Norway: All Sexual Assaults Ending in Rape Committed by Non-Westerners

YouTube, June 12, 2011

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  • RandyB

    You know, a couple of months ago I was intending to link this to a pro-diversity site (where I’m the gadfly commenter), but wanted to link from its original source. I couldn’t find one. Only re-postings on HBD or racist sites. Was this an actual Norwegian news story?

  • Mister Freeman

    I’m so tired of these reports they make me utterly helpless and depressed. I feel like posting a link to this video on my facebook page but don’t want to be exposed as a “racist” for not towing the PC line. Could you imagine if the CBS Evening News led with a report of the ethnic disparaty between white victims and black perps in this country. I imagine their rating would shoot through the roof.

  • Laager

    Add “non western background”, “non western appearance” and “men of foreign origin” to the euphemism list.

  • Anonymous

    At the back of all these rapes and hateful dominations is the idea that there is only one race.

    The most damaging and insidious hate movement in the history of the earth is without a doubt, multiculturalism.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it would be better by far if Norway took in no African or Muslim immigrants. But since they do, they should take fingerprints and DNA samples from all of them.

    Which might unfortunately result in some rapes being even worse, as the rapist attempted to eliminate DNA evidence.

    Thanks, CSI.

  • Mark

    Europeans are growing tired of false accusations and the moniker white supremacist; maybe these types of stories will help them understand who the true victims of multiculturalism really are.

  • ice

    “American TV would never dare broadcast anything like this.”

    Nor would anything like this show up in print.

    Simply quoting statistics from the department of justice, reflecting the thousands of black on white rapes and the many black on white crimes, would never, ever be mentioned or written about either.

    Here we’re all expected to be beaten, robbed and assaulted and be quiet about it or the radical leftist press will denounce anyone complaining as a hater or a racist.

  • Deirdre

    Even the policewoman seems utterly brainwashed beyond repair. She suggests “understanding” why the perpetrators do this, and states that “they are on the edge of society, coming from traumatized countries.” She doesn’t make the connection rape-trauma is a normal occurrence for them and that they are bringing their impulsive urges and customs with them. If people were thinking sanely nowadays, as in the past prior to mad multiculturalism and political indoctrination, Norwegians would likely be out in the streets clubbing these monsters to death. It’s so sad to see this, and to know that most of the host population will remain “sensitive to the needs” of these primal, backward scourges to society.

  • Anonymous

    Who committed these crimes? Were they Muslims? Misrahi? Who can tell the difference?

  • Anonymous

    I watched the video, then clicked on the “Next” item entitled, “Norwegian Girls” out of curiosity. That makes it look like Norwegian girls are real loose and hooking up with non-whites every minute of the day.

  • Southern Man

    And of course the policewoman issues the usual tripe and excuses for this horrid behavior with the real explanation following:

    “Those who commit the rapes are on the edge of society and unemployed”

    Whites are not nice to them and they just need a job

    “They arrive from traumatized countries”

    Family men just looking for a chance to live in peace, besides it’s the whites’ fault anyway, you know, colonialism

    “They are asylum seekers”

    Not invaders, illegals, or bad men, they just need safe harbor and besides, you whites have so much

    “They have a right to do what they do”

    It’s in their religion, why are you racist

    “We need to understand their view of women by asking”

    That’s right, the kindly lady cop needs to realize how whites are not in touch with other, more impressive cultures

    “It should not stand as a stigma”

    That’s right, the lady cop is learning how evil whites have been to their multicultural brothers, perhaps she will have the opportunity to come home one evening from lady cop work and be greeted by a young male asylum seeker that just wants the temporary use of her body

  • Kenelm Digby

    Just think how much the Norwegian political class must hate its own people in order to keep inflicting this terror on them.

    What a bad deal third world immigrants are for Norway.Apart from consuming Norwegian tax money, all they do is rape, hate and torment their benefactors by way of thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The rapes in Norway are of course tragic but the Norwegian women have nobody to blame but themselves. The third world’s colonization of Norway has been debated in Norway for more than 40 years and nothing is hidden. Still, the majority of Norwegian women continue to vote for parties favouring muslim and African immigration. Quid pro quo.

