Posted on November 2, 2011

Born in the USA, But Now Among Somalia’s Islamist Terrorists

Robert Windrem, MSNBC, November 2, 2011

The suicide bombing last weekend in Mogadishu–allegedly by a Somali American from Minnesota–has highlighted the important role played by U.S. citizens in the operations of al-Shabab, the Islamic terrorist organization battling the government in the war-torn east African nation.

If it is confirmed that Abdisalan Hussein Ali was one of two suicide bombers who attacked an African Union base, killing themselves and eight others, it will have been the third suicide bombing carried out in Somalia by Americans since 2008.

And U.S. officials tell NBC News that at least two members of the al-Shabab hierarchy are American-born, 20-something college dropouts, one of whom may be in the group’s “inner circle.”

U.S. officials and counterterrorism analysts estimate there are at least 40 Americans fighting with al-Shabab in Somalia, as well as another 200 with passports that would permit them to enter the U.S. without a visa.

Many of the al-Shabab soldiers are Somali-Americans, many of them from the Minneapolis area, like Ali. The two leaders are not. They are Arab-Americans who traveled to Somalia in the latter part of the last decade and began rising in the ranks of the al-Qaida-linked terrorist group.

One–San Diego-native Jehad Marwan Mustapha–is believed to be part of the group’s senior leadership. The other, Omar Hammami, is a unit commander.


6 responses to “Born in the USA, But Now Among Somalia’s Islamist Terrorists”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Somalis are culturally organized as clans. In usual practice, an entire clan will be loyal to the cause chosen by its members.

    Passports, ideologies, geography and laws are irrelevant to Somalis. Ties of blood matter above all else.

    Somalis are high risk immigrants, because all 10 million of them are related to pirates, warlords, welfare fraudsters and money launderers. Their criminal and military enterprises are in the service of benefitting the fitness of their clans.

    A minimum level of intelligence would dictate that they be disqualified to enter civilized Western countries.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yet white liberals up in Vermont are clammering for more diversity… morons..

  3. Zapp Branigan says:

    We have a 16 year old Somalian here at school, came to this country as an infant, yet he still has a terrible accent, eats ALL food with his fingers (rice, pudding, etc)then wipes his hands off on his shirt. He also does nothing but brag about Somalia and Africa, once telling me “America is nothing compared to Africa”. Yet the thought of going back to Africa has never entered his mind.

    One day in class he did a Somalian dance at the request of the teacher, it looked like he was having an epileptic fit, and the teacher gushed on about how “blessed” we were to have him in class so we could share in his culture.

    I am horrified and disgusted at this creature being among us, the teacher thinks he’s a blessing?

  4. Brian J Deller says:

    Stop supplying aid to Somalia and then see how they will be proud of their history/culture. Africa needs desperately colonisation again to rescue it from the fate that will arrive eventually with or without aid, but to stop aid now will quicken the inevitable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    An Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker has been charged with groping one female demonstrator — and is a suspect in the horrifying rape of another, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

    Tonye Iketubosin, 26 — who has been working at the protesters’ makeshift kitchen at Zuccotti Park since last month — was charged yesterday in the sex abuse of an 18-year-old protester in the tent he helped her pitch on Oct. 24, the sources said.


    Iketubosin, who has a sealed juvenile record in Texas, was busted soon afterward.


    The prosecutor said Iketubosin — who is living with an aunt in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — is a suspect in several rapes in the park.

    Tonye Iketubosin. Nigerian.

  6. margaret says:

    “The prosecutor said Iketubosin — who is living with an aunt in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — is a suspect in several rapes in the park.”

    In section 8 housing no doubt with free medical care and food stamps thrown in. We paid for the jailers and attorneys dealing with his juvenile crimes and now we will support him in various prisons and jails for the next 60 years.