Sharpton: Gop in Mad Rush to Its Extreme “White” Wing

Real Clear Politics, January 4, 2012


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  • Anonymous

    Does not sound like a slip of the tongue; he enunciated the word “white” very slowly and clearly.

  • If the GOP is truly rushing to the extreme white wing, the my recommendation to them is this:  Resist we much not.

  • Konnie

    Who gives a flying **** about anything Al Sharpton says.  I can’t even believe you made the observation.  He is less than nothing. 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really listen to this race-baiter, Al Sharpton? He has no credibility since the Tawana Brawley incident, or am I the only one around  old enough to remembers that?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Does anyone really listen to this race-baiter, Al Sharpton?


      Business and corporation listen to him because he often threatens to organize boycotts against them on grounds that they discriminate against blacks.  Companies cough up large amounts of cash to placate Sharpton or hire him as a consultant.

      *After Sharpton threatened a boycott against Pepsi, he was hired as a $25,000/year adviser.

      *When Sharpton accused Chrysler of pervasive “institutional racism”;  the company began supporting Sharpton’s NAN conferences.

      *After Sharpton complained about a lack of blacks in management at American Honda, they too began to sponsor NAN events.

      *GM refused to pay anything,  prompting Sharpton to threaten to call for a boycott, after which GM made monetary donations to NAN.

      Sharpton also has enormous influence in the media.  

      Newsweek put this buffoon on its cover and wrote:   Sharpton has been right much more often than wrong in his choice of causes.

      He was hired by MSNBC, to host the 6 PM hour, PoliticsNation.

      He hosts a three-hour radio show each weekday in New York,  The Hour of Power

      I’d say he has a lot of power and influence, despite the Tawana Brawley case, despite falsely accusing Steve Pagones of rape, despite his incitement of the Crown Heights riots, despite his instigation of the burning of Freddy’s Fashion Mart, despite calling the White “jogger” who was raped and beaten in Central Park a ‘Whore’, despite his calling Whites “crackers” and “interlopes.”

      See here for Sharpton’s rap sheet:


      • Anonymous

        I stand corrected, Bon. Good points.

  • I didn’t realize that clown could pronounce the name of any color other than black.

  • I wonder if he went on to mention that the black wing of The USA is responsible for 70% of all the violent crime in The Nation.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really listen to this race-baiter, Al Sharpton? He has no credibility since the Tawana Brawley incident, or am I the only one around old enough to remembers that?                                                I remember it..i also remember him being in a video related to cocaine..and yet the msm respects & recognizes him as being a legitimate source of opinion.

  • Any one who looks to Al Sharpton to treat whites  fairly, need to have his head examined.

  • Anonymous

    When it comes to MSNBC in general and Sharpton in particular, you must ask yourself  a vital question: If a race-baiter makes a comment on a network that nobody watches, does he even make a sound?

    I present the following for your viewing pleasure.

    Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for January 5,

    P2+ (000s)
    25-54 (000s)
    35-64 (000s)

    Total Day







  • Of course the GOP has to appeal to whites, throw non-whites out of the country and never let any more in to be a viable party and serve the nation but it does none of this. The support for open borders and amnesty, for Israel, for war without end, a police and surveillance state, the drug war and many other issues are all hostile to Whites. The GOP is  just the White party by default. Democrats have explicitly said that they neither need nor want Whites so in a two party system the party that isn’t openly and brazenly hostile wins by default.

    Their hasn’t been a majority Black vote for the GOP on a midterm or presidential election in decades and there has never been a Hispanic majority vote for the GOP on that level.Asians voted for Barack Obama 62 percent of the time. Hispanics voted for Barack Obama 67 percent of the time. The Black vote for melanin was monolithic: 96 percent of Blacks voted for Barack Obama.Why would any Republican waste the time?

    • So we don’t support Israel which is the only democratic state in the Middle East, actually having freely elected Arabs in it’s parliament?  Who should we support there, Hunter?

      • They don’t want democracy, a true two state solution with elections. Why should we support ANYBODY in the Middle East beyond basic business interest? This should have never been our concern. Also, Israel is a big boy now. They have a top 20 economy and thermonuclear weaponry. Let ’em support themselves for a change, the last 7 decades apparently has been far and away enough support for these parasites and ingrates. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Al and Courtland Milloy from the previous article on GOP can get together and have a good old MSNBC racist pow wow but I’m afraid their combined intelligence may get in the way of anything productive.

