Europeans Migrate South as Continent Drifts Deeper into Crisis

Helen Pidd, Guardian (London), December 21, 2011

Since its conception, the European Union has been a haven for those seeking refuge from war, persecution and poverty in other parts of the world. But as the EU faces what Angela Merkel has called its toughest hour since the second world war, the tables appear to be turning. A new stream of migrants is leaving the continent. It threatens to become a torrent if the debt crisis continues to worsen.

Tens of thousands of Portuguese, Greek and Irish people have left their homelands this year, many heading for the southern hemisphere. Anecdotal evidence points to the same happening in Spain and Italy.

The Guardian has spoken to dozens of Europeans who have left, or are planning to leave. Their stories highlight surprising new migration routes—from Lisbon to Luanda, Dublin to Perth, Barcelona to Buenos Aires—as well as more traditional migration patterns.

This year, 2,500 Greek citizens have moved to Australia and another 40,000 have “expressed interest” in moving south. Ireland‘s central statistics office has projected that 50,000 people will have left the republic by the end of the year, many for Australia and the US.

Portugal‘s foreign ministry reports that at least 10,000 people have left for oil-rich Angola. On 31 October, there were 97,616 Portuguese people registered in the consulates in Luanda and Benguela, almost double the number in 2005.

The Portuguese are also heading to other former colonies, such as Mozambique and Brazil. According to Brazilian government figures, the number of foreigners legally living in Brazil rose to 1.47 million in June, up more than 50% from 961,877 last December. Not all are Europeans, but the number of Portuguese alone has jumped from 276,000 in 2010 to nearly 330,000.

Gonçalo Pires, a graphic designer who has swapped Lisbon for Rio de Janeiro, said: “It’s a pretty depressing environment there [in Portugal].” In Brazil, by contrast, “there are lots of opportunities to find work, to find clients and projects”.

Joy Drosis, who left her Greek homeland for a life in Australia, expressed similar motives. “I had to do something. If I had stayed in Greece, we were all doomed,” she said. “I’m lucky that I can speak the language: many others can’t.” The key moment in this southerly migration may have come last month, when the Portuguese prime minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, made a humbling visit to Angola, begging for inbound investment. Just 36 years after the end of Portuguese colonial rule in Angola, its president was ready to show mercy. “We’re aware of the difficulties the Portuguese people have faced recently,” said José Eduardo dos Santos. “Angola is open and available to help Portugal face this crisis.”

But the Portuguese making this move will not have it easy: life expectancy in Angola is still just 39, compared with 79 in Portugal, and crime is rife.

In Ireland, where 14.5% of the population are jobless, emigration has climbed steadily since 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed and the bottom fell out of the Irish housing market. In the 12 months to April this year, 40,200 Irish passport-holders left, up from 27,700 the previous year, according to the central statistics office. Irish nationals were by far the largest constituent group among emigrants, at almost 53%.

The Guardian spoke to one Dublin under-19s football and hurling club that had lost eight out of 15 players in the past 18 months. Most of the nascent sports stars had headed to Australia. Experts believe the exodus will increase, given the £1.4bn tax rises and austerity measures just announced. The thinktank the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) forecast this month that 75,000 people would emigrate from Ireland in 2012 .

For departing Greeks the top destinations over the years, according to the World Bank, have been Germany, Australia, Canada, Albania, Turkey, UK, Cyprus, Israel and Belgium. Skilled Greeks are particularly likely to leave: as an example of what can happen, 4,886 physicians emigrated in the year 2000 (the last year for which the World Bank’s Migration and Remittances Factbook cites data for departing doctors), meaning the country lost 9.4% of its doctors in that single year. The World Bank gives the number of immigrants living in Greece as about 1.13 million in 2010, around 10% of the population. Most have come, over the years, from poorer countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia, it is likely that the majority of new arrivals lack the skills to replace the emigrants.

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  • Dunny

    “Whites leave Europe as non-whites arrive.”
    Hmm…that interpretation seems a bit misleading, considering what was discussed in article:

    -Portuguese are said to be leaving for Brazil and several African countries. Obviously they are not leaving because they are uncomfortable living with non-whites.

