Posted on November 9, 2011

What Sayeth the Stars? Not Enough Minorities in Hollywood

Zohreen Adamjee and Michael Martinez, CNN, November 9, 2011

On Tuesday, recording artist Shakira became the first Colombian to get her name on a monument to the globe’s entertainment industry: the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As the latest celebrity to get a terrazzo star, trimmed with bronze, on the sidewalks of Hollywood, Shakira joins a small but growing rank of minority performers making a dent in an overall industry that some criticize as not inviting enough to African-Americans, Latinos and Asians.

In fact, of the 2,354 stars on Hollywood sidewalks, only 3.4% of them belong to Hispanics such as Shakira, a CNN analysis shows.

The figure is 5.1% for African-Americans and a mere 0.4% for Asians, according to an analysis of the stars on the Walk of Fame.

Those figures fall short when compared with those minorities’ representation in the nation’s overall population: 16% for Hispanics, 13% for African-Americans and about 5% for Asians.


“The numbers are low,” said Andrew Weaver, an Indiana University assistant professor in the department of telecommunications, an expert in race and media. “The Walk of Fame reflects what we’re seeing in Hollywood in general.”

Hollywood’s overall shortcomings in including more minorities–and representing them as more than stereotypes–are a longstanding problem and has been roundly decried by minority advocacy groups and many performers.


It’s no secret that studios and record labels alike are hoping to find additional revenues in the rapidly growing Latino market.

“One of the ways to get Latinos into the movie theaters is getting Latino stars,” said Steven Ross, a University of Southern California history professor and author of “Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics.”

“Hollywood is also thinking about global markets: Central American and Latin markets. A majority of Hollywood revenue is coming from international revenue. It’s a much more significant part, more important to the studios’ bottom line now that it ever has been before,” Ross said.


35 responses to “What Sayeth the Stars? Not Enough Minorities in Hollywood”

  1. June says:

    Well, when the Latino movies arrive on the screen, Hollywood will probably lose the white audience.

  2. Seek says:

    So now the Hollywood Walk of Fame has to do its part for Diversity. Yippee! Even if one accepts the premise of this ridiculous campaign, the reality remains that having your own sidewalk star is a reward for career excellence. And winning that kind of reputation takes decades, not just years. Blacks as a whole didn’t really establish themselves as a major presence in American film until the Nineties.

    Another point: The awarding of a star is a matter of subjective judgment, not entitlement. If these bean-counting diversity bozos want to believe that black filmmakers such as Spike Lee and John Singleton are the equals of white filmmakers such as Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood (I don’t), these are judgment calls. “Civil rights” hustlers should buy their own sidewalk — problem solved.

  3. Hans Schneider CYYZ says:

    Fo that blacks are overrepresented in US jails, that balances the story out.

  4. GenX ANZAC says:

    I wonder how much money these emerging Latin markets really do bring in?

    Looking at the 2010 released Hollywood anti-white film ‘Machete’ which was directed by Robert Rodriguez, which was filled with many Mexican, Spanish named, Hispanic actors (as are all of his films).

    See cast list:

    According to the box office data found at:

    This film grossed a total of $44,093,316 USD Worldwide (combining both US domestic and international receipts).

    With total US domestic gross being $26,593,646 USD and the international gross being $17,499,670 USD.

    Of the 58 countries outside of the US that Machete was released in, 10 were in Latin or South American countries with their respective total grosses.

    Argentina $187,597

    Bolivia $13,891

    Brazil $89,910

    Central America $119,735

    Colombia $62,317

    Dominican Republic $22,807

    Ecuador $50,706

    Mexico $945,321

    Peru $80,535

    Uruguay $8,609

    Total Latin American Gross= $1,581,428

    which is 9% of the total international gross of $17,499,670 or is 3.6% of the total overall gross

    (domestic and international combined)

    of $44,093,316

    3.6% of the total worldwide gross

    (Mexico’s share alone being 2.2% of the overall gross for Machete) just doesn’t seem like that much of a share, hence not much of a justification or rationalization for Hollywood going more Hispanic.

