Conservative Advocacy Group Sacks Reporter After Blog Uncovers Support for White Supremacy

Steve Mistler, Sun Journal, January 4, 2011

The Maine Heritage Policy Center, a conservative advocacy group, has fired the political reporter for its fledgling news organization after his online comments showed support for white supremacist causes.

Lance Dutson, the CEO of MHPC, told progressive activist Mike Tipping Tuesday evening that reporter Leif Parsell was no longer working for The Maine Wire, an online news organization that MHPC launched last month. An anonymous blog, The State of Maine, posted an item Tuesday containing links to several comments Parsell had made on various online forums prior to his employment by MHPC.

Some of Parsell’s comments appeared on the site In one, Parsell wrote that “cultural diversity combines with our increasing racial and ethnic diversity to degrade our society.” Parsell also recommended a video supporting white supremacist themes. [Editor’s Note: This was an interview with Jared Taylor available here.]

Parsell also defended Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s slaughter of “Marxist insurgents.”

At least Pinochet’s actions were justified by the defense of the rule of law, common decency, and the promotion of free societies,” he wrote.


Dutson said Parsell’s comments about race were a complete divergence from MHPC’s “value system.” In his statement to Tipping, he wrote, “MHPC is a strong advocate for the liberty and prosperity of all Mainers, and we deplore the concept of race-based politics.”

Dutson added, “It is unfortunate that we were unable to identify this core difference in perspective earlier, but we are thankful to the bloggers who brought this to our attention.”


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  • Anonymous

     Whites are the only race labeled as being supremacists simply for being concerned over becoming a minority in their own country.  The longer conservatives ignore race as an issue the less relevant they will become in a shrinking white voter base. 

    • Anonymous


      We should point out the obvious contradiction between “Whites are at fault for everything” and “all races are equal”.

    • Anonymous

      “The longer conservatives ignore race as an issue the less relevant they will become in a shrinking white voter base.”

      Actually, the longer conservatives deliberately ignore this issue, the more culpable they are in this White GeNOcide. Conservatives will never be forgotten, I assure you.

      “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate
      destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of
      all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated
      plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential
      foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating
      the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the
      disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture,
      language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of
      national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty,
      health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such
      – Raphael Lemkin

  • Calhoun

    What a complete farce. Lance Dutson (who is white), is CEO of the MHPC (where the staff is 100% white). Moreover, the MHPC is, of course, located in Maine, and Maine is 95% white. Nevertheless, Lance is deeply offended that someone holds, and (gasp!) actually expresses the honest opinion that diversity is a weakness rather than a strength. If Lance truly believes that “diversity is a strength”, why is the organization he directs and manages exclusively white? Lance Dutson is a liar, hypocrite, and intellectual fraud.

    • .

      Parsell’s comments seem very mild to me. It looks like Dutson is spending too much time  worrying about what left-wing radicals think. The only reason this even became an issue was because he let it become one. It’s a bad precident when one allows the opposition to dictate one’s moves. MHPC needs to retire that rusty, old tool and replace him with someone a little sharper.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing this guy said was wrong or racist.  The Maine Heritage Policy Center seems like just another PC, cowardly organization designed to separate conservative donors from their money.

  • Anonymous

    The really goofy thing is that Maine is one of the whitest states in the US.  Not sure what they are getting in a huff about. 

    • That’s usually how it works WGJ. Those who have not experienced firsthand the devastation caused by multiculturalism and diversity, are generally the staunchest supporters of this social doctrine designed to replace White America. Politicians and wealthy liberals can insulate themselves from hordes of invading mestizos and other forms of third-world diversity they so champion for everyone else.

      • Anonymous

        NIMBY, or Not In My Back Yard.  That sums it up.

  • Anonymous

    More Thought Police.  You can’t hold a different view without putting your livelihood at risk nowadays.  And don’t get me started on the “Diversity and Inclusion” brainwashing sessions I’ve heard about!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps AR can contact Mr. Parsell and ask him to speak at the next conference.

  • Anonymous

    This guy isn’t even an open advocate for whites. Imagine if he were? How about a national association of white journalists at every newspaper.  

  • Dom

    Conservative? What else can you say. Ah, the stupidity of New England liberals. Never wonder how come whites from the South where whites and blacks live one by another are considered racist and whites from 95% New England are “tolerant” and “progressive”. How come that Dutch from Netherlands are considered tolerant and their cousins from South Africa who live in 90% black country are “evil racist”. But as soon as immigrants flooded Netherlands Dutch voted for “evil racist” Wilders. How come Jews from US are so tolerant and liberal and their kin in Israel so nationalistic and racist? Circumstances shape people. It easy to fantasize in 95% white state and 99% white town how we are all equal. It’s harder to close your eyes from reality when you live in 30% black state in the South. But they can’t help themselves. Liberalism is truly mental disease. This is truly 1984. To say you are tolerant but do not tolerate any opinion that is not like yours. And say they aren’t mad.

