Unfair Campaign: Targeting Racism

WDIO, January 24, 2012

Leaders from around the Twin Ports are taking a stand against racism. They’ve collaborated in a unique way, to launch public awareness about white privilege.

It’s called the Un-Fair Campaign, and the goal is to fight racism. The theme is based on the fact that organizers said some people get unfair advantages based on their skin color, and unfair disadvantages as well.

“It’s difficult to see and understand racism when we as white people are not subjected to acts of discrimination and intolerance,” explained Ellen O’Neill, executive director of the YWCA.

So this group is hoping to spread the message that it’s hard to see racism, if you’re white. That message is on billboards around Duluth. There are also posters that you will see around town.

Other goals include breaking the silence of racism, taking accountability for the problem, and buiding a base of white allies to eliminate racism.


[Editor’s Note: Watch a video report of this story. Also, visit the Un-Fair campaign’s website here.]

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  • Anonymous

    “It’s difficult to see and understand racism when we as white people are not subjected to acts of discrimination and intolerance,” explained Ellen O’Neill, executive director of the YWCA.

    I’d really like to know what fairy tale land this woman is living in. As one of a handful of White kids riding a bus full of  blacks to school, I understand EXACTLY what racism, intolerance and discrimination are. And this was back in the early 80’s and we know things have gotten much worse for Whites since then.  So please Ellen, don’t you dare presume to speak for or lecture most Whites on issues of race when we know better.

    • The “fairy tale land” this woman grew up in, is our public education system. Her views are now the mainstream of that swamp of indoctrination. She is just one more example of how corrupt our public school system has become. If your children are still in public schools, get them out as fast as you can.

  • David Owens

    The website is a work in progress and very incomplete. The message, though, is very clear. If you are white, and you are not endlessly obsessed with cleansing yourself and other whites of racism, you are monstrously insensitive, morally inferior, and generally lacking in basic awareness.

  • Anonymous

    “Leaders . . . collaborate . . . to launch public awareness about white privilege.”


    Recommended launch point:

    “Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege”
    by Senator James Webb
    Wall Street Journal
    July 22, 2010

    Notable excerpt:

    “In an odd historical twist that all Americans see but few can understand, many programs allow recently arrived immigrants to move ahead of similarly situated whites whose families have been in the country for generations. These programs have damaged racial harmony. And the more they have grown, the less they have actually helped African-Americans, the intended beneficiaries of affirmative action . . . The extrapolation . . . to all ‘people of color’—especially since 1965, when new immigration laws dramatically altered the demographic makeup of the U.S.—moved affirmative action away from remediation and toward discrimination, this time against whites.”

    • Anonymous

      It took a Democrat to say this, and he’s right.  He does defend blacks, but the way I see it I’d rather have black Americans (who have slave ancestors) receive benefits ahead of minority immigrants with no history or sacrifice to the nation.  Part of the reason blacks have high unemployment is the welfare system, but the other part is hispanic immigrant invasion.

      • Anon

        You are joking, right?  If you believe what you just wrote, then maybe you need to move to Minnesota and join in with their stupidity.

        • Anonymous

          Read the book “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America” by Michael Hoffman. Then you will understand what pc1 is talking about.

        • David Owens

          He’s not joking at all, Anon. The European slave trade paralleled the African slave trade quite closely. Millions of captives taken in various petty European wars were  sold in the slave markets of North Africa and the Middle East. So many Slavs were sold into slavery that Slave became the root for the word slavery. For centuries Muslim pirates based in North Africa raided European shipping and coastal towns specifically for the purpose of taking slaves; the Muslims involved considered Christian hunting not only a profitable business but a fine sport as well, as they believed that non-Muslims in general were legitimate prey for slave raids. The slave raids didn’t end until the early nineteenth century. The vast majority of these slaveslived in conditions so harsh that very few of them succeeded in leaving descendants behind. The Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East were the greatest slave-owning and slave trading civilization of all time. But they didn’t teach you that in school, did they?