    It’s probably easy to guess what Anders Bering Breivik would do to stop all the rapes….

  • Anonymous

    And if they follow the German example, they will release the perps because they don’t speak the language:

    So much for equal rights for everybody. Speaking German is now a disadvantage in German courts.

  • scott81

    Why aren’t the Swedish men taking to the streets over this. Even a century ago I could not imagine European men standing by while a bunch of foreigners came and raped their women. So many white men have become apathetic and weak from a society that promotes nothing but having a good time and pleasure seeking. The more whites become minorities in their own countries by uncontrolled immigration the more frequent these stories will become. I am greatly saddened when I hear of our women being victims in their own country to foreigners, because ultimately it’s us men who’ve let these laws come into place that have failed them.

  • on the lam from the Thought Police

    With blacks absence makes the heart grow fond. If you see them up close every day you learn what they are really like, and your attitude hardens.

  • Aaron from Rhode Island

    Non western background? Do they mean Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Israeli, Siberian, Native American or Cypriot men?

    Or were the perps the usual suspects: Muslim men of Middle eastern, Pakistani and African background? This only confirms the Dhimmitude of Eurabia! The once mighty Norse warriors are afraid of the Saracens ( read: Islam)

  • Anonymous

    Did you notice how the policewoman paints the rapists as coming from countries with ongoing strife? They obviously can’t help themselves. They are refugees. These rapists are victims too.

  • Netzach

    #7 Aaron,

    “Or were the perps the usual suspects: Muslim men of Middle eastern, Pakistani and African background? This only confirms the Dhimmitude of Eurabia! The once mighty Norse warriors are afraid of the Saracens ( read: Islam)”

    Pretty much everyone here knows what “non-Western” refers to when used to describe criminals, especially when it comes to violent robberies or assault rapes. The program didn’t really need to say it out loud, but it did point out that the man who had raped the interviewed girl was Pakistani, and lately the worst offenders have been asylum speaker (who needless to say don’t come from Japan). Funny of course how their past traumas get always trotted out as an explanation. Mind, in many cases they indeed have had a difficult past, and it’s certainly part of the puzzle, but by no means the only one. Or was there really a vast wave of robberies and rapes unleashed by Jews freshly out from the million times worse trauma of concentration camps…? Do they still struggle miserably under the legacy of the centuries of anti-Semitist oppression and the Shoah, like blacks are said to struggle under the legacy of slavery?

    As for mighty Norse warriors being afraid of Islam, it’s really more of their own government they’re afraid of. Not all of them, of course. Certain Anders Behring Breivik, whose name I’m generally loath to mention without a string of maximally vulgar curses and slurs, killed 77 people last summer in Norway, mostly teenagers from the Labour Party’s youth league, and thoroughly messed up Nordic politics while achieving exactly nothing. The name is used as a political bludgeon all over, while collective responsibility of all nationalists was often stated outright and implied even more times.

    Sure, I’ve had effective comebacks. “Ok, I agree that Breivik shared many opinions with ordinary nationalists. On the other hand, he was a lot more extreme, had some bizarre ideas of his own, and wanted to overthrow the whole existing order to achieve utopian goals. Now… Mohammed Atta was a Muslim who obviously had a lot in common with them. Of course he was a lot more extreme, had some bizarre ideas of his own, and wanted to destroy the whole status quo to impose his kind of utopia. As you consider all nationalists at least ‘partially’ responsible for what Breivik did, then presumably you consider all Muslims responsible for what Atta did?”

    “Erkk, unhh…”

    Still, tiresome, even if the whole discussion can be fairly easily steered to how the only people even remotely resembling terrorists in this country are actually far-left anarchists, who’ve even stated outright that one of their incendiary attacks was retaliation for the “oppression” of Eastern European Gypsy immigrants, and who presumably are in part motivated and encouraged by the hysteria about nationalists which had already existed prior to Breivik, but truly blew up after he committed his atrocity.

