Bashed Teen Speaks of Terror

Nicole Cox, PerthNow, January 21, 2012

A Perth teenager has spoken of his terror after he was violently bashed by a gang of thugs who repeatedly kicked him and stomped on his head after being racially taunted.

Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in the attack in the city at 11.30pm last night.

Two males—aged 16 and 17—have already been charged, but police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

This afternoon, 19-year-old James Claxon told how a night out with mates turned into a nightmare when he was allegedly set upon by the gang, attacked and robbed of his wallet and mobile phone.

Mr Claxon said he and four friends had just got off a train and had been walking through Forrest Place towards a city nightclub when they were confronted by the group.

“They were walking through in the same proximity and they’ve basically started running at us and they caught me and have beaten me up and stolen my things,” he said.

“The only thing I heard before they caught me was: ‘Who are these white c**ts?’ It was totally unprovoked.

“They kicked me in the head a few times, stomped on my head a few times, kicked me in the kidneys and the ribs. It was mostly around the head and the ribs.

“I was probably out cold for two minutes before my mates picked me up and dragged me towards a taxi to get to hospital.”

Mr Claxon sustained facial injuries, including a bruise of shoe tread in the side of his face, and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment, but discharged yesterday morning.

He said he was stunned by the assault.

“It’s surreal to think that someone could actually do that to me. To think that another person would seek out to hurt me and steal my things is incomprehensible,” he said.

“Mostly I’m just happy I’m still here to be honest. It could have been a lot worse.”

Detective Sergeant Steve Coelho said the gang appeared to have been walking from the McIver train station on a “rampage” last night.

“They have singled out white Australians and for no reason whatsoever, completely unprovoked, they’ve attacked one of the males. That lead to a vicious assault. He’s had severe facial injuries and his head literally stomped on,” Det-Sgt Steve Coelho said.

He called on anyone who may have information about the attack to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, saying it was possible the youths had been involved in other criminal acts on Friday night.

The two charged youths will appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow accused of aggravated assault. A third male was interviewed but released without charge.

Police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

James Claxon

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  • Anonymous

    I am like most white people with at least 1 functioning brain-cell deeply pessimisstic about Western Europe and North America’s ability to deal with the deluge of hostile immigrants in the coming century. The Aussies, however, like the Polish, the Irish, or the Ukranians, will prove indomitable in the end. 

  • Anonymous

    recently the media and police have been refering to mexicans as either 1. middle eastern, 2. indian or 3. asian. so if you see these terms used rest assured a mexican commited the crime. it seems if mexicans arent taking american jobs they are either attacking and murdering whites for sport like  in philly last week or killing people while they are drunk driving. lovely people.

  • While Australia has had a lot of imported obnoxious minorities for several decades, not to mention the Aboriginals, until about a dozen years ago, they were lucky enough only to have trace numbers of blacks.  From what I am told, the first real wave settled in on Melbourne public housing projects, and now they’re all over.

    Lost the URL, but I read a tweet from the SMH this morning that an 8-year old Congolese boy from Illawarra, NSW went for a swim in the ocean by himself, and now they can’t find him.  That must mean that Africans are now in what used to be the white flight areas of the South Coast south of Sydney.

    • That’s why they’re called “African Rockfish”.

    • That boy could be getting up close and personal with another type of ‘Great White”.

  • Over and over again, majority white societies import black Africans and suffer the consequences.  Like lemmings they march toward their doom, paying no attention to the fate of those before them.

  • “It’s surreal to think that someone could actually do that to me. To think that another person would seek out to hurt me and steal my things is incomprehensible,” he said.
    If you are a sheep, you will be at least fleeced, even if not slaughtered. 19 y.o. James Claxon was a sheep that night, and very well may remain one.

    20 black Bad Guys (bBGs) vs 4 white Good Guys (eGGs) — typical. They don’t want to fight, they want to kick some white guys’ heads in. 

    Some of the best Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice is at: 

    Just today, the NRA-ILA posted an excerpt from an Australian news article that says there are too many people seeking permits to even own guns. 

    Unless Australia and other former British colonies liberalize their gun laws like us in the US, law-abiding whites in those countries will be oppressed and persecuted by men who happily join violent gangs.

  • Anonymous

    What wonderful “mates.”  I wonder if they stood and watched or just ran like hell like a bunch of yellowbellies.

    Can we extrapolate this data out to the White population as a whole?  Will 80 percent of a group just stand by and watch while 20 percent get beaten down?  Would Claxon have stood by and watched if the Bantus selected a different member of the group, meaning that essentially 100 percent of Whites will lay down and die before they’ll defend themselves?

