Gingrich Opens Door for Illegal Immigrants

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times, January 25, 2012

Fighting to curry favor with Florida’s large pool of Hispanic voters, Newt Gingrich on Wednesday called for a guest-worker program for most illegal immigrants, but his campaign could not say whether those people would be on a path to citizenship—the key question in the immigration debate.

Under close questioning by Univision’s political host, Jorge RamosMr. Gingrich said he would grant quick citizenship rights to illegal immigrants who join the military or to those who have been in the U.S. between 20 and 25 years. He said the rest of the estimated 11 million should be given access to a guest-worker program.

“With most of them? I would urge them to get a guest-worker permit,” he said, calling for a substantial rewrite of immigration laws that would cancel existing penalties and instead let illegal immigrants stay.

But his campaign said it was unclear whether at the end of that guest-worker period the immigrants would be allowed to stay and gain citizenship, essentially jumping the legal immigration line, or whether they would be required to return home.

“Undetermined,” Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond told The Washington Times.


If the guest workers would be required to go home, then Mr. Gingrich‘s position is similar to that of Republican primary rival Mitt Romney, who also has called for a transition period for illegal immigrants, during which they could stay and work while they get their affairs in order, but they would eventually have to go home.

If Mr. Gingrich envisions a path to citizenship for guest workers, then his plan is closer to President Obama‘s, who has called for a chance for nearly all illegal immigrants to become citizens at the end of a multistep process.


Immigration is a major issue but not the only one for Hispanic Republicans in Florida. Many voters are Cuban and enjoy special carve-outs in immigration law, though they do have sympathy for fellow Hispanics who are more intimately touched by illegal immigration. Indeed, many Cuban-American Republican leaders support passage of the Dream Act to legalize illegal-immigrant young adults who are going to college or joining the military.


In Florida on Wednesday, Mr. Gingrich ridiculed Mr. Romney‘s call for “self-deportation,” saying the approach lacks “humanity” and arguing that it is unrealistic for him to think stronger enforcement of the nation’s laws will persuade illegal immigrants to leave the nation voluntarily.

“For Romney to believe that somebody’s grandmother is going to be so cut off she is going to self-deport—this is an Obama-level fantasy,” he said.

Mr. Romney countered later in the day by saying Mr. Gingrich was trying to pander to Hispanic voters and hide the fact he, himself, used to argue that self-deportation was the proper solution to illegal immigration.


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  • Anonymous

    Never mind that nonsense about “catering to Hispanic voters.”

    Gingrich’s whole campaign is being finance by one guy — Sheldon Adelson, the world’s 16th richest man, and a Las Vegas casino operator who depends on a illegal immigrant labor force.  He’s also a pro-Israel hard-liner, so forget developing a sensible Mid-East foreign policy on his watch.

    The positive side of Romney’s millions is the doesn’t have to suck to losing positions.  Illegal immigration is one issue on which Republican DONORS are on the opposite side from Republican VOTERS. Romney can ignore them.

    • We will get a slightly less repugnant Middle Eastern and immigration policy with Romney as opposed to Gingrich.  But not a good policy.

      I think Adelson’s interest in Gingrich is that he’s not Romney.  I think Adelson fears that a devout Mormon in the White House hurts his gambling interests.  If he were only concerned about cheap immigrant labor and Israel, the marginal difference between Romney and Gingrich isn’t great enough for Adelson to open his checkbook so often to Gingrich.

      • Anonymous

        I fear you are grossly understating the Israel-Likudnik/Iran, Middle-East factor and the natural connection to Gingrich for Adelson. This article seems to nail it quite nicely:

        • It’s not that I don’t grok it, it’s just that the margin between Romney and Gingrich on that issue isn’t so great as to make Adelson open his treasure chest for Gingrich.  Now, if it were only Ron Paul and Gingrich, I would probably be able to be made to believe that Adelson is bankrolling Gingrich to help the cause of one political party in Israel.  So you have to look at what a man like Adelson would fear in Romney vs Newt, and I think that all comes down to casinos.

  • Anonymous

    After Slick Rick made the mistake of calling Americans “heartless” if they didn’t think illegal aliens should be given a chance to attend college here, it pretty much ended his run. He never recovered from that, so my question is why are the same potential voters letting Gingrich get away with his soft position on immigration? Personally, considering his past I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him.