  • Linnea

    RandyB wrote:

    “Was this an actual Norwegian news story?”

    Yes, this was a news story from Norway`s state television (NRK), part of their primetime news program, Dagsrevyen. The program is probably still on NRK`s homesite, but may be difficult to find since the date of the program is not shown in the video. Also, I believe that programs from NRK cannot be viewed online outside Norway.

    The fact that men of non-Western origin are behind almost all assault rapes in Norway is often and openly discussed in Norwegian media, so this reportage is not unique.

    The Norwegian state televison, which still is Norway`s larges tv-channel, is in many ways quite good. Even if they bring in a little diversity now and then, their programs are still overwhelmingly “Norwegian” and they often present Norwegian society, traditions and culture in a very nice way.

  • Jack in Chicago

    scott81 wrote at 7:35 AM on December 29:

    Why aren’t the Swedish men taking to the streets over this.”

    Jack replies:

    Because these sexual assaults happened in Norway. White international solidarity is important, but it should be first up to the local Norwegian men to fight for their local Norwegian women.

  • Laager

    What goes around comes around.

    The poor misguided policewoman is still banging the “poor downtrodden black man” drum

    During the international campaign to end apartheid Norway, Sweden and to a lesser extent Denmark were all in the frontline. They provided huge financial support to the ANC and other groups to sustain the struggle against white people during this era. Their actions have contributed to 300,000 blacks and 40,000 whites being slain since “freedom” in 1994. Proxy ANC leader, unemployed lawyer, Oliver Tambo became a millionaire at the same time. Coincidence?

    Now that the Scandinavian countries have put South Africa to rights and created an open house for the downtrodden 3rd worlders to find sanctuary in their countries reality has arrived big time.

    I can’t see a rescue operation by the cavalry riding across the horizon to come to their aid. They are going to have to do it all by themselves. The unfolding events are going to be interesting to watch.

  • John Engelman

    Caucasian males of European descent have become too civilized too soon for own good, and for the good of our women and children, who are dependent on our protection. Because our natural intentions are toward social harmony and respect for girls and women, we make the mistake of assuming that men of less evolved races feel the same way we do.

  • scott81

    @ Jack in Chicago

    yeah I realize after I wrote that I meant to say Norwegian men. I believe Sweden as well though has it’s own race problems naturally.

  • pc1

    Every revolution had humble beginnings. Amren and other organizations are the beginning. Our revolution is growing exponentially. We are on the side of good, and we will triumph. A race war has been declared against us many years ago. We are only starting to fight back. In our lifetimes, white liberals will be in dust bin of history. Our movement will thrive and dominate. If you look on MSM media, most of the comments from whites look like amren comments now. The winds of change are blowing. We are sick of being raped, murdered and dispossessed.

    I urge you all to be active. Fight the enemy in any way you can (without hurting innocents, of course. Our enemies hurt innocents. Don’t sink to their level). Everyday, think of ways to fight the enemy. I fight back by preparing. I go to the gym every day, and I practice martial arts. I am 40, by the way. I’m not a kid. If I can do it, you can.

    I have quit drinking and i cancelled my cable TV as well. The enemy wants you to get sloshed, and drool in front of the TV every day. That is how they brainwash you and your children into defeat. Let our enemies drink, smoke and do drugs. If the majority of us avoid those vices, it will be much easier to defeat our enemies.

    Become as wealthy, strong, moral and prolific as possible. Think positive and we will win. Think like a loser and you will be a loser. Let’s change this headline to reflect our victory. In our lifetime, we must make sure that NO white person is ever raped or murdered again. We owe that to our children. We MUST win. If we act collectively, we can swat our low IQ enemies like flies.

    Feel free to add to my list of ideas. Also, post them on MSM comment sections as well.

