Posted on January 27, 2012

Unfair Campaign: Targeting Racism

WDIO, January 24, 2012

Leaders from around the Twin Ports are taking a stand against racism. They’ve collaborated in a unique way, to launch public awareness about white privilege.

It’s called the Un-Fair Campaign, and the goal is to fight racism. The theme is based on the fact that organizers said some people get unfair advantages based on their skin color, and unfair disadvantages as well.

“It’s difficult to see and understand racism when we as white people are not subjected to acts of discrimination and intolerance,” explained Ellen O’Neill, executive director of the YWCA.

So this group is hoping to spread the message that it’s hard to see racism, if you’re white. That message is on billboards around Duluth. There are also posters that you will see around town.

Other goals include breaking the silence of racism, taking accountability for the problem, and buiding a base of white allies to eliminate racism.


[Editor’s Note: Watch a video report of this story. Also, visit the Un-Fair campaign’s website here.]