  I met a few in San Francisco and even less in NYC.  The “55%” number has been fixed which is what liberals do quite frequently with facts.

  • I’m not that concerned.  Opposition is more than twice the support, and about the one in five who have no opinion:  Some are probably against but too embarrassed to tell the pollster, and if the rest have no opinion about AA by now, they never will.

  • radical7

    The majority of people in America felt that lynching Blacks was appropriate. Just because the majority of people agree with somethng does not mean it is moral or right.

    • bubo

      Most people thought that lynching of violent criminals was appropriate, no matter their race.   Not just blacks.  

    • Lynching, opposing affirmative action.  I get ’em mixed up all the time.  Samey same.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Radical7, practically every black man ever lynched in US history was accused of a rape and/or murder. There were also many white men killed by vigilantes.

      The idea that white townspeople would regularly see a black man walking by minding his business and decide to string him up is liberal mythology.

      • Tell ‘im.

        I get so sick of that, don’t you?  “lynching” my ass.  What they want is to never be held accountable for what they have done.  One Way.  It’s all One Way.

        “We” are supposed to feel “guilty” for reacting to their actions.  I will have none of it.

    • I agree with, not so much lynching as I’m a Lady and prefer a much Gentler and Pain Free way of Dying and that is:  A Bullet to the Back of the Head.  That or Doctor K’s Way.  (Doctor Krevorkian)

      It’s Clean, Quick, Painless and Ethical.

    • The_Bobster

      About 30% of the lynching victims were White. Most of them were caught in the act and deserved their fate.

    • JJDKII

      Young radical7 – I’ve missed you! You’re my favorite hit-and-run artist.

  • bubo

    I’ve always thought that you would see some pushback on A.A. and quotas once the children of the 60’s era hippies start finding it hard to to get a job.  Couple that with the crushing student loan debt that kids have after graduating and I think quite a few “liberal” whites will start to reverse their position.   

  • radical7

    Perhaps. But the majority of  Blacks who were lynched were either innocent or falsely accused.

    • WHAT?!?!

      You are clearly, outta yer Cotton Pickin’ Mind for one and for two, you couldn’t be more misinformed if this whole exercise in misinformation were planned.

      Blacks commit Violence.  Not all of course nor are they are the only ones who do but still, Blacks do commit and unproportionately so.

      So, whatever “lynchings” blacks were subjected to, were, more than likely, due.

      Simply put, you don’t get to wreak havoc without Consequence.  YesterYear it was Lynchings and Today it’s Prison.  Bottom Line, Action comes with Price.

    • Alexandra1973

      My only opposition to lynching (no matter what the race) is denial of a fair trial.

      • Because virtually every place in the United States is under the jurisdiction of some system of law, and has been for a long time, there is no need for vigilante-style lynching.  There might be a few states where hanging is a method of execution, but that death sentence would only happen under the precepts of due process of the law.

  • radical7

    Question Diversity:
    Given some of your previous posts, I would not be all that surprised that you see them as one and the same. Anything that would attack non-Whites you seem to favor.

  • radical7


    No one deserves to be lynched. Punished, yes, but not lynched!

    • I said I was compassionate because I am.  A Bullet to the Back of the Head or some sort of other Painless Method of Death.  See? I’m not cruel.

      Look Rads, it’s either Life in Prison or Death.  Take your Pick.

    • Does anyone deserve to be Jane Lynched?  Death by Glee. 

  • radical7

    Oil Can Harry:
    The fact is that there are a number of documented cases where Blacks who “minded their own business” were still attacked by Whites.

    • I Demand You Cite.  This is Inflammatory so therefore, you must Cite.

    • JohnEngelman

      There are several documented cases when I was minding my own business and I was attacked by black criminals. 

    • Oil Can Harry

      Radical7, are you unaware of how to use the Reply button?

      I’m not being sarcastic; it’s just that I noticed that every time you wish to reply to someone’s comment you start a new thread instead of simply replying. 

  • radical7

    Wow! Really?! You could have worked very well with the third reich

    • HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!

      I LOVE IT!!!!  and here is why:

      My Husband is from Germany; Nine Hundred Years of Blood and he, The German, Nine Hundred Year Old Blood, tells me, I’d make them Proud!

      You have Germans all wrong.  You’d be quite surprised at what a Gentle People they really are.

      Specific they are and Everything must be Just So and for Good Reason too, if you can understand that BUT, were you to know them, you’d know what a Great and Giving People they actually are and you’d Love them like I do.