    Maybe I could have picked a more Latin friendly film and I am completely unaware of how this specific film was marketed and how wide spread it was released, but still 3.6% in this example isn’t very overwhelming.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I noticed a distinct decline in the quality of movies and television shows over the past decade or so. There’s also a lot of subtle and not so subtle brainwashing in these films/shows. It has gotten so bad I don’t go to the movies anymore and just recently cancelled my satellite dish because I just couldn’t stand watching the programming anymore. I still like a lot of older TV shows and classic movies but I can watch those on DVD or the Internet. Even some of the older stuff has propaganda in it. I can’t understand why anyone who would call themselves an American would watch a show like MASH. It’s nothing more than an anti-American, pro-communist hit piece and the skits with Klinger in a dress were merely warm-ups for introducing homosexuality and drag queens into TV shows.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ‘Hispanic star’ Shakira is of Lebanese, Macedonian, Spanish (Catalan and Castilian), and Italian descent. Her economic migrant father moved to Columbia from NYC, where he was born.

    She dyed her hair blonde, sings in English sometimes, and looks totally white. She’s not a native Columbian ‘minority performer’ by any stretch.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The American movies that do well in the international market are

    comic book type stories. Bad guy vs good guy fight with explosions, car chases, jumping off 10 story buildings and other cartoon scenes. Sylvester Stallone stuff with almost no dialogue.

  8. Anonymous says:


    I noticed a distinct decline in the quality of movies and television shows over the past decade or so. There’s also a lot of subtle and not so subtle brainwashing in these films/shows.

    you are catching on, but in the last ten years? My son was just watching an old Elvis movie, something about Hawai, from the early sixties or late fifties. Elvis wants to marry the native girl, and his racist southern mother, acting like a complete a..hole, is against it. He of course wins and all is honkey dorey. Gets the message in that miscegenation is just fine, and mother is a dingbat and wrong.

  9. Brentwood Entertainment says:

    Shakira is not white, she is of Hispanic ( Indian) Columbian and Lebanese Maronite ( middle eastern-semetic) descent. And in the global market she is the #1 selling female artist. The top female artist currently in the United States is Beyonce followed by Lady Gaga and Keisha. Being very talented and beautiful with a great voice and ability to dance – Shakira Isabel Mebarack deserved her name in the Walk of Fame. I also believe that many non white American entertainers are far more talented than the rather mediocre rubbish ( white actors) they import from Australia & England. Spike Lee and Antoine Fuqua are great movie makers who can easily rival Ridley Scott & Oliver Stone. I also find some black actors to be far better & more talented actors compared to many of their overrated white peers – Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr., Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson ( despite some movies where he tends to ham the dialogues), Will Smith, Zoe Saldana etc.

    Ofcourse people here on Amren can never accept talent from non white groups even if they are wrong objectively, simply because many white nationalists tend to think in terms of raw emotion and irrational prejudice. When it comes to movies produced by non whites, despite being of superior outstanding quality – it suddenly seems that many whites have amnesia!

  10. Madison Grant says:

    Almost no blacks or hispanics have the IQ, creativity or business sense to write, direct, produce or market high quality films.

    Basically they want whites to work for them and make them stars.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Shakira is no less white than Steve Jobs, whose father was a Syrian Muslim.

  12. Crystal Evans says:

    I remember a few years ago, there was a petition to give singer Selena a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was denied because she had only had a bit part in one movie, Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp.

  13. john says:

    Minorities are not represented proportionally in Hollywood, or more correctly in the Hollywood “walk of fame?”

    Watching any contemporary movie or TV series one would assume that blacks in particular are sage, successful, compassionate, and almost genetically disposed to candor and honesty.

    Hmm, being nearly into my eighth decade, I hadn’t noted these character traits in many of the many hundreds of blacks I’ve known throughout my life.

  14. Deirdre says:

    Hard to believe how far this crap has gone. The news is always full of these types of articles focusing on the stupidity of “underrepresented” and “underserved” minorities. It’s gone mad.

  15. Jefferson says:

    There are not that many great Nonwhite actors with the exception of Denzel Washington for example. But most Nonwhite actors are garbage like George Lopez, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, Danny Trejo, etc who are nowhere near the caliber of a Paul Newman, James Stewart, Johnny Depp, or Harrison Ford.

    Hence why there are few Nonwhite actors in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

  16. Soprano Fan says:

    The lack of Asians having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, isn’t really hard to understand. You could count the number of Asian-born movie stars on one hand. Actually, Anna Mae Wong, the silent-screen Oriental vamp was born in Los Angeles, in the Chinatown district there.

    Then there’s Sessue Hayakawa, also American-born of Japanese ancestry. He’s best known as the commander of the POW camp in “Bridge on the River Kwai”.