  • Question Diversity

    25 pcl:

    I should add to your well thought out suggestions, many of which I have adopted (sans the drinking and marital arts), this:

    Never attempt to derive self-worth, self-esteem, happiness or contentment from politicians or the political process. Politicians are legalized whores in all essence. When we start getting real white nationalism from the political process, realize that it will be a result of whore politicians whoring our way because they know that’s where the votes are and the hearts and minds of the voters are. But no politician or act of government should define your happiness.

  • Californian

    Interesting how the female police officer gave the old liberal ideological line, trying to rationalize these crimes and turn the criminals into the victims of society. One wonders what she would have been required to say had it been revealed that all the assault/rapes were committed by white Norwegians against Muslims? I am sure her duckspeak would have included such words as “racism” and “xenophobia.”

    But faster than you can say “Newspeak Dicionary,” the party line gets changed.

    We might also note that the usual feminist ideological interpretation of rape as being a “weapon of patriarchy to keep women oppressed” was also tossed out the window. All this makes for an interesting laboratory dissection of liberal ideology.

    And now for a detail:

    * She suggests “understanding” why the perpetrators do this, and states that “they are on the edge of society, coming from traumatized countries.”

    But what is traumatizing these countries? Could it be the behaviors of the people who inhabit them? And if those people are so traumatized, what sense does it make to import them into Scandinavia?

    What we are seeing here is liberal ideology trying to cope with reality. The best the liberals can do is repeat the same old verbal formulae as their civilization collapses. Now, perhaps, they might understand why there was apartheid in South Africa. What goes around, comes around.

  • Anonymous

    “Never attempt to derive self-worth, self-esteem, happiness or contentment from politicians or the political process. ”

    I disagree, Mitt Romney is our savior.

    Just joking, I agree with you 100%.

  • Anonymous

    37,460 white women raped by black men in 2005 in the United States, that same year 0 black women raped by white men. Source: Criminal Victimization in the United States.

  • Anonymous

    #25 – PC1 – excellent comments. Don’t wallow in hopelessness. Take action, developing both physical strength and also financial and material resources. I would add, be part of your community, even if people disagree with you now. I know that my synagogue would find Amren to be shocking, but they might find my participation to be comforting when austerity measures kick in after the election and we start having “hot nights” in California.

    Also get yourself prepared legally. This means things like using a trust to own your property, applying for a second citizenship (in Europe) if you qualify, having diverse investments, getting a CCW, etc. Not everyone can do all these things, but everyone can at least try some of them.

    Get prepared mentally, too. I love your idea of cutting off cable. Not only does TV fill the mind with dreck, it also wastes time which could be spent studying anything from sciences, to foreign languages, finance, or any other worthwhile subject. I myself do not have a TV and I spend my time studying foreign language or other subjects. Yes I know it’s more relaxing to watch TV than it is to open a book and study, but we’re only alive for a short time and we need to make the best use of our time.

    The most important thing is to develop the mindset and understanding that the world isn’t a fixed place, things can change suddenly. I don’t encourage people to be survivalists, or become isolated or get into extreme groups, or to focus on “TEOTW” and so on. Rather, focus on being the most productive you can be with your time and your current life, and with having the most options you can have, layers of security (physical, legal, etc). And remember life is short and should be enjoyed, too.

  • Jack in Chicago

    24 — scott81 wrote at 5:43 PM on December 29:

    @ Jack in Chicago

    yeah I realize after I wrote that I meant to say Norwegian men. I believe Sweden as well though has it’s own race problems naturally.

    Jack responds:

    Understand. Yes, Sweden has it’s own race problems, much worse than Norway as Norwegians haven’t gone for the PC anti White program like too many idiot Swedes.

    The good news is that Sweden has a very strong Nationalist movement – hasn’t been able to break in to mainstream political success yet, but it’s very effective with the youth.

    Check out the great Swedish nationalist singer Saga – my favorite.

  • Bardon

    Yes, but do not forget the following:

    * Scandinavian men have been emasculated, virtually castrated by the dominant quasi-religion of feminism (remember Assange “the rapist”). Individuals are not, but what can they do, isolated ?