    -Some Greeks are said to be leaving their homeland, but clearly that has everything to do with the economic crisis there rather than the tiny non-white population in Greece. Same story with Ireland.

    • Anonymous

      Huge numbers of  Africans are going to Greece to have their babies: 

      They probably move north to greener pastures after they give birth. 

    • Netzach

      “Some Greeks are said to be leaving their homeland, but clearly that has
      everything to do with the economic crisis there rather than the tiny
      non-white population in Greece.”

      Actually, Greece has a fairly serious problem with immigration. Not so much the legal kind, since their policies are rather strict, but they’ve been totally swamped by illegal immigration during the years. Combined with the economic meltdown, this makes for a very volatile mix. Read the following article:

    • Anonymous

      It is not that ‘non-whites’ are arriving in Europe. It is that Islam is arriving in Europe-to conquer-to demoralize and dominate the native populations. If the media told the truth here, the story would make sense. The natives in Angola and Brazil are not going to slaughter their men and rape their wives and daughters, as is now happening in Europe. The EU leadership needs to be thrown out if Europe wants to save itself from being dominated and ruled by Islam. Europe could just save itself if they could throw off the multiculti EU leadership, reform itself as nation states and send Islam packing.

  • Herman

    No matter were white people go non-whites are sure to follow.

    And then complain about how they are treated.

    The problem is white people are running out of places to hide.

  • Anonymous

    whites need to stop leaving when times get tough, if they don’t fight for their homeland, who will. They need to close their borders for starters.

  • Dario

    The point is, Dunny, that non-Europeans are coming to replace those that are leaving their European nations. It’s a disaster.

  • RJS

    Isn’t it funny how non-whites always want to go live with the Whites – and send their kids to school with the Whites – whom they know to be so brutally oppressive, unfair and racist? 

    I provoked some of my liberal friends the other day – I simply referred to the boatloads of Haitians who for fifty years have flooded into the US as “white supremacists”.

    I mean, after all, the liberals definition of a “racist” is believing the White culture and civilization is superior to all others…it seems to me that all the non-whites EVERYWHERE  are engaging in “racist” behavior.

    By their own actions (choosing to flee the country where millions of their own precious race already live and willingly becoming a minority among millions of brutally oppressive, unfair and racist Whites) aren’t these non-white third worlders admitting they are “racist” ?

  • Anonymous

    The problem with Whites is that many White women have chosen to limit the number of children they have to less than replacement rate or to decline having any children at all.  And feminism has scared off young men from marrying.  The West is killing itself generation after generation, and running to another country doesn’t help; it only gets them away from the savage non-whites . . . for a time.  Of course, among Christians this is not the case.  The “church” will save the white race.  Maybe.

    • Anonymous

      Comments like this make it sound as if all of our problems are to be blamed on white women. This only causes division within the movement.  I agree that feminism is a problem but white men need to shape up in a lot of ways also. And it is not just white women deciding not to have kids.   A lot of times it is a mutual decision triggered by the fact that white families are taxed so high for goodness sake. Just how weak are white men admitting that they actually are if they have to blame the problems of their race on white women?

      • Anonymous

        Never mind, it looks like a moderator edited your comment.  Your comment sounds much better now.  Please disregard my above comment.  However, the idea overall still stands.

        • Well said Courtney! As a White, college educated male, I would love to have children and probably would if I were not paying for Lupita and Laquisha to have large broods they could never afford without substantial government involvement.

          • Anonymous

            When I tried to respond to this it appeared above as an original comment rather than a reply.

      • porscheguy

        White males are refusing to get married because marriage is a losing proposition when you realize that over 50% of them end in divorce.  Many states have adopted “no-fault” divorce.  This means that your spouse can commit adultery, file for divorce, and then take half of your assets.  I’m not going to point the finger at feminism even though feminism is generally why “no-fault” divorce exists.  What I will say is that our current divorce laws are the reason why marriage is a dying institution. 