    Akim Tamiroff was born in Soviet Central Asia, and Toshiro Mifune in Japan.

    Of course, there’s another Asian-born actress who has her statr – the Indian-born Vivian Leigh. She was born of British parents there; provong once again, that ethnicity trumps geography.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Before the Civil Rights days, most blacks created their own businesses, their own banks, their own barbershops, their own diners, etc. They didn’t try to force their way into the white society as much until the liberals put it in their heads to do so. The NAACP was founded by marxists (like W.E. Dubois) in opposition to Booker T. Washington, a black man who believed blacks were better off learning a skill, becoming better off economically instead of agitating whites.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “One of the ways to get Latinos into the movie theaters is getting Latino stars…”

    Thanks for the blazing insight, Captain Obvious.

    Another way to get Latinos into the movie theaters would be for the concession stands to start giving away free tacos and cervezas — however I don’t see the studios ponying up for that “outreach” effort anytime soon. So much easier just to inflict Affirmative Action bean-counting on Hollywood Blvd’s Walk of Fame.

    All this will accomplish is to guarantee that an even higher percentage of the Walk of Fame memorials will be met with “Never heard of him/her” from tourists and movie fans strolling the Boulevard. And unless you’re a professional historian of film, that percentage is pretty high already.

  19. jdavis says:

    The statement “let them build their own sidewalk is correct.” Why must these people always denigrate the white race for their own inclusion. Build your own, stop sucking the life out of us.

    Cut the envy and strife, if you are half as good as you believe be equal on your own.

  20. Anonymous says:

    you need to consider how many” white ” hall of fame stars are really mixed race and hide it, such as Tom Hanks who is really a mulatto . There are many non white sites that are trying to out him and he hates it. He is part asian, black african ( through his Abraham lincoln ancestry) American Indian and Irish. Anthony quinn was half mexican.

  21. Fred says:

    Will someone please help me I am confused.

    How is it that a group that comprises 12.5% of our population is entitled to a 50% or more representation?

    The worst part of this is they themselves have little to do with it. Just like their emancipation, they didn’t revolt to claim freedom, Ignorant Whites Set Them Free, just as Ignorant Whites are giving them our world on a silver platter. Go to DETROIT and see the future of America?

  22. Gene says:

    20 — Anonymous wrote at 9:44 AM on November 10:

    You need to consider how many” white ” hall of fame stars are really mixed race and hide it, such as Tom Hanks who is really a mulatto . There are many non white sites that are trying to out him and he hates it. He is part asian, black african ( through his Abraham lincoln ancestry) American Indian and Irish. Anthony quinn was half mexican.

    Why do so many people try to claim that Tom Hanks is Black? Ever since he supported President Obama and attended a July 4th barbeque this summer that has been the running narrative here on AMREN and in some other quarters as well.

    He is White.

  23. cpascal says:

    The one good thing about anti-white Hollywood is that the entertainment industry is in decline. There don’t seem to be really big stars anymore, the ones whose presence in a film is certain to bring in an audience. Most of the major actors are getting older, and they’re not being replaced by younger ones anymore.

  24. Bill R says:

    Hmmmm. 2354 stars. How many whites in this country? What would be the percentage of stars to WHITES? About 1 per million? And why do we care? How about, how many of the stars are in the pavement which represent at least half Jewish heritage? As compared to the Jewish population? Again, why should we care? The whole premise, as we know, is bogus. Just because blacks are a certain percentage of the population does not mean they should, or could, compose that percentage in every trade, achievement, number of patents, number of graduates, etc.

  25. Brentwood Entertainment says:

    Johnny Depp is NOT white. He is mixed race. His ethnicity includes Cherokee, German, African and Irish. Besides, he does not even look white.

    As for Vivian Leigh, she was not entirely white. She was Eurasian. Her Indian mother Gertrude Yuckjee, was of Indian and Armenian descent from Calcutta, India. Infact Vivian Leigh would fall under the Indian sub-ethnicity of “Anglo-Indians”, basically someone born of partial British & Indian ancestry. That is why she was always referred to as an Anglo-Indian and NOT British or English etc.

    Keanu Reeves & Kate Beckinsale are good examples of Eurasians. Reeves is of partial Chinese and white descent, while Beckinsale is of Anglo-Burmese descent. That explains their rather Asiatic look.