    * Norwegian, Swedish, Danish & Finnish women are among the most represented sex tourists in Jamaica, Haiti, Martinique etc.

    * they very easily hook up with non Whites, especially Blacks & Pakistani and Middle Eastern Muslims. A rather big part of these rapes has occurred within already established social- sexual scene. The miscegenation rate is, by all standards, extremely high, considering relative scarcity of non- Europeans in Scandinavian countries. Much less miscegenation in, say, Italy or Spain.

    * with Obama elected, all “representative” Scandinavia was thrown in ecstasy, as if the second coming of the Christ has happened. Norwegians were the ones who gave him the embarrassing Nobel prize.

    All I’m saying is: “Nordics” are, as a whole, unreliable. Perhaps, as unlikely it may seem, an ideological fusion, a “racial” mental matrix in Eastern/Central Slavs & Germans (Eastern) is something more promising.

  • convairXF92

    Bardon writes:

    >*Norwegian, Swedish, Danish & Finnish women are among the most

    >represented sex tourists in Jamaica, Haiti, Martinique etc.

    Before Jamaica, Haiti, Martinique it was Spain. This began at least half a century ago. Check out the passage on “Suecas” (“Swedes”) in James Michener’s *Iberia*. Seems they acclimated to darkness one shade at a time.

  • Bardon


    I don’t need Michener to know this. Here in Croatia, we have had (and are having) experience with Nordic women somewhere from 60s on, particularly in Dalmatia & other coastal resorts. Our local playboys, “Galebovi” (seagulls), were/are living a promiscuous paradise during summer. Of course, they’re Whites, like the rest of us, but I recall an interesting thing one experienced “seagull”, an acquaintance of mine- not less than 120 different women in 2-3 months, ca. 60-70% Nordics (the rest mainly Germans)- had told me: more tan, more fun. He noticed that his success rate was proportional to the darkening of the skin, so he tanned himself over the top (first natural sun tanning, then sunlamp).

  • The Abomination

    @Aaron from Rhode Island. I refer to your previous comment on November 17 2011 on the article: Study Reveals Racial Segregation in Online Dating, “The fact is most Jewish men prefer beautiful dark haired, brown eyed high IQ Jewish women, most East Indians prefer beautiful East Indian women, most East Asians prefer beautiful East Asian women and most Africans ( IF not brainwashed by western influence) will biologically prefer to mate with their own species. Its fundamental biology 101. This explains the natural trend in online dating too…birds of the same feather, flock together!”

    I know that you are highly intelligent and you say that you have graduated from a prestigious Boston college in the field of Biotechnology with a specialty in Genetics. However, I believe that the source of your argument is probably based on the Theory of Kin Selection and Genetic Similarity Theory; but you did not take liberty to inform others on the forum about the ongoing controversies surrounding the Theory of Kin Selection, which is NOT an exact science as in the case of Calculus, Spatial Geometry, and the Special Theory of Relativity etc.

    Moreover, J.P. Rushton’s Genetic Similarity Theory is not widely appraised by the mainstream of the scientific establishment in North America, Europe, and Australia:

    Moreover, Kin Selection is not a direct predictor of intra-ethnic sexual attraction, which would be biologically determined as you’ve suggested. GST is a derivative from Kin Selection Theory, which attempts to posit an evolutionary argument in favour of intra-ethnic sexual attraction; but, as I’ve said, GST is not widely appraised by the mainstream of the scientific establishment.

