US Embassy: ‘Don’t Walk Alone in Oslo at Night’

The Local, January 18, 2012

The United States embassy sent an email to US citizens in Oslo on Tuesday urging them to take extra care when out and about in the Norwegian capital after a spate of violent crimes in recent months.

The embassy made reference to a knife attack on a tram at Solli Plass on January 5th, two stabbing incidents at Oslo Central Station on January 10th, as well as a number of assaults in the city’s parks, particularly Slottsparken (The Palace Park), national broadcaster NRK reports.

Americans are advised by the embassy to observe five basic safety procedures, “even in a generally safe country like Norway.”

1.    If possible, do not walk alone at night. If you are out late, arrange to walk with others or consider another form of transportation.

2.    Remain in well-lighted areas with heavy traffic.

3.    Be aware of your surroundings at all times; see potential threats before they become actual threats.

4.    Trust your instincts. If something seems wrong, get yourself out of the area.

5.    Keep your cell phone with you and charged to call for help if necessary. The police emergency number is 112, which you can dial from any land line or cell phone.

Norwegian media have reported extensively in recent months on an unprecedented number of attacks, especially rapes, in the city’s street and parks.

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  • Taurus689

    The original article is mysteriously not available.

  • Anonymous

    Albert Schweitzer knew what he was dealing with those many years ago…little has changed in their mental makeup and a propensity towards violence asserts itself.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. Albert Schweitzer’s overlooked quote towards the end of his life when he realises all his work has been for nothing is very interesting. I often show it to the bleeding hearts.

  • Oil Can Harry

    1. The US State Dept. has a program where they relocate refugees, many of them Muslim Arabs and Somalis, to the American heartland at taxpayer expense.

    2. The US gov’t now warns its employees not to walk outside alone at night in Sweden because of their local Muslim Arabs and Somalis.

    Does this make any sense?

    • Anonymous

      I never made the connection before, but the US State Dept. is relocating Somali refugees to Minneapolis (predominantly Scandinavian) while the EU is relocating Somali refugees to Norway and Sweden.

      • You are one step away from connecting the final two dots.

        • george00

          What are the final two dots?

      • “Lutheran guilt”. It’s an attitude common among Lutherans (Scandinavians) that if you don’t give to other people, you’re selfish. This includes bringing them over here and giving them a new home in your homeland. There are a lot of refugee agencies in Minnesota, like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS). This is as opposed to Catholics who would set up orphanages and missions in the troubled peoples’ homelands and help them there.

  • And Oslo would have been one of the safest capitals in the world in as little as 20 years ago…

    The dismantling of the Western world is moving ahead at increasing pace.

  • Damn. The crazy, deadly Amish have managed to take over Oslo too?!

    • No, it’s the Shakers and the Quakers!

  • Anonymous

    Yes Muslims from Africa.

    • Anonymous

      Most Americans automatically assume Muslim = Arab, thanks in no small part to the whole of the post “9/11” and “war on terror” dialogue.

  • Anonymous

    In other words, a non white minority? 

    • Sergey

      No. Just muslims

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t the US government issue travel warnings for Detroit, New Orleans, Charlotte, Atlanta, Oakland, Milwaukee, Miami, etc.?

  • Hey, these warnings would make sense, given the W.N. skinhead extremists and all the horrible
    acts they do to everyday Norwegian citizens. Thus, if visiting beware of any male with a real
    short crewcut.

  • NAVY

    It was only as recent as 1985 that you could walk around Oslo past midnight without the slightest worry.
    Now, Norwegians must use large caliber handguns and silenced automatics to survive the Stortings Frankenstein creation of a monstrous ghetto beyond Krakows imagination.

    Which politicians will step forward to denounce terror and drug campaigns within Oslos taxi companies when the only way to crush a terrorist driven cab is to spray it with a constant barrage automatic fire?

    Is it too much to ask the government to hault immigration just because it serves as a cover for politicians drug addictions and prostitution fantasies on the internet?

    Certainly, Oslos politicians and the Norwegian parliament have more time to decide the countries course of action than the victims who succame to the their assailants bloodlust.

    But as Norwegians grow more alert of the deteriorating changes in Oslo and surrounding areas, the importance of time has become of greater concern beause time is draining out.

  • And have a weapon at the ready.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Ah, Norwegians, Norwegians…how could the country of N.H. Abel, Sophus Lie, E. Munch, Ibsen, Hamsun …allow itself to sink so low ? You dismissed EU twice (nice example of wisdom & courage) AND imported hordes of unassimilable aggressive Thirdworlders.
    And you still bear the grudge against the Germans for events that happened more than 60 yrs ago, while Russians -who had suffered immensely more- virtually don’t care anymore.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    No, Russians whitewashed their home-made horrors, but simply are not- emotionally- anti-German as liberal idiots in Europe & US. Perhaps it’s a Jewish influence- Jewish obsession with Nazi genocide; perhaps the fact that Russians defeated Hitler in horrible circumstances.

    Simply, “Nazi” or “Fascist” is an epithet most Russians find anachronistic & irrelevant.

  • Alexandra

    so if i’m Chinese (NOT from China), and i go to Norway for a HOLIDAY. am i going to be automatically assumed a criminal? geezus. or i could always arm myself with loads of pork fat.. lol.

    • Sergey

      you should have pork spray as a weapon to be safe in Europe