Pakistani Christian on Death Row Cooks Own Meals for Fear of Being Poisoned

Rob Crilly, Telegraph (London), December 26, 2011

The case of Asia Bibi has been taken up by Pakistan’s small band of liberal reformers since it was reported by The Daily Telegraph in November last year.

But it has also exposed the power wielded by extremist clerics and the persecution faced by a tiny Christian minority.

In her first interview from behind bars, she described the miserable conditions in prison as she waits for the chance to appeal against her conviction.

“I am allowed to go out for only 30 minutes every day, and allowed to meet my family for one hour every Tuesday,” she told Life for All, a Christian organisation.

“I am given raw material to cook for myself, since the administration fears I might be poisoned, as other Christians accused of blasphemy were poisoned or killed in the jail.” She added that a prison guard had recently been suspended for trying to strangle her.

Human rights campaigners believe Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are being abused to settle scores or persecute religious minorities.

Mrs Bibi—who uses a common Urdu honorific in place of her surname of Noreen—was arrested after a row with women as they worked in the fields of rural Punjab.

In court, she said she had been asked to fetch water.

Some of the other women—all Muslims—refused to drink the water as it had been brought by a Christian and was therefore “unclean”, according to Mrs Bibi’s evidence.

In the row that followed she was accused of defaming the Prophet Mohammed, which she denies.

That was enough for a death sentence, although Pakistan’s president has imposed a moratorium on hangings since taking power in 2008.

This year, two of her high-profile supporters have been assassinated, including Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab, who was shot dead by one of his own bodyguards. The assassin has since been feted by religious leaders and many ordinary Pakistanis.

Mrs Bibi, who has five children, said she prayed for her freedom but knew it could come with a high price.

“I am hopeful that I will be released, although there is a bounty of about $8,000 offered by the Islamic clerics to anyone who will kill me. I have left everything on God, I will accept His will.” Snipers have been deployed on church roofs in Lahore during Christmas to protect against attacks in a reminder of the threats faced by Christians.

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  • Anonymous

    Pakistanis are NOT proper Muslims. They were the lowest caste of Indians that converted.  They do not even give their brides dowries, and worse, often demand dowries from the bride’s family because they still practice Indian customs that are contrary to the Quran.

    • Anonymous

      I am always baffled by the whites on here who spend their time making excuses for nonwhites, especially for this nonwhite group inparticular. 

       When we say “white Muslims” who are we talking about?   Are we talking about Lebanese Christians, Turks with Greek blood, the few Iranians who are still Persian, or the few Afghans who are still Indo-Europeans?  These are all exceptions to the rule.  The large majority of Muslims can definately be classified as “caucasian” (an arbitrary term we need to do away with), but they most certainly are NOT white.  Instead they mostly consist of  brown skinned groups of different types of semites (arabs) and Central Asian groups which is what Turks originally were.  Plus there are many other brown skinned tribes/groups in the region.  Most of them are incompatible with Western culture and Rushton and other geneticists have done extensive research to prove their IQs are much lower than our’s. 

      Now please don’t go into how “the Muslim world was more advanced than us at one time”.  By doing so you are falling for liberal propaganda.  Every time I pick up a history book and read it I find out just the opposite.  The Byzantine Empire which was Greek and Christian was able to hold Islam back into the 1400s, and if you go back before that to the 700s, the Franks, who we get told were barbarians, were able to keep them out of Western Europe.  Most of the Crusades were a failure because Western Europeans were focusing more on their rift with Eastern Europeans (Byzantines) than they were with Muslims.  

      Plus, during the period that Islam was apparantely advanced, it did very little with science, and the achievements it DID do were on the backs of Greeks and Persians (white) who were already spread throughout the Middle East.    I really don’t understand why anybody takes a religion so seriously that spawned from tribles in the Arabian Peninsula, and that derived most of its civilization from areas that were already white and Christian.

      Oh and before someone brings up Dubai, most of that magnificent architecture was designed by white Europeans.

  • Gru

    If the US were a sane country, it would ban Muslim immigration. They should be viewed as mortal threats to our way of life the same way communists in America use to be . Islam is more of an all consuming ideology than a religion.  The Left rallies to defend Islam despite its bitter and implacable intollerance of basic rights for women and gays because it views this group as another tool for destroying Western civilization.  That’s why they adore them.

    • Anonymous

      WHITE Muslims are not a threat. Muslim countries are some of the very safest countries in the world to visit (unless of course you are waging war against them). True Muslims do not short change you just because there is a currency difference.  As far as rights for women go, the Quran was one of the greatest pro-feminist doctrines ever written! And that was 1400 years ago! Sure the tribes found loopholes but that does NOT change the written word.