        As for taxes being the cause of declining marriage birth rates, this is a ridiculous assertion.  If excess taxes were the cause, marriage and birth rates would have tanked 75 years ago when tax rates were a lot higher then they are today.

        • Anonymous

          See my reply below to ConantheContrarian.  And yes, taxes are part of the reason both white women AND men are having less children.  Keith Alexander from Political Cesspool talks about this all the time.  And I don’t agree with your reasoning for disagreeing. It was very recently that whites had to start paying extra to support diversity that our government enforces on us. And are you suggesting that only white women refuse to have children? What is your reasoning for lower marriage birth rates? Just like ConantheContrarian you have completely missed my point. I never said feminism wasn’t a problem (again see my response to him below).

        • BJ

          Don’t forget child support laws and the outrageous demands they make on mostly men. Ever been to family court over child support payments?  Try it sometime, you will see the great injustice done to mostly the fathers. He is only the father of maybe ONE of her children, while she has 4 0r 5 more. Men are stupid for even thinking about having ANY children in today’s world. They are the ones who are punished for life for even doing so.  Google the stories from these men sometime. They rarely get a fair shake.

          They can lose their driver’s license, pay outrageous amounts for support, lose their credit, go to jail for “back support”, all while their child support keeps adding up while serving time!   No reprieve for them! Their “crime”  against society is never paid even when serving time for not having the money to pay the child support in the first place.Their salaries, tax refunds, (not to mention their disability, SSA, UIB,  25% of which is confiscated monthly), leaving them almost destitute and having to live with their parents or someone else. Forget about them ever being able to get married to someone in the future and finding happiness since they will never be able to afford it. Yet, the woman can still keep on having kid after kid by different “boyfriends” while collecting welfare. I am not talking about ALL women, I am talking about a large percentage that we see in society today. Ever been to the welfare office or worked there?

           Doesn’t matter if  the men  have no job, no income, that  child support keeps adding up with interest and penalties every month, which makes it impossible to ever pay what “THEY” say he owes. The “mothers” far too often sit on welfare, continue having even more children by different men, and never have to worry about going to jail, paying support or having their driver’s license pulled. Far too many “women” raising their children (especially minority women) have created our future criminals, welfare recipients, and only add another burden upon White society.

          The draconian child support laws and confiscation have been INTENTIONALLY imposed to punish especially White men (since they are the ones who usually have to PAY and are easier to find) keep them from ever even wanting to have children in the first place. I have seen this time and again.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I don’t think that it was edited at all. However, feminism among White women has been disastrous for Whites overall with regard to delaying marriage or childbirth to pursue the elusive fulfillment of career.  I would agree that taxation has been a burden to Whites, but I have met many Whites who love the government’s socialism and hesitate to reduce taxes or the government’s control over their lives.  Yes, I blame White women as much as men for this population decrease.  I think it was John Derbyshire who pointed out that a civilization is continued on the willingness of women to have children and of men to share their wealth with women and children, preferably their own.  Feminism is a stumbling block to a man sharing his wealth with a woman and later their children.  I say “Woman up” and then the men will “man up”.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, your comment was edited.  Before your comment claimed that only white women are refusing to have children. I meet many white men who don’t want to have anything to do with children. Both genders suffer from this unhealthy mentality.  Plus, I never denied that feminism was a problem.  What I was arguing against is this attitude by lots of men in this movement that white women cause all the problems for our race. Some will even go so far to say that Asian women make better brides.  I don’t see how either attitude is healthy let alone true (that white men should get no blame at all for the problems of our race OR that Asian women are better for white men as wives).

        • guest222

          I don’t agree that it’s “feminism”.  I think that a lot of White women have spoiled White men. They live with guys before marriage and do everything a wife does, thinking the guy will go on to marry them. Men today get all the benefits of marriage without the responsibility. Also, “no-fault”_ divorce is not the result of feminism either but of men and women’s desire not to be locked in an unhappy or hopeless marriage. I do agree that changes need to be made in divorce laws as they hurt both men and women who have assets.

          • svyatoslavigorevich

            The idea that men have any “all the benefits without the responsibility” in any context vis-a-vis “gender” relations is straight out of Bizarro World.