    Other examples of popular beautiful contemporary movie stars are the Indian-British actresses are Nicolette Sheridan, Rhona Mitra and Gabrielle Anwar ( Burn Notice).

    #20 was correct. There are many popular mixed race movie/TV stars who are NOT really white despite looking white!

  26. The Bobster says:

    Not enough minorities? I guess they haven’t watched prime time TV recently. Hindu is the new black. Every stinking sitcom: Chuck, Whitney, Community, Big Bang Theory, How I met You Mother (Yes, they just added one), Terms of Engagement, The Office, Parks and Services…..

    Yet somehow I find most Sureeshes to be humorless.

  27. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing White about Hollywood. Any non-Whites who want it are welcome to have their shot.

    Oh, and to all “stars” upset about this: put your money where your mouth is. Next time you are offered a 50 zillion dollar role, turn it over to a non-White who is obviously so much more qualified and deserving than you.

  28. Auntie Em says:

    Another vote for “Give it to them!” Let those who complain raise the money to move masses of minorities into the Hollywood Hills and donate the studios for their exclusive use. Let the ultra-Liberal among us share their living space with their champions. Most of those artsy types always had a self-destructive bent, didn’t they?

    Hollywood has deteriorated into churning out second-rate remakes, comic books for their childish audiences and a wretched refuse of social conditioning for our young.

    Minorities can certainly do no worse than the mindless junk that passes for entertainment today. I support their efforts by non-attendance. Read the classics for some real entertainment and self-improvement.

  29. Dom says:

    13 — john wrote

    You nailed it! Seeing American movies and all this multiculturalism and then see some documentary or see the real life is very interesting…these brilliant blacks exist only in Hollywood movies…not in real life…all those black judges, lawyers, doctors, scientists…it’s not that Hollywood isn’t trying, the are trying to much to invent this fantasy world that doesn’t exists in reality.

  30. Rick says:

    Is there anywhere in this world that we can get away from this multicultural madness that has gripped the West? Is there one White country or area where this doesn’t exist that sane White people can live in peace from this mind-raping?

    I’m sure that when we are 16% of the population that our current minorities, the paragons of all that is good in the universe, the most pure and upstanding examples of morality, kindness, beauty and fairness will accord us the same over reaching concern about lack of representation as we currently accord them. Maybe?

  31. Anonymous says:

    One “minority” in Hollywood is one too many. But let’s be honest with ourselves, it is not the Hollywood of Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, John Wayne, Richard Burton, Jimmy Cagney, or Bob Hope. They were real talent.

    There’s a walk down Memory Lane. That’s all we have left now.

  32. Bebe says:

    Hollywood/TV has always been the vehicle to brainwash and dumb down the masses. I admit the older films were much better than what we have seen in the last 40 or so years.

    ALL media is nothing but a tool to destroy White racial unity, promote miscegenation, promiscuity, etc. (ever watch the filthy Kardasians and that Kendra “reality” shows?) All full of black “mating” and filthy language and sexual innuendo. Typical for those who write and spread this filth for decades now.

    I make a point of watching at least two episodes of these programs so I will know what I am talking about when I make any comment about what is being promoted to our White kids/teens, etc. I believe in the “know your enemy” along with WHO they are and what their agenda/motive is.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Bebe #32: You should visit the website for the Parents Television Council, and sign up for their email alerts, as to what Networks would attempt to put on the Air, during family viewing hours.

    There are protest petitions to sign, to tell the Sponors like Johnson and Johnson, Ford, and so may others, that you are not pleased with the crap being presented as “Entertainment”.

    The American Family Association had its members boycott buying a Ford vehicle because Ford refused to pull its advertising in a Homosexual magazine called, “Bay Windows”.

    The Heartland States, and the border States like Texas, saw the biggest drop in Ford sales, and Dealers begged the Ford Corporate Office to pull their ads in that magazine, and make amends to the real people with the purchasing power: The American family, and Small Business Owners.

    We have more power than we realize. It’s time to start exercising it.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It is the non whites at who feel that Hanks is a mulatto from his mother’s abraham lincoln side. Lincoln was a mulatto which explains his wierd appearance. Hanks is a mullatto and it has nothing to do with Obama.Look at him closely –

  35. Anonymous says:

    GenX #4: Do you have any stats on the total receipts on the movies, “Birth of a Nation” and “Triumph of the Will”?