      • Penzanse

        It’s called  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The left uses this so they an point out and shout “see how poorly the right treats these poor oppressed?” The left is legend at using straw men.  “the quran (small q on purpose) was one of the greatest “equal rights for women” doctrines ever written” .  Yah, keep them in a bag, that’s Muslim equal rights. can women own property? can they vote?  From the way you write, I doubt that you have ever been to an Arab country. I lived and worked in Arab countries for years. Primitive is all I saw. Primitive minds with modern oil cash.

        • Anonymous

          I have not been to an Arab country but I have been to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Does that count? And yes, in Iran women vote, drive, and most certainly own property.

          I am surprised that while you have lived in an Arab country you do NOT know if women can own property. The property laws that the Quran bestowed on women were 1500 years ahead of the Western world.  In Islam men have a legal obligation to support their female family members which includes shelter, food, and basic clothing. Grooms give the bride a dowry. Women are guaranteed a share of the inheritance. Best of all a woman’s money, land, jewerly, slaves, etc… are HERS and her husband has no legal right to touch  her assets.

          The dowry laws were put in place to ensure women would not be married off as pawns for financial gain. Compare that to Western marriage laws even 100 years ago,  if a wealthy heiress married her assets immediately belonged to her husband.

          • Anonymous

            I have not been to an Arab country but I have been to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Does that count?


            No, it doesn’t. Iranians are not Arabs. They used to be known as Persians.  As I recall, they practice a very liberal version of Islam….or at least they did before 1979.

  • Anonymous

    As far as Iranians being thieves, I have certainly NEVER experienced that! I was very surprised by their honesty when I visited Iran.  Since their alphabet and numbers are different it was very difficult to calculate prices or currency exchange. When I was departing at the Tehran Airport I exchanged rials for dollars, there was a language barrier, I received the dollars and went to sit down while waiting for the plane. 5 minutes later the money exchange man came over and gave me another $6 and some change as apparently the initial calculation was incorrect.

    Afghanistan was one of the most progressive countries in the middle east 100 years ago.  The brutal wars over the last few decades has forced every Afghani with an education or assets to flee the country.

    Photos of  Queen Soraya of Afghanistan circa 1920:

    • Intelliboy

      Well said! I agree we should stick to “fact” but by “facts” I mean what I can see and experience “here and now” when and especially when it pertains to the matters that are affecting me NOW not two hundred or two thousand or a million years ago.
      I see the Afghan guy walking down the street and I can observe him. I see two men from Norway and I observe them. I see a group of four very dark skinned Italian men and I observe them, I talk to these and take note, I repeat this process, very casually, for 20 years and I form a very clear image about the behavioural and intellectual differences, and values of these people. Of course language can be a problem for most people but still observing the children of different groups is also very enlightening.
      And about my views on “invading” Afghanistan. I do not see it necessary or even remotely beneficial for me to form an opinion or engage in speculation about everything and anything just because it is mentioned in the media. If anything I would rather ignore completely topics that do not lend themselves to factual and objective analysis. And I will have no views about matters that are beyond my sphere of knowledge and/or influence.

  • Anonymous

    Well yes Afghanis are ferocious. That is why Afghanistan cannot be taken by the world superpowers! That really applies to just about all of the Middle East. Very tribal, very territorial. Two different sides of one coin, they can be extremely gracious and hospitable, but they fight ferociously if they are threatened. Is that really such a bad thing?

    I know love potions and other magical practices are very very common in India but in Middle Eastern countries?  I have never heard of that. There was an article here a few days ago about the execution sentence of a female faith healer that mislead clients.

  • Anonymous

    “People like me”? What exactly does that mean?

    The people in the middle east have EVERY RIGHT to their own culture and their own customs. They have every right to protect their territory from invaders. Who cares if they launch a space station, they are busy minding their OWN BUSINESS in their homeland.

    You apparently feel differently. Why is that?

  • Anonymous

    Some basics:

    Skull shapes of genuine Arabs are identical to European Mediterraneans or Nordics (Dolicocephal). Arabs free of tanning (e.g. Syrians) are very white, mostly lighter than Southern Europeans. Afghans have sizable Nordic blood, dating back to Indo-European invasions (very high numbers of R1a haplogroup.)

    Turks practicing voodoo? What planet are you living on? Confusing Sub-Saharan Africa with Asia Minor or Middle East? Turkey is a secular democratic republic which is unique among Muslim countries.

    • Intelliboy

      Indeed those are “basics” good for beginners. Let’s move on to “advanced” and see how we can account for the facts we “see” not those we are told we “should” see.

      I didn’t say the state constitution in Turkey recognizes “voodoo” as the state religion. Rather I stated that middle easterns believe in and seriously practice voodoo, meaning “magic” and using that word because of the inevitable comparisons.

      The people of Turkey are not so much unique as I have seen them. And I am impatient to see that day when that “nordic” blood will finally make Afghanistan another Sweden.

