Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature for GPS Devices

CBS Seattle, January 6, 2012

Microsoft has been granted a patent for its “avoid ghetto” feature for GPS devices.

A GPS device is used to find shortcuts and avoid traffic, but Microsoft’s patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an “unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures.”

Created for mobile phones, the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route.

The patent, written in a combination of tech-speak and legalese, was awarded to Microsoft earlier this week. It also described other uses for the new GPS technology.



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  • Anonymous

    My non-racist father told me to avoid 125th Street in Harlem!

  • Anonymous

    Will it tell people not to go to Detroit at all?

    • Or East St. Louis. Or Gary, Ind. Or Memphis. Or Oakland. Or Baltimore. Or Dallas (south of I-30). Or (insert other favorite ghetto here).

  • I don’t need an add-on to my GPS to show me how to avoid the ghetto.  I look for Martin Luther King street and travel in the other direction.

  • Gru

    An avoid ghetto feature on GPS devices? That’s hysterical! I wonder how long it’ll be before  the PC police pick up on this one and declare it “ray-ciss” and offensive?

  • Finally a proper app for white people.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting technology.  I pass through such neighborhoods with my S&W M57 .41 Magnum on the passenger’s seat, however.

  • Anonymous

    The name “avoid ghetto” will likely garner unwanted attention for those who live there and find themselves in an auto with GPS. Better to have named it “hood haven”. 

  • Holder will be working overtime this weekend, to challenge this in court, come Monday.

  • Anonymous

    Can I use one of these when I’m just walking around on foot, as well? Sort of reminds me of the device used by Peter Venkman in Ghost Busters. Those green ghetto goblins are everywhere.

  • tickyul tickyul

    I have my own radar, when I see a Urban American……well, I just cross the street.

  • I would definitely use this!

  • Reminds me of that old joke.

    Q: Why do they name streets after dead civil rights leaders?

    A: So that people from out of town will know which neighborhoods to avoid.

  • ALL law-abiding white adults living in the 41 states where you can easily get a concealed carry license NEED to get a handgun that they can carry EVERYDAY. While a Glock 19 is great, if you won’t carry it EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE you go, get something you will, like a little .380 semi or a J-frame .38 spl. Get some decent training too. 

    We also need to reform the death penalty process just like we need “immigration reform”, but in neither case do we mean what the liberals mean (e.g., “Deportation Stops Exploitation!”). We need to get back to “sure & swift” justice and get back to executing people for plain old murder (and rape?), without any need for “special circumstances” (murder of a cop; murder by poison; multiple murder; etc.). 

    We NEED AmRen to start a online forum for us to hash out the various issues that are disproportionately impacting our people. For example: paying for NAM’s (non-Asian minorities), disproportionate use of health care resources (e.g., (1) excessive ER and surgical utilization due to shooting/stabbing injuries during gang/drug sales/crimes; and (2) excessive medical utilization due to alcoholism/drug usage). These problems are a financial burden that disproportionately impact law-abiding white taxpayers. Right to Carry, Death Penalty “reform”, immigration “reform”, health care “reform” are just the tip of the iceberg….

    • Anonymous

      I notice you make a distinction for “non-Asian minorities”.  I get your point, but Asian immigrants are hurting whites as well.  They have no business being here, taking our white collar jobs in fields that WE invented and that we are also better at. I am disgusted by all the attractive white men I run into who got stuck doing blue collar work to no fault of their own.

    • I should have also mentioned small, single stack 9mm semis, like the Kahr PM9, are an excellent intermediate between the Glock 19 and small .380 semis. 

      IF AmRen starts a forum, we can discuss/debate/hash out issues related to carry.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it was my Spanish class going to a Mexican restaurant, in the late 80s, early 90s.

    One time I got to go, I’ll never forget one incident.  Some girls on the bus started shrieking, and I glanced out the window, saw this black guy, well, let’s say “polishing his knob” and grinning at us.  I quickly looked away.

    • Anonymous

      Some of the behavior from Third World men reminds me of how normal white men are. I have heard of two different instances where women ended up in bad parts of NYC and who got the pleasure to observe black men exposing themselves to them. Since they had white men with them, not much else happened thank goodness.  I myself went to NYC one time, and was in one of the not so nice sections of Mannhatten (yes , Mannhatten has them too), and witnessed what was either an arab or hispanic man standing off to the side with his personals randomly hanging out of his pants for no reason at all.  I too looked away as fast as I could.

      • Don’t look away, Courtney. Simply smile as you get your pepper spray out of your purse and “season” his “weenie” for him. LOL!

        Do the same thing if anyone BAs (bare a–es) you. 

        Haven’t had opportunity to try it on someone else and am not about to test it on myself, but I can’t imagine it would feel good. 😉

  • This is funny. I’ve always thought that GPS’s purposely sent me through the ghetto just to get robbed or shot.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admire the men on here who are claiming that they don’t need something like this on their GPS since they can just “turn in the opposite direction when they see MLK street” etc…….   Men tend to be good at direction as well as protecting themselves so this is understandable. 

    As a woman, however, such a device on a GPS would be beneficial.  In Alabama as a whole it isn’t so much of a problem unless you are actually in a city.  But just traveling across the state, it is pretty obvious to anyone who is from here that most exits off the interstate are pretty safe, since blacks in Alabama outside of the cities are in concentrated areas.

    I guess it is the same situation for the locals who live in other states as well.  But for me myself, I have run into many bad situations when traveling through other states I am not familiar with along the east coast inparticular.  It seems every time I stop for gas, I end up in a bad area, almost as if blacks have taken over every area along the eastern seaboard that contains ANY sign of civilization from New York City all the way down the tip of Florida. 

    There have been times when I break down crying because I don’t know how to get out of the area I am in and I get this feminine “I don’t know what to do” panicky feeling.  This is one of the reasons I like having a man with me, whether it is a relative or someone else when I go on long trips.

    Something else that needs to be said, especially if you are a woman, is that you are NEVER safe in your car. You have to always assume the worst case scenario, like, “what if your car breaks down?”.

    • The book “The Bonfire of the Vanities” relates the story of a situation that evolved from a simple wrong turn.

      If you haven’t read it I urge you to do. You can get a copy on for 99 cents, just becareful of the shipping fees.

  • Wonder how many suburban idiots will use it to find drugs, and an end to their life?

  • that’s good, we need something to  point out where the unsafe areas are!

  • Respectfully disagree re “stopping power.” Submit the following linked information for your consideration.;col1 and 

    Years ago, back in the pre-Black Talon days, when JHPs were unreliable, I would have agreed w/you. Nowadays, IMHO, capacity trumps any slight benefit of 0.10″ or less in diameter.