            My motto is, “her body, her choice, her responsibility.”

            The current situation, where a woman decides whether to get pregnant (she can take sperm from a used condom if she likes, from anyone, not just her husband), decides whether to deliver the baby or kill it, and decides whether the two of them will live with “daddy” while he supports them (a given), is inherently unstable.  Men won’t put up with it forever.

            The most logical solution is, as I wrote above: “her body, her choice, her responsibility.”  Women make all the decisions, and carry all the responsibility.  That includes child support, and the tax burden for welfare to mothers, if any.

            Any other solution would have to grant fathers equal power over reproductive rights, which isn’t really doable in our societies (a male veto on abortion is one thing, but male-compelled pregnancy or abortion are not in the cards).

  • Beloved Comrade

    What does “Edited by a Moderator” mean?  Why am I seeing this so often in the commentary?  What exactly is being edited out?  Are posters here constantly violating AR’s posting policy?

    Please post American Renaissance’s censorship policy somewhere so it is clear to us what is and is not acceptable.  I do not like having my comments edited or censored and cannot figure out what I have written that is triggering a need to be edited.  I do not use foul language, insult others or incite riots, so what is it?

    • 555

      That has been a problem for many on here.

      You take the good with the bad.

      That is why I’m uneasy about if such a movement that Amren represents took place ther would STILL be censorship, etc. One side only begs for freedom of speech because they’re losing.

      • Anonymous

        This is very enlightening, I often wondered at the old site why some of my posts were left out of the conversation and pondered the possibility that some Mod. had taken offense at a previous comment and deliberately shot me down regardless of the posts content. I couldn’t imagine why though because as Comrade pointed out above his comments didn’t include any uncivil or derogatory tones and neither did mine.
        I love it here at Amren, there are many informed and knowledgeable people here and some of the best writings on this site has been done in the comments section by passionate readers with America and Western peoples best interests at the forefront, far better than the hate filled drivel you seem to find elsewhere on the internet but I admit a raised eyebrow at the inner workings after following yours and Comrades thread.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Appreciate the reply. I don’t care for censorship except for profanities and personal attacks and would like to know how much of it is here. It appears there is a lot of moderator commentary on many of the posts. Why is that? It impedes and interferes with the threads, IMHO.

      I’ve never seen anything like this and it makes me very hesitant to post here. I post on a number of other sites and have never seen such oversight by moderators, even when websites have undergone complete overhauls.

      It feels like Big Brother is watching, censoring and micro-managing the comments.

      Good for the moderators for editing posts for spelling and grammar errors. Could you please change “us” moderators to “we” moderators in the first sentence.

      • 555

        I didn’t understand the second sentence I believe you meant you don’t care for censorship if a post has profanities and personal attacks. I agree with you. However I have seen post not get posted for some moderator has a disagreement. Things are not what the seem, comrade.

        You never seen anything because the old format didn’t show “edits” or “comment removed,” etc. Mods could just edit and it was up to them to write such. If comments were removed on the old website well that sucks for you. Now the new website actually shows in italics “this comment has been removed.”

        Trust me, things haven’t changed. There is just light on the issue.

        • Beloved Comrade

          To 666:

          I don’t understand your third sentence, the one that states:

          However I have seen post not get posted for some moderator has a disagreement.

          Huh? Are you trying to say if a moderator has a disagreement with a poster that gives him the right to censor or delete comments?

          There are six other people I talk to who post here regularly and all of us have the same complaint: Why are some of our comments not posted?

          Things are not what the(y) seem?

          American Renaissance has gone to the Dark Side? Oh, the horror!

          Every regular poster has had some of their comments rejected, or in the case of this new system, removed. Moderators are following AR policy, and are not supposed to make decisions based on personal whims or agenda. — Moderator

  • Anonymous

    There’s a movement afoot for the productive classes of Western countries to expatriate to developing countries in an attempt to evade the sticky fingers and increasing draconian policies of those countries.

    I for one don’t understand why people would want to move to places like Angola and Brazil.  Well-to-do whites stand out like sore thumbs in these places.  I think a lot of rich whites forget that concepts such as freedom and rule of law are white concepts and are anathema in these foreign lands.