  • Anonymous

    This “Sonya610” person has posted on Amren for over 3 years and also contributed financially.

    Islam is not in any way anti-white. Even Al Qaida, during one of their rants, welcomed American converts. Islam is NOT about race. They can be a bit fanatical, no doubt, but most of the fanatics really are devoted to their cause and it has nothing to do with race.

    • Anonymous

       it is about race because Europe is being flooded by non-whites but who are also Muslims. We do not want Islam in western countries.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the “you are right” comment. That is always wonderful to hear. And yes magic exists, quantum physics is proof.

    • Intelliboy

      Your welcome. I am ready to own up to my mistakes and learn. I have a lot to learn. I am not a clever guy but I make the most out of what intelligance I have.
      My mention of magic in relation to science was actually an ironic referance. The scientific “method” vehemently guards against magic. When you observe, or rather “detect” a phenomenon, you try to find a “cause.” If your choice for explanation of the phenomenon is not up to the job of explaining the observations, you discard them. If you fail to go through this process of discarding your previous “convictions” you end up resourting to “magic.” One way of incorporating magic into modern science is by introducing ever increasing “modifications” to account for more and more discrepancies. We observe that it “seems” that the electron moving in a conductor “thinks” in a relativistic way and so it is pulled towards the other electron moving in another nearby conductor, just to abide by the laws of relativity! This is actually magic! What is amiss here is giving “magical” qualities to electrons when we felt that this behaviour of the electron is NOT the whole story. We need to know more and meanwhile we provide a magical explanation. We see that light behaves like wave and as soon as we try to catch it in this, it behaves like photons, as if it “thinks!” Magic again! Missing knowledge, magical explanation. It does not mean that magic is “real” but it means that magic “exists” as a tool.

    • Anonymous

      Intelliboy wrote: We see that light behaves like wave and as soon as we try to catch it in this, it behaves like photons, as if it “thinks!” Magic again! Missing knowledge, magical explanation. It does not mean that magic is “real” but it means that magic “exists” as a tool.

      Well may be the missing knowledge is as simple as “it reacts in response to observation/conscious thought” which is the core principal of magic. I am not a scientist, I am sure you know far more about this topic, I am a monistic pantheist so naturally I choose to interpret it that way.

      (Discus now won’t let me reply to a post after I have hit the liked button).

  • Please do not take offense Sonya, but I cannot help but notice that you seem to be advocating quite feverishly on behalf of Islam and Muslims. We’ve see with our own eyes what Islam and Muslims have done to Europe and what awaits this country if their numbers reach critical mass. 

    Are you married to a Muslim or something?

    • Anonymous

      No, I am not married to Muslim, but Islam is the only organized religion that I seriously considered following.  Islam’s interpretation of God (singular) and the approach Muslims take toward God is quite appealing to me.
      I do not see religion as a social club, every negative attribute associated with Islam is a social problem; not religious doctrine. A Westerner could convert to Islam with very few lifestyle changes if they strictly followed the Quran. Alcohol, pet dogs,  multiple sex partners etc… are not forbidden in the Quran so there is actually quite a bit of flexibility depending on which branch of Islam one adheres too.
      As far as Europe is concerned it is not a “Muslim” problem it is a non-white third world immigration problem. As Intelliboy pointed out it wouldn’t matter if they were Christians or Muslims, they are a backward, ignorant foreign race that has no business in Europe or in any white countries.

    • Good luck to you Sonya in your quest for spiritual fulfillment. I try to keep it simple by adhering to the philosophy, if it’s not by and for White Judeo-Christians, I’m not generally interested. I’m puzzled as to why someone who claims to adhere to White nationalism would be interested in a religion in which blacks make up about a quarter of the total Muslim population in America. Many of those blacks have converted to Islam during the last seventy years. Black convicts are also among the many converts to Islam.

      The immigrant communities make up the majority, with mainly people of Arab and South Asian descent. These are not the type of people I would care to associate with in any manner, being it through religion or otherwise.

      I do not believe for a moment these people espouse White nationalist principles. Louis Farrakhan is certainly not going to be contributing to American Renaissance anytime soon. Islam seems to have a certain appeal to those who hate “whitey.” Not sure why that is, but it does.

      To be honest with you, I must admit I am suspect of a “religion” that does not like dogs and for all intensive purposes, does not treat their woman much better.

    • Anonymous

      Thomas don’t confuse Nation of Islam with real Islam. NOI is really whacky and they are considered apostates primarily because they had their own black prophet in the 20th century, Elijah Muhammad.  I believe the Saudi’s initially funded the NOI however when they became aware of the insane beliefs espoused by NOI they stopped the funding and no longer recognize it as a legit branch of Islam.

      There are far more black Christians than black Muslims yet I don’t see anyone leaving Christianity so as not to be associated with blacks.