    • Anonymous

      I think it is the Religious Right Evangelical Christians in the South making a huge play to stop the nomination of Romney who’s from the Church of Latter Day Saints. Religious bigotry tends to trump sanity on immigration for these types.

      Please pray that these idiots get RAPTURED in 2012 and we won’t have to deal with them.

      • Ron

        Does anyone know if Mormons believe this stuff about Israel having to be
        there for Jesus to come back? If they don’t believe this stuff I might
        vote for Romney.

        • Anonymous

          Though not being a practicing Mormon for 30 years now, I was raised in the religion and most of my family still does practice and I have never ever heard that Israel must be standing for the coming of Christ if this helps you any.
          That being said I don’t particularly care for Romney or any of our GOP choices, but their religions definitely do not play into my being discouraged with them either.

        • Anonymous

          The Mormon prophesies are based on the Americas not Israel. The Mormon prophecy is that a new Zion will be formed in Jackson County Missouri.  This was based on the Mormons being in and around this area when they based in the Midwest/Navou IL and they received the “order of Extermination” from the Governor of Missouri and decided to go West to Utah.

          • Jackson County, Missouri (Kansas City, Independence, et al.) could use a lot of that Zion.  Would you rather have Mormons waiting on or trying to form a Zion, or its mostly black and increasingly Hispanic gang thugs?

    • Because some Republican sheeple want someone that can tear apart Obama in the debates.

      The problem with that mentality is this:

      1.  Obama might not even consent to debating Gingrich if he is the nominee.

      2.  Even if he does, it won’t be seven three-hour shindigs.

      3.  And the Presidential Debate Commission has already said “no audience cheering,” which Gingrich needs to feed off of and heighten his rhetoric.

      4.  At most, Obama will only commit to three two-hour debates.  That’s six hours at most.  There will be at least five MONTHS (probably more) between Gingrich locking down the nomination (if he does) and election day.  Even if the audience could cheer, that will mean only 6 hours out of 5 months where Gingrich would be able to tear apart Obama, the rest of the time, the Democrats will have an easy pinata at which to poke open.

  • Anonymous

    Not only do we have to defeat Newt Gingrich, we must punish and humiliate this traitor! 

    It is simply beyond my comprehension that that these open borders, amnesty Republicans keep winning the South Carolina presidential primary! First McCain, now Gingrich. What is wrong with White voters in the South – too busy worshiping Black SEC college football players?

    • You said it yourself in other posts — Fundagelical millenarian Christianity.

      As year by year passes since the change of the millennium, and there’s no literal physical  Second Coming (as I believe Revelation really means — Real Christians, aka Catholics and High Protestants, whose clergy had to do a little more than open a cracker jack box to get a theology degree, interpret Revelation in the spiritual plain), this fundagelical madness will fade away, and as it does, we’ll be able to have a more sane policy vis-a-vis the Middle East.

      Problem is, by then, America will be too much like Brazil for any of this to matter.

      • Anonymous

        How nice.  We have Christian bashing on a supposedly conservative website.  If you want the US to do something about illegal immigration and affirmative action policies, you need the white Evangelical.  As one, I can tell you this bloc is absolutely crucial.  You’d be best to heed this advice…

        • Anonymous

          They are far more conservative than the Catholic Church or most Protestant Churches. I’m not sure what stance most Evangelical churches take regarding illegal immigration but it’s probably better than the majority of churches. I agree it is not a good idea to alienate evangelicals but what’s with the disdain for Mormons? I know it’s an extremely questionable sect of Christianity and the Joseph Smith story is ridiculous but choosing Gingrich over Romney because of his religion is pretty hypocritical considering Newt’s extremely flawed moral character.

          • Anonymous

            As I mentioned above I was raised in the Mormon religion but have not practiced for 30 years due to the more ridiculous claims but I have to honestly say that when it comes to keeping together the White family, with plenty of kids, the focus on healthy living and the conservative morals, there is no other religion out there that can top them. As a matter of fact I would think that Romney with his pro-gay and flip flopping immigration stances is actually quite the anomaly on the everyday Mormon persons view of what is the best direction for America.

          • Anonymous

            Very true. I was raised Catholic but they actively fight against the well being of whites so I’m pretty disillusioned with that organization. I certainly don’t have anything against Mormons. They are one of the few religions that create positive white birth rates. It’s just lame when Evangelicals and Mormons are fighting over theological disagreements when our way of life and race is in jeopardy.