    • Anonymous

      Just goes to show who the truly ignorant ones are, doesn’t it?  I’ve heard it said that racism comes from experience.  You don’t know anything until you’ve been in that person’s situation.

      And they have the nerve to call realists, ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    and we deplore the concept of race-based politics.”

    Yet it is totally acceptable with any other race. I’m sure he wouldn’t say the same thing to the 96% of AA that voted for Obama. I totally agree with Scott81. The longer these “conservatives” continue to ignore the race issue, the less relative they will become as a political force, as our numbers continue to dwindle from immigration, legal and illegal. Think it can’t happen to us White man? Just look at the other article here about the shift in political power in Harlem.

  • Read this news, and combine the recent wave of eliminationist hate against Ron Paul (partially on the same purported grounds, his newsletter “racism”), and it is plain to see that lamestream and neo conservatives have become just as bad as liberals when it comes to political correctness and politburo-style censorship.

    • BJ

      That is true. All I hear from these conservative talk show hosts is how stupid, ignorant and hateful the Paultards are when they call in to their shows. Those hosts LOVE to put down Ron Paul and his followers and LOVE to laugh and make lousy jokes about us all. I detest these so-called conservatives even more than I do the left. At least we KNOW who and what the lefties are.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t take much nowadays to have “conservatives” scurrying for cover when the subject of race is raised. Just a couple of references put out by PC Nazis will do the trick.

  • It’s a new day, but we get to hear the same old tired tune.
    If you’re White and you make any noises about preserving your groups homogeneous make up, then you’re instantly a white supremacist.
    Pro Whites aren’t a hate group, we are a hated group and someone out there is terrified of us being united, I wonder why?
    Why are we Whites kept so accountable for the so called uniquely negative aspects of our history, when all of human history across the board is so brutal, yet if we discuss any negative aspects of another groups past deeds such as cannibalistic or genocidal practices, we’re the racists for doing so.
    If you look at all of the cheap third world, slave labor created junk that is ready supply in all Western countries right now, makes one think that surely there must be more exploitation happening right now, than ever in times past.
    Yet all Whites from all classes are kept collectively responsible for the past sins of the rich White ruling class ( present sins aren’t talked about until the  internet breaks the story and makes examining it unavoidable). 
    I have no robber baron, slave owning ancestors yet I’m guilty of their White privilege, and it’s this same class of privileged Whites who after leaving their political careers move straight into the exact same companies and corporations that they’ve previously been awarding rich public contracts to. 
    It’s this same privileged class of Whites who although they need no help for themselves or their kin, are the very same ones who are so ‘generously’ giving away all Whites privileges on our behalf. Whenever I hear talk of paying reparations to African Americans for slavery, why is it that the money is always talked about coming from the Government and never the individual families or companies that directly benefited from slavery? The ruling class have somehow made themselves immune to criticism or investigation.
    We middle and working class Whites , all get to pay for their sins, while they get to keep the financial profits, and they also gain the moral credit for ‘doing good’ for giving away that which is not theirs to start with and nor do they need. 
    And then all of these “one world, one people” policies just leads to them getting even cheaper labor, hence creating more profits and when we middle/working class Whites complain about this, we somehow get to be ones who’re labelled as Hitler reincarnated.
    We truly are the slaves and ‘racism’ is the trap(or trick) that keeps us silent.

  • Anonymous

    “cultural diversity combines with our increasing racial and ethnic diversity to degrade our society.”
    He’s absolutely correct, and I’d like to see the people who fired him come forth with any evidence that would prove him wrong.
    We know totaltarianism has arrived when a person is hammered for simply not parroting the party line.
    It’s not enough to refrain from writing or saying anything in opposition to the accepted dogma and carry on minding one’s own business.  It is mandatory to espouse the party line.  If that’s not done, then a person is an enemy of the state just as surely as if he openly spoke against their PC drivel.
    Multicultural totalitarians can’t be that way all by themselves.  They require everybody to recite the same mantra that they do.  If they don’t, they’ll be destroyed.
    And, the reason for it?  If word started to spread about the idiocy of it all, it could catch on and the entire multicultural scheme could go up in smoke as the fractious hordes fight it out with each other.

  • Shrewsbury

    If these libertardians value diversity so much, I have a great deal for them – I’ll trade my house here in diverse, vibrant Alta California, for one of theirs in hideously white Maine. Okay? Okay! ¡Viva la Reconquista!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all your support. I’ve been a reader of amren for several years, ever since seeing Mr. Taylor debate when I worked in DC. I am deeply saddened that my job as a straight news reporter with as little bias as possible was taken from me by the PC police. Time to get a mcjob and get on with the business of living. Only when you stop questioning, and stop thinking for yourself, do they win. For our ancestors, and for our descendants.

