Posted on November 9, 2011

Michael Moore in Denver: White Male Voters Don’t Matter

Scott Kersgaard, Colorado Independent, November 8, 2011

In Denver last week to plug his memoir and rally occupiers, filmmaker Michael Moore made one thing perfectly clear: He has not let becoming a one-percenter change his worldview. Not even a little.

In a nearly 90-minute speech at CU Denver, Moore by turns excoriated the country for turning its back on its young and let those same young people know that their turn to run the country is at hand.


For President Obama, Moore had both praise and criticism. He said going into a voting booth in 2008 to vote for Obama brought tears to his eyes.

“It was one of the best days I had had in a long time. I got emotional. I was crying in there. I couldn’t believe that in my lifetime I had the opportunity to vote for this individual. I came out all red-eyed. I couldn’t help it.”

He marveled at the fact that Obama chose to include his middle name, “Hussein,” on the ballot.

“To say ‘that’s my name’, what guts, what courage, what fortitude. I want that Obama back. We need you. We want you back.”


Moore said young people and people of color put Obama in office, but he keeps trying to please the white male voter.

“Why is he so focused on white male voters?”

Moore pointed out that Clinton won twice without winning the white male vote.


Responding to a question about why Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper seems so willing to continue cutting education funding, Moore said Hickenlooper suffers from the same thing as Obama, thinking he needs to appeal to white male voters. “They don’t matter any more,” he said about such voters.


39 responses to “Michael Moore in Denver: White Male Voters Don’t Matter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Moore pointed out that Clinton won twice without winning the white male vote.

    Well, this white male has never supported Moore and this is a prime example of why I’ve never supported him.

  2. Bernie says:

    The typical anti-white hatred aside (an everyday situation anyway) Moore is on the right track. Whites still matter though less and less. But we don’t vote our race anyway so nobody courts us the way they do blacks and Hispanics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, we matter, all right. Just not to the American two-party system. As a result, that system will become the victim, and not white males. If we need to split up the country, let’s do it. But we won’t be denied. White males will not long suffer being presided over by others.

  4. NBJ says:

    “They don’t matter any more,” he said about such voters.

    What he means to say is White male conservative voters don’t matter anymore, is my guess. Does this morbidly obese fool think that White male liberal votes will matter either when we become a minority in our own country, and lose our political power? I swear, idiots like this are in for a rude awakening.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    If Michael Moore is right, it’s only a long term thing. Even at the present time, white men are a significantly larger percentage of the American electorate than they are the general population. It is technically true that sometimes, Democrats win elections without white men voting Democrat, but white men never vote monolithically Republican. Politics are games of margins, a 10% swing in white men makes a bigger difference than a 50% swing in the Hispanic vote.

  6. Russ in the South says:

    In Athens’ “democracy,” only 10% of the population could vote–white male military veterans, basically. Women, slaves, and ex-slaves could not vote. Ironically, Michael Moore and his “DemocRAT” Party of today have turned democracy on its head. The very people who could not vote in Athens now constitute the core of the DemocRAT Party.

  7. Stiv says:

    People like him should ask themselves if they really want so many white men disenfranchised, at loose ends and resentful. Young white men in particular, but most other white men too, can be pushed to a point where we don’t care so much about the consequences if we push back, finally. White men can form groups and factions that are more extreme in their expressions of dissatisfaction, if that’s all they feel they have left eventually. You can force anyone to the extreme.

  8. Urban Teacher says:

    “He said going into a voting booth in 2008 to vote for Obama brought tears to his eyes.”

    Voting that year brought tears to my eyes, too, as I could not find anyone to vote for and had to write in my own name.

  9. Arthur Douglass says:

    Democrat Michael Moore said this week that white voters don’t matter any more?

    We faced this same situation with the American Indians, now its the Democrats that are trying to get rid of us. Democrats should consult the Indians before they continue with this kind of rhetoric.

  10. Hirsch says:

    “In Denver last week to plug his memoir and rally occupiers…” Stop right there. Which do you think was his primary motive for showing up? Selling another one of his large print, quadruple-spaced, scantly-sourced books,or helping the people?

    “He marveled at the fact that Obama chose to include his middle name, “Hussein,” on the ballot.

    “To say ‘that’s my name’, what guts, what courage, what fortitude.'”

    Indeed, including your name on a ballot certainly requires far more fortitude than, say, spending several years in a Vietnamese POW camp.

    When thinking about the likes of Michael Moore and Tim Wise (these two are neck and neck in the anti-white department) recall the Dodo bird. Some people mistakenly believe the Dodo went extinct because it was flightless. Yet there are many flightless birds who are still with us. The Dodo’s evolutionary mistake was an inability to perceive predators or threats; it would walk within petting distance of men, rather than sensibly waddling or swimming away.

    This might strike one as fairly stupid behavior, but Moore and Wise are doing the Dodo one better. They are making ideological war against those of their tribe and allying themselves with people who openly despise them and criminally prey upon them.