    Poor odds aren’t an excuse for not fighting back.  These cowards would probably have still stood by and soiled themselves even if the numbers of the two groups were at parity.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is of course that whites have been brainwashed for 50 years  to think that solidarity among whites is wrong, possibly evil. The other groups are encouraged by gov and media to think and act collectively. 

  • thugs – No Such Thing.  There are only non-whites attacking White People for no other reason than Pure Unadulterated Hate for White Skin and the Opportunity to Strike.

    20 – Out of Twenty People, not a one was to be found to stop the barbarism taking place.

    The Powers that Be won’t be able to get away with this forever for the Peasants outweigh them.

  • Marcy Fleming

    Good God ! This sounds like Oakland and San Francisco ! As I have written on other threads here at AmRen Blacks are only 5% of SF but they are much more in the schools.
    They used to just beat up the white boys but now they have moved on to white girls.
    If any refuse advances from these thugs they will get jumped after school with the usual crowd cheering on the attacker. Usually behind bushes they will stripped of underclothing and have
    their behinds whipped until they promise to renounce their ‘racism.’ If they are really unlucky
    they will be spray painted on their rears. They usually give in after several wacks.
    The schools almost never do anything and the Black parents cry racism if any of their rotten offspring are ever questioned.
    Sometimes the victims’ parents are PC libtards too.
    Talk about forced integration !
    We need a revolution against the ruling culture at all levels, not just politics.

    • Anonymous

      Passivity and surrender aside, the only alternative to politics is armed revolt. You need only look at the recent history of Ireland (which shouldn’t seem too culturally alien) to see that this is true. 

      The Anglo-American plurality voting system marginalizes the minority that doesn’t fall for the lies and fantasies promoted by the media/education system. If you’re in the un-PC minority (everything to the right of the neocons) you need low threshold PR in order to organize politically in an effective way. Look to Europe (True Finns, Swiss People’s Party, Lega Nord, etc.) to see how this produces political leadership a lot better than that offered by Ron Paul. 

      What this boils down to is that people should use local home rule powers and initiative/referendum to get low threshold PR adopted at the local and state level. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it makes more sense than something like starting a new separatist church-militia in rural Texas or northern Idaho.

    • Anonymous

      Fitting in a way. The Western Cultural Revolution (not the Chinese one) of the 60s was kicked off in SF, Berkeley and Oakland. 

      • Marcy Fleming

        Good point which I appreciate as a native San Francisco except the victims don’t deserve it.
        Given the amount of mindless pro-Mao sentiment in SF from the 30s on maybe that Cultural Revolution in China which took 40 million lives may have been kicked off here too !
        Mao’s final death toll was around 110 million in 27 years. 45-50 million in the Great Leap Forward in 1958-62 and 40 million in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution from 1966-1976.
        Assorted millions more in anti-landlord and anti-rightist crusades during the 50s.
        No Holocaust Museums for them, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least the Australians have the testicular fortitude to 1) identify the “youths” as being “of African descent” and 2) to acknowledge that they “have singled out white Australians for no reason whatsoever”. Those two breaches of the journalistic code enforced in American newsrooms would have sent the entire newsroom into Code Red Meltdown with the writer of the article being fired (there is no chance a minority writer would have written something like that) and the newspaper making public apologies and featuring a 20 page story on the glories of MLK or Rosa Parks the following week.

  • Anonymous

    Believe it or not, but under the ‘White Australia’ policy – which was in force as recently as the 1970s, the immigration and settlement of blacks in Australia was expressly forbidden.Australia thrived during those years.
     However, the modern Australian political class is soft-headed and soft hearted.They foolishly took pity on the wretched and the starving of Africa and offered them food and shelter.
     This is how they thank the Australians.

  • Anonymous

    The Vietnamese, whose shoes were made of leftover tire rubber, repelled an army which had just put a man on the moon. As the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese regular army received their arms in part from China, so too could Aussies receive aid from sympathizers. Where there is a will…

  • Anonymous

    One rarely if ever reads about white immigrants to black countries behaving this way. 

    • Anonymous

      One rarely if ever reads about white immigrants to black countries.

  • Anonymous

    Very good video Bantu Education – we need to all get better at spreading these excellent videos to important people, regular people – spamming doesn’t work.

    With this in mind, I have made a 1 page poster describing the recent racial attack on a White Vietnam War veteran in Philadelphia (discussed here on Please download this flyer and attach to e-mails, print and distribute to veterans organizations, regular folks of our kind. 

    The themes of the poster are:

    Why isn’t this a hate crime?

    Racism cuts both ways.

    Here’s the link to the poster:

  • Moderators, could you move this reply. ATBOTL meant this as a reply to Hirschibold’s post several posts above, that’s who ATBOTL is quoting — I did not say those things. 
    Or ATBOTL, could you copy your reply, delete this post, and then paste your reply into a reply to Hirschibold?Thx!