  • Anonymous

    “It’s difficult to see and understand racism when we as white people are not subjected to acts of discrimination and intolerance…”

    Well, I guess we know this individual clearly hasn’t utilized public transportation for the last thirty years. Does this individual even have access to Youtube?

  • I wonder why this program started in Minnesota and not California or New York……Could it be that Minnesota’s population is 92% WHITE??  HA, let these fools vacation in LA or New Orleans or East St. Louis and they would find out just what “white Privelege” really means! 

  • B

    Liberal guilt mongers.

  • Other goals include breaking the silence of racism, taking
    accountability for the problem, and building a base of white allies to
    eliminate racism.

    Some people claim that “anti-racism” is code for anti-white.  The semantics of this sentence proves they’re right.

    “It’s difficult to see and understand racism when we as white people are
    not subjected to acts of discrimination and intolerance,” explained
    Ellen O’Neill, executive director of the YWCA.

    No discrimination and intolerance, from the head of an organization that at least from its name is only open to young Christian women.  Spare me.

  • Ano Namouse
  • Anonymous

    It’s campaigns such as these that our side should answer in a clear, strong voice, so that other whites will hear a different perspective- our perspective. Though I realize the “power projection” of organizations on our side are not as far-reaching as our opponents’, it would be fantastic if an organized response could be made in the Twin Ports area.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Back in the Commie past, when I was a teenager, I thought that true believers were dumb, but I somehow found excuses for them- privilege, indoctrination, media isolation, brainwashing in CP,..
    Now, I have  a hard time understanding “anti-racis’ ” Whites. What’s wrong with these people ?
    Blind ? Deaf ? Conformist cowards ? Spineless creatures ?

  • Screwing with people’s minds.  It’s been going on for 50 years now, and it still works.

    Repeat after me…

    “You’re bad because you’re white.”

    “You’re bad because you’re white.”

    “You’re bad because you’re white.”

    “You’re bad because you’re white.”

  • Duluth….home of the radical Marxist feminist curriculum for domestic violence and batterers intervention programs.

  • THIS, this is EXACTLY one of tons of reasons why a person just might, maybe, perhaps just a little, feel “resentful”.

    I don’t care about what any of ya’s says ’cause not a one of ya’s pays not even a one of my Bills so I’ll be just as White, “racist” and “privileged” as I damn well please and you know why?  “Cause NONE of YA’S, NOT A ONE of YA’S PAYS MY BILLS BUT ME!

    When you pay my Bills and take away all my problems, then and only then can you call me “privileged”.  Until then, best would be for you, to stay in your own little area.

  • white allies aka TRAITORS!

    How could a person so despise their own skin?  How?  Do you tell your Parents you Hate them?

    You Hate them for giving Birth to you and for forcing you to have to endure this most Wretched of Skin Diseases known as White?

    What needs to be looked at is:  why are White People so against their own?  Where does this Hate and Rabid Animal Like Desperation to Destroy their Own stem from?  Where it comes from is what needs to be examined.

    • Anonymous

      It comes from decades of propaganda from the media, Hollywood, government, and the school systems. The cultural Marxists originally from the Fankfurter school implemented their plan stunningly well.

      • JerryBear,

        I like your name.  I respectfully disagree.

        I used to never think about race.  Never.  It never came up.  The Blacks stayed on their side and we stayed on ours AND, ours were clean, orderly and well behaved.  Race just wasn’t an issue.  We had Gypsy Hill Park and they had Montgomery Hall Park AND, they kept that clean too.

        And then there are the last twenty years.  I can still remember the very first time I had to press one for English.  I pulled the phone from my ear, looked at it and said, what the F___?, pressed one and continued on.  I regret that.  I should’ve been squawkin’ like no one ever has.

        The race mixing, the White bashing, the false hero worship of non-whites, constantly being told by “business leaders” and Congress how stupid “We” are and how “We” can’t do the work but Third World Aliens can for they’re soooooo much smarter than “We” even though they still live in a Third World and this is with all the Foreign Aide they sucker out of America, I’m sorry.  I could go on and on.