    Resist We Much!!!! – Rev. Al

  • What a character from zero to hero in 20 yrs and now a TV “talking head” on MSNBC,  Al my advise just do the “right thang” and say your’re sorry for making those Cops lives a living hell back then,  If Bill Clinton can apologize for Slavery surely you can too.

  • Extreme exaggeration, as always, is just part of black tactics to get blacks upset & angry and to get conservatives to worry about themselves . It should just be ignored.

  • Joe Burns

    Sharpton is truly a racist, but he does get by with it by his sharp voice and intimidation. Be nice if some day he would leave the scene.

  • Anonymous

    They missed this one, too:

    Authorities Investigating Attack At Center City PATCO Station
    January 5, 2012 10:30 PM
    By Todd Quinones

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – PATCO and Philadelphia police are investigating the attack and robbery of a young man at a Center City train station on Tuesday that was caught on tape.

    The young victim was so badly beaten he had to be taken the trauma center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

    Two men are caught on camera attacking a 22-year-old from Haddonfield, New Jersey as he was trying to buy a ticket on PATCO. The attacked happened at the PATCO stop at 8th and Market Streets on January 2nd.

    Video of the attack recently surfaced on the website,

    • La Santa Hermandad


      I did see that. Have you ever noticed that when a perp is White , the video is pretty clear but inexplicably blurs when he’s Black.  This, as does “youths”, “teenagers”, “young people” etc. has become a sure indicator of the race of the perps.
        I also get a chuckle when they video the perps from the waist down. I’m amazed at how little regard the MSM has for our intelligence.

      • Anonymous

        Then there is the MSM ploy of using a stock photo of a couple of  White hands in shackles when it’s obvious that the perp was an Afrovoodoo.

        The NY Daily Snooze will scour the AP newswire to find White crimes from a thousand miles away so they can balance out all the inkster crimes happening within 10 miles of home. The knuckle-draggers who read this rag are then convinced that everyone commits crimes at the same rate.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      See this story in the local papers or on the news?   

      Neither did I:

      A 13-year-old female student was beaten so badly by seven students between the ages of 12 and 15 that she was left unconscious on the school bus Friday morning The teens are students at Marion Oaks Elementary School in Ocala, Fla.

      The victim, who said it was her first day riding the bus and none of the children would let her sit down.

      Orlando’s, Bessie Coleman, who told the station she is sorry for the girl’s injuries, but that she believes the fight started because the victim was making “racial comments.”

      Any guess as to the color of the victim?  Color of the SEVEN  monsters that attacked a helpless 13-year old female ?  

      It’s become cliched that the White victim was “making racial comments”, no mention of race in the media if the monsters are black and the beasts are excused as good children/honor students/aspiring rappers/and as have never been in trouble before.

      Beasts like this will continue to assault, torture, maim and kill Whites until they’re stopped by lethal force — don’t look to the government, media or local police force to come to your rescue — or any politician for that matter — making it Open Season on Whites by blacks.  Prepare thyself. You have no one but yourself to depend on for defense from these savages.

  • Anonymous

    Sharpton was trying to be funny. It wasn’t a slip at all. Nothing wrong with using humor to make your point.

    • Zorro

      Big mouth Al was trying to be funny, but we are not laughing.

  • Anonymous

    sharpton pig

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I guess he is the replacement for Jesse (I carried MLK’s bags) Jackson (another race hustler).
    Yes, both are race hustlers!!  Jesse Jackson used MLKs death to promote himself,  said he “cradled MLKs head in his arms until he died.”  The truth, as it often is for these hustlers, is far different:Jackson claimed that he was on the balcony with King immediately after the latter had been mortally wounded by an assassin’s bullet on April 4, 1968, and that he had cradled the dying civil rights leader in his arms as he took his final breaths. At the moment King was shot, Jackson was actually in a nearby parking lot talking to a group of musicians. Kenneth Timmerman describes  what happened next:
     ‘When the shots rang out, he [Jackson] fled and hid behind the swimming pool area and reappeared 20-30 minutes later when the television cameras arrived on the scene. The next morning,, Jackson flew to Chicago to make a guest appearance on the NBC ‘Today Show.’ Before a national television audience on the “Today” show, Jackson donned a shirt that he claimed was smeared with the dying Dr. King’s blood. “He died in my arms,” lied Jackson.

    Remember this as we start “Black History Month” in February, when the media inundate us with LIES about MLK, Jackson, Sharpton, et. al.