    Moore is the pheasant flying directly into the sportsman’s musket. I can only hope that cholesterol does not get him in the coming decades, and that he lives long enough to see the damage his kind has wrought.

  11. Detroit WASP says:

    “He said going into a voting booth in 2008 to vote for Obama brought tears to his eyes.”

    More likely, it was the onions on his cheeseburger.

    Moore has a house on Torch Lake here in Michigan. That area is all millionaires. What a two faced SOB.

  12. WR the elder says:

    Michael Moore should move immediately to Zimbabwe so he’ll never have to suffer under the rule of white men ever again.

  13. Tom S. says:

    What this brainless useful idiot doesn’t seem to realize is that if/when his noble non-Whites vote themselves into power, they will drag him out of his mansion and he’ll probably meet the same ending as Gaddafi did. I just wish I could be there to see the look on his face!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey, all you White males, quit paying your taxes and let us just see if you are not “needed”. That’s seems to be all you are good for in today’s sorry “America”.

    Let that fat slob Moore pay your taxes for you all. He is one of the ugliest men on earth, (inside and OUT) along with Henry Waxman, Abe Foxman and Barney Frank..and many others. Hurts one’s eyes to even look at them.

  15. sbuffalonative says:

    Everytime I read or hear one of Moores’ speeches, I expect him to use the word “comrades”.

    Mr. Moore seethes with hatred and there is blood-lust in his heart. He wants a revolution, a bloody revolution. While Tim Wise patently waits for white people to die, Michael Moore is itching to speed the process.

    How many white males in attendance support him without understanding what it means for them?

    Michael Moore fantasies that he’s Americas Pol Pot.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “They” don’t matter anymore?

  17. Anonymous says:

    ““To say ‘that’s my name’, what guts, what courage, what fortitude. I want that Obama back. We need you. We want you back.””

    Translation; Moore wants the carefully crafted candidate the liberals invented. They must have done market research and focus groups to discover the ideal non White marxist candidate profile.

    The democrat search for an Obama was like the research done before a new car is developed. Who will buy this car? Families? Older people, women, men, younger people?

    Now we know which demographic we want to sell the car to. What do they like? What do they not like?

    Obama was a creation of the liberal media and its marxist masters. They cast and wrote the script for the perfect first black American president.

    The actor was perfect. The script was perfect. Problem is that this is not a movie. The real, not the imaginary Obama is running the economy into the ground. Obama is back Mr. Moore.

    He was there all the time.

    George Washington disapproved of party politics. He claimed to believe that voters would vote for the best man regardless of politics. He once said something like, “soon the parties will control everything. They will be able to dress a broomstick in coat, hat and breeches and run it for President.

    That is President Obama. A broomstick dressed up by a political party.

    Reality hurts doesn’t it Mr. Moore. somehow Mr. Moore didn’t mention that wall street made 8 times more money in the Obama years than in the Bush years.

  18. Just Asking says:

    Does that Michael Moore have some type of medical problem that causes him to be so bloated?

    I notice he is very much for helping those he is so worried ablut as he lounges in his $4,000,000 home of course in his mind he is unlike us average peope and deserves the best while we get the scraps.

    This elephant needs time in jail or at least a weekend with barney frank?

  19. b says:

    @ 10

    You think they are neck to neck with the “anti-white” rhetoric?

    I find Tim the Wise to outdo Moore in that department even though I despise Moore for a lot more (other reasons)…

    One day natural selection will do the man in, and not even the money he gets from his movies and books (or socialized healthcare) will save him from his own gluttony, greed, and decadence.

  20. Freyr says:

    Anders Brevik said it was already too late to democraticaly save Europe. Might not America be in the same boat?

  21. Jim says:

    Moore is in this for Moore, he is pimping this issue in order to get material for another movie and make a buck, by filming buffoons in the name of support he avoids paying actors. Moore is as greedy and selfish as they come.

  22. Ron says:

    Pat Buchanan said the same thing in his latest book and yet was vilified by those of Michael Moore’s ilk. Apparently context is everything. As long as one celebrates the diminished influence of white males then they are to be praised. Those that point out the negative consequences of this must be scorned and silenced.

  23. CaptainHowdy says:

    “He said going into a voting booth in 2008 to vote for Obama brought tears to his eyes.”

    hrmmm…it was probably the Big Mac with extra onions he was eating as he voted.

    I can’t believe I used to like this guy. So grateful to be awake now.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have to thank Michael Moore, and the illegal alien marchers in the amnesty push of 2006/2007. His book “Stupid White Men” (his autobiography?) and the unvarnished Aztlan racists really opened my eyes to the anti-white tenor of the Left. Yeah, I was slow to catch on.

  25. Nate says:

    I cry too when I vote for a politician, but not the same reason. If voting for slimy politician like Obama is a once in a lifetime moment, you haven’t had a very fulfilling life.

  26. Englishman says:

    Adult white males have neverthless provided the elite that has run the world, for good or ill (mainly good).

    Some of them can also “run”! (If occasionally in the wrong direction – the flag is “white”!)

