Feds Spend $1.6 Million to Restore “La Raza” Murals Celebrating “Aztlan” and Che Guevara

John Hill, Stand with Arizona, January 17, 2012

On the heels of victory against the racist “La Raza” ethnic studies program in Tucson, Arizona, this shocking item from San Diego shows how far we have yet to go to Defund La Raza and its divisive, anti-American influence in America.

At a time of record debt, rampant unemployment, and a financially strained citizenry—our Federal government somehow can afford a whopping $1,600,000 to restore “Chicano” murals depicting communist butchers Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, and with maps featuring “Aztlan”—the mythical “nation” that La Raza activists demand be taken from the United States to create a new ethnically-pure proto-Mexican state.

The funds are being provided by the Department of Transportation as a “federal transportation enhancement” (as if there are no unsafe bridges across America that could use the funds!)

The murals begun as Mexican nationalist graffiti in the 1970s. The graffiti was first painted on highway underpasses in an attempt to stop the construction of a California Highway Patrol office there. Activists proclaimed the area a “Chicano park” and appeasing leaders—fearing violence—“negotiated” with activists to keep the murals and cancel the police station.

The Federal money will pay to restore 18 panels. 9 have been restored so far. Funding was first approved in a Congressional earmark in 2002, but was (wisely) held up by the Bush DOT because of the frequent mention of the racist “Aztlan”. But with Obama and his La Raza sidekicks Hilda Solis and Cecilia Muñoz in power—and Latino votes to be bought—the funding is now going ahead full steam.


Your tax dollars at work promoting ethnic separatism and Communist icons in the good old U.S.A.


[Editor’s Note: See the original article to watch a news report on the park and its murals.]

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  • John Maddox

    This ought to stand as a good example of the threat we face from the ongoing Mexican invasion.
    I hope it also stands as a warning of our government’s collusion in turning this country into a socialist oligarchy that will effectively turn this nation over to the third world. Effectively eliminating its occidental identity.

    If you haven’t read it you need to get a copy of Stuart Omer Landry’s book ” Cult of Equality: A Study of the Race Problem’. It was published in 1945. The man was a prophet. Much of the book predicts what is happening in this country today. He is probably sitting somewhere on the other side looking  down  on us today and saying: ” See I told you so.” 

    • Zorro

      Everyone must read the book, “You Can Still Trust the Communists to be Communists” by Fred Schwarz and David Noebel.  I see that the story here mentioned Che Guevara, the Communist slug who rots in Hell, now.  

      A quote from that worm which can be found in the book goes like this:

      “A Revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We execute from revolutionary conviction.”

      Charming. Let’s look back at our own Revolutionary War leaders, such as George Washington, and see what they had to say, and how they acted toward their defeated enemies. That will tell you everything you need to know about them, and the Communists.

      • John Maddox

        Most people today wouldn’t recognize a communist. All these Chicano movements etc. were deeply rooted in the philosophy of Lenin and Trotsky.
        If you like the world being created for us through the memory of MLK and the civil rights movement you’ll love the one that latter day followers of Che Guevara
        create. Notice the slogan in the top  panel ‘La Tierra MIa’ above it is a woman holding a gun. It translates to ‘It is my land’.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      And not the first mention of the mobs race, good thing the camera didn’t lie.

  • Dom

    Wait a sec. A nation finances mural of group whose aim is to take  part of the territory of that nation. You just can’t make this up.

    • Anonymous

      No you can’t! So we are left then to ask, just WHO is it that really runs this country, WHAT are they up to and WHY??? It is brutally obvious that those in charge – really in charge – do not have the best interests of American citizens…specifically White American citizens in my when making such decisions – and this is just one of so, so many!

      So what really is the game here? When and how did these alien, destructive ideas and policies even become possible in America? Or has this creeping sickness been here for longer than most realize?! 

  • And yet they still claim there is nothing to reconquista and that’s “all in our heads!” With card carrying la raza disciples in key positions within our federal government, plenty of federal dollars will be allocated to la raza and their mission. With obama’s blessing and approval of course.

  • who has the stones to go down there with some paint and cover that crap up? anti-american govt. sanctioned graffiti. unbelievable. i lived in oregon and utah and this kind of thing would be unimaginable in either state. i mean this is just outright theft of american tax-payer money.

  • Maybe some brave person could take heavy-duty outdoor paint and cover the whole disgusting mural.

  • Anonymous

    This is money put to good use. It will help Comrade Obama buy the votes he needs to be elected President for Life.

  • Anonymous

    This warms the heart. Although, I have to be honest. A giant confederate flag painted over it would warm my heart much much more.

  • Anonymous

    We got a Chinese to do the statute of King, a Black. I wonder who will restore the murals, probably not a  Mexican?

    • Who hates Mexicans the most? That will be who restore them.

  • Anonymous

    Congress would only vote half, $15 million out of $30 million, of the money needed to repair the Washington Monument that was damaged in the earthquake.  I think the Monument means more to tourist than these murals.

    • That depends on who the “tourists” are. If said tourists were Obama (his wife), Solis, Sotomeyor,Holder, or any number of the la raza traitors within our federal government, I suspect they would choose the mural as being more important.

      Nevertheless, that is just me….

  • Why would parasitic mexico (when has mexico ever paid for
    anything as long as they have had the “gringos” next door to willingly supporting
    their invasion) and cuba pay for it when know our own government is all to
    willing to pay for it, under the guise of “inclusion and multiculturalism
    & diversity.” They are using such radial social doctrines against us
    to further their stronghold over White America.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Has any money been allotted to save the beautiful WPA  murals?  

    I live in Southern California and there are several such White-hating “La Raza” murals exactly like this around the area, one of which is entitled “Chicano Dream.”  Their dream, from the looks of the mural is to drive the last White out of the mythical “aztlan” — after taking everything the White man has, of course.  Some of this outright, racist, so-called artwork was funded by the City of Los Angeles.

    I hope it also stands as a warning of our government’s collusion in turning this country into a socialist oligarchy. 

    –John Maddox 

    Anyone who foolishly ignores or underestimates the dire threat we Whites face from the government is either delusional or has not been paying attention.  

    I too immediately noticed “La Tierra Mia”  and the gun.  This is not a joke or anything to be taken lightly; these radicals are deadly serious about their plan to remove Whites from what they consider THEIR land — which seems to be the entire US.  This is what they are taught in government schools.

    And their numbers are increasing.

    Hispanics have the added benefit of the US government stomping on our White throats holding us down.

    There is a particularly pernicious, anti-White Chicano mural that graces one of the PUBLIC schools in the LAUSD. The first panel shows a bloodstained hand holding a document that reads:  (in all caps): 



    Remember, this is a PUBLIC high school!!  Paid for with money confiscated from productive Whites!!

    Anyone who claims hispanics are not planning great harm to Whites is woefully mistaken.


    Images:  From “Stolen Continent”

  • Frank

    Gee, I did not see this in the MSM.  Wonder why?

  • And where did you get from my statement that I believe it should be done at all? I was responding to krolflyingtiger….