Proving that not all chair-throwing, plate-breaking, glass-smashing restaurant brawls occur in the United States, a wild New Year’s Eve melee at a Canadian eatery was filmed—and, of course, uploaded to YouTube—by a Montreal patron.

It is unclear what prompted the wild fight filmed by Shawn Turnbull, who titled his above video “Chinese vs Blacks.” The ruckus, which occurred at New Dynasty, a Chinese restaurant in downtown Montreal, apparently resulted in significant damage to the business.


In an e-mail, Turnbull told TSG that Montreal cops and paramedics arrived after the fight and “two black guys were getting their wounds treated while Police were kind of asking around. I dont think arrests were made that night because the Asians fled the scene before police arrived.”

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  • DC Resident

    I suspect the two blacks in the video thought they were tough enough to beat down a whole restaurant full of young Chinese men.  Well…guess not!  Even the Chinese girls were throwing bowls at them.  It’s too bad that the cameraman was filming too far away to catch the expression on the blacks’ faces.

    • Michael Samuel

      Blah blah nonsense, Asians & Chinese Koreans quickly learn the white Canadian skin game in the “great white north” that white Canadians hate ppl with dark skin (except some of the damsels) therefore we can show open disrespect to YOU in public or behind the bank counter or job interview etc, many of the them are pathetic and can only speak “Chinglish” Asians trying to play up their “honorary white” status with crazy accusations of “stealing” etc when you turn around and throw it back at them you can see the total loss of “Face” from their stupid expressions, (Banana yellow outside white inside) Chinese like whites cannot tell if your’re embarrassed since our faces don’t lose “color” this seems to annoy out the hell of them and by the way white Americans mulattoes in Canada are also considered to be “honorary whites” check out the guy with the white girl at the end of the video, I’d bet anything the Chinese were DRUNK and most likely started the fight Vietnamese are known to act in violent manner towards black kids etc if they are BIGGER one of my female friends from another Island related how her son was constantly being attacked at school by Chinese & white kids after he learned how to turn them into punching bags they amazingly become a lot more tolerant & fearful. Check out how much your “Honorary whites” really think of white Canadians. (Google “Hongcouver” or Chinese Spying Canada)

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Aside from theft, there is little I abhor more than violence.  What is the point?  Do certain people simply wish others to be in fear of them?  How can violence and destruction improve the lives of those who perpetrate it?  Perhaps another commenter can elaborate.  I’m at a loss. 

    • Cape to Cairo

      With these people, there is no point.  But yes, they do want others to be in fear of them because that is what jungle animals understand – fear and weakness.  

    • Best comment I’ve read even better than mine.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, the joys of diversity!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe chair-throwing, plate-breaking, and glass-breaking restaurant brawls aren’t confined to the US but there appears to be a common thread.

    Canada doesn’t have a legacy of slavery. This shouldn’t have happened.

    If they’re caught, I wonder how contrite they can act while the video they made is presented in court.

    • Michael Samuel

        “Canada doesn’t have a legacy of slavery”………Another Canadian myth Slaves were sold in Halifax & Quebec city when it was legal in Canada Nova Scotia  is called the Mississippi  of the north. (Google it if you like reading the TRUTH)    

      • Anonymous

        Would this then be your excuse for black violence in Canada?

        • .


          Your question wasn’t to me but I’ll answer. Oh, my poor naive yankee friend. A “legacy of slavery” isn’t the reason for black violence in either Canada or America. It’s just an excuse people use. If slavery had never existed they would just invent another one.

        • Its quite obvious you have a problem comprehending simple written English,  if you took the time to take the blinders off your BIGOTED mind you would’ve notice this statement……………

          “I don’t think arrest were made that night since the ASIANS FLED the SCENE before Police arrived”……Quote. (why would the innocent Flee?)

          Which means the “Law abiding” Chinese clearly STARTED the Brawl but couldn’t finish what they started and vanished,  if they were the VICTIMS they should’ve STAYED and given statements to the Police and the Cops would’ve ARRESTED the “Evil Blacks” for starting a brawl but the article shows that did NOT happen! I strongly suspect the Chinese were ILLEGALS like so many in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto etc,  PS I dated a Taiwanese girl in Toronto after I took her to a movie with a Chaperon friend of hers we then went to visit her brother at his “juice bar” in a Chinese business district, the angry dirty looks showed that I was clearly in enemy territory and that was my last date with her, Yes there are Chinese Triad gangs in Canada that fuel the skin & drug trade direct from the mainland to Vancouver aka” Hongcouver”. the true facts of this incident will never be known since the source of this race “story” is from the “smoking gun” a well known Tabloid website. I once saw a Chinese kid smash a glass window of a subway ticket kiosk after using his student token by mistake on a Sunday when the subway employee refused to honor the ticket the subway employees quickly grabbed him for a citizens arrest,  Believing that Chinese can’t or won’t commit crimes is like saying “whites aren’t racists” another myth exploded by deeper thought and insight. 