    Don’t know if you see the magazine Private Eye across the pond, but its brilliant satirist Craig Brown has an amusing “Michael Moore” Diary in the current November 11 – 24 issue (no 1301).

    You can sometimes learn more about reasons for the rotten state of Britain from this humorous journal than from a “national” print media mostly either owned by Murdoch or Desmond (a porn merchant) or run by PC robot-brains.

  27. Sardonicus says:

    “Moore said young people and people of color put Obama in office, but he keeps trying to please the white male voter.”

    Evidently, it is Moore that believes that white male votes don’t matter anymore. He is another self-hating, guilt-ridden, millionaire white limousine liberal. He know what buttons to push to get Media approval.

  28. Jupiter7 says:

    This is an open declaration of race war against millions of Native Born White Americans by the fat slug Michael Moore. Michael Moore is speaking on behalf of every Leftist-Liberal such as Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky. Michael Moore is not wasting his time anymore trying to convince millions of Native Born White Americans why they should support a race-replcement immigration policy. No Leftists-Liberal should be shocked that Native Born White American resistance is increasing to a race-repacement immigration policy. No Leftist-Liberal such as Michael Moore,Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky should be shocked when they are held accountable one day for making an open declaration of race-war againt the Native Born White American Majority.

    That Michael Moore openly expresses his desire for the racial death of Native Born White American Males only goes to show what a fat,disgusting and mentally sick White Male that he really is.

  29. Anonymous says:

    So, those most likely to know something about government and politics and accountable for the results are outvoted.

  30. Anonymous says:

    “I got emotional. I was crying in there. I couldn’t believe that in my lifetime I had the opportunity to vote for this individual. I came out all red-eyed. I couldn’t help it.”

    If this is true, then Michael Moore is seriously deranged.

  31. A Swain says:

    Well, he certainly wasn’t in tears because of Obamination’s half-White ancestry, that’s obvious.

    Moore is unable to rationalise that continually berating and vilifying his biological tribe and its lingeage, heritage and culture, and then aligning himself with alien tribes and cultures, risks engendering hate and loathing in alien tribes against himself as well. Nobody respects a traitor regardless of ethnicity.

    No tribe, no matter how backward, is likely to truly admire, respect and trust a non-group traitor in its midst any more than the traitor’s own tribe would do, other than to use such a clown for its own advantage and amusement until that clown ceases to be useful to it.

  32. Duran Dahl says:

    “White male voters” no longer matter to a WINO (white in name only) such as Michael Moore and his repugnant ilk. Voting is not the ONLY way to signal discontent…as the Brits learned to their sorrow during the last revolution.

    If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. — Thomas Paine

  33. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed that white liberals still gush over saying things like this.. of course they don’t realize that Michael Moore says it from the comfort of high security wealthy ‘gated’ neighborhoods.

    Moore and his ilk are in a blatant grab for despotic power and they are using angry hordes (that the foolishly and arrogantly think they can control) of non whites to seize power.

    I understand that Moore screws over union workers and content creators on a regular basis. No big surprise. Look at how the Bolshiviks lived- with far more power and wealth than any russian nobel.

  34. Bill R says:

    What bothers Michael Moore is that HE is not relevant or needed anymore. Liberals have moved on without him, and blacks and hispanics NEVER needed him or identified with him. Poor MM. Trying to stay relevant. Can we even find a dustbin big enough to accommodate him? As another poster suggested, if voting for Obamination put tears in his eyes, moving him to Zimbabwe and keeping him there would cause him to shed some real tears. Just before they took the machete to him, or put a tire around his neck and set it alight. Heck, if he lived in downtown Detroit instead of Millionaire Row, that might happen to him anyway.

  35. The Bobster says:

    He marveled at the fact that Obama chose to include his middle name, “Hussein,” on the ballot.


    Yet, if any conservative dared to speak that very name, Juan MexCain would smite him on the spot.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Is Michael Moore retarded, or has he just not looked in a mirror recently and realized that he’s part of the group he so cheerfully claims “doesn’t matter any more”?

    Also, who the hell has ever cried in a voting booth over a candidate before? I swear, I’ve never been more emotional than this man is over the death throes of HIS OWN PEOPLE!

  37. Question Diversity says:

    11 Detroit WASP:

    Photos of Michael Moore’s proletarian lake house. Just a little shack for the little guys.

  38. Rick says:

    I have to chuckle when I read some of the things these traitors say about their own racial group. Boy do they have a RUDE awakening when they are the minorities and the blacks and browns are giving them their daily beatings. Too bad for them there will be no one to come to their rescue. They will have gotten their wish. All of their kinsmen will be gone or too few to do anything. He is such a fool…

  39. Bardon says:

    Frankly- I don’t understand this kind of behavior. Maybe Freud – the major part of his psycho-mythology shown contrived & irrelevant- was, after all, right in his “death-wish” hypothesis. Plain stupidity or corruption are just not enough. There got to be a pathology somewhere, somehow …