    • Black Christians do not see me as the Infidel per their religious beliefs. They may dislike Whites for other reasons, but it is not sanctioned by their religion, at least as they interpret said scripture. But I guess I should relax since their beliefs are not those of ” real Islam.”
      I notice a theme in your posts in which you attempt to distance  those who practice something other than “real Islam.” The fact that Islam breeds such confusion should be a warning in of itself. Luis Farrakhan may head a splinter group of NOI, but he believes himself to be a faithful disciple of Islam. The Islamic Thinkers Society probably considers their beliefs to be in accordance with real Islam. I suppose so do cab drivers when they refuse to take a fare in possession of alcohol or pork products.
      No matter, you’ll likely continue to tout the virtues of Islam as being in accordance with White Nationalism in your quest for spiritual enlightenment. History gives us plenty of examples that would seemingly contradict this belief.  “Real Islam” (or some version therein) has been in conflict with Christianity throughout history.

      Good luck with your conversion  to Islam Sonya.  I am going to go hug my dog….

    • Anonymous

      Thomas wrote: Good luck with your conversion  to Islam Sonya.  I am going to go hug my dog….

      Educate yourself. I have six dogs and their comfort always comes first. The Quran clearly states all animals have souls and they ALL return to God. There are many many verses regarding the kind treatment of animals and punishment for the abuse of animals, including dogs.  

      Islam forbids animal abuse (both physical and mental) and there are quite a number of rules. Islam teaches that people have been sent to hell for mistreating animals and have  been forgiven for their sins based simply on showing kindness to a stray dog.

      I challenge you to find even ONE passage that calls for the kind treatment of animals in the Bible or threatens to punish those who mistreat animals! There aren’t any.

      There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end. —Quran 6:38 

      An overview of some of the rules regarding kind treatment of animals:

  • Anonymous

    Wasting your time on Arabic or Chinese will only improve you further, 20% of the world population is Chinese and Arabic will certainly more beneficial than, say for instance Norwegian, which is spoken only by ca. 4 mil.  

    I myself speak five languages (Turkish, English, German, Hungarian and Swedish), for example. 

    Being against Islam and being against non-whites are entirely different things. While Islam may be incompatible with Western culture, some of your very racially conscious fellas strongly disagree (Use Google Translator if you don’t speak German):

    Auch das Regime der Araber in Spanien war etwas unendlich Vornehmes: die größten Wissenschaftler, Denker, Astronomen, Mathematiker, einer der menschlichsten Zeiträume, eine kolossale Ritterlichkeit zugleich. Als dann später das Christentum dahin kam, da kann man nur sagen: die Barbaren. Die Ritterlichkeit, welche die Kastilier haben, ist in Wirklichkeit arabisches Erbe. Hätte bei Poitiers nicht Karl Martell gesiegt: Haben wir schon die jüdische Welt auf uns genommen – das Christentum ist so etwas Fades –, so hätten wir viel eher noch den Mohammedanismus übernommen, diese Lehre der Belohnung des Heldentums: Der Kämpfer allein hat den siebenten Himmel! Die Germanen hätten die Welt damit erobert, nur durch das Christentum sind wir davon abgehalten worden.“ – Adolf Hitler[2], S. 370„

    Der Islam ist unserer Weltanschauung sehr ähnlich.“ – Heinrich Himmler

    • Anonymous

      Nobody on here is against anybody.  However, we WILL discuss however necessary how each of these groups don’t belong in our societies.  And we will also discuss how Western Civilization is better.

      I translated your text and it sounds like liberal propaganda.  Hitler was obviously saying this just because Muslims were enemies of the Jews and he would do whatever he could to appease them.  Taking quotes from people here and there doesn’t make it true.

      Any history book will tell you differently.  The greatest scientists have come out of Christian Europe.  They DID NOT come from Islam.  I have read many history books and I know this.  I don’t see how any self respecting white can believe those ridiculous quotes from Hitler.

      And you didn’t really follow what intelliboy said. So what if there are more arabs than Norwegians, or more Chinese than whites total? You can find more of value in European writings than you can either of the other.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, have you heard, in your planet, anything about the Arab invasion of southern Europe? Or have you read Shakespeare? There is the source of dark skinned Europeans. ___Sir, I’m well aware of it and its genetic impact is negligible, most of these “dark” Europeans are not that dark when they move further north, at least in terms of skin color. It has been proven countless times, consult some of your Sicilian kinsmen. Don’t call them non-white or whatsoever, I’m not responsible for consequences.

    But I’m note sure whether Shakespeare was aware of his “dark or somewhat dark” countrymen residing in Scotland, Wales, Cornwall or Ireland (or simply West of Islands) whose resemblance to Spaniards or Portuguese are striking…  I have no time to post pictures, check on Google.