The GOP Mystique: It’s a White Thing

Courtland Milloy, Washington Post, January 4, 2012

Watching television coverage of the Republican caucuses in Iowa, I noticed that nearly everybody was white: white people smiling over coffee, white people applauding at candidate forums, white people singing praise songs at church. True, Iowa has so few blacks that it would probably take a hawk’s eye to spot one. But the GOP caucuses could have been held in any state, and the crowd would look the same.


Which made me wonder: In a country as large and diverse as ours, how is it that one of the two major political parties has become, in essence, a white people’s party?

Polls frequently note the overwhelming whiteness of the GOP, but they never quite explain it.

Why is a local columnist writing about the Iowa caucuses? I believe that racial demographics will play a crucial role in the presidential election and that the issue knows no geographical bounds. Read on.

The Pew Research Center did a poll last year that found: “While Republican gains inleaned party identification span nearly all subgroups of whites, they are particularly pronounced among the young and poor.” Another poll found that non-college-educated whites are flocking to the GOP.

But a Gallup poll found that Americans are more likely to blame Republicans than Democrats for the economic crisis, with its high unemployment and rising poverty. It makes no sense to me that the young and poor and working-class would “lean” toward the Republican Party, let along become a member of it. So what is it about being “white” that makes somebody do it?


Looks to me like those who call themselves Republicans have coalesced around nothing more than their whiteness. What else could it be? Certainly not economic self-interest.

Thomas Edsall, a journalism professor at Columbia University, observes that Republican strategists are trying to unify white voters by creating an “us vs. them” racial conflict.

“While the subject of race and of the overwhelmingly white Republican primary electorate are never explicitly discussed by Republican candidates, the issue is subsumed in blatant anti-immigration rhetoric,” Edsall wrote in the New York Times in November.

And, of course, there is that black guy in the White House to blame.


In addition, a recent Public Religion Research Institute poll found that 56 percent of Republicans, 57 percent of white evangelicals and 61 percent of those who identified with the tea party believe that discrimination against whites is as much of a problem as bigotry against blacks.

So while Wall Street rips off Main Street, Republicans are going around blaming African Americans and Hispanics (especially undocumented immigrants) for the pain and suffering of whites.


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  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with being white?  We would be a white country had we returned those blacks brought here as slaves to Africa.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Everyone is concerned about getting whites into the democratic fold, as a means to do what’s best for them, or to have them better help themselves.  We hear it one more time again. I’d be more eager to hear from a Democrat candidate, hear it from the horses mouth itself, so to speak. Why not explain exactly what they are going to do to get white voters to vote for them? 

  • Milloy asks:  In a country as diverse as ours, why is one of the two major parties the white people’s party in all essence?

    Answer:  Because the other major party is the non-white people’s party.

    • Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!

      • Unfortunately, we don’t have enough of a winner.  The Republican Party is only the “white” party in that almost 100% of its officials and grass roots members are white, not because it actively and openly advocates for white interests.  Sometimes, it actively, and on rare occasion, openly, advocates against white interests.

        • Anonymous


  • David Owens

    And why shouldn’t the Republicans be the white party? The Democrats are already the anti-white party.

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Owens comment is right on target.  Our daily paper denigrates the diverse white Americans by referring to them as gringos and non-Hispanic whites,  and regularly engages in mocking language against them as a demographic group.

      However, the master of race relations made it clear what he thinks about the diverse white Americans by using slurs like “acting white” in his 1994 remarks to the Democratic National Convention, and “a typical white person” just two days after his famous speech on race in 1998.  Those are just two examples of how he smothers the diversity and nationality of young and old white Americans.

      As the head of the Democratic Party, he has made it clear that he doesn’t want white support…don’t blame us if we see that as problematic for our children’s futures.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks voted 95% for Obama in 2008.

    Ever seen an article criticizing or even examining why blacks are so racist?

    Of course, not.

    That is your racism in 2012 Amerika.

  • allovertheplace

    The writer has obliquely identified a mass control strategy without realizing so, perhaps. If he (and others) actually nailed it we wouldn’t be in this situation, that is, unless we are really asking for it.

  • Anonymous

    But, the only ones doing the real blatant race-baiting are liberal media types who want to create their own version of “us vs them” in time to build non-white resentment against Republicans before the election. 

  • Anonymous

    So while Wall Street rips off Main Street  OWS protestors rally for Illegals who enrich the 1%’ers whom employ them for the cheap labor they provide.Mind explaining that one Courtland Milloy?