    They also assume that any potential global collapse won’t hit these places.  Would you want to be a wealthy white man in Angola when the gravy train dries up?

    Oh and was anyone else as disgusted as me that the Portuguese prime minister went “begging” in Angola and the president of that country has agreed to “show mercy”?  They’re mortgaging their institutions to their former colony.  What a sad state of affairs.

  • Anonymous

    This is a cop out that too many young whites use.  Profligate whites blow far more money on frivolous crap like new cars and smartphones and flashy clothes than the government extracts from them through taxation.
    My wife and I live in the heart of Libtardia and despite smothering sales and property taxes and a good amount of student loan debt we’ve had our first son and plan on at least two more children.
    If you want it enough, you can have a family.  In fact I believe it to be your duty to do your part to preserve your people and culture.  It requires discipline and sacrifice.  That’s the part my generation has trouble with.

    • Anonymous

      Good for you, regarding the number of children.

  • NYB

    Whites always keep one foot in Western Civilization.  They are always referred to as ‘ex-pats’ living ‘abroad’, rarely applying for citizenship outside of the First World.

    Not so with Third Worlders.  They always come as immigrants demanding full citizenship from white countries.

  • Anonymous

    Surely, what these statistics confirm is that Europe is in absolutely no need of further third world immigration whatsoever and the constant drub, drub, drub we hear from the elitists that ‘Europe “needs” immigrants to replenish diminishing populations and to boost the workforce’ is nothing but a falsehood.A vile and cynical falsehood at that.
     With the EU being a zone of free movement, any EU state that genuinely has difficulty in recruiting workers should extend a helping hand to such failed states as Spain and Greece rather than considering nations they have obligations to.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who by now doesnt see that flooding countries with unemployment rates approaching and in many cases exceeding ten percent with more and more immigrants is an openly hostile policy toward the host population intended to foment internal strife…..well they’re probably not ever going to get it.

      We’re at war, whether we understand it or not.  The invaders don’t carry weapons or wear uniforms, but the effect will be the same.

    • NYB

      Western countries have taken on so much debt that they can only keep from defaulting by increasing consumption, i.e. ‘growth’.

      The rush to get more immigrants into Western countries totally ignores natural limitations.  It is the irrational, short-sighted servicing of over-borrowing which dictates high numbers of immigrants.  ‘Growth’ at any cost.

      Nature can only be mocked for so long, then it snaps with terrible certainty.

  • Anonymous

    As a European I can tell you that the story is  kind of strange to me. The numbers of Europeans leaving the continent is insignificant. Numbers of Europeans moving to another European country is very high. Nobody wants muslims and africans to come to Europe, but if you hear about huge numbers of forigners living in Spain, remember that non-europeans are only small part of this number. There are some 1 million British living in Spain as well as hundreds of thousends of Romanians and other EEs. Latin Americans are also very large group of immigrants in Spain.  African boat migrations to Spain have been reduced to very small numbers. Birth rates among native Europeans , in particular north-west part of the continent and in France, are raising and the largest contribution comes not from immigrants but (unexpected surprise to demographers) from european women in late thirties and early forties. They wanted children but were simply postponing having them. So, not all news are bad.  

    • svyatoslavigorevich

      Birth rates among native Europeans, in particular north-west part of the
      continent and in France, are raising

      How do you know this?  I was under the impression that it was illegal to track such data in France.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    The Guardian has spoken to dozens of Europeans who have left, or are planning to leave. Their stories highlight surprising new migration routes—from Lisbon to Luanda, Dublin to Perth, What I don’t understand is Lisbon to Luanda! Is that like going from the fry pan to the fire?

  • Lygiea

    People always follow three steps in this order when confronted with something unpleasant or threatening:
    1. Try to negotiate and deal with it;
    2. Vote with their feet by leaving; and
    3. If 1 and 2 are not options, only then will people fight back.

    As long as you can put up with something, you will. When you no longer can, you will leave. If you can no longer tolerate a situation and you are unable to flee from it, only then you will do something.