    Kin Selection is not by any means a perfect scientific theory, which is fraught with theoretical problems. For instance, how should one account for the two Great Conflicts of the 20th century, when Germany sided with genetically dissimilar people, such as the Italians, Ottomans, Arabs, and Japanese to fight against genetically related cousins such as the English, Welsh, Scotch, and Irish? Kin Selection predicts that we should take care of our own, which is clearly not the case in respect of WWI & WWII. Obviously, reciprocal altruism might be just as important as genetic altruism in the case of Germany’s alliance with genetically unrelated peoples, whereby, one’s inclusive fitness is the be all. Inclusive fitness can be maximised in the case of WWI & WWII because the leaders of a complex society such as Germany are intuitively able to guess that they could well achieve their objective by taking into account BOTH their genetic altruism towards related kin, such as the Danes, Norwegians, and Finns AND reciprocal altruism towards genetically dissimilar peoples such as the Southern Italians, Ottomans, and Japanese.

    And you say that a small minority of non-White men in Western societies are attracted to White women, which is often based on extraneous cultural factors because such men have the ostensible interest to improve their social status and self image through interracial marriage with Whites. But this argument is flawed and one-sided because there are just as many Whites who are attracted to non-White men and women in the US; and it would be a spurious argument to say that these Whites are concerned about marrying up to any person who is non-white. If Kin Selection and GST is the be all as you’ve suggested, how should one explain the high incidents of White males going out of their way to look for a partner in an Asian country, such as Thailand, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and China etc, which is obviously inimical to their reproductive fitness? Whilst I accept that racial hypergamy is a usual concern for non-White people who want to marry up to Whites, it would be beggar belief to suggest that non-White peoples have no sexual attraction at all towards Whites, and such people are only concerned about improving their social status and self image. For what is true of non-White people certainly could not be the case for any Caucasian who is involved in an inter-ethnic relationship with a non-White person, because a White person will invariably “marry down” in accordance with the unwritten rules of the social class system in any society that is dominated by Whites. Therefore, I think you are wrong to suggest that non-White people are wholly (or even largely) motivated by cultural and economic factors and the ostensible desire to improve their social status and self image relative to the social norms and expectations of a predominantly White society such as America.

    Why should people cross the racial line to engage in such relationships at all, unless they are biologically driven to some extent? People of every race, creed, and colour are invariably subjected to the laws of evolution; which are often manifested in the form of strong prescriptive(positive rules) and proscriptive(negative) rules in a complex marriage system such as the United States:

    Consequently, in terms of social and biological evolution in a complex marriage system such as US society, exogamy is to be seen as equally important in terms of a prescriptive rule as in the case of endogamy as a prescribed rule in America.

    Incest avoidance (or incest taboo) is the underlying biological drive that motivates some people to cast their genetic net as widely as possible, beyond the confines of the immediate kin group. Kin selection is a biological drive that favours the practice of endogamy within a particular lineage.

    All people are universally subjected to the opposing forces of Kin Selection and Incest avoidance.

    Hence, individual social behaviour is invariably determined by the complex interplay between Kin Selection + Incest Avoidance,

    where Incest avoidance |Kin Selection|, then mate choice = Marriage to any out-group.

    Let us recap. You have suggested that all people are innately driven (biologically) to propagate with their own, which is based on 101 Biology. I take it you are referring to the Theory of Kin Selection and Genetic Similarity Theory? But, I have already stated that Kin Selection is the orthodox scientific theory taught in schools, colleges, and universities because there is no better alternative in the present tense; but Kin Selection is not a perfect scientific theory by any means and there is ongoing controversy within the scientific community with regards to its validity.

    Last but not least, GST is not widely appraised by the scientific establishment in the civilized countries; which means that you cannot legitimately cite J.P. Rushton as an authority in this matter. Your assumption that people are instinctively more attracted to their own race is not based on psychological surveys nor census data concerning the US population as a whole; it is simply based on your own sexual preference for Jewish women, which cannot be the basis to posit a hypothesis about generalized social behaviour.

    You have cited 101 Biology as the source of your authority, which is based on the misguided assumption that most of the people on this forum are uneducated, illiterate, and non-intelligent; but I am sure that there are more than a few academic professors who are much better qualified than you in terms of Biological Anthropology, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Genetics, who would vehemently disagree with what you’ve said. Unless you have a Ph.D. in a cognate subject I do not accept that you are an “authority” in this matter.