    • Don’t you mean former Jets QB Frank Reich, or former Clinton cabinet member Robert B. Reich?

  • I do.  There is nothing to lose anymore.  Our Dollar is damn near Worthless and our Country is Meaningless.  What’s to hide?

    If us White People don’t Speak Now, “We” will Lose our Right to Speak in the Future.

  • sbuffalonative

    It’s not the majority that sets policy any more. It’s the minority that sets the agenda.

    It used to be the tyranny of the majority (which was branded as bad). Now it’s the tyranny of the minority (which was branded as good).

  • The_Bobster

    a racist would rather have the most primitive, drunken, obnoxious, dirty, retarded, asocial, child molesting, wifebeating white as a neighbor rather than the most sophisticated, urbane, law-abiding, responsible, decent black.


    Every “decent black” has primitive, drunken, obnoxious, dirty, retarded, asocial, child molesting, wifebeating relatives. It’s called “regression to the mean”. I don’t want any of them living near me.

  • Alexandra1973

    I agree.  Blacks are human beings.  Granted, the vast majority of them act like savages…more like animals than humans at times…but they’re still human.

    That kind of talk (blacks aren’t human) really makes me uneasy.  Like Hitler and his bunch saying Jews are sub-human.

    Michael, I can understand why you and others feel that way.  But as “elitist” said, all this “humans vs. you-know-whats” talk doesn’t help.

    • I agree. Comparing animals to blacks is rude and inconsiderate of the animals, many of whom are capable of incredible feats of derring do to remain monogamous life long and care for their children. Have you ever seen a penguin smoke crack or a wallaby use an EBT card? Exactly!

      Don’t be mean to animals.

  • Alexandra1973

    I don’t doubt that at all.

    Back in 1981-82, when I was a third-grader in the Detroit area, we had to take this survey.

    For one of the questions, we had to look at five cartoon drawings propped up on the chalkboard.  One was a classroom with all white students, the last one all black, and the middle three with varying percentages–mostly white, half-and-half, mostly black.  We were to indicate which setting made us feel the most comfortable.

    I remember thinking that I’d feel the most comfortable with the first one, but not wanting to appear racist, I chose the third one (the half-and-half).  If I’d known then what I know now I would have unabashedly chosen the first picture…but then again, I was only eight or nine.

  • JohnEngelman

    Orientals have no reason to support affirmative action, because it reduces opportunities for them.

  • And that’s with 15% lying. There is also a significant percentage of mainstream, employed blacks who are against affirmative action.


    Young radical7 – I’ve missed you! You’re my favorite hit-and-run artist.

    • JJDKII

      Please delete the comment above. Thanks.

  • MrGJG

    Like others have said, it’s substantially higher. I personally can’t remember the last person I’ve spoken too who doesn’t think AA has run its course.
    I’m sure AA has it’s supporters, but much like interracial rape, most of the support is coming from one side. 

  • Dear Amren,

    I do so Wish you would Never delete anyone’s Post no matter how nasty, stupid, vile or “inciteful” it may or may not appear to be.

    I was not offended by Radical’s Post.  I first laughed and responded with Humor but took it out in Favor of making a more Pro-Military Style answer.  I feel Decorum is Choice but Free Speech is not.  I hope you understand.

    • Dear Moderator,

      Hahahahahahaha!!!  You’re Funny!

      I understand but I don’t.  Name calling, insults, their little verbal tantrums don’t bother me but most importantly, I believe that if they’re shut down (deleted posts), they’ll leave but if they’re not, maybe they’ll turn.  I like to think people can learn eventually.  At any rate, I get it even though I still don’t like it!

  • Just looking through the post one can can assume Rr. radical7 is a windup toy. I actually find his liberal like robot  thinking entertaining in the least :).  Mr.radical7 I grew up In Detroit(Detoilet) Michigan and I can tell you first hand what real racism is…and its being white in an all black school. I learned all the wonderful things  that only BLACKS did for this country and all of the amazing “inventions” they “made”. Also was forced to watch roots and how lucky was I that OJ Simpson murdered his wife and her friend at the time.  So Yes I heard honky this honky that, got into  an easy 50-60 fights. All in all I am here now and I am very well protected and yet a clown like you shows up and will defend to the teeth something you have NO idea about. Thanks again for the entertainment.

    • I find him entertaining because he’s so easy to ridicule.  And ridicule is the only thing that such trolls deserve.

    • Fghfd

      Tell us more about your experiences.