        • I guess that deserves an apologia on my part.

          I just get frustrated with the fundagelical predominance of Christian media, as if being fundagelical is the only way to be Christian.  I resent the John Hagees of the world implying that I’m going to Hell if I don’t vote for politicians who give unqualified support and blank checks to 40% of the Israeli body politic.

          It might also be a cultural thing with me:  I could attend a mass of white liberal Catholics in Ohio, and then Sunday services at a Baptist church in the Mississippi where all the whites in the pews are as right wing as myself, but I feel more at home with the former.

          I think most white fundagelicals in the South have pretty good instincts on race and immigration, but I don’t think it’s necessarily an outgrowth of denomination or religion.  It’s the result of experience with minorities.

        • Anonymous

          Please pass on these positive words of encouragement to your Evangelical Christians:

          “Jesus wants you to stop doing really stupid things and supporting the likes of Newt Gingrich, looking the other way towards the Mestizo/Muslim immigration invasions”.


          God gave you noses to…. smell the coffee, smell the hatred the Black criminals, Mexican Renconquistas have for our people.

          God gave you ears – to hear the cries of White victims

          And God gave you a brain to understand the world we live in – God doesn’t want you to cop out and hope for some RAPTURE to take you away from this world, that’s a theology of cowardice.

          God wants you to be strong, good White men and women like our ancestors who tamed this continent. 

          14 words.

        • Anonymous

          Eagle_Eyed writes:

          “We have Christian bashing on a supposedly conservative website. ”

          JE responds:

          American Renaissance is not a “Conservative website” – it’s an intelligent White nationalist, racial realist web site. Most of the establishment power in this country (Federal Government, MSM mainstream media, Hollywood, academia) is very hostile to us, we don’t want to “conserve” the current system – we lost power in the 1960s and we have to start thinking and acting like groups who are out of power. 

  • JJ Cintia

    What a Flaming Jackass!  Ronald Reagan would have Kicked his Ass out of the GOP if he was alive!  This Traitor should be Run Out of Town on a Rail!
    Anyway, his Campaign is DEAD NOW!  Bye, bye, Fat Ass!  Don’t let the Door hit your Ass on your way back to Obscurity!

  • Under close questioning by Univision’s political host,… Gingrich said
    he would grant quick citizenship rights to illegal immigrants who join
    the military or to those who have been in the U.S. between 20 and 25
    years. He said the rest of the estimated 11 million should be given
    access to a guest-worker program.

    I have always thought that Gingrich’s original immigration plan of “you can stay if you’ve been here at least 25 years” was a Trojan Horse for a full amnesty, because the SPLC/ACLU will drag the 25-year requirement into court with a 14th Amendment lawsuit, shop it to a liberal judge, who will rule in the obvious leftist way.  When that happens, President Gingrich says, “oopsy daisy, wink wink, we have this court ruling, we must let them all have amnesty.”  (As he thinks to himself “just as I intended). 

    That, and it was also the perfect immigration plan for Republican plutocrats like Adelson that support him:  They have their plentiful supply of cheap labor, but since they’re not really citizens, their cheap labor can’t vote Democrat.  (Unless it does register to vote, see California.)

    Now, in this article, we see that Newt is slowly salami slicing his way toward actually proposing full amnesty relative to his first plans.  First it was “25 years minimum.”  Now it’s “20 to 25 years.”  Before there was no guest worker plan, now there is.

    Newt is this great historian, yet someone proposing instant citizenship for illegals in the military reads something out of a series he has evidently never skimmed over much less read, Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

    • Anonymous

      Good point regarding the 14th amendment. What a scam. Gingrich is the ultimate phoney but Republicans never seem to learn. Their quest for greed will be the undoing of the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps. But Gingrich is an old friend to the Neocon world – and a DAMNED good friend too! His bona Fides as something of an ‘Israel-Firster’ himself are well established.  Romney, while quick to play lip-service on the matter, and say all the “right” things(who on the GOP ticket but Paul has dared not to?) is still something of an “unknown” by comparison. I’m sure he will be swiftly schooled by AIPAC and such should he get the nod, but for now, the Neocon-men do seem more than slightly wary of Mitt.
    I’m sure you are right that there is more to Adelson’s open wallet that just foreign policy/Mid-East…but I’m certain that plays a much larger part than many might care to admit!    


