Police Investigate Students’ Racial Rant

My Fox Phoenix, January 6, 2012

Parents at Arcadia High School get a letter from the school, and now the school is working with Phoenix police to investigate something that was posted on YouTube and Facebook.

Here is the text from the video on YouTube:

“This law is about the new law that just passed in Arizona legislature for you f****** illegals to go back to your homeland. Yeah, so grab your burritos and get the f*** out of our country, because you make our life a living hell.

“Go back to f****** Mexico. Get your f****** green card like everyone else and then come back. You f****** morons. It’s not that hard. Let me get a green card. Let me hop the fence, you retard. How about this—teachers not holding the rest of the class back because they’re teaching these a******* how to speak English. It’s obvious that you are not an American citizen. Otherwise, you would have learned English first.”

School officials said the girls on the video do not attend Arcadia High School.

The video is a year old, but it has just now become viral.

At least five police officers were at the school Friday morning, and Friday’s pep rally and this weekend’s winter dance have both been canceled. The school is afraid of possible retaliation from the video.

The principal wrote letters to parents about the situation on Thursday and Friday:

January 5, 2011Dear Arcadia Parents and Guardians,

We have been made aware of a video that contains threatening and inappropriate language as well as racial slurs was posted a year ago, in January 2011, and was recently reposted on the Internet. It has been brought to our attention that one or more of our students may have been involved.

We are working closely with the District Administration and the Phoenix Police Department on the investigation. This is a good time to remind your student(s) that this is not acceptable or tolerated behavior. Arcadia is a place where all students come to learn in a safe, respectful environment.

At Arcadia, our number one focus is the commitment to safety. We expect our students to continue to be respectful and show appropriate behavior toward others. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact me at 480-484-6300 or [email protected]



Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey 



January 6, 2012  Hello Titan Community: 

As you probably know, Arcadia High School has been rumored to be linked to a hateful video that was posted on Facebook as well as You Tube. The two students who were featured on the video are NOT students at Arcadia High School. Along with our District Office staff and Phoenix Police, we have been investigating the source of these rumors and will continue to do so. In the meantime be assured that: 

  • We have taken great precaution in assuring the safety of each and every one of our students on the Arcadia Campus.
  • Because we feel that it is best to follow our regular schedule today, the Winter Assembly has been postponed. Additionally, we have postponed the Winter Dance scheduled for this Saturday, January 7th.

Rest assured, we are prepared to hold a regular school day and ensure the safety of our students and staff. 



Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey 

Proud Principal of Arcadia High School


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  • Anonymous

    Any white person now days who speaks out on race is open to an intense amount of public vilification. Just look at that tram lady incident and how she ended up in jail with the video getting millions of views and the police involved just from having an opinion. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget Alexandra Wallace who was forced to leave UCLA because of death threats from her “racist rant” video about Asians.  It doesn’t matter how a White person’s opinion is presented about race, if we don’t pretend to be totally colorblind we are labeled haters, bigots, intolerant racists , who are just plain ignorant.  I think a lot of Whites are sick to death of hearing it, as most comments will reveal on articles of this nature.

  • There are no racial slurs in this video, unless one thinks “illegal” is a pejorative, and the Raza lobby is trying to make it beyond the realm of polite conversation and journalism.

    Put these two young women on the Republican debate state, post-haste.

    • That’s the first thing I  thought when I read the principal’s first letter. But I guess all that matters nowadays is “feelings.” If I just “feel” a racial slur, it must be there.

  • I admit I laughed. But really, let’s DO call out the FBI, the State Patrol, Homeland Security, the SPLC, and the League of English Teachers, to track down these miscreants and wash their mouths out with soap.  — Gerald Martin

  • Whites are waking up.  Thank Thor and Odin for this. Yeah.

  • The truth is racist?

  • Anonymous

    I think they were high. The blond was trying to make logical points, the brunette was just plain stoned.

  • They are working with the police department?? Exercising your First Amendment right to freely express your absolute objection and disgust regarding this illegal invasion is now deemed criminal.  I am still trying to figure out what they said that might have amounted to a criminal action. I guess illegal invaders from mexico might be offended, but so what! They are routinely offended when Americans voice their objections against their illegal invasion!
    We are losing this battle…

  • She is right, foreigner and white elites both hold common whites in contempt. They both deserve to hear hot blooded rage breathing down their necks.

  • Where is the threat in this video rant?

    So they used foul language. So what?

  • so now your opinion can’t be expressed if your white? just think your goverment sponsered schools are suppressing personal opinion and thinking for yourself. who would have ever thought that? a goverment funded school telling us that what we think should be kept to ourselfs. 