        I guess my point was supposed to be:  Being bashed and having crap shoved down your throat would cause anyone to stop not automatically judging people.  I mean, I would think it would have an opposite effect like it has on me.

  • Anonymous

    There is a fellow posting dozens of articles on this FB page about black on White crime. GO THOR! I love it! They need to see how out of touch this ridiculous campaign really is.

  • “It’s hard to see ill-informed condescension if you the one engaged in it.”
    Now there’s a campaign I’d pay to see.

  • Anonymous

    Minnesota is a beautiful state with lovely people who, politically, are insane. You would think they’d learn something from their experiments with the Hmong and Somalis but they keep coming back for more. The Scandanavian “fairness” streak in them feeds their white guilt and they are convinced that the best way to show their own good-ness is to come up with things like the campaign in the article. The fact that Minnesota became a safe, prosperous, stable and orderly place because of its overwhelming whiteness would never occur to them. The “Un-Fair” campaign is for anyone who does wake up to this fact. Keep on celebrating that diversity, Minnesota….

    • Anon

      Scandanavians (Swedes,etc)  I have noticed, are the most gullible people on earth when it comes to race and falsehoods. They are so naive and “good hearted” and believe we(the different races) are all the same and racism is the biggest sin of all, if you are a White person, that is. There is no changing these people’s minds. They are hopelessly flawed in this area.

      • Anonymous

        It may be because Scandinavians come from overwhelmingly white countries and live in whitopias in America where they rarely get to see the ‘wonders of diversity’. I grew up in Los Angeles and saw the transformation first hand and decided to get out. If you live in a white bubble like Portland, you tend to fall for the leftist anti-white propaganda.

        • Gunnar Myrdahl comes to mind. He wrote a book in the 1940’s that said Bantus in the U.S. were the way they were, because of white racism. Nothing else. White “racism” was to blame 100% for everything.

  • Ano Namouse

    They seem to have shut it down or blocked the public, following the usual Marxist pattern: say something stupid, deny what you said, express outrage at the backlash, run away.

    • Anonymous

      Ah yes I see that. Well they certainly weren’t getting the responses they had hoped for I’m sure. Outraged White people with stories that contradict their ridiculous claims were not on their agenda it would seem.

  • I don’t know why this St. Scholastica has a problem with the Unfair Campaign.  They agree with its fundamental contention that “white privilege” exists.   It must be something personal among all the good anti-white anti-racist liberals of Duluth.

  • Anonymous

    The whole “white privilege” thing is just a scam, it’s getting harder and harder to find any overt signs of white racism so the leftwing kooks have to start inventing things to keep the grievance industry going.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just a scam.  It’s much more than that.  It’s full-blown genocide. 

      “White privilege” is a typical example of “life privilege”, in which living things exercise the right to use the resources they have assembled for themselves.  We built this country for ourselves, and it is our privilege to use it to benefit ourselves.

      When someone objects to “White privilege”, he is objecting to our using this country or anything else we created to sustain ourselves.  In essence, he’s saying we don’t have a right to live.

  • It’s Un-Fair that whites have had to invent almost everything of great importance, I want equality when it comes to brilliant contributions to the arts and sciences! So, get working blacks and latinos, you got a long ways to go! 

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I believe there are more White people who do have race realist ideas than we imagine. Like you said, “a whole flood of people will come along” when those race realists realize they are not alone. This is why we must NEVER give up!

  • Beloved Comrade

    White slavery is not a joke.

    And of course the first foreign US military action was the expedition to Tripoli, Libya, against the Barbary Pirates for–what else–capturing and imprisoning white Americans in the Mediterranean Sea.

    This is what is referred to in the Marines’ Hymn:
    From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli

    Tripoli, in reference to the First Barbary War.

    Excellent account here of White Slavery, The Untold Story.


    I suggest everyone should read this.

