Posted on November 9, 2011

Michael Moore in Denver: White Male Voters Don’t Matter

Scott Kersgaard, Colorado Independent, November 8, 2011

In Denver last week to plug his memoir and rally occupiers, filmmaker Michael Moore made one thing perfectly clear: He has not let becoming a one-percenter change his worldview. Not even a little.

In a nearly 90-minute speech at CU Denver, Moore by turns excoriated the country for turning its back on its young and let those same young people know that their turn to run the country is at hand.


For President Obama, Moore had both praise and criticism. He said going into a voting booth in 2008 to vote for Obama brought tears to his eyes.

“It was one of the best days I had had in a long time. I got emotional. I was crying in there. I couldn’t believe that in my lifetime I had the opportunity to vote for this individual. I came out all red-eyed. I couldn’t help it.”

He marveled at the fact that Obama chose to include his middle name, “Hussein,” on the ballot.

“To say ‘that’s my name’, what guts, what courage, what fortitude. I want that Obama back. We need you. We want you back.”


Moore said young people and people of color put Obama in office, but he keeps trying to please the white male voter.

“Why is he so focused on white male voters?”

Moore pointed out that Clinton won twice without winning the white male vote.


Responding to a question about why Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper seems so willing to continue cutting education funding, Moore said Hickenlooper suffers from the same thing as Obama, thinking he needs to appeal to white male voters. “They don’t matter any more,” he said about such voters.