    • Anonymous

      What the hell does Israel policy have to do with immigration or affirmative action here at home?  I’d be glad to continue funding Israel at billions a year (despite believing NO funds should go to other countries) if it meant a president who was tough on immigration and ended affirmative action/quotas for minorities.  Stay on topic.

      • Anonymous

        I would agree to pay Israel their tribute and be the lone nation in the world that supports Israel against the Arabs if in turn we were free to control our borders, strongly address the Black criminal underclass problems. But the reality is that the Neo Conservatives demand much more than just supporting Israel. Here’s the 3 part Neo Con progam:

        1) Invade the world for Israel – endless US wars against Iraq, Arabs, Iran, Muslim natons/people that threaten Israel.

        2) Invite the world – yes, near open borders immigration in to the US, anyone who opposes this is a NAZI.

        3) In hoc to the world – endless borowing from the Fed, China, the whole world to pay for #1 and #2.

        We have lots of great Jewish readers, supporters here on Amren – God bless them. But this hasn’t translated in to changing the American Jewish power structure, with the Neo Conservatives being an extremely destructive force in what used to be solid White Conservative America that had common sense views/policies on Black crime, immigration.

  • crystal evans

    In Florida, immigration is not a big issue since the two main Latino groups, Cubans, who gain US residency if they land on US soil and Puerto Ricans who are citizens. These groups are more likely to support a guest worker program for most illegal immigrants. I agree that those who join the military ought  to have a path to citizenship and not those who attend college that is reflected in the current Dream Act legislation.

  • jeffaral

    Vote Obongo PLEASE….  At least he is more honest and outspoken in his hatred against Whitey, while Republicans are hypocritical.    

  • What a pandering whore. The media portrays Newt Gingrich as some sort of virulent and violent Racist White Male and White Nationalist. He’s a whore, pure and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some reasons Ron Paul isn’t getting a lot of media attention:

    1) He’s 76 years old

    2) He’s run for President 2 other times in 1988 and 2008 – both times he failed to win even 1% of the popular vote and in 2008 he won less than 2% of the GOP delegates.

    3) Ron Paul’s 100% Libertarian program ending popular government programs like Social Security is a huge turn off for most voters. Poor and working class White voters understandably see unrestricted Capitalism as allowing big business, rich people to exploit them, to hire and fire whoever they want and let the market determine wages, which results in business hiring 3rd worlders who take low wages and poor working conditions White Americans will not take because White workers don’t like being treated like slaves.

    3) Ron Paul isn’t even campaigning in Florida as he was shut out there last time – old retirees and Cubans don’t go for RP’s Libertarian/Constitutionalist program.

    American Renaissance is a White nationalist, White race realist website. We have a big problem with people coming here trying to force different kinds of race denying cults like Libertarianism. Ron Paul isn’t going to get elected President of the United States and be given dictatorial powers to overturn the New Deal, Great Society Welfare state, the Federal Reserve Act, all environmental protection laws, child labor laws and return America to the age of the 1890s.

    We need to find Ron Paul and his never say die cult followers some other quest besides always running for President of the United States and winning less than 1%.

    • Ron Paul isn’t even campaigning in Florida

      A more practical explanation for that is that you need serious money to campaign in Florida and its 10 relatively expensive media markets, and that half of FL’s delegates were docked b/c of its early primary date, and that FL is winner-take-all.  It’s not a good investment for RP’s “Punch Above My Weight” strategery.  The idea is to rack up delegates to get the eventual nominee, who Ron Paul knows won’t be named Ron Paul, to integrate the parts of his agenda that even you would like implemented.  E.g. serious banking reform, some humility in foreign policy, etc.

      We have a big problem with people coming here trying to force different kinds of race denying cults like Libertarianism.

      What’s your take on the “infamous” newsletters?

      • Anonymous

        “What’s your take on the “infamous” newsletters?”
        JR responds: 

        Ron Paul’s newsletters in the late 80s early 90s contained lots of (true) comments about Black Crime, MLK, racial realities etc. Mainstream Conservative publications like Chronicles, National Review also contained lots of honest commentary on similar subjects (see American Renaissance article “the Decline of National Review” )

        The Stalinesque persecution of Conservatives writing, speaking or even thinking politically incorrect thoughts on race didn’t kick  in until the late 90s and boy did it kick in then.