    • Anonymous

      Good luck to you sir!  This whole story once again exposes the absolute fraud that modern “conservatism” really is. All White people must realize that those who call themselves “conservatives” are NOT your friend, nor your ally – their agendas lie elsewhere.  

    • Of what is MHPC scared?  Do they actually think that all the Somalians in Lewiston cares about the heritage of Maine?  Just because they might have watched Shawshank Redemption a time and a half?

    • On the other hand, you can immerse yourself in this fight against the insanity and outright discrimination against White American, all in the name of course of “multiculturalism and diversity.” You are now personally aware of the scathing repercussions of being White and having an opinion that contradicts the multicult manifesto. You paid a very high price for not towing the diversity line.

      You should reach out to Mr.Taylor for advice. I am sure your skills as a writer and communicator would be well suited in some capacity, in this struggle we find ourselves up against.

  • I don’t know whether to be amused or astounded when Dutson says …”we deplore the concept of race-based politics”…

    Does he not know about the Congressional Black Caucus? La Raza? The NAACP? Barack Obama, for crying out loud?

    Maybe he ought to go to Detroit, Gary, Newark, or East St. Louis and tell the people there that he “deplores the cocept of race-based politics”. 

  • Note the start of the 2nd paragraph.  This “conservative” goes groveling to some “progressive activist” to tell him that he fired Parsell.  Aren’t liberals and conservatives supposed to be opposed to each other?  How quickly they’ll kiss and make up to ace out “white racists.”

  • Guest

    And people wonder why Amreners are reluctant to post with our Facebook accounts etc.  Wasn’t there a story recently about a White male high school teacher fired from his job because of some comment he made on some website?  It was a Catholic school in New York.

    I too think Pinochet was a hero for cracking down on Marxist revolutionaries who wanted to do to Chile what Castro did to Cuba, Lenin did to Russia and Mao did to China.  That’s why I will comment as guest only.

    Those of us who work with blacks and White liberals know that every word and facial expression is monitored by the blacks and liberals so as to lodge complaints of racism against Whites.

    • Blaak Obongo

      With ” conservatives” like this, who needs liberals?

    • BJ

      Exactly!  This is what I was trying to convey on this new Amren site of having to post one’s email before being allowed to even comment!  What most posters did not get, is that their comments now will be in full public view in one way or another and our email address is an easy target.

  • Anonymous

    That happened to me too.  First I was a member of La Rasa (“The Race”).  Lost my job for advocating one group above all others.  Then I was a member of the Nation of Islam.  Lost my job for advocating one group above all others. Then I was a member of the Jewish Defense League.  Lost my job for advocating one group above all others. Then I was a member of the National Organization of Women.  Lost my job for advocating one group above all others. Then I advocated for white men, and everything was great after that.

    In another universe.

  • madd mike

    What happens to freedom of speech?

  • Bud

    These pseudo-conservatives are the biggest threat to whites, Western Civilization,  and America out there.   Their game is basically assisting in the extermination of their culture and people for money.    There was a recent flap where apparently National Review chastised Ron Paul for his old news letters and a Libertarian fired back with old “racist” articles in NR.   It made me think once again how odd it is that NR is never raked over the coals by the Left for its past.   They’re too valuable a tool for the Left for that.  Always willing to bring their readers along down the path of destruction.  The Left will tolerate NR’s  shilling for business as long as they get the quid pro quo of NR not putting up any serious objection to genocidal racism against whites.   The relationship neatly puts both parties priorities in proper order.

  • Anonymous

    Cancel my subscription to the Maine Wire. If I have one.

    Well, at least now they are free to hire someone who could help them to repair the damage and put them on the right track to a diverse multi-culti paradise of racial peace and harmony. I suggest a graduate of Brown university who majored in Peace Studies with a minor in Marxist Theory who drives a Volvo with one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers. No, wait – scratch the Volvo and make it a Prius but keep the bumper sticker. And one of those rainbow flags hanging from the rear view mirror. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in volunteerism with organizations that serve typical working middle class interests, like the Sierra Club or the Massachusetts ACLU. Since they need someone who has a journalism background, experience working for mainstream publications like Mother Jones or High Times is a must. Any support for right-leaning publications like the New York Times will be viewed negatively. Candidates will be expected to work well under deadlines, maintain a high level of professional integrity and show proof of membership in the Democratic party.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody who has taken the time to comment here should also put pen to paper and let this quisling know Parcell is most definitely not alone.
    Address your letters to Lance Dutson. Be extremely polite, be politically correct(yes, I know), be firm and explain how your feelings being upset will affect Mr Dutson’s business model.