  • Anonymous

    I almost teared up listening to these girls. I don’t know if it was from being proud or the fact that they singed my face with all of those f-bombs but kudos to the parents anyhow, I have a feeling these young women won’t be bringing home a bundle of joy courtesy of Pedro or Tyrone.

  • You wont post my comment but i just want point out that the girl on the right is almost certainly a jew judging from her facial features and voice. 

    • People like you are the reason we aren’t taken seriously.

      • I know your ethnic background and you are not of us.  Touting yourself as a white nationalist when no white ethno-state will let you in makes you look very clownish indeed.

        • Anonymous

          What is your problem with Jews?  Your comment has nothing to do with the issue raised in the video.

  • Anonymous

    The illegal use of drugs?

  • tickyul tickyul

    Wow, maybe Big Brother will throw the shackles on these ladies for “hate speech”.

    This country is done for……..so phony and pathetic. Best thing a thinking person can do is prepare for the worst.

  • Andy

    Sometimes the most memorable (and often scary ) expressions of sentiments are those that
    a good standup comedian can elicit from an audience.   Or, for that matter, a quick-witted
    drinker can elicit from the other patrons  at an upscale bar.   Far too little regard has been
    given over the years, to what good nightclub comedians have elicited re race and one or two
    other deep taboos, this in upscale clubs–mostly within the Dixie Frontier–sometimes in
    Idaho, Montana,  Western Nebraska, for that matter.  

  • Is it just me or is this a big giant waist of public money. Why would they investigate anything? Whats there to investigate? Somebody made a video and in turn posted it to the web. This happens thousands of times a day. Is it really the responsibility of the police to investigate rumors? You would think they had something better to do.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to know for instance, why they are not investigating that Latino leader in Phoenix who said last summer that there will likely be a racial civil war against whites within the next five years.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps they would have had just a touch more credibility and acceptance if they’d left the filth out of their language. I’m so sick of young people, especially girls, talk like ghetto scum. In fact, I’m sick of hearing ghetto scum talk like ghetto scum. I agree wholeheartedly with their philosophy regarding the subject, but young girls (and boys) get no respect or consideration from me when they spout sewage non stop. The garbage coming out of peoples’ mouths now is abominable.+

    • The language thing is a big issue for me – at least the public use of it because I know privately I can use profanity but I don’t go around in public places spewing it.  I was recently treated to an extraordinary display of what you’re talking about at a pro football game when a young white woman throughout the entire course of the game screamed F**** M**** with small children a few feet away. An older adult male and I just looked at each other in utter disgust.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, the tragedy here is that many of our young white children have learned ghetto talk, trash talk, whatever you wish to call it, from blacks and other gangsta cultural “contributions” to American culture.  It is difficult to reverse trends like these once they take hold because the social ship is large and turns slowly.  It grieves me deeply when I see for example, a pretty white woman on a tv comedy show talk trashy and make a good living out of it (somebody – lately).  Kids just imitate the dominant youth trends, and for some time, that influence and trend has been black and ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.
    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.
    They are already 100% diverse.
    People are only telling white children in white countries that they need diversity.
    White Countries will be 100% diverse when there are no white people left.
    Diversity is a code-word for white genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • Sorry Bud, but without Christianity there is no “Western Civilization”.  Do some reading before you make comments like this.  What is “traditional Germanic” anyway?

    • Anonymous

      That you have to ask him shows how impoverished your knowledge of true European history, culture, and identity you and like minded whites are.  Christianity is shared worldwide by many non-whites.  It is not and has never been a definition of Western culture but a faction seeking control and ownership of Western culture.  The contradictions inherent in its application contain the very seeds of defeat that are manifest in the West for whites today.

    • Anonymous

      You’re correct, of course, Rocky Mountain. The current iteration of Western Civilization really began with the rise of the Holy Roman Empire in 962 AD. The smelly pagans were purged.

  • You’re right about the threats.  And I don’t really see any racism unless calling people by their country of origin is now considered to be racist.

  • Being white.

  • Giuseppe Verdi

    “Think Christianity, which is basically a bread-and-circuses religion (rich go to hell, poor go to heaven, class hatred, class warfare, etc.).”

    You certainly don’t give the impression of knowing very much about Christianity at all. The Bible says that it is more difficult for a rich man to enter heaven than a poor man, and Jesus wanted his followers to give away all that they had and follow him essentially in poverty. The only thing that Christianity has to do with class is that it warns rich people not to put their money before God or other people–in other words, it has almost nothing to be with class, much less class warfare (class warfare from a religion that commands you to love everyone–come on, you can’t be serious).