        Ron Paul was faced with being driven off the mainstream media if he didn’t recant, deny ever saying, writing or thinking anything “racist” and RP chose to do just that in his 2008 Presidential campaign. I think that RP enjoys being on TV, likes to present his Libertarian/Constitutionalist program to anyone who will listen and he is willing shamelessly pander to Blacks, Muslims, Latinos and even the Mainstream Media if that is the price to be paid for getting invited to debates, being on TV, having the Libertarian community support him. 

        The truth is most White men in America will always back down as soon as someone calls them the name of “racist” – these types wouldn’t last long in prison or in some tough public school. We need fighters now, not Libertarian intellectuals over the age of 75.

        • My take on the history of the newsletters is that after the Libertarian Party got its usual 1% with Ron Paul as its nominee, Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard hatched a strategy of trying to turn white nationalists into libertarians by dumping their eggs into our nests a la the cuckoo bird.  It really didn’t work, so by the late 1990s, they dumped the strategy.  But when I joined the CofCC in 1997, Rockwell’s column was still running in the Citizen’s Informer, per that strategy.  Once Rockwell ditched that strategy, and one of his columns had any interesting racial nuggets, the Informer quit running it.  I’m sure it wouldn’t have been much longer before Rockwell would have asked the CofCC not to run it anymore, so it’s just as well.

          However, the Rothbard-Rockwell Report, which was also part of that strategy, is where I first heard about Sam Francis, so it wasn’t all in vain.

  • Anonymous

    I do not have hatred for those in the South. I love the South. I went to college at Vanderbilt in Nashville TN in the 80s. I have great disappointment with Whites in the South who have been the most solidly pro White White people in America, but they have been falling down in some key areas. The White Religious Right in the 80s used to be fairly solid on racial issues and now they are falling down big time. 

    And White vs White, church affiliation envy, divisions are ridiculous in these dire days. 

    Is there anyone reading American Renaissance who wouldn’t prefer to live next to some beautiful, healthy, nice White Mormons like the Romney Family instead of having Black underclass criminals for neighbors? 

    Is anyone reading American Renaissance more scared of Donny and Marie Osmond than the Black Gangster Disciples, Black child rapists in South Africa?

    Come on folks – it’s not just Evangelical Christians in the South – we have lots of White people doing stupid things and just refusing to take our own side.

    We’re White Indo European people – it’s OK to be nice and kind to our own kind.

    14 Words

    PS. I ask my Southern kinsmen to stop worshipping Black SEC football thugs. My college Vanderbilt manages to recruit lots of White players and we made bowl games twice in the last 5 years. Standford and Vanderbilt manage to have honest college football programs and recruit White players and still compete to have winning records.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t think for a minute that us White Southerners, religious or not, are busy worshiping multiculturalism in the slightest. The fact is that we have the highest concentrations of blacks/latinos and are constantly being bombarded from all over with P/Correctness and accusations of racism. Even the most historically rural White areas now have high percentages of blacks and in most cases are now mostly country ghettos filled with violence and death.
      On the contrary, we are surrounded, and in the interest of protecting our families from the unimaginable we are forced to voice our concerns and opinions at places like Amren.

  • Anonymous

    It now looks like Southern Whites, including Evangelical Christians are turning strongly against Newt for his insane, treasonous comments promising amnesty for all illegal immigrants in his hideous pandering interview on Univision. White candidates openly campaigning against White America in favor of the Mestizo invasion of our country – this is too much for Whites in the South to take. 

    I apologize to White Evangelical Christians here and throughout the South. It looks like things are going our way and the South Carolina primary was just a one shot disaster with White voters not wanting the GOP presidential campaign to be over too soon.

    • Remember, the Rickroller’s (Perry) campaign suddenly went south when he made those flippant remarks about immigration restrictionists being “cruel” or “heartless” or something of that nature.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think dealing with illegal immigrants will ever involve mass deportation, so Gingrich, George Bush, and others are or were just trying to make some practical sense of it all. Alluding to some form of break or “amnesty” is not a sin but merely a reference to some method of dealing with the problem believed to be practical. They’re already here, in too great numbers, and not simple to locate, so many emotions in regard to immigration are just too late.