  • White people need their own party because of the actual institutional racism practiced against them. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you 100%, AvgDude. If you haven’t already, look into the American Third Position. This party advocates for the interests of White Americans.

  • They simply are not going to stop until every White has been conquered and neutralized. For goodness sakes, can you imagine an article with a similar tone taken against hispanics or blacks? There would be hell to pay!

  • “I noticed that nearly everybody was white”

    The same could be said when looking at pictures of the people who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of brilliant contributions to the liberal arts. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m no scientific pollster, but apparently when a man says in his autobiography that he was weaned on anti-white animus (Obama), when in fact his own mother despised her race by her own admission (Ann Dunham), it apparently turns some white people off. For those whites who took a chance on Obama in 2008, or voted for him more as a form of censure against Bush and the Neocons, it’s funny how the man turned out to be exactly what those “bitter” “gun” and “bible” -toting Americans claimed he was.

    Arguments about whether or not Obama is the worst president in History is a matter for historians. The point is that he supports programs that would make it easier for less qualified blacks to rise above their white (and Asian) peers in everything from the police force to colleges. So yes, Ms. Molloy, it would appear that not all white people are eager to slit their own throats. How odd.

  • A lot of us Whites remember a time not to long ago when the Republican party included members like Lee Atwater, Jesse Helms, and David Duke.  Folks that were Pro-White.  Because of this recent history we sort of consider the Republican party to be our natural home and are right now in the midst of purging the neo-conservative elements during the primary.  This vital endeavor can be achieved by supporting Ron Paul who has an excellent record on Race from the White Nationalist perspective (against Affirmative Action, voted to not renew Civil Rights, etc., )

  • Robert Sykes

    The problem is that the Democrat party is explicitly anti-White, and White people are being driven into the Republican Party for want of another choice, even if they do not support some (or any) Republican policies.

    As our politics become ever more radicalized, Whites will need a party to represent their interests, and it might as well be the Republican Party.

    •  Someone or something needs to emerge who will advocate on behalf of our glorious White race. The minority groups are not shy about doing this and have unapologetically supported political positions and parties based upon what is in their best interest racially.
       They have the hispanic caucuses, asian caucuses, black caucuses, all of which are very aggressive and direct in their objectives; which is to advocate and advance their political clout based upon race. The Democrats have abandoned White Americans along ago since they have found that racial politics whereby they pit minorities against White America in an effort to win elections is more appealing.
        Again, they make no apologies for this. When Whites even suggest we might needed someone advocating our interests, we are demonized as” racists, hate mongers, etc.”
      White Americans have never done this on a national scale and we are literally getting slaughtered by those advocacy groups who are experts at marginalizing White America in order to promote their race/ethnicity.
      White America had better get over being vilified as “racists” for even suggesting we have the same rights to racial representation as blacks and hispanics apparently do. The train is about the leave the station and we as a race have not even purchased tickets yet!

  • Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of all the anti-white propaganda by financial elite.

    They are sucking our blood with federal reserve, wars, taxes, debt, regulations.

    Anti-white supremacism is becoming a seriously infectious disease.

  • R. Casimir

    What a completely disengenuous article.   Whites split their votes pretty evenly between the GOP and the Democratic Party in almost every election, in almost ever state and locality.  Those statistics are available everywhere and completely well known, or should be to an author writing on this topic.

     It is blacks who are overwhelmingly Democrats, and therefore not participating in the GOP caucuses.  And why not?  The Democrats are heavily invested in promoting black concerns, supporting programs that dispraportionately benefit blacks, and supporting even racist quotas for blacks using code words like “affirmative action”.

    The amazing thing about the GOP is that it has not gone as explicitly pro-white as the Democrats have gone pro-black.   That’s because most whites are not racists or race obsessed, and don’t even go around thinking of themselves as white.   So an explicit appeal to whiteness would not be a great tactic for the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    He can’t. His 2012 campaign has been hijacked by the neo-libertarians, the wing of the party that’s terrible on race and immigration isssues

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if libertarian’s deserve the ‘neo’ label. There are right libertarians and left libertarians. Neither really care about racial issues. Their ideology dictates people to be individuals rather than parts of a group like race.

      Paul’s immigration stance is not open borders. He could most certainly take a harder line but he has stated that he’d bring troops home from abroad to defend our borders. That’s light years ahead of Obama. Romney talks tough but I have no confidence that he will follow through with his campaign promises. He’s owned by big business and they will do anything to keep the border wide open.

  • Anonymous

    The real problem is a lack of racial cohesion among whites.  It is acceptable for blacks/Hispanics/Asians, but you’re a Nazi if you want this among whites.

