Danish Police: Immigrant Criminals Target Danes to Make Them Move Out of the (Muslim) Area

Nicolai Sennels, Jihad Watch, January 24, 2012

Muslims’ right to rob non-Muslims has been established since their prophet (always “their”, not “the”) attracted fighters by allowing booty and rape when attacking non-Muslims. An anonymous Danish police officer now says that “immigrant” criminals are targeting non-Muslims because they want them to leave the area. I guess the non-Muslims could avoid such attacks if they paid jizya to the local mosque.

Here is an account of Muhammed’s copy cats at work, translated from B.T., January 23rd 2012. Vollsmose is one of the biggest Muslim ghettos in Denmark, located in Odense on the Island of Funen. “Police officer: They want the Danes out of the area. Danes targeted in burglaries in Vollsmose“:

If your last name is ‘Hansen’ or ‘Nielsen,’ and do you live in the Odense district of Vollsmose, your risk of becoming the victim of a burglary is significantly higher than if you had had a more foreign-sounding surname.

A burglary campaign against ethnic Danes has spread in the troubled district in the recent months.

– There is a kind of racism out there, where we find that more and more Danes are chased out of the area. It happens as a result of a big increase in burglaries. There have been approximately 150 burglaries the last four months. What is striking is that nine out of ten burglaries are now directed against ethnic Danes, a cop at Funen Police headquarters explains. The cop does not want us to publish his name for fear of losing his job. His name is known by the editors. The officer believes that someone is trying to cleanse the area from the remaining Danes.

– Several of the young offenders have directly said that they want Vollsmose for themselves. Last year a Danish family reported several incidents, with the result that the family’s apartment was vandalized every week until the family finally gave up and moved out of the area. Additionally, many of these burglaries resemble actual vandalism, which make it look like some kind of revenge.

The officer criticizes the way the authorities are handling the problem. He believes that they are trying to cover up the development simply because it is controversial.

– Everyone knows it . . . Why they put a lid on it I do not know, but I guess it is because it is politically controversial. . . .

The local police deputy in Vollsmose, Bjarne Puggaard, confirms that there is a dramatic increase in the number of burglaries in the area. He does not want to confirm whether it is especially ethnic Danes who are victims of the many burglaries.

Shortly after the interview with the local police, bt.dk, however, receives a phone call from the Funen chief of police. After a little reflection, the police now suddenly wish to confirm that the burglaries are mainly targeted at Danes. . . .

– I have no idea why they look at the name of the mailbox before they commit burglary.

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  • Anonymous

    Will the last Dane leaving Denmark, please tuck their tail before lowering the Danish flag? Don’t even think of coming to America. White Europeans are not welcomed here.

  • White People are going to find themselves with no place left to go if they keep this up.

  • Tim

    They need to channel Robert Culp in “Outrage”…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they just burn a Star and Crescent on their lawns.

  • Anonymous

    Can I donate jizz to the mosque?

  • Anonymous

    this sounds like philly and chicago only its black mobs beating whites to get them to reconsider visiting the city

  • It might not be racist. They might just be robing the europeans since they have jobs and leave their houses alone. Working also gives Danes more valueables in their houses

    • 10mm AUTO

      That is pretty stupid, especially since in interviews the perps are saying that they are trying to drive out the Danes. But then, Liberalism IS a mental disorder…

    • Anonymous

      Of course it is not racist. Islam is not a race. Neither is European nor Western. It is not just happening in Denmark, but in Europe and the entire Western World. The Danes are just being more honest in reporting the problem.

    • Anonymous

      Of course it is not racist. Islam is not a race. Neither is European nor Western. It is not just happening in Denmark, but in Europe and the entire Western World. The Danes are just being more honest in reporting the problem.

  • Anonymous

    Danes must see this development as a premonition, a warning, if you will, of the dire future that awaits them if no change in policy is made.
    Danes must be strong and brave enough to openly admit and speak aloud the fact that the acceptance of third world immigration was the biggest historical mistake they ever made.
      The way to go is to introduce policies that not only more or less prohibit entirely third world immigration, but also to strongly encourage the repatriation of those already on Danish soil.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief Europeans have gotten so weak it’s embarrassing, too many years of peace has left an entire generation like helpless sheep. If indigenous white Europeans are going to let themselves be bullied out of their homes they do not deserver to exist, nature does NOT reward weakness.  There is NO WHERE else to go.

    • Netzach

      Weakness isn’t quite what this is about, not all of it anyway. Some European people are captives to a self-destructive ideology which, to simplify things, tells them that when minorities attack them, it’s a reaction to their own evils. Hence, the more they are attacked, the more they grovel and try to make things better for the poor ones, which of course is seen as weakness and leads to more attacks… Now, of course to remove all agency and moral responsibility from other people, and depict them as automatons mechanically reacting to what natives do, is extremely dehumanizing, in my eyes much more so that whatever the evil racists think. But that’s beside the point.

      A lot of others, though, do understand that there’s a problem, and don’t make excuses, but neither do they take the problem seriously. I mean, some crime? Big deal. Bad if it happens to you, but it probably won’t. And even if you’re at some high risk area, you can easily leave to other place in your homeland. It’s not exactly a life and death question.

      Now, once you look at long-term trends, things start to appear much more serious, especially if you realize that things will reach boiling point way before natives become minority. The problem minorities happen to have far more poor, alienated young men – excellent raw material for all kinds of gangs and extremists – and these are moreover concentrated in big cities. Still, even then people like to think that the problem will somehow go away, or some new government intervention can solve it.

      Of course, every year it becomes a little bit harder, and occasionally something like 9/11, French riot wave or Danish cartoon crisis happens, forcing more people to look the problem squarely on. But it’s a slow process, and it might not reach critical mass before it’s too late for anything but ethnic cleansing.

  • Anonymous

    And diversity is suicide.

  • Anonymous

    Muslims’ right to rob non-Muslims has been established since their prophet (always “their”, not “the”) attracted fighters by allowing booty and rape when attacking non-Muslims.

    That is so not true! I don’t understand why people have to make things up or downright lie in order to make a point. The rules apply to the spoils of war, where it had been customary for the victors to claim the property of those they defeated and also turn them all into slaves Mohammad stated they can no longer do that to fellow Muslims. The restriction ultimately spawned the African slave trade.  It absolutely in no way endorses robbing the Christian neighbor lady down the street. 

  • Anonymous

    Danes, the solution is simple. You have some really spectacular cruise line companies. Mail all the non-Danes in your country a free sweepstake winning ticket for a free cruise to their country of origin. While they are all partying on the cruise ships overseas, declare the tickets to be one-way and amend your laws so they can’t come back in… lol. Little humor is all. 

  • Anonymous

    Why go to Denmark? You could do the same thing here. It is only a matter of time before Whites run out of places to move to here.

  • Anonymous

    What about me then? I do not want to be a muslim and I am not
    a christian, I really hate those sanddweller religions.