    Or just grumble here where you are preaching to the converted.

    Lance Dutson
    The Maine Heritage Policy Center

    Post Office Box 7829

    Portland, Maine 04112

    PHONE: 207.321.2550

  • Opiateoftheone

    Why does it seem that the smaller the population of nonwhites, the higher the degree of outrage at any suggestion of a less that politically correct position concerning race?  Maine is 95.4% white as of the 2010 census.

    Perhaps those with divergent views should relocate to states with a higher percentage of white population in order to be associated with and hopefully become more correct in both their thoughts and expressions of those thoughts.

    Sounds like a win- win for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know whether to be amused or astounded when Dutson says …”we deplore the concept of race-based politics”…

    Does he not know about the Congressional Black Caucus? La Raza? The NAACP? Barack Obama, for crying out loud?
     I hear you! Is he,(Dutson) not aware of the race-based organization that goes by the acronym ‘UNITY’ whose purpose it is  to advance journalists of color-it  is composed of four groups:the Asian American  Journalists Association,the Native American Journalists Association,the National Association of Hispanic Journalists,and the National Association of Black Journalists.Its aim is self evident.Heres hoping UNITY can zero in on this idiot Dutson and make him provide/pay for customized training to prepare these journalists of color to take over his job and the other journalists on his team whom i presume have remained silent when one of their own was harmed by the hateful actions of his senior manager, Dutson.Maybe Obama’s Diversity Czar,Mark Lloyd,can help expidite that matter.IT is Lloyd who has said  that White journalists had “to step down” to open up positions of power to people of color.”Theres nothing more difficult than this  because we have really truly ,good White people in important positions,and there are a limited number of those positions.And unless we are concious of the need to have more people of color,gays,other people in those positions,we will not change the problem.But we’re in a position  where you have to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power.There are  few things i think,more frightening in the American mind than dark-skinned black men.Here I am.”

  • Duxinarowe

    You know the people who most support the silly idea of white supremacy are the liberals. They tell their faithful black companions that they can’t succeed on a pure equal level with white guys. I don’t know any conservative that supports a return to Jim Crow laws.

  • A bit of recent history:  Remember the Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond “scandal?”  It was more than 9 years ago, tempus fugit.  Most people think the left hounded Lott.  In reality, it was the politically correct lamestream and neo conservatives who took the lead in the slander.  They were so much in the lead and so far ahead of the left and MSM in doing that that even the SPLC noticed that.

    Of course, Lott wouldn’t help himself in the months and years after.

  • Nobody is accusing Japanese people in Japan of being “supremacists” for wanting to maintain their cultural and biological integrity.

    Nobody is accusing Mexican people in Mexico of being “supremacists” for wanting to maintain their cultural and biological integrity.

    Only White people in traditionally White countries are called “supremacists” for wanting to maintain their cultural and biological integrity.

    Somebody out there is anti-White, and is seeking the disappearance of the White race.

    Does this qualify as genocide?  I think so.

  • Anonymous

    I believe if you want to sell something, it’s always best to make only positive statements. Let’s see how this works.  

    I admire African Americans for their outstanding loyalty to one another.  Their successful organizations such as the Congressional Black Caucus & the NAACP should be role models for all Americans to emulate.  The recent victory of President Obama who garnered 96% of his people’s vote stands as a shining example of what people can accomplish. The generosity of African Americans must be saluted when we hear that the response from their community to a young person who has gotten in trouble with the law is only focused on that youth’s accomplishments such as being an A student or being nice to his mother.  American’s have much to learn from this communal affirmation.  

    In view of all this, I must also say a few encouraging words to White People.  Don’t get discouraged but instead let African Americans be a role model. Learn to say only positive things about each other in your individual daily life – for example  be proud of European American achievement in science and follow their example by forming organizations that are like theirs. Do not hesitate to give credit to African Americans for helping White People think along these lines.  

    • Calhoun

      African-Americans as role models? Very funny stuff. Now then, and more seriously, Caucasians should be looking to Scandanavia as a model. Or Maine.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad that MHPC felt so accountable to non-white influences.The tyranny of PC in action. Hide or deny the truth.

  • Calhoun

    This is an excellent idea. Perhaps during the debate, Lance could why explain why his staff at the MHPC is all white if diversity is so wonderful. Then maybe he could explain how the Appollo Space Program would have reached the moon sooner if only there had been fewer white mathematicians, engineers, and scientists. I am sure that Lance will explain it all.

  • Anonymous

    Any group professing to advocate for heritage must support white america today.

    Anti-white non-whites are very militant.  With this militancy and the anti-white govt policy of AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE, do you think when whites become a much smaller minority, some how magically, whites will be able to escape from the SHARP MACHETE?