Posted on January 6, 2012

Police Investigate Students’ Racial Rant

My Fox Phoenix, January 6, 2012

Parents at Arcadia High School get a letter from the school, and now the school is working with Phoenix police to investigate something that was posted on YouTube and Facebook.

Here is the text from the video on YouTube:

“This law is about the new law that just passed in Arizona legislature for you f****** illegals to go back to your homeland. Yeah, so grab your burritos and get the f*** out of our country, because you make our life a living hell.

“Go back to f****** Mexico. Get your f****** green card like everyone else and then come back. You f****** morons. It’s not that hard. Let me get a green card. Let me hop the fence, you retard. How about this — teachers not holding the rest of the class back because they’re teaching these a******* how to speak English. It’s obvious that you are not an American citizen. Otherwise, you would have learned English first.”

School officials said the girls on the video do not attend Arcadia High School.

The video is a year old, but it has just now become viral.

At least five police officers were at the school Friday morning, and Friday’s pep rally and this weekend’s winter dance have both been canceled. The school is afraid of possible retaliation from the video.

The principal wrote letters to parents about the situation on Thursday and Friday:

January 5, 2011Dear Arcadia Parents and Guardians,

We have been made aware of a video that contains threatening and inappropriate language as well as racial slurs was posted a year ago, in January 2011, and was recently reposted on the Internet. It has been brought to our attention that one or more of our students may have been involved.

We are working closely with the District Administration and the Phoenix Police Department on the investigation. This is a good time to remind your student(s) that this is not acceptable or tolerated behavior. Arcadia is a place where all students come to learn in a safe, respectful environment.

At Arcadia, our number one focus is the commitment to safety. We expect our students to continue to be respectful and show appropriate behavior toward others. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact me at 480-484-6300 or [email protected]



Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey 



January 6, 2012  Hello Titan Community: 

As you probably know, Arcadia High School has been rumored to be linked to a hateful video that was posted on Facebook as well as You Tube. The two students who were featured on the video are NOT students at Arcadia High School. Along with our District Office staff and Phoenix Police, we have been investigating the source of these rumors and will continue to do so. In the meantime be assured that: 

  • We have taken great precaution in assuring the safety of each and every one of our students on the Arcadia Campus.
  • Because we feel that it is best to follow our regular schedule today, the Winter Assembly has been postponed. Additionally, we have postponed the Winter Dance scheduled for this Saturday, January 7th.

Rest assured, we are prepared to hold a regular school day and ensure the safety of our students and staff. 



Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey 

Proud Principal of Arcadia High School