    I think looking at the Frankfurt School of the 1930s and its antecedents and the extreme upheavals of the 1950s and 1960s would clearly be more productive in identifying current problems than blaming the Roman Empire. After all the Roman Empire has influenced the West ever since its downfall. Yet are you going to claim that almost the entire recorded history of the West (the most advanced society in human history) has been a negative one? The most serious threats to the West have much more recent origins: Marx, nihilism, imperialism, decentered Godlessness, radical egalitarianism, aimless Post-modernism, cultural relativism, anarchism, cultural Marxism, rejection of tradition, the domination of political correctness over free speech, etc. Several of these problematic ideas came out of or were heavily promoted in the Germanic and Slavic lands (two groups which you seem to be conflating–since when have Germans been Eastern Europeans?). Germany, the birthplace of Protestant Christianity, of course, was also undeniably influenced by the Roman Empire and Christianity. Also, if you bother studying history, you will see that France started secularizing long before the German states (Germany did not yet exist as a country).

    I’m glad that you are proud of your heritage, but your theories could use a lot of refinement and research.

    • Anonymous

      You are the one short of deeper knowledge of the subject, both Christianity in European history and the Frankfurt School.  Did you know that it was originally funded by the son – inheritor of a wealthy industrialist motivated by Christianity?

      The poster you responded to shows more realized knowledge of the outcomes of Christianity than you do.  The chief problem in my view is that it will always provide critics of white race realism with endless ammunition against the notion of white exclusivity or even the right to assert ourselves.  You are obviously more loyal to your Church than to the white race.  I think readers need to recognize this so that they may see the problem that divided thinking and loyalty posses for whites.

      What Christianity did in Europe was to succeed in propelling itself through European civil wars and exterminations of whites (just as the Roman Empire did in Europe) until it became impossible to continue that way.  Marxism was anti-Christian (anti-organized religion really) because it recognized the historical role that it had played in keeping the average person enslaved, both economically and spiritually.  I am as against communism as anyone, but I am intelligent enough to recognize actual facts, including the details of history you and others like you always leave out, while claiming ownership of Western Culture for Christianity. 

       THE WEST SUCCEEDED BECAUSE OF LITERACY, THE REASSERTION OF REASON, AND THE TECHNICAL ADVANCES THAT WERE ACHIEVED IN SPITE OF THE CHURCH.  The Church first forbade literacy and taught Christianity as a radical superstition.  Next, it sought to restrict access to the Bible and fought the advent of the PRINTING PRESS.   It formed the Dominican Inquisition, which operated throughout ALL of continental Europe.  It took Napoleon to end it.  As intelligent people, we ought to be able to  recognize useful points of any system be it capitalism or socialism. 

      Christianity has always sought first to perpetuate its hold on the individual through fear and spiritual blackmail and the system and has historically aligned with ANY system that will support it in return.  Christianity once served the West in its inevitable expansion, but today its plays the opposite role as it comes with contradictions that call on Christians to accept anyone into the fold, and give everything, including your national identification, ethnic id, racial id, second or no place to even your enemy.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, and how long before they start perusing sites for comments?  This is a major First Amendment issue.  The reason that their post is being investigated is because everyone allowed certain words to become taboo, PC thought control in general and specifics like we did not impeach Eric Holder when he proclaimed that only whites could be guilty of hate crimes.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you.  We need millions of Germanic people to realize and be as you are  (almost all Euros are, somewhere back in their history as Indo-European tribes).  You are all too correct about the dangers of Christian identity for whites.  We need to get all contradictions and motivation by spiritual fear out of our consciousness, and replace it with the sort of bold assertiveness that the old Germanic Gods and heroes once gave us.

  • Anonymous

    It’s remarkable that these young ladies have been able to see through all the brainwashing that they have doubtless been through.  The substance of their rant is without flaw, in as far as it goes.  They are expressing their anger in an age appropriate fashion.  They don’t like the despoiling of their culture and its complexion.   They don’t like sacrificing the quality of their education for illegal invaders largely on welfare.  They don’t yet see that these same invaders that are compromising their education will also be living on the dime of similar young people for decades to come.  These same invaders will compromise their entire lives going forward.  If anything they have understated the problem.
    The profanity is a sideshow, born of the rebelliousness of youth.  Without it they would not be producing this rant.  You don’t have to respect their profanity, but you must respect their uncommon wisdom at such a young age.

  • These girls don’t realize that it does not matter if they are legally in the United States. Race matters.

  • Anonymous

    So, white girls at the school were in danger even tho the white girl who made the video didn’t even attend the school. And no doubt, ‘sensitivity’ training was mandated for all the students at school, all the students who are white. This type of ‘group punishment’ stuff sounds like some of the worst actions of Nazi Germany, if you read about it. 

  • darkies get away with saying much worse racial things against Whites.
    when Whites speak out for ourselves, we are attacked. we know why, it is because our enemies fear our unified strength.