    The Republican party is almost as vehemently anti-white as the Democrats are.

    The income tax is one of the most racist and redistributionist policies ever instituted.  Whites suffer a great deal more under this yoke than anyone else.

  • White working class people believe Republicans are responsible for the economic mess because for over a decade they’ve been voting like Democrats when it comes to Big Government spending: ADDI, zero-down payment initiative, TARP, constant continuing resolutions to prevent government shut down, etc.

  • AP

    Yes, Captain, you are right on… it was just a few months ago they were trying to push that “Obama-equal” black guy on us, wasn’t it?  And how many fell for it til he was caught with his pants down, as it were…  

  • Anonymous

    How did discrimination get to be a bad word?

    • Anonymous

      Immunology is often defined as the science of self/non-self discrimination.  Discrimination is what the immune system does.  

      Discrimination is what keeps living things alive. 

      That’s all you need to know to understand the purpose of anti-discrimination laws in Europe and its diaspora.

  • Anonymous

    I’m white and strongly support Democrats. I have no interest in the GOP’s anti-libertarian positions on social issues and personal bevavior.

  • Anonymous

    The 1960s were known for the passing of civil rights legislation and the War on Poverty. Both of these were promoted by liberal Democrats. This decade was also known for five years of black ghetto rioting, and a doubling of the crime rate.
    Whites noticed that the black ghetto rioting ended abruptly with the inauguration of Richard Nixon in 1969. He was awarded with a landslide victory in 1972. 
    By the mid 1970s it became apparent that ending racial discrimination against blacks would not achieve racial equality for them. Rather than accept this, liberal Democrats tried to force racial equality with policies like affirmative action and forced school busting. 
    These policies harmed the interests of the Democratic Party’s once staunchly loyal white working class constituency. White blue collar workers who voted for Lyndon Johnson in 1964 voted for George Wallace in 1968, and Richard Nixon in 1972. They have been voting Republican ever since. 
    Liberal Democrats, who caused the exodus of white voters, now blame it on irrational color prejudice.  

  • Anonymous

    Could anybody really be as stupid as this Courtland Milloy? We ignorant honkeys, who work, pay for the feddle gummint, thus far put up with all the outrageous intrusions into our lives by the federal doltology, note that more than half the population of the US pays no income taxes, sends our kids to fight our wars (the combat arms of all the services are practically all white now -blacks prefer non-combat arms and branches), and this clueless dullard Milloy thinks we’re a bunch of snivelling whiners? 

  • Anonymous

    The o’bama is our first “affirmative action” president, despite being only half-black and the descendant of kenyan slave-traders . . .

  • As currently constituted, the Republican Party is a motley association of groups and ideologies that really don’ t like each other, but stick together because they fear conventional liberalism more than they do each other.  Can white nationalists and economic populists become just another group vying for power and influence within the Republican Party?  It’s not beyond the question.

  • Anonymous

    Just like the ‘white flight’ issue, the assumption is that it is whites who are racist, at least to one degree or another, and not that what they are trying to do is avoid being victims of racism a second or third time. There is no escape, however, because the article itself maligns them. I wonder how the paper is doing financially? Sure, there are always some wealthy whites above it all and who might still believe the myth but the numbers can’t be too high. I hope the paper is funding literacy efforts and civil responsibility efforts for people of color. At least for their sake. 

  • Lou

    Yeah ,mistermark123 doesn’t understand.. He just doesn’t get it.. Who’s idea is it for the incandescent light bulbs to be abolished ? Right there should tell you what party wants to run every facet of your life, from how much water your toilet flushes, to what kind of mattress you can buy if it doesn’t have the right amount of  fire retardant on it.. Those are ALL personal liberties that the democrats work towards as a whole.. As I said he obviously doesn’t know this or understand freedom..

    • Lou

      Basically mistermark123 wants to sit in his basement all day and smoke pot, that’s what he thinks freedom is. Hence his social issues and personal behavior comes into play..

  • Marc B.

    “Looks to me like those who call themselves Republicans have coalesced
    around nothing more than their whiteness. What else could it be?
    Certainly not economic self-interest.”

    The Clinton presidency ushered in the era of the pro-globalization, open borders madness into the democrat party and pandered to every member of their rainbow coalition of perverts and non-whites while ignoring the interests of the white working class voters. Working class whites realized the democrats offered them very little, yet provided all sorts of set-asides for everybody else. No self-respecting white votes for democrats who have embraced this post-modern liberal agenda, and that is most of the party at this point.