  • Anonymous

    The YWCA has a long history of  radical leftism:

    Of course today nearly ALL institutions in the US are dominated by radical leftist (“cultural marxist” ideology.  

  • Anonymous

    One response to this Un-Fair Campaign would be to double down: erect similar billboards about town, with all the white faces bearing cuts, bruises and black eyes.  There would be two problems: getting the money to do it, and getting local media companies to carry it.  But, get that kind of response up, with a link to a principled website, and that would go viral.

  • Anonymous

    Suppressing the speech of those with whom we disagree is a real bad idea; that’s what liberals do, after all.  I would suggest a counter campaign: erect almost identical billboards about town with all the white faces bearing cuts, bruises and/or black eyes.  Think about it, and help pay for it, if the opportunity arises.

  • Ano Namouse

    Meanwhile, back in Duluth, Mayor Ness is feeling the heat and doubling down his efforts:


    Apparently, he seems confused about the fact that when you say “White people” in general are racists and the beneficiaries of racism, “individual” White people take offense. He seems offended that White people would be offended.

    Come on, Mayor Ness. Cut the [email protected]

  • Ano Namouse

    “It’s hard to see racism when you’re White.”

    The statement/platitude forces us into a logical corral: It’s hard for Whites because racism is PART AND PARCEL of the WHITE society we live in. A tired liberal myth. The onus of stopping Racism is put on Whites with the implication being that they are the only purveyors of it.

    And be polite. Name-calling is unnecessary, you snowblind Yankee wuss.

  • Ano Namouse

    Will you bus in Union Thugs? Or just release all the blacks from the local jail? How does “Fortress Duluth” “handle” the wicked Whitey?

    I’m waiting to see.

  • Ano Namouse

    You posted this same dumb thing on my blog…and here is my response. Again.

    Whatever you say. But the focus of
    this campaign isn’t on “diversity.” The posters don’t show crowds of
    blacks and Hispanics linking arms with Whites asking Duluth to be
    “welcoming.” It focuses on how WHITE PEOPLE–in general, not just in
    Duluth–are “privileged” to be who they are and have what they have. As
    if they didn’t earn it.

    And, as someone who escaped one of the
    most “diverse” cities on this continent, I’ll tell you what the “issues”
    of diversity are: minority crime, White victims, corrupt government,
    crappy police work and schools full of quasi-retarded, union-protected
    brown teachers. I hope Duluth tries to maintain its “homogeneity” (the
    horror!) and not give in to demographic suicide like so many places do.

    Stay White, Duluth. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Ask Milwaukee.

  • Anonymous

    Duluthian does us the service of telling us what the ground rules will be for contesting the merits of the billboard campaign in the public square of Duluth.  I intuit that, if I were to finance billboards in Duluth showing white faces bearing cuts, bruises and black eyes, I should be afraid for my safety.  The counter billboards would certainly be trashed, if Duluthian is to be believed.  BTW, American Renaissance is not a White Supremacist website. 

  • Magnum Force

    World Net Daily has been putting up Billboards around the country asking, “Where is the Birth Certificate?”. This has been a very successful campaign. You can do the same for the pictures and crime statistics that you can obtain, and put on Billboards.

    They also have mobile Billboards that could be used widely, and Businesses have Marquis that can be used to advertise these Statistics.

    Then you can always go smaller and either print sweatshirts, and bumper stickers with the same messages.

  • Magnum Force

    A little fun for these marauding blacks was to drag a White man out of  a Cab and beat him. This tells you everything you need to know about them.

  • How did the YWCA become so radical? There like the ADL. In my town there’s a sign of theres that says “eliminating racism and fighting for women” i think. Someone should spray paint over these billboards or write something making fun of them.

  • Ellen has surely never lived in a black neighborhood for if she ever had she’d never do what she’s currently doing (guilt tripping white people about supposedly being evil racists).

  • the media reported that “Mayor Don Ness has received racist messages…he would not show us any”. But they take his word for it? He could claim he got death threats and would they just report that as fact without seeing any evidence?