          • .

            Michael Samuel

            Saying that the Chinese must have started it because they fled the scene is illogical. Most of the blacks fled the scene as well. It only makes sense for anyone involved in the brawl to flee before the police showed up regardless of who started it.

            As for the lack of arrests, the three blacks who stayed behind may not have even been involved in it. Just because they were black and got injured doesn’t mean they were part of it. They may have just been innocent bystanders who got smacked.

            I do agree with you that there are plenty of criminally minded Chinese illegals so one can’t automatically assume these were “model minorities”. But did you really have to make the snarky implication that all whites were racist at the end? Some are and some aren’t. Probably no more than blacks or anyone else.

          • Anonymous

            Fleeing does NOT imply they started the fight, and of course NONE of them were innocent! They just destroyed hundreds (or thousands) of dollars worth of property!

          • Anonymous

            Hongcouver?  Cute, but I prefer Chancouver.

      • Firefightermedic90

        Blacks were never slaves in Ireland, yet Nigerians are flocking there on their own free will and causing trouble/crime like they always do.  How do you explain that one?  Are you going to play the “slavery” card again.  Various white groups have been slaves in our history yet we don’t possess a fraction of the criminality the average  black does.  I understand your trying to find a reason for constant black violence and you need a scapegoat.  You should probably start looking at genetics instead of the non-existent “white racist” boogyman

        • I don’t like “Nigerians” much myself they have a bad habit of bragging about selling us to your ppl or calling us slaves etc, but we get the last laugh on them when we accidentally visit West Africa and realize we got the better part of the deal.  ( If there were NO buyers would there be sellers?) 

      • Anonymous

        Slavery, schmavery.  Ask any black who whines about slavery this:

        “Oh, so you wish you’d been born in Africa?  Really?  Well, why don’t you move there then?”

        Watch them shut up, because they know if they were born in Africa, they wouldn’t have the modern things they have from being born here; they’d be starving with no cell phones, and living more like monkeys than humans.

        Ask them, really, if that’s what they would have preferred, because that’s what would have happened if British/American slavery had never existed.

  • Anonymous

    After all the videos of black on black fights/riots this is an interesting change of pace.  Reminds me of the classic asian/black lady bus fight (worth a watch if one hasn’t already seen it).

  • Morgan

    100 bucks says the blacks started it. The Chinese fought back because they’re not indoctrinated with the “coddle the poor blacks, no matter how they behave” mentality like white people are.

    • Sincerely Concerned

      You make a good point about fighting back.  My original comment about violence stands but let me make it clear that if someone attacks first, it behooves the victim to retaliate. 

      • Cape to Cairo

        Your sentiment is noble, but it only has meaning among civilized gentlemen.  In the face of barbarians and cannibals, it only appears as weakness, which they will take advantage of.

  • Anonymous

    Time to send for the Tong Hatchet Men!

  • madd mike

    You can take the ppl out of africa, but you can’t take the africa out of the ppl!

  • Indrid Cold

    Asians dislike Africans and are less tolerant of their nonsense. 

  • Anonymous

    Canada was a great place while it lasted, history will show that it had a ‘golden age’ during the first three quarters of the 20th century.
     Sadly, the lunatic immigration policies pursued by the Canadian elite will ensure that the big cities (where most of Canada happens to live), will collapse into balkanized inter-ethnic warfare.
      I have an inkling that by and large Whites won’t be involved in the strife but the trouble will stem from third world rivalries.

  • Reminiscent of the basketball brawl in China.

  • White Grandma

    Asians can’t stand blacks, but don’t let this fool you into thinking they like whites either. 

  • Anonymous

    Chinese vs Black?
    In 99.99 % of the cases I’ll root for the yellow man.

    What a lame fight, throwing the china around like if they all were women.

    Weak stuff. Remotely entertaining.

  • I guess your Asian “honorary whites” must’ve forgiven your Anglo Saxon master race kin for keeping them hooked on Opium for over a century, by the way did you forgive them for helping to kill 50,000 US soldiers in Korea and aiding the North Vietnamese Army in South Vietnam frustrating US gov’t policy while adding to the body count? how did the famous poem go “here lies the fools who tried to hustle the east”. No wonder the Chinese gov’t considers its racial kin in the US & CANADA to be “colonists”.

  • Anonymous

    They aren’t Canadian.

    The Chinese are nothing but colonists, and the blacks, well, why does Canada have blacks anyway?  Those who escaped on the underground railroad and their kids should have been sent back as soon as Emancipation hit in the US.

  • Anonymous

    I’d sooner trust a pit bull than some humans, quite frankly, and unfortunately, it’s illegal to have one